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Dog Sitting and Dog Boarding in Southport

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Elizabeth Mehta

At Barking Mad Southport, we provide the very best dog home boarding near you in the Southport, West Lancashire and North Merseyside areas. Dogs deserve a holiday too! We’re dedicated to ensuring your dog has a comfortable and happy holiday with us while you’re away.  

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About Barking Mad Southport

Looking to book local dog boarding services near you? Or need to find a dog sitter local to the Southport area? Look no further than Barking Mad Southport, the UK’s Number 1 Trusted Dog Sitting Service.

If you’re worried about the stress that a stay at a traditional kennel can cause your pooch and want to ensure a safe and comfortable stay while you’re away, then Barking Mad Southport’s home dog boarding services is the perfect alternative. Find out more about how it works!

Hi! My name is Elizabeth, and I am the passionate owner of Barking Mad Southport, offering services for Dog Boarding and Dog Sitting in the Southport, West Lancashire, and North Merseyside areas.

At Barking Mad Southport, we provide the very best service for your dog. Our one-to-one dog home boarding means your dog will stay with one of our experienced and passionate hosts while you’re away, a great alternative to traditional kennels! We take control of everything – including picking up and dropping off your dog for their holidays, and we are always on hand throughout the duration of their stay. Have more questions? Take a look at our FAQs!

My Background in Pet Sitting

I live in Churchtown, Southport myself with my new Husband, Shekhar. I’ve always loved animals and since I was little, I’ve always been surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, rabbits – to name a few! In 2022, I moved to Southport and decided to become a Barking Mad host, after loving the idea of looking after lots of dogs with different personalities, breeds, and care requirements.

One thing led to another and in 2023 I decided to fully branch out from the corporate world and embrace my love of animals and passion for Barking Mad, by becoming a Barking Mad business owner. I love working with the dogs and seeing the happiness that it brings both the dogs, owners, and hosts every day. I love to offer our dogs the best VIP treatment, offering their perfect home away from home, which has made this the best career choice ever.

Through growing up with dogs and being a host, I know the importance of trust and knowing your fur baby is being well looked after when away on holiday. I will be able to provide you with full peace of mind while you’re away, knowing that our amazing hosts are providing great care of your dog! I have carefully selected each and every one of our hosts to ensure the perfect match between dog and host.

Dog Home Boarding in Southport

At Barking Mad Southport and West Lancashire, we offer a professional dog home boarding service where your dog is cared for in a loving home on a one-to-one basis. The dog home boarding service we offer in Southport means your dog will be cared for individually, their routine maintained, and all your instructions carried out. We will always meet you and your dog in person, so we can carefully match their needs to one of our dog loving host families, making our Southport dog home boarding process as stress-free as possible. You can read more information on how our dog boarding service works here.

Dog Sitting in Southport

We are the UK’s most trusted dog sitting service and offer professional dog sitting in Southport and the surrounding areas, including dog sitting in West Lancashire and dog sitter services in Merseyside. Whether you need a dog sitter for the summer holidays or dog sitting services while you are on a work trip, we are here for all your dog care needs across Southport, West Lancashire, and North Merseyside.


Southport Dog Sitting & Boarding FAQs

What Is Dog Home Boarding?

Professional dog home boarding is a quality pet care option designed as an alternative to kennels. Dog home boarding services organise for your dog to go on their own dog ‘holiday,’ staying with a loving experienced host in their private home. Many dog owners find that kennels, leaving your dog with family and friends, or home pet sitting (where someone has access to your home) is not the preferred option. Dog home boarding provides all your dog with the home comforts, with routines maintained and complete peace of mind for pet parents. Family and friends can be great, but it is an informal agreement, which can often be a problem if their plans change. The Barking Mad dog sitting service offers a home from home, door to door, dog holiday service for your dog or dogs, where you know you will have complete peace of mind.

How Do I Pay for Dog Sitting?

Dog sitting is traditionally a cash business. However, at Barking Mad we accept a variety of payment options for our dog sitting service. We prefer BACS bank transfer, but branches do accept cash, cheque, credit / debit cards, and dog biscuits (not really). Once booked in, you will receive an invoice from myself with instructions for payment.

What Is Dog Sitting in Your Own Home?

The term ‘dog sitting’ although often synonymous with dog home boarding can sometimes include dog sitting in your own home. Dog sitting in your home technically describes a service where somebody has access to your home to look after your dog when you are away. Your dog can be left at home and be fed, watered and exercised regularly with the option of your dog carer staying in your property overnight, or just visiting. Barking Mad does not provide this service.

Can I Be Sure My Dog Will Be Happy While in Boarding?

Choosing dog care can be such a difficult and emotional decision. Perhaps your pet has been part of your family since puppy hood and has never stayed with anyone other than relatives? Maybe they are a rescue dog with a traumatic past, and you just can’t bear to return them to kennels, even temporarily? As fellow dog lovers, we ensure that our dog sitting service offers complete peace of mind. Instead of putting dog owners and prospective dog home carers in touch like many online agents do, we provide a full, local, professional service, which includes transport, insurance and a proven, personally executed checking and vetting process. Dogs feel really at home with our carefully chosen hosts, receiving one to one attention and living as part of the family. You will receive updates, including photos (host dependent), and even a dog holiday postcard upon your return. So, you can enjoy your time away, with complete peace of mind that your dog is receiving the best care!

What Is the Minimum Stay for Home Dog Boarding?

The minimum stay is for one night, which will be charged as two days.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Dog Sitting?

Please see above my prices, which are per day plus registration, trial & delivery costs.

What Is a Dog Boarding Trial?

For new customers, to put you at ease we suggest that for any upcoming holiday over 5 days, the dog must go through a ‘trial’ holiday to confirm that they are suitable for boarding. This ideally will be with the same host family as their main holiday, however this is not always possible. I recommend a minimum of a 2-night trial, as often it can take more than 1 night for a dog to become settled with their Barking Mad host family.

Will I Drop My Dog Off at the Host Family?

As a service, transport of your four-legged friend is included within the holiday package. We take all responsibility of transporting your dog between your home and the host, so you can sit back and relax before and after your holiday. Also, from experience, we find that it reduces separation anxiety when the dog is taken by ourselves. We have a fully-equipped, Barking Mad car, which is fully equipped especially for dog transportation.

How Do I Book in My Dog’s Holiday?

For new customers, fill in the web form at the end of the page or send me an email at The first step of the process is a phone call, followed by a registration appointment. During this we will discuss all of your dog’s needs and I will show you various potential host families. After this meeting, I will find out my host’s availability and book in a trial holiday. Only once the trial holiday is passed, I can then take the booking for your main holiday. Therefore, for new customers, booking with as much notice as possible ensures a smoother booking process. Once registered, you are registered for life and you can contact me whenever you have an upcoming holiday and I can get this booked in. Please note that the same host family might not always be available for each holiday.

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