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Dog Sitting / Sitters Amersham and Chesham

Welcome to Barking Mad! We operate a five-star rated dog-boarding service throughout Amersham and Chesham and its surrounding area. We’ve created a company that is able to offer you the perfect ‘dog holiday home’ by providing your dog with a personalised care package the next time you need to spend time away.

For most dog owners, the idea of having to leave their beloved pet in a kennel is far from appealing. This is understandable, with many of these care facilities putting a diverse group of dogs all together for meals and exercise times. This obviously doesn’t suit many dogs, missing the fact that they are sensitive animals with individual preferences. This kind of setting can cause stress to your dog and in turn, worry to you as their owner. Thankfully, here at Barking Mad we’ve developed a far superior option; personalised care for your dog in your absence.

The anxiety of being separated from you can weigh on a dog during the time spent away from the favourite people and items that form the reference points of their daily lives. Every dog owner will have noticed how perceptive their animal is; perhaps you remember their reaction the last time you went to leave the house without them. Dogs are pack animals, a beautiful feature that leads them to see your family as their pack. That can make it difficult when the circumstances of life enforce times when you need to spend time apart.

In light of these issues, Barking Mad have designed our service with the aim of lowering those possible anxieties during time apart. We find your dog the right place to stay, with a host individual or family who love dogs and appreciate our specific dog care guidelines. We go even further to help your dog to settle, asking you to pack some of their favourite items. Even a couple of items, such as a chew toy or their regular bowl, can lower stress levels, settle their mood and engage their senses with familiar sounds and tastes, minimising any disruption your dog may feel in their new setting.

Our highly dedicated staff team make sure to regularly vet each of our hosts, which gives us full confidence that your dog will receive quality care. We factor in every aspect of their routine, informing the host of your pet’s ideal environment. We know the value of keeping as closely as we can to regular meals and walk times, as well as additional medical needs.

Throughout Amersham and Chesham we offer an unrivalled five-star level of care, but don’t just take our opinion. If you look through a selection of our independently verified reviews, you’ll build an idea of our service. Each of the dog owners we work with are invited to offer a testimonial, sharing what they think about how our care worked for their dog, with most calling us a five-star service. It’s lovely to read that many dog lovers also love Barking Mad!

We also keep you posted on your dog’s stay through sending over a few photos and a holiday postcard while they’re away. We appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing your dog is receiving the best care available. Your holiday will be even better with the knowledge that your dog is being well looked after, with a great host, and our expert staff on hand around-the-clock for any emergency support.

We offer fantastic care in Amersham and Chesham and many other areas, with a Barking Mad network that has grown to more than 70 branches nationwide. This is clear evidence of how many people love our care service. We’re also able to cater for many varied periods of stay, whether a single day or many weeks.

Barking Mad was formed in 2000 with a clear focus on offering five-star care service to dog owners. Our individualised service is unmatched and our prices rival any in the market. Unlike some companies, we can’t settle for providing a bare minimum service of a few trips to your house to provide walks and meals. We passionately believe your dog deserves proper care and attention while you’re away, so we created a company that aims to provide that.

So how about getting in touch? It’s really easy to do, just give us a quick call on 01524 220202, or a brief email to contact.centre@barkingmad.uk.com. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff who would be happy to chat, arrange a time to meet, and begin to plan the personalised holiday care that suits your dog just right.

Hello and welcome to
Barking Mad Dog Sitting Service

Local Professional Service

Individual Care

Peace of Mind

Alternative to Kennels

Organised Over 80,000 Doggie Holidays Since 2000

Over 70 Local Branches

Our award winning professional pet sitting service gives customers complete peace of mind. We receive fantastic customer feedback which is undoubtedly the result of our belief in developing a personal relationship with our customers – we are not an online agency - so you can be confident that once your holiday is booked, we’ll personally take care of everything.

How our dog sitting service works

It’s really important to get to know you and your dog, especially in the beginning. We’ll come to you for an initial registration meeting which takes an hour, to find out about feeding and exercising routines, likes and dislikes and any other individual needs, so that we can match your dog/s with exactly the right family. No two dogs are ever the same so please don’t worry, we love dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages, pedigree, Heinz 57 or rescue. They can sleep in the bedroom, pull on the lead, or even hide your favourite socks so long as they’re friendly we’d love to meet them.

Selecting the right home from home family is very important and your input into this process is invaluable. We understand you will want to know exactly where your dog is going, so during our time together you will see all of our dog-loving families, what experience they have and what their homes and gardens are like. All of our host families are carefully inspected by us each time we deliver or collect a dog, they are guaranteed to meet our extremely high pet sitting standards. Furthermore our hosts are at home during the day to ensure care is always provided especially where puppies, dogs on regular medication and senior citizens are concerned. If your dog is extremely sociable and you’d like him to have some company during his stay, then we can arrange a holiday with a family who have a resident dog of their own.

We provide a complete service including door to door chauffer driven transportation, a real bonus for busy customers preparing and returning from time away. The main benefit however is for your dog. Being collected from home is far less stressful and overcomes any anxiety which could be caused when left behind by you.

Our Prices

One off initial registration meeting £35
Daily boarding rate £23
Daily boarding rate for additional dogs £19
Collection and delivery from £35

Bailey – All ready for his holiday complete with paddling pool!

At the registration meeting you’ll receive one of our exclusive ‘Holiday Doggie Bags’ which you can pack with food, bowls, toys, treats and anything else to help your dog settle in more easily.

We even offer an unlimited luggage allowance at no extra charge!

Complete peace of mind

Host families are given a Pet Schedule detailing all of the information we gathered at the initial registration meeting and we’re on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week to support them.

We’ll send a photograph of your dog to you as soon as he’s been safely delivered to the host. The very next day we give you a ‘rest easy’ update, so you can then sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your time away in the knowledge we’ve got everything covered.

On the day of return you’ll receive a fun postcard from the host and we’ll stamp your loyalty card so you can gain points which will entitle you to a free night away.

The best bit for us is seeing dogs happily settled-in and comfortable with their host. We will, wherever possible, be sure to use the same family each time you book a holiday. There are no minimum or maximum time limits we’re here whenever you need us.

Earn a FREE day with every completed Loyalty Card
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Ask for your loyalty card. When your card is full you receive a FREE stay on us! (1 full card = 28 paw stamps).

Do you...

