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As fellow dog lovers, we understand that your canine best friend means everything to you and in an ideal world you would never be parted but there are times when this is unavoidable.

Perhaps you have been invited to attend a wedding or need to go away on a business trip? Maybe you have reached the point where you have an overwhelming desire to indulge your life long dreams of travel – and why shouldn’t you? You can’t always take your dog with you so how can you be sure everything will be fine whilst you’re away?

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Why choose dog sitting?

Dog sitting is the real home from home alternative to kennels and can provide a bespoke solution to your dog care needs, enabling your pooch to continue to be cared for just as they would be at home. Your dog will enjoy one to one companionship and the reassurance of following their own familiar routine, whilst enjoying new walks and a change of scene, instead of being confined to kennel accommodation with many other dogs, being fed at exercised at set times.

When you do go away, it is vital to know that your dog will be safe, happy and well cared for in your absence. Worrying about your pet’s welfare is a certain way to ruin the relaxing benefits of your time away, so it is important to find the right care to ensure your peace of mind.

Dog kennels, also known as boarding kennels, are the traditional option for holiday care but they are far from the only solution. Dog kennels are often comprised of purpose built housing where many dogs can stay at once and a set routine is in place for feeding and exercising. This may not suit your dog, particularly if they are used to individual attention or have specific needs. So, what is the best alternative to dog kennels?

Our home from home care for your dog

We come and meet you in person to find out all about your dog, enabling us to match them with the perfect dog sitter host for their requirements. Instead of just putting dog owners and prospective dog home carers in touch like an online agent, we provide a full, local, professional service with transport, insurance and a proven, personally executed checking and vetting process.

Barking Mad’s dog home carers or hosts, as we like to call them, are dedicated to welcoming your furry friends to stay in their homes as part of the family. They are all real dog lovers and enjoy spending time with friendly pets, whose owners are away. Established in 2000, Barking Mad has years of experience in expertly matching your dog with just the right dog sitting holiday host and home for their requirements. For example, we can ensure that a very active dog is paired with a family that loves long walks in the great outdoors.

Happy holiday, happy dog, happy you!

Our ultimate priority is the happiness of your dog, which leads to the absolute peace of mind our dog home boarding service provides, allowing you to enjoy your own holiday safe in the knowledge that your dog is having just as much fun as you! With cosy home comforts, company from humans who adore them and everything happening just as it does at home – what’s not to love?

You can understand how our customers feel about using our dog sitting service by reading our fantastic reviews on Trustpilot, one of the world’s largest consumer review platforms but perhaps the best indication of the value of our service can be gauged by the reaction of our doggy customers as they return home: happy, relaxed and just as they left.

If you want to book a holiday, safe in the knowledge that your dog will be happy too, why not check out our branches page to find your local dog sitter?

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