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2016 bookings: This year has been very busy and we anticipate that next year will be even busier so please do not leave your booking until the last minute, especially if your dog has a favourite host!

Also for 2016: Every dog owner in England must have their animal microchipped by April 2016. Government figures suggest that some 100,000 dogs become separated from their owners each year. But the sad fact is that less than half of these dogs are reunited with their owners compared to 80% - 90% of microchipped animals

2015 News

Barking Mad - From a hosts point of view

"When our 2 beloved dogs passed away it left a huge void. Getting another dog didn’t feel quite right so we signed up as Barking Mad hosts and we love it!
Barking Mad is brilliant. An owner who is going on holiday not wanting to kennel their dogs contact Carole, who visits, meets the dog and matches it to a host family.
The dogs come with full instructions, bring everything with them and our home soon becomes their home. It’s fascinating learning more about different breeds, and getting to know all their personalities.
I love hosting and the house feels empty when we don't have a dog to care for, but it’s never long before the next one arrives. They enjoy their holiday as much as we enjoy looking after them. If you love dogs but can’t commit to owning one, contact Barking Mad!"

Host, Heather

Barking Mad - From a customer point of view

"Bodie has just returned from another excellent Barking Mad holiday and is happy and exhausted! He loves staying with his host family (Lynn and Neil) and I am sure he considers their home his own by now after his many visits. Knowing that Bodie is loved, that his quirky ways are understood and that he can stay with the same hosts (whenever possible) means that I get to relax and enjoy my holiday too.
From booking Bodie's holidays, to collection day and return day I have always found Barking Mad (Carole) to be efficient and reliable. I have recommended Barking Mad to many family and friends and would never send Bodie to traditional kennels when this wonderful alternative is available." Posted by Louise Francis

I am now in my third year of trading as a Barking Mad franchisee. It has been a very busy and rewarding time seeing so many happy dogs and satisfied customers. Of course, this has only been possible with the commitment and enthusiasm of my wonderful host families who enjoy providing visiting dogs with a loving and fun-filled Barking Mad holiday experience. Thank you all for your continued support.

Customer Contact Centre: When I am out and about collecting and delivering dogs, my phone is diverted to the CCC team who are dedicated to answering calls five days a week. Please leave your message with them and they will contact me.
Customer Loyalty Scheme: Our loyalty cards have 28 paw prints which are stamped for each day that your dog is on holiday and when your card is full you get a FREE day!

Other News

I often get asked when meeting new customers why they can’t deliver their dog to the host family themselves. Being collected from home is far less stressful, and completely overcomes the anxiety caused to dogs when left behind by their owners. Our experience has shown visiting dogs settle more quickly with their home comforts around them. In no time at all, they‘ve become part of the family, with their paws placed firmly under the table!!

I would like to thank all of my fantastic hosts who have helped me become so successful since joining Barking Mad in January 2013. Your support has been amazing and very much appreciated. As the business continues to grow, I am searching for additional hosts to enable me to meet the demand for our service. If you are a dog lover and would be interested in joining Barking Mad, providing a lovely home for a doggie guest, I would love to hear from you. Alternatively, you may know someone who would be interested; maybe they have lost their own dog or do not want the full time or financial commitment of owning their own dog. There are many benefits to being a Barking Mad host including keeping fit from the dog walking and also having a variety of breeds to stay-all of which suit you and your lifestyle. Being a host is ideal for retired people, also those who work from home and for families with older children.

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