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Welcome to Barking Mad

If you love dogs but can’t commit to the full time financial and emotional responsibility of having a dog of your own, or if you have a very sociable dog who would benefit from visiting guests coming to stay, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our very own host families are extremely special people indeed. They have been selected carefully and interviewed in depth at home to ensure they meet our criteria. We get to know them really well and have worked with many of them for a great number of years.

Who are our hosts
It goes without saying, all of our hosts, without exception, are absolutely dotty about dogs. Some are actively retired people who’ve had dogs all of their lives but now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of caring for dogs on holiday. Others are younger, often with a family at home, where the addition of a visiting dog is great fun for all.

How it works
We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. We think it’s important that our hosts concentrate on looking after visiting dogs and that they are not exposed to, or distracted by a constant flow of potential customers and dogs coming and going. Our hosts are also protected from the awkwardness of dealing with money, insurance and paperwork, so that the enjoyment of looking after visiting dogs remains their focus.

Support 24 Hours a Day – 7 Days a Week
Looking after someone else’s dog is great fun, however from time to time you may need a little local, on the ground support and it’s great to know we’re on hand 24/7 to provide just that.

If you’re interested in joining our fun, dog loving host community to become a pet sitter we’d love to hear from you.

CLICK HERE to make an enquiry

Our fantastic host families are the heart of our business and we simply couldn’t do what we do without them. If you know someone who’d like to join us, please let them know.

Our Hosts

A small selection of our lovely host families:

Lisa-1.jpgHeather and Geoff-1.jpgGillian -1.jpg

Host Comments

Brenda - 2nd May, 2017
"We recently had Fozzie for several days it was such a joy to have him my dog Wiggles loves him a lot.
My whole family love him as did our friends where we walk every day.
We look forward to his next visit.
Brenda Street"

Carol - 13th Apr, 2017
"We enjoy looking after peoples dogs as it gives us pleasure to think they have come from home to home. Sometimes our commitments are heavy but It fits in with our lifestyle as we can do it as and when we can. It gives us pleasure and hopefully the pets enjoy our company too. Barking Mad are efficiently run and if I had a dog of my own would gladly let them find a host for my."

Celia - 23rd Mar, 2017
"Lulu has just been to me on her fourth visit. We've both had a lovely time and it seems strange today without her. She is well known and well loved by my friends and neighbours now as well as the local dogs. We all look forward to seeing her again soon."

Jackie - 6th Jan, 2017
"We had the pleasure of looking after Pip for 2 weeks over Christmas this year! We all loved having him for his 2nd visit with us. We enjoyed the walks (even in the cold and sometimes wet) and my children loved his company too!

I would love to have a dog of my own sometime soon, but looking after dogs with Barking Mad gives me the opportunity to see how a dog would fit into our lives, what challenges it might bring and what delights too! I can test out different breeds and ages too in case I go down the rescue dog route!

Definitely a win win option."

Brenda - 6th Jan, 2017
"We recently had Molly come to stay we all fell in love with her. My dog Wiggles loved her too
She was so good and had us laughing when she showed attention to the Tv.
We enjoyed her company and will look forward to her coming to see us again.
Beautiful Girl."

Carol - 3rd Nov, 2016
"We thought the service we got from Emily at Barking Mad was very professional - the information we received on Inca prior to our having her was very precise and made our experience all the better. It was good to know she was at the end of the phone especially as this was our first time. Inca was a pleasure to have and as advised needed lots of love and attention which we certainly gave her. We look forward to the next time to host again. Many thanks."

Brenda - 26th Oct, 2016
"We recently had Scout come to stay with us what a lovely time we had scout and my dog wiggles became great friends it was really nice. Its nice that the dogs get to visit carers whilst the owners go on holday as it gives peace of mind for all concerned and the dogs are happy too We look forward to scout coming again"

Brenda - 26th Oct, 2016
"Scout came to stay a beautiful little dog we had a great time look forward to seeing her again.
Barking Mad is a lovely idea it is very important that the dogs are happy and we love it"

Celia - 4th Oct, 2016
"Lulu has just gone home after seventeen nights with me. This is the longest stay I've had but it wasn't too long. She is a delightful, easy dog to look after who quickly makes herself at home.
This is the third time she's been to me and I look forward to her next visit."

Brenda - 4th Oct, 2016
"I think Barking Mad is such a lovely idea as the dogs can visit families a bit of a holiday whilst their owners have a holiday too.

We recently enjoyed a visit from a beautiful dog Fozzie he settled into our home quite happily and we enjoyed him too.
Animals need to feel secure with no worries and fitting into a family environment makes for a happy doggie I think Barking Mad is a very good idea
I will look forward to the next vistor on four legs."

Jackie - 12th Sep, 2016
"I have recently looked after Pip for just over a week and really enjoyed it. I am looking to have a dog myself but want to be 100% sure I am doing the right thing before I take the plunge.

I love that with barking mad you get lots of help and support while looking after someone else's precious dog. If you have a problem or the dog becomes unwell you also know that help is at hand. I found the experience rewarding and it was lovely having Pip stay with us. The problem is we missed him when he was gone...

I would like to continue looking after dogs with barking mad.


Celia - 19th Jul, 2016
"Hugo has just had two weeks holiday with me. As a lively two-year-old Springer he was more of a challenge than I've had before but I loved it, and him. We walked many miles and I managed to loose some weight. An added bonus for me!
I think Hugo enjoyed having my undivided attention and he certainly made the most of it. I always think about how I would like my own dog to feel - happy, secure, content, and loved."

Linda - 29th Jun, 2016
"Hello I love having the dogs it gets me out and about too..I am fairly new to the neighbourhood. And I have met people that I would not have met if I was not hosting. All the dogs I have had since I've been hosting have been very good I love them all. I wish I could have some of the small dogs back I had last year!. Posted by Linda"

LindaS - 29th Jun, 2016
"I love being a host we find it encourages us to go out more and explore dog friendly places so we get loads of fresh air and exercise. We have the peace of mind that Barking Mad are on the end of a phone if we need them for any reason and its a great way of having a dog without the costs involved. Also if your lifestyle means you cannot have a dog then this is a great alternative. I would definitely recommend it as all the dogs we have had have been easy to care for and friendly, the hardest part is saying goodbye but because you know they will probably have another holiday before too long you don't get upset you just look forward to their next stay."

Anne and David - 28th Jun, 2016
"Hosting a dog gives us a lot of pleasure and is very rewarding. We have only been hosting dogs for 3 months but we're really enjoying it. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that each dog has had a lot of love and a good home from home holiday. We treat every dog as if it was ours, taking note of the pet profile guidelines. It is a great help knowing that you have the back-up of Barking Mad should anything untoward happen, which gives us peace of mind. John has been excellent matching us with the dogs we've hosted so far."

