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Dedicated Initial and on-going Support

Supporting franchisees is an area in which we excel. We understand that the very reason you would buy a franchise is to have the security of a tried and tested business model.

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“Our mission is to continue to be the UK’s most devoted and trusted dog care provider through our network of local communities”

There are no shortcuts, and you certainly get what you pay for. We are extremely confident in the support and facilities we provide. Our well established and successful franchise model has been carefully developed since launch in 2002 to ensure we meet the growing needs of our expansive network. There are currently 11 members of the support team working full and part-time, all of whom specialise in a particular area of the business.

After your initial training, we guide you through the first 6 months working with you both in the field and remotely.

We don’t expect you to be an expert in every area and there will almost certainly be at least one part of the business you’ll need more assistance with such as sales and marketing, accounts or IT. Don’t worry help is always on hand.

Our support isn’t restricted to the initial launch of your business, indeed we have a robust franchise development template which is specifically designed to help franchisees increase turnover during all stages of their business including the free ‘Supporting Success’ training event for employees.

Because you are the IT department in your own business, we’ve made it easy for you by building an on-line data storage system and intranet called ‘FIDO’ short for Franchisee Intranet Data Operator.

Put simply, it means that if your computer crashes you can carry on working on another devise and your data isn’t lost. Our bespoke invoicing and on-line system not only provides you with the most professional customer service but it also enables you to easily track your day to day cashflow.

Support comes from our network of franchisees too, and there are a number of opportunities to get together, such as our National Conference in April and Regional Sales Meetings in November each year.

Sniff Out Our Prospectus

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