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The Perfect Puppy Sitting Solution

Puppies are great fun, but also a lot of hard work!

One of the most effective ways of raising a happy, well behaved puppy is putting a good routine in place. This will make things much easier for both you and your little friend. Taking the time and trouble to get your puppy fully acquainted with a routine will certainly enable you to reap the rewards long-term.

There are many things to consider when establishing a routine:

• Feeding. Puppies need to eat more regularly than adult dogs, and at regular intervals. Establishing a constant feeding routine means puppies will gradually learn when to expect food and prevent them from seeking food or pestering between times.

• Exercise. Whilst puppies are bundles of energy, they also tire quickly. By deciding upon regular times for exercise, this should encourage a simple ‘exercise then sleep’ routine. Before all your puppy’s vaccinations are complete, they of course can’t go out into the big wide world, but you can still take them out for these exercise times in the garden.

• Grooming. Not only the best way to keep your dog in good condition, but also a good bonding technique, grooming is best started from a young age. Fitting it into the daily routine means your puppy will soon learn to expect, and hopefully enjoy it.

• Toilet Time. The subject of house training is vast and different things work for different puppies. In general, it’s often works well to schedule specific ‘toilet times’, rather than waiting until your puppy asks – or until it’s too late! Decide on specific times and a set location. This will help your puppy learn that there’s a time and place for this activity and not wherever and whenever they fancy. Accidents will of course happen, but this is a good place to start.

• Bed Time. It’s highly likely that a new puppy will take time to settle at nights. Whimpering or wanting to play half way through the night are only to be expected, along with the odd ‘accident’. Starting a bed time routine, such as ‘play/groom/toilet time/sleep’, should help puppies recognise bed time. They will soon learn that night time is for sleeping and staying quiet.

There’s no doubt that it will be difficult to start with, but once you settle on a routine which works for you, your puppy will soon adjust to it. Most dogs enjoy a set routine, so they’ll thank you for it too.

When you’ve taken the time to get your puppy into a routine, all your good work can easily be undone when you need to go away. In the same way that a puppy will quickly get into a routine, they will equally forget it all very rapidly if it’s not maintained. Imagine all that hard work going to waste!

Barking Mad can offer a puppy sitting or dog sitting service which reinforces your puppy’s routine instead of damaging it. With our home-from-home philosophy, we can provide puppy sitting in a family home where your puppy’s routine can be followed exactly as you specify.

Selecting the best puppy sitting option is crucial and you need to be certain that your little companion is receiving the best care possible. Leaving a puppy at traditional kennels can not only be an extremely stressful experience for them, but also offers no chance at all of sticking to their routine. If you leave the puppy sitting to a friend or neighbour, will they really keep to the routine? They may spend most of their time cuddling your puppy and playing, which is of course very tempting, but not conducive to keeping your routine going. And if they have children, this is even more likely.

The Barking Mad puppy sitting service ensures your puppy is coupled with the best host family to meet your requirements. Together with you, we will select an experienced host family best suiting the needs of your puppy. We will take the time to understand your puppy’s routine, down to the very last detail, and replicate this with the host family. We will provide your puppy sitting host with one of our Pet Schedules, detailing all the information we have gathered from you.

All of our puppy sitters are at home during the day to ensure constant care is provided and they are dedicated to maintaining a schedule for your puppy as close as possible to the routine they enjoy at home. All your puppy’s needs and preferences will be catered for, just as they are by you.

We even provide you with our exclusive ‘Holiday Doggie Bag’, which you can pack with anything which will help the puppy sitter maintain your desired routine.

When arranging your puppy sitting through Barking Mad, you are guaranteed an outstanding, bespoke service.