Brian and Carole - 8th Apr, 2016
"We have been hosting for 18 months now and have come to know the regular dogs we have. The owners have requested many times that they like them to go back to the same host. We find it rewarding that they make these requests.
Nicola is always very careful to match the host and dog and this shows in the requests she gets.
Keep up the good work. A perfect match makes a happy owner, dog and host.
Barking mad prides itself on this and Nicola and her team work very hard to make this happen.
We have just got another first time little doggy today and we hope that he will want to come back again.
A big thankyou to all the team."

Celia - 6th Apr, 2016
"Archie has just gone home after his second visit. He's the most affectionate little dog I've met. Really loving, kind, and gentle. He can be a bit naughty sometimes but we suit one another well and both thoroughly enjoyed our week."

Gwen - 31st Mar, 2016
"We have just had a second visit from a lovely dog that we first met over last Xmas. Having become very fond of her the first time, it was lovely to see her again. She settled more quickly this visit, and was very relaxed. We really enjoyed our time with her, and look forward to her next visit."

Gwen - 24th Mar, 2016
"We have just had a beautiful golden labrador to share our lives with for the past nine days. He was delightful, really good around other dogs and children, and a joy to be with. I'm looking forward to having him to stay again."

Pam - 18th Mar, 2016
"We have just said goodbye to our latest doggy client and thoroughly enjoyed having him here.
He settled in straight away, was friendly and playful. We never imagined choosing this breed ourselves but he's now a very firm favourite and today the house seems empty without him. Hope to look after him again sometime."

Gwen - 14th Mar, 2016
"I enjoy doing the best I can to make sure that my doggy guest feels relaxed, cared for and loved whilst they're away from home. This is what I would want for my own dog, when I have to go away on holiday, so I find it very rewarding to provide this for other people and their dogs."

Jenny - 8th Feb, 2016
"For me, the best part of being a Barking Mad host is getting to know all the different doggie personalities and making friendships with them, particularly when my new houseguest could be feeling a little bit homesick."

Margaret & Stan - 26th Jan, 2016
"We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting a lot of Barking Mad dogs over the last seven years. We have always had terrific support from Brad and team and prior to that from Chris and Alex. In all that time we have only needed help once during a visit, for minor veterinary attention, and that was dealt with very quickly and efficiently. I think this is because the dogs are well matched to their hosts (and the hosts own dogs!) in the first place. We also use Barking Mad for our own dogs holidays."

Adam - 22nd Jan, 2016
"When we moved to Dundee we both missed not having a dog in our lives. Being a host for Barking Mad gave us the opportunity to have that again, even though giving them back at the end is always hard.
It allowed us to see how well having a dog would fit into our lives in a full time situation, and directly influenced our decision to get our own. Now we look forward to hosting other dogs for Angus to play with.
As hosts, the support you receive from Brad is amazing and the detail he goes into to facilitate yours and the dogs well being is incredible.
I would thoroughly recommend anyone who wants to have a visitor now and again, someone who misses the company of the dog but has commitments and everybody who wants a dog but is not sure if it will work to become a host with Barking Mad, you won't regret it!"

Lorna - 22nd Jan, 2016
"I have been a host for several years, I started with Barking Mad as I wanted to have a dog but visiting family in the south made it impractical, so when I am home I have a dog, I have had a great variety of dogs from a little Jack Russell to a huge mountain dog. Barking mad is great because they match dogs with their hosts in all the years of hosting I have never had a dog that I would not have again. Hosting dogs means I go out everyday, I talk to many people and share doggie stories."

Ed and Barbara - 22nd Jan, 2016
"Having a four-legged lodger for a few days is always a pleasure. Still getting over the loss of our own dog but nothing cheers you up more than another wagging tail around the house. Great support from Brad and his team. If only he could do something about this awful Scottish weather."

Kate & Graham - 20th Jan, 2016
"We live in Shirley and have local parks, woods and fields nearby. Whatever the weather we love taking the dogs out and about. They have joined us for barbecues, street parties and made visits to a local elderly care home. Our grandchildren have learned to overcome their fear of dogs by meeting our 'guests'.Having a dog keeps us fit and healthy too. Our garden is large and well fenced so the dogs can enjoy chasing squirrels!

We would love to have a dog of our own but with working full-time until recently and travelling it never seemed the right time. Having dogs for Barking Mad has 'filled the need'. We have had so many dogs to stay (and everyone a pleasure) and one in particular has come twice a year since 2008.

Tina organises things so well - she 'matches' the right dog to the right host - so everyone is happy ( most of all the dog!)"

Susan - 20th Jan, 2016
"I love being a host for dogs with Barking Mad, and enjoy meeting the different visiting dogs, and getting to know each ones individual personality."

Sandra & Terry - 19th Jan, 2016
"We love being hosts to barking mad, Terry is around most of the day, and I work 4 days a week, so we can have doggies almost all the time other than we are on our hols !!, we already have our fav’s Bruno, Bentley, Darcy , Biscuit, Ben the boxer & Gunner, and Tina will try her up most so we can have them on repeat hols, it means a lot to us as we love looking after all the little & big ones, and they all have there own little characters, we have photos of all the dogs we have had since July last year, and look forward to seeing them all again this year, and miss them when they go home, It’s a pleasure to look after doggies on there hols, & and its filled a gap since loosing a couple of our own pets last year,"

Jenny, John and Jean - 15th Jan, 2016
"Being an animal lover - I love working with Barking Mad and being a host for them. I especially like having their beautiful doggies to stay. The doggies all have their own very different characters and we have some good times filled with really good fun and laughs with the doggies that stay with us.

We all really enjoy having the pets and get out and about and sometimes on the odd occasion we take them out to other parks and places close to home. Its just like having your own pet!

I do like the events and walks that Tina at Barking Mad arranges. Its a chance to get out with other hosts and meet them and hear their tales as a host.

I recall a fete we went to lovely sunny day with lots of dogs and we all had such a great time, I recall feeling quite sorry when the fete ended."

Tracey - 15th Jan, 2016
"We have been hosting since last summer and really enjoy the experience and getting to know the personalities of the dogs, even the cheeky ones !

I particularly like walking in the fields and woods nearby with my host dogs as company, and its great exercise too.


