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Dog Walking Services

Whether you need regular or occasional help as a pet parent, our professional dog walkers can provide an invaluable, personalised service to suit your pup’s needs.


If you’re in need of some additional company for your pooch or an expert dog walker to take the pressure off, our local dog walking services are the perfect solution for when you love your pet but can’t be with them all day long. When you consider your dog to be part of your family, having to leave them to go to work, to go on a day trip, or for any other number of reasons, can be extremely worrying.

Local Dog Walking Services You Can Trust

Whether you need regular or occasional help as a pet parent, our professional dog walkers can provide an invaluable, personalised service to suit your pup’s needs. We are local to you, meaning it is even easier to find a friendly and reliable dog walker near you that is convenient and familiar to your local area.

Can you provide dog walker references or reviews?

A good first step to finding a dog walker is to ask other pet owners for their first-hand experiences and insights. At Barking Mad, we are proud to be a business that has grown by referral and continues to do so. Barking Mad partners with Trustpilot, one of Europe’s largest online review platforms, so that our customers can have the reassurance of reading thousands of independently verified personal reviews from customers who have received our dog walking services.

Questions you may have about Barking Mad dog walking

A simple Google search of, ‘dog walker near me’ can throw up many search results. Choosing a reputable professional, who is the ideal pet partner for your pooch, can be time consuming or seem overwhelming. When searching for a reputable dog walker, it’s important to get it right for your peace of mind. You also need to consider feeling comfortable about home security, as a dog walker will need to enter your home in your absence. At Barking Mad, we understand that you will have many questions about our dog walking service and getting in touch with the best dog walker for you. Therefore, we have added a selection of the most frequently asked below.

Do you have insurance for dog walkers?

It is vital to ensure that the dog walker who is caring for your dog has the right policies, procedures and insurance in place to cover all eventualities. Barking Mad dog walkers are fully insured, so you and your four-legged family are in safe hands We have robust processes and procedures in place and are ISO 9001 (UKAS) accredited. This award demonstrates the effectiveness of our quality management system and our capability of satisfying the rigors of an external, independent audit.

What experience does your dog walker have?

A good dog walker should be happy to discuss the training they have received, have procedures in place for emergencies and a good relationship with local veterinary surgeries. Barking Mad is a network of over 85 branches with a dedicated, expert support centre team, offering our local dog walking business owners’ award winning support and training. We have over 20 years of experience of caring for dogs and an establish community of dog walkers.

How much does dog walking cost?

With years of experience and training, rest assured your pooch will be in great hands as they set off on their adventure and enjoy a nice long walk.
Dog walking prices will depend on your location – to get a cost for our dog walking service, simply select a Dog Walker in your local area, view their prices in more detail and contact the dog walker directly.
Our Barking Mad Dog Walking Service is just one of our additional Pet Care Services – so we can help with all of your furry friend’s needs.

How do I find Barking Mad dog walkers near me?

At Barking Mad, we are delighted to offer flexible pet care services based on your individual circumstances and requirements. Finding your local pet care professional is as simple as visiting our homepage and entering your postcode.

Join the Barking Mad Dog Walker Pack

If you are passionate about pooches and interested in joining our community of dog walkers, we would be pleased to share with you our latest opportunities. There are a lot of benefits to spending more time with a canine companion, from having loving company to getting outside more and keeping fit. Whether you are looking at volunteering your time or interested in becoming a franchise owner, our Barking Mad family can help you achieve this.

If you are:
• Looking for extra company for your own dog
• Would love a dog but can’t commit around the clock
• Love being outdoors and exercising
• Are happy to volunteer and have your expenses covered

Then Barking Mad hosting might be a great choice!

How much do our dog walkers get paid?

Our dog walker host families are never left out of pocket as we cover all expenses, insurances and payments so you don’t need to worry about anything but bonding with your new canine chum. Find out more about expenses and becoming a dog walker.

How to become a dog walker?

Before you start dog walking, we need to get to know you. Find out more and enquire below so that we can get to know you and your needs and best match you to doggies in your local area.

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