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Rachel Stewart Barking Mad 2019 Resized

Rachel assumes the title of Managing Director, and has been involved with BM for almost 4 years.She comes from a commercial background, previously Commercial Director at Trinity Mirror Plc and held a Board position at Clear Channel Outdoor. She has two great passions: Shoes and Charlie her chihuahua!

“I love getting stuck in to what makes our dog business owners tick. It’s very rewarding to have so many different and interesting dog lovers to work with and seeing them grow and develop year after year” 

Rachel Stewart
Managing Director

Barking Mad 12 Suzi

Suzi is our whirlwind of marketing and media expertise! She launches our franchise business owners on the path to success and encourages their growth with unwavering support and enthusiasm. Suzi loves to spend time with her border terriers, Polly and Charlie.

“I have worked with many businesses and some fantastic brands but Barking Mad is something special. I can’t wait to launch our next dog loving business owners into an area near you!”

Suzi Nicholson
General Operations Manager

Al Nicholson Barking Mad Dog Sitting Home Baording Head Office

Ready to help you on the phone, email or message Al is the font of all Barking Mad customer service knowledge. Alistair and his wife Suzi have two gorgeous Border Terriers who keep them in order.

“As an avid dog lover and owner I really enjoy being able to tell potential customers about the Barking Mad service, knowing that their dogs can enjoy a type of care that they just can’t get elsewhere.”

Alistair Nicholson
Customer Contact Centre Advisor

Fiona Butterworth Barking Mad Home Boarding Dog Sitting Head Office

With a real head for figures, Fiona is always on hand to advise and support our franchise network, whilst also managing the day to day running of Barking Mad Support Centre.

Fiona says, “If you’re talking to me it’ll be about money!”

Fiona Butterworth 
Office Manager

Lisa Mercer Barking Mad Dog Sitting Home Boarding Head Office

Lisa is our dog behaviour consultant and in-house dog training expert, as well as being on hand to answer your queries in the contact centre. She is a full member of the ADPT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), having been assessed and approved as a trainer. She has many years of hands-on experience with dogs and regularly attends training courses and seminars to keep up with the latest and most advanced aspects of canine behaviour and training.

Lisa says, “You don’t have to be Barking Mad to work here but it helps!!”

Lisa’s favourite canines are ‘Velcro Vizslas’

Customer Contact Centre Advisor

Ellie Taylor Barking Mad Dog Sitting Home Boarding Head Office

Ellie is our communication champion and can be found conversing on the phone, on web chat and various social media platforms – sometimes all at the same time! As a real dog lover, Ellie can’t wait to talk to you about your dog. Her best friend is a springador called Luno.

“It’s safe to say, a dog will always put a smile on my face”

Ellie Taylor
Support Centre Administrator & Customer Contact Centre Advisor


Sam is here to help with with all things dog. She has a Jack Russell called Dougie who she loves spending time with, out and about on walks. Sam has many years of experience with dogs and in customer service she would love to chat with you about your pooch!

“I’m a real dog lover and If one thing is guaranteed to make me smile its dogs!

Sam Sherwin
Customer Contact Centre Advisor

Karen Robinson Barking Mad Dog Sitting Home Boarding Head Office

Karen is our wordsmith, who combines a love of dogs with a passion and flair for creative content. She’s always on the look out for new topic ideas and stories that will appeal to our growing community of dog lovers, so please do get in touch.

“You can most often find me blogging about all things dog related with my border collie, @MrPaddyPaws, curled up by my feet.”

Karen Robinson
Content & PR Marketing Executive

Paddy Website Photo

Paddy takes his role as office dog very seriously, dedicating himself with great enthusiasm to meeting and greeting Barking Mad visitors. As a typical border collie, his obsession with tennis balls rules his life but otherwise he can be found snoozing under desks. His sheepdog skills enable him to keep a close eye on our office team, who all vie to be his favourite.


Paddy says, “Do you want to play ball?”

Paddy Paws
Total Cutie Pie  

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