Rosina - 15th Jan, 2016
"I first looked after dogs in 2005 & have kept photos of all my visitors. After a break, came back to it a couple of years ago. I have had Millie two years running & cannot wait to greet her again in July, it feels like a special friend spending her holiday with me :)"

Gwen - 8th Jan, 2016
"Sheba, a beautiful Belgian Shepherd dog, was my first experience with 'Barking Mad'. She was adorable, very gentle, and well behaved. She seemed to fall in love with my partner - maybe she saw him as her temporary pack leader - and we both really enjoyed her company over the Christmas period. Having lost my own much loved collie of over 15 years, in October, I had felt lost without a dog to love and care for - so being a 'Barking Mad' host was ideal for me. We're so looking forward to our next doggie guest, and also hope to see Sheba again at some time in the future."

Celia - 8th Jan, 2016
"My last visitor, Pip, was an absolute sweetie. A breed I've not had experience of before and a real delight. She came to me for just a few days before going on to her regular family.
She loved her bed - well actually my bed - and when she was ready to go up at night she would stand at the bottom of the stairs, with one paw on the bottom step, and stare at me until I gave in."

Elaine - 9th Nov, 2015
"We really love our holiday dogs, we like to spoil them, love them, lots of cuddles and make sure they are really happy with us, it's lovely to get the same dog(s) over and over again, they just make themselves at home, and all our dogs know where the 'treat' cupboard is.. We get such a lot of love from them and look forward to them returning."

Sarah and Stan - 9th Nov, 2015
"We adore having new Barking Mad dogs come to stay and love it even more when they return for second and third visits. Its such a pleasure to spend time with these much loved dogs and take them for walks on the beach and around the countryside. We know that when our 'crazy' Collie goes to stay with a Barking Mad host, she will be safe, happy, and much loved."

Liz - 4th Nov, 2015
"We have really enjoyed hosting our last two dogs, Nelson and Finn. As a family we enjoy meeting the new dogs and letting them be a part of our family, albeit only for a while. It is good to know if we have any issues we can just call Emily. We hope to keep hosting even when we get our own dog, (something my husband would never have agreed to until he realized how complete a dog makes a home)."

Debra - 4th Nov, 2015
"We have had a full calendar for October starting with a surprise arrival as another host was sadly taken poorly. Ruby arrived within 40 minutes of the phone call but soon settled in and became a family favorite. Then came Azi, she takes over our lives but ooh how we love her. Lastly we had Jess, an old lurcher who turned into a puppy again when it was walkies time. Each very different but all very lovable."

Diana - 15th Oct, 2015
"I have always had dogs since I was born,having lived on a farm. I cannot remember ever being without dogs. Now I am on my own it is great to have more than one dog.
I am a dog lover, plus Kali my lab just love to go on walks and have company at home.
So we are both very happy bunnies"

Nicky - 13th Oct, 2015
"I started pet sitting nine years ago for Barking Mad.

It is very enjoyable and I love the country and Beach Walks. I have to make an effort to get out with the dogs here.

I have many regulars that come year after year. Each dog has its separate character. With the pairs I love watching the integration between the two dogs.

I work for Ian Carney who pays a lot of attention to detail, doesn't mind going over things with me if I am not sure and always makes sure the dog is familiar with my bungalow before he leaves. He always promptly answers the phone and I feel that I am not alone with the responsibility of someone else's dog.

My life would be empty without Barking Mad.

Nicky, Dorset Host. Posted by Nicky"

Clive - 23rd Sep, 2015
"Having just said goodbye to our 2nd holiday dog whom we've enjoyed entertaining and looking after. We look forward to our next dog!"

Carole - 21st Sep, 2015
"Nicola and her team always go the extra mile to ensure they are acting in the dogs best interest. If there is any doubt about a dogs health she will always act accordingly so that the owners can rest assured that there dog will get the best possible attention and the owner can relax and enjoy their holiday. We have always welcomed all our lovely dogs for holidays and they enjoy their stay.
Keep up the good work and keep sending these lovely dogs for their holidays that they can enjoy.
A first class team who cares unreservably for the dogs in their care. Posted by Carole"

Debra - 17th Sep, 2015
"We have just enjoyed a lovely long weekend with Roxy the staffy. She is so well behaved we hardly knew she was there but now she has gone our home is a quieter sadder place. This is why we love Barking Mad as each dog gives us a smile!"

Sarah and Stan - 9th Sep, 2015
"We love taking our four legged holiday friends for walks through the fields and to the beach, Its a privilege to get to know the new dogs and become friends and really special when they come back to us for a repeat holiday full of cuddles and fun."

Angela - 21st Aug, 2015
"I have just become a host for Barking Mad and recently cared for my first dog, a lovely old Labrador. He fitted in so well with my own two dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed giving him a special holiday for a few days and am really looking forward to helping out again. It is something very dear to my heart and feel I am being of use to others in providing a safe and welcoming home from home for someone's beloved pet. Plus my own pets also enjoy the company."

Elaine - 21st Aug, 2015
"We love looking after our holiday dogs, they are all really lovely, friendly and usually make themselves at home straight away. We especially like to have the same dog back time after time and they always look really pleased to see us again."

Brian and Carole - 19th Aug, 2015
"Monty is always a pleasure to have in our home.. Just gone back to his home after another great holiday.
Nicola and her team are as always very efficient and friendly. Thank you to all of you.
Brian and Carole Posted by Brian and Carole"

Diana - 19th Aug, 2015
"I love having dogs I was brought up with my father's GunDogs we always had 2 or 3 at a time. A friend saw you advertising for people to look after them while a way on holiday or just for a week- end. So I did just that. I loved having Maisie also Kali loved it as well."

Cynthia - 10th Aug, 2015
"My Barking Mad dogs, many of whom come back again and again, light up my life. They are all different, with different hopes and needs, and getting to know them and earn their trust and affection is pure joy. They go everywhere with me, visiting friends, shopping, and of course on lots of nice healthy walks, good for me as well as them. Total strangers have become friends, stopping me in the street with "What's this one's name, then?" - or even, on between days, with a disappointed "No dog today?"
God bless BM, my area manager Ian, my owners, and first and foremost, all my dogs."

Celia - 4th Aug, 2015
"Rolo has just gone home after his weekend trial. He passed with flying colours. 10/10 I would say and I'm looking forward to his return towards the end of the week.

Well done Emily - you worked out straight away what sort of dogs are best suited to my situation. Quicker than I did."

Pam & Ray - 21st Jul, 2015
"After a year of being without a dog it was great to have not one but two dogs in the house. To see two little faces greeting us from their crate when we returned home was lovely. They settled in well and Emily made sure we were happy with them. Our grandchildren who live opposite were constantly here playing with them, which they adored. If only we had heard about Barking Mad when we were dog owners and didn't want to use kennels!!!!!!!!"

Filomena - 9th Jul, 2015
"Having Pebbles for a few days was delightful and Finley enjoyed the company. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of dealing with a dog other than my own and understanding her needs.
She seemed extremely happy and made herself at home immediately. All doggie friends on park enjoyed meeting her and she was in her element.
Great fun all round."

Mary - 8th Jul, 2015
"I've often asked myself why on earth anyone would want to be a host for Barking Mad. Belly rubs, staffie, Henry's smelly farts, being first out in pristine snow, pickle's snoring (how the walls vibrate), watching Starsky grow from a gangling four month pup into a well behaved teenager. I can go on and on but my favourite is sleeping on the settee on a hot afternoon having a 'nana nap' with a happy, contented pooch sleeping on my stomach dreaming of rabbits.

In 2014 I looked after 24 different dogs, most of whom returned numerous times. So far this year I've had 18 from little to large to very large (ah yes - Dudley). If I put my foot down and ask for time out to have a holiday myself then I get those puppy dog eyes from Ian (the boss) suggesting that I would love to take a dog with me. I generally succumb and thoroughly enjoy our time together.

Would I recommend being a Barking Mad host to anyone else? Having a boss like Ian who is very keen and hands on makes being a host easier. Should anything crop up he will be straight round to deal with it. I love hosting and would urge those people who are thinking about it to have a go. Where else can you wake up to a pair of soulful eyes, a lolling tongue and a wet nose in your immediate field of vision - that's enough about the old man!

Hi you folks at head office. I have spoken to Ian and he says that if you use this can you put it on both his Bath and Dorset sites please. Many thanks. Mary xx"

Celia - 30th Jun, 2015
"Having lost my beloved 15-year-old Westie last July I decided to sign up as a Host with Barking Mad towards the end of the year.
To be honest the first dog that came to me didn't really suit me and I wasn't sure I would do it again. But Emily persuaded me to have another try and I've had several dogs since which have all been delightful. My favourite, Lulu, has just gone home after her third visit.
I know she loves coming to me and I love having her."

Shannon - 27th May, 2015
"I love looking after all the different types of dogs that come for there holiday with me. I love caring for them as if they where my own. It gets me out and about meeting new people and their dogs too. All the dogs I've had come everywhere with me and even though each dog had a different personality they where all great to have. I look forward to caring for more dogs as well as caring for the same dogs that i have had."

Brian and Carole - 27th May, 2015
"Just coming to the end of another period of hosting a Barking Mad dog on holiday. We really appreciate what Nicola and her team do to connect the right dog to the right family. After having dogs all our lives the time came for us not to be selfish and home another dog in later life. Barking Mad filled that gap and we adore giving a home from home holiday to these special dogs. It's just what we wanted for our dogs rather than kennels.

We feel privileged to be a host for Barking Mad and look forward to giving the next dog with a good home, a good holiday.

Nicola and her team are very professional and give the owners and host families a very professional approach which makes a good holiday for the dogs and a lot of fun and satisfaction for the hosts.

Keep up the good work and can't wait for the next dog to come on holiday. Thank you to you all. Brian and Carole"

Brian and Carole - 29th Apr, 2015
"Beau just gone back home after having another fun holiday with us. She so appreciates the TLC we give her and look forward to having her again.."

Sue - 17th Mar, 2015
"I have loved having the pugs, a breed I've been thinking about getting. Was so nice to have a dog in the house again. All very well behaved and was nice to know Emily was always on call should the need arise. Looking forwards to my next house guest. Sue"

Celia - 10th Mar, 2015
"Lulu, a delightful little Coton de Tulear, was collected from me yesterday after a nine-day stay. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I was sorry to see her go. - Can't wait for her to come back again."

Elaine & Tony - 26th Feb, 2015
"Love looking after our holiday dogs. It's a brilliant, well run company, with people who really do care about the dogs, I would highly recommend to would be hosts or dog owners who can rest assured their babies will be well looked after."

Liz - 25th Feb, 2015
"Really enjoyed having Hamish. Appreciated the support, from Emily, with the walking issue and the fact I could call if any issues.

Next dog please.


Hayley - 25th Feb, 2015
"Me and my family love being a part of the Barking mad team! It makes me feel happy knowing the dog isnt in kennels and instead having a fun time in the our home. Its also great for my own two dogs, it gives them the chance to make new friends and socialise with other dogs all shapes and sizes!"

VLG - 8th Jan, 2015
"I recently hosted my first little visitors from Barking Mad. I was slightly nervous having 3 at once, but I need not have been concerned, Emily was very good with lots of info about what I needed to do.
They very quickly settled in and I really enjoyed having their companionship. I loved taking them out each day and watching them play with their toys."

Shirley - 1st Dec, 2014
"It's now twelve years since I first asked Barking Mad to look after our lovely Boxer Amber.Later,we became hosts and since Amber died,Barking Mad has helped to fulfill our enjoyment of canine companionship with dogs of many different breeds and temperament.
It is lovely when we have repeat visitors,to know that their owners are just as pleased with the Barking Mad service and care of their cherished dogs as I was with Amber."

Carole and Brian - 19th Nov, 2014
"Had a wonderful three weeks with Molly she really enjoyed her holiday. Thanks Nicola you were very supportive and explained every thing needed for Molly to enjoy her stay.
Looking forward to our next visitor.

Posted by: Carole and Brian Lee on 18th Nov, 2014"

Geoff and Ruth - 29th Oct, 2014
"We love the opportunity of hosting dogs as we no longer have of our own. This is a great way of having a dog around the house without the commitment of owning a dog."

Liz - 30th Sep, 2014
"My family and I love being hosts as it gives us the chance to meet lots of different dogs and get to know them.

The house feels empty once the dog has gone but we really enjoy giving the dogs a holiday and the owners piece of mind that this member of their family is being cared for safely and for a few days is a part of our family.

It is always good to know that Emily is on the end of the phone for support and the clear guidelines from the owners let us know what the dog enjoys and what their routines are."

Bruan and Carole - 22nd Sep, 2014
"We have just had our first dog on holiday and jess was a pleasure to have. We have always had dogs but lost our last one a year ago. It was a hard decision not to have another, but our age is against commiting to owning another. We saw a local advert for hosts and Nicola from barking mad made the whole process so easy.
Its the best decision we could have made and cant wait for our next doggy to come for a holiday. They make the house a home again. We love it. Thanks Nicola."

Monica - 28th Aug, 2014
"I lost my dog after 15 yrs together , so Barking Mad is ideal for me, I so enjoy having my doggy visitors, every one of them have their own characteristics, which is so nice to discover, whether they like playing ball, or tug of war with one of their toys, and I enjoy our walks as much as they do as well. Posted by Monica Bennett"

Ruth - 12th Aug, 2014
"How does one sum up being a Barking Mad host? Fun, good loving company, enjoyable healthy exercise and sociable walks when holiday dogs are here. When they are not, then time alone to relax, visit friends, have days out, holidays etc, but soon something is missing. You can't beat doggy company! So I look forward to my next 4 legged holiday guest.

When they arrive I read their notes (what to feed, when to walk, favourite games) all the information I need to make them feel at home. Together we enjoy their holiday and I help them write a holiday post card at the end of their stay!

Life couldn't be better, especially when they come again and their body language, eyes and tail all say 'great to be back, let's have more fun.' Penny the Patterdale, Ellie the Collie, Riley and Alfie thank you for coming into my life. I'm sure you are the first of many more holiday makers who I'll enjoy welcoming into this holiday home for dogs.

When my 16 year old Bonnie went to doggie heaven recently I couldn't decide whether or not to get another dog. There were advantages on both sides, so I got in touch with Barking Mad and with help from Nicola I became a holiday home for dogs. It's great fun, varied, flexible and rewarding; The benefits of having a dog whenever you want, without being tied all the time.
Thank you Barking Mad for enhancing my life.

Posted by: Ruth Middlebrough on 9th Aug, 2014"

Mandy - 11th Jul, 2014
"I have always owned animals but current circumstances don't allow me to commit full time to the care of a pet. I missed so much not having one around, saw the advert for Barking Mad and Barking Mad took me on. It is the perfect solution! I have had the privilege of looking after some wonderful dogs, enjoying walks and cuddles with my little friends. Now I always have a doggie to look forward to, some of them stay with me regularly, which is especially fun. Any drawbacks? - having to return my little friends at the end of their holiday!

Becoming a Barking Mad Host is one of the best decisions I have ever made!!"

Mavis - 30th Jun, 2014
"I have been hosting for Barking Mad for almost six years now, and have so much enjoyed the company of some beautiful dogs of many breeds. I didn't want to get another dog of my own, so this was a perfect solution to have the opportunity of having a lovely dog for company, walks and fun, and yet be free to go away whenever I chose. As time goes by, certain dogs return for repeated holidays, which proves that a happy dog means a happy owner who entrusts their much loved pet to you. Barking Mad is a well structured company, and it is always good to know that 24hr support is on hand if ever needed."

Bernie & Susie - 24th Jun, 2014
"Although new to Barking Mad its been one of the best things we have done living on a small farm we have space and plenty of local walks to offer our wonderful friends who have stayed with us. each one is missed and we long for their return.
We have set up a gallery of our new friends and find great pleasure looking at the moments they have shared with us."

Niccola - 4th Jun, 2014
"I can honestly say that being a host for barking mad has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has helped me physically, emotionally and financially. After losing my own dearly loved Jack Russell I decided I couldn't have another dog to go through the pain of losing it again. Then along came Barking Mad, it must be nearly 7 years ago now and I've never looked back. All the dogs are such a pleasure and a joy to care for. You love them like they are your own and yes, you miss them when they go home but you know there will be another little one on its way to fill the space very soon . The best thing is that they do all come back regularly so your home really does become a home from home, it is wonderful when they come in and you know they are as happy to see you again as you are to see them. It really is the best thing, everything is in place to ensure you have 24hr help and support if necessary. You can specify what type or size of dog you prefer and also specify when you are available. Basically if you're happy the dog is happy and vice versa."

Karen - 27th May, 2014
"This has been my first week as a host of Barking Mad and I/we are loving
it! My first dog guest was Maisie a bearded collie cross. She stayed with us
for the weekend and was such a pleasure to look after. We had lots of fun at
the beaches and parks. We then had lovely little Malcolm a jack Russell cross.
He was very excitable but settled very quickly. He loved playing in the back garden and on
our walks where he came across rabbits, horses and even hens. We are looking
forward to getting gorgeous Bertie very soon. The house seems strange when we
don't have a doggy guest now.

Thanks again, Brad.
Karen, Brian, Nico and Dylan."

Barbara & Peter - 23rd May, 2014
"Our "visitors" have become part of our family over the years. They are as different as our children, and, just like our kids, we love them to bits. Nicola has proved to be a good friend as well as a wonderful "boss". Of course, we do spoil our dogs but they are on their holiday!"

Bev & Ellie - 15th May, 2014
"We love the flexibilty of having different dogs to look after, and we have a few regulars now, especially over half term and school holidays, they bring such fun into the house, with their own individual personalities, we shower them with love and affection (as would their owners) and get very attached - but we know they have to go home, till the next time..."

Cid - 15th May, 2014
"There are so many reasons to love having dogs come to stay with us..... we love having a variety of sizes and breeds and personalities, there's always something to delight us! My boys love having dogs around to play with, and they don't get bored with walking them or feeding them because there's always something different. We get such fantastic characters come and stay with us, they get us out and about, they fill the house with wonderful dogginess. If there's a downside, it's the sadness when they go back home..... until our next doggy friend comes to stay, that is!"

maxine - 22nd Apr, 2014
"I enquired about being a host following my friends' dog being on a 'Barking Mad' holiday. As soon as I met Tina I decided that I would like to become a host, because I was impressed by her friendly professionalism and her genuine love of meeting the needs of dogs and their owners. I have been very well matched with some delightful canine companions! I look forward to the regulars and to meeting new dogs. I have not had any problems as such, but appreciate the speed of response and action from Tina, Colin and Carol-Ann when I have needed information or help with something. I might also add that that Tina, Colin and Carol-Ann are as lovely as the dogs they bring!"

Mick and Shirley - 22nd Apr, 2014
"When we retired, we considered getting a dog of our own. We'd had lots of dogs whilst the children were young but it had been a few years since our last one had died. However, we planned to travel so thought perhaps it wasn't a sensible idea. Then one day, Shirley overheard a conversation about Barking Mad.....and the rest is history! Tina was brilliant - her passion and love for the animals was obvious and we warmed to her straight away. Very soon after, Charlotte, a chocolate Labrador, came to stay with us for 2 weeks. Charlotte adopted us and gave us all her love, attention and affection. The walks, the fresh air, the laughter we had with her were excellent. We said "goodbye" and looked forward to our next dog. Since 2011, when we became hosts, we've had lots of different dogs and return visits from a number of them. It's great getting to know their personalities and learning about them. Tina is always available to consult if there are any difficulties. If anyone is considering becoming a host, we would strongly recommend it. We've never regretted it for one moment! We've just returned from 9 weeks travelling and are desperate to meet our next four legged house guest!"

Karen and Paul - 17th Apr, 2014
"A house isn't a home without a dog in it. Our labrador, Hero loves to have a friend for a couple weeks - they have lots of fun running and playing together, then Hero gets a rest before the next doggy visitor arrives. There's something very special about a wagging tail, and a doggy greeting! We're very pleased we found Barking Mad and treat all our visitors as we would expect Hero to be treated - with love and respect."

Helen - 17th Apr, 2014
"My family used Barking Mad initially for our own dog Sally. She was an old labrador and I never wanted her to be put in kennels when we went on holiday. Tina at Barking Mad came out and totally put our minds at ease. We were shown various hosts, their gardens and all Sally's needs were taken care of. This made us feel so relaxed going on holiday knowing Sally was in the best hands, literally home from home care. She was, most of the time, homed with the same family which was even more reassuring! Sally did take poorly when we were on holiday once and we were up-dated daily by Tina and Barking Mad took extremely good care of her, I will never forget them for that. When Sally passed away a few years ago we knew we didn't want to get another dog and decided on being a host family. It really is the best of both worlds. My 12 year old son particularly loves dogs coming to stay and the love we get from them. We've had all sorts of different dogs and characters. However, as we are busy during school holidays etc, we can select when we would like to take dogs. We have the freedom now and it's so much fun. The great thing is we know we have the back up and support from Tina which is fantastic. If things sometimes don't work out Tina is there to help and even take a dog should we be unable to look after it (which is a very rare occurrence as Tina is excellent at selecting the right dog for the right host). We take lots of photographs for the owners which Tina emails to them, should they wish, on holiday. We also write a little postcard for the families so they know what their pet has been up to while they have been away. It really is a fantastic company and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. If you are wanting company from a dog but without the full time commitment then look no further than Barking Mad. Go on, give it a try.......!"

Sue and Paul - 17th Apr, 2014
"We became hosts for Barking Mad, thinking it would be good to have a dog occasionally and the exercise would be good for us, being retired we need to keep going!!
Tina impressed us immediately..she really works hard at matching the dogs to the people. We love dogs that are good fun on their walks, but behave in the house (who doesn't?) and we have had a range of young and old, big and small and lots and lots of Labradors. If there has been a problem e.g. The dog needs the vet to check something, Tina, Colin or Carol Ann arrive and take the animal to the vet. We had one dog who obviously wasn't happy, and frankly was making us unhappy, perhaps pining for its owner, and Tina took it and looked after it herself. So we never have to worry that we are stuck with an animal that we don't get on with.
Tina has become a good friend, and her team of Colin and Carol Ann are so professional and caring with the animals it is a pleasure to 'do business' with them.

If you are thinking of being a host, do try it...you have a lot of fun, I enjoy the caring for some of the older ones as well as running round with the young ones, without the responsibility of having your own animal. Posted by Sue and Paul Allcroft"

Audrey - 16th Apr, 2014
"Due to health issues I am unable to have a dog of my own. Being a host for barking mad means I can have the company and pleasure of a dog, for a period of time with out the resposibility and cost of owning a dog myself.It is nice to know that as a host I can enable owners to have a break safe in the knowledge that their dog is being cared for by someone whose aim it is to give the dog a holiday in a friendly loving enviorment."

erika - 16th Apr, 2014
"I have been a host for nearly 9 years with my husband and now I am on my own. It is an absolute absolute pleasure to have my little dogs come to stay! I have regular ones and find it a privilege to be trusted with someones pet. They are my friends and it gives me something to focus on meet other dog lovers as well.

Posted by: Erika Cockerill on 15th Apr, 2014"

Dorothy - 16th Apr, 2014
"My husband and I thoroughly enjoy being hosts for dogs. Faye is great and runs a valuable service. Every dog we have has it's own wee personality and we grow to love them more and more every day. They are like little rays of sunshine in our home. We are so happy we decided to be hosts. We love it."

Ian - 16th Apr, 2014
"It is a real pleasure for us to look after so many varied dogs and hopefully give them a great time in a caring way close to their home life.Have done this now for over 3 years with nothing but positive experiences and would fully recommend being a host."

Jaclyn - 15th Apr, 2014
"We are the lucky ones that get to look after your lovely dogs my family and i enjoy it because we get to meet so many different characters and they are all individual and whilst they are with us they are treated as part of our family. We love dogs but because of work commitments we can only host during the school holidays so we are always looking forward to our new guest arriving and we hope to be part of Barking Mad for a very long time."

Our HostsOur hosts

Carole Chester

Hi, I’m Carole Chester and I am proud to be part of the Barking Mad team covering Amersham, Chesham Rickmansworth, Gerrards Cross and surrounding areas.

I live in the village of Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, with my husband John, two daughters Bryony and Megan, not forgetting our two loveable Lurchers Frankie and Hamish.

We first discovered Barking Mad in 2008, when we became a host family. Since then, we have thoroughly enjoyed looking after dogs of all shapes and sizes! I fell in love with the whole concept of Barking Mad so when the opportunity arose to purchase the business I jumped at the chance and have never looked back. People come to Barking Mad for a superior alternative to kennels or house sitting. They expect the best from our dog holidays and I make it my mission to provide it, every time. I select the ideal host family from my portfolio of trusted dog lovers and provide accommodation in a warm, friendly home environment with one to one dog care, where exercise and feeding routines are maintained. Barking Mad offers complete peace of mind. I know that all my doggie customers have wonderful holidays, sometimes better than their owners!
I am very excited about the service I can offer, providing the superb alternative to kennels and combining my love for dogs and working with people.

If you would like to know more about the service or think you may be interested in becoming a host, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.....
Please contact me on 01442 832594 or email me at carole.chester@barkingmad.uk.com

Places Covered

We're delighted to provide our service in the following towns and surrounding areas:

  • Abbots Langley
  • Amersham
  • Bovingdon
  • Chalfont St.Giles
  • Chalfont St.Peter
  • Chesham
  • Chipperfield
  • Chorleywood
  • Croxley Green
  • Denham
  • Gerrards Cross
  • Harefield
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Kings Langley
  • Little Chalfont
  • Northwood
  • Rickmansworth
  • Sarratt

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It seems that Hattie enjoyed her stay with Viv.. she seemed quite tired when she got back. And I know that she enjoys lots of attention and ball throwing. She settled back into her normal routine quite happily.
Thanks Carole

Posted by: Tricia Fiddian on

Gus had another weekend with a new couple in an Oxfordshire village. He seemed happy to go and on his return, and some previous curious behaviour seems now to have very largely gone. Gus now knows Carole quite well and is happy to be with her.

Posted by: Malcolm & Rita Rogers on

Tigger had a fantastic first stay with Barking mad. Considering his other experiences with previous dog sitters I was very happy to see that he was relaxed and happy. I really appreciated the text update and feedback on his return. Carole was great with him on first meeting and he was happy to go off with his new friend. He is looking forward to his next holiday!

Posted by: Laura Silverstone on

When our boys returned they couldn't stop talking about the good times they had at their hosts. It's very nice to receive comments from the hosts and our boys.

Posted by: Chris Cowie on

Our boys Grenville and Gryphon have had another lovely holiday with Lynn and Neil and are already looking forward to their next holiday in February. We are so happy to have discovered Barking Mad: we can go on holiday in the knowledge that the dogs are having as a good a time as we are!

Michael and Louise Chitty

Posted by: Louise Chitty on

This was our first experience of Barking Mad having not left our dogs Phoebe and Bruno before, so we were obviously very anxious but needed some Autumn sunshine!

Carole made the process very reassuring and straightforward, when she came round for her initial visit to meet the dogs and us and talked us through everything. She didn't mind our minute details or endless questions either!!

In the end our holiday was booked at short notice and the original dates changed but Carole arranged everything for us and held our hand through this anxious first holiday for the dogs (for us more like)!

Carole texted us when the dogs were settled and again a number of times throughout our holiday which gave us great reassurance that Phoebe and Bruno were fine without us.

On our return home, Carole brought the dogs home as planned and spent a good hour with us talking through how they had been and what they had been doing and how they got on with their hosts, showing us lots of pictures. We also had a DVD kindly made by Tony & Rosella, one of our hosts, which showed the dogs playing at their house - it was lovely.

The dogs have settled back home again just as they were before they went on holiday and we have been very pleased overall with the experience. We are very impressed with Carole and particulalrly how patient she was as she really understood what we needed, for us to see that the dogs had been absolutely fine whilst we were away.

Thank you!

Posted by: Lisa Trybus on

Thanks to Carole and hosts who looked after our rescued lurcher for one night. We were worried he wouldn't settle but he had a lovely time! Will use again. Posted by Fiona

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Delighted as always with the service and friendliness of all involved and especially the updates and photos, to put my mind at rest!

Posted by: Alison Page on

Thank you once again to Carole, and hosts Alison and Chris who look after Carrie so well while are away. It is a great relief to be able to go away and not have to worry about Carrie.

Posted by: Richard and Anne Lyne on

We were not happy to place our two rescue lurchers in kennels so Barking Mad has been ideal. They return home happy and we can go away without worrying about them. It is really good to receive text reports that they have settled and to have comments from the carers.

Posted by: Carol Mead on

Once again Barking Mad saves the day. We had a last minute opportunity to visit our family on the coast and needed Alfie our Lab to be looked after. Carole Chester came up trumps again and Alfie has just spent the weekend having fun with one of his regular host families. He gets so excited when Carole comes to collect him as he knows he is off for a lovely time. It is so reassuring to see him go off so happy. He came back yesterday exhausted and happy. Thanks again Carole and Barking Mad, what would we do without you!

Posted by: Lesley Bicknell on

First time I have used Barking Mad and I am very happy with the care given to Ozzie whilst I was away. Will definitely use again

Posted by: Sally on

I have recently returned to my owners from a lovely few days with Jo and Ted who I really enjoyed being with. I had great fun and feel quite like having another "holiday" - if they'll let me! Maybe soon, I hope!

Posted by: Bryn on

I have so much confidence in Carole Chester & the service she provides. Bubsie & Harvey had a super holiday of their own cared for superbly by their lovely host, Edna. I can always go away with full peace of mind, knowing my dogs are in good hands. I would never reconsider kennells.

Posted by: Claire Davis on

I am now losing track of the number of times my dogs have been with Barking Mad. They had two visits this summer, once again to their same hosts, Tony and Rosella. The marvellous DVD which comes back with them shows two very relaxed dogs. This consistency of host is the very real benefit of Barking Mad, as well as being in someone's home rather than kennels. Tony and Rosella take such good care of them, and Carole takes such good care of me as owner. The reassuring text part-way through their holiday was much appreciated.

Posted by: Pamela Wignall on

Our Staffie cross, Carrie, gets very enthusiastic and excited when she sees Carol - even when Carol is actually picking up someone else's dog.

Carrie has now had several stays with her hosts, Alison and Chris and family. She seems to love being with them and taking part in their family activities and finds coming back home to the old fogies rather boring.

So thank you to Carol for helping us out so efficiently and thank you to Alison and Chris for taking on our headstrong affectionate girl. It is a relief to know that when we have to go away Carrie is looked after.

Posted by: Richard and Anne Lyne on

As always Carole and her host have provided the most fantastic care of our dog. He is back after 5 weeks fit, happy and very well. Carole really cares about the dogs. She's smashing. Posted by Jo

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Bryn is looked after very well during his holidays with Barking Mad and we find that the service of Carole and her team is efficient and caring.

Many thanks once again!

Posted by: CATHY & ANDY JOHNSON on 14th Aug, 2015

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Great service as ever - punctual, friendly and reliable! It is so good to know that our dog is happy in a home-from-home environment while we are away. He always comes back looking great and full of energy. Thank you!

Posted by: Suzanne Allers on

I can't speak highly enough of Carole at Barking Mad. She immediately put me at ease from initial interview, very professional but with a lovely personal touch. Woody enjoyed his stay with Penny and Chris and we were kept informed of his wellbeing whilst we were on holiday. Will definitely recommend to friends!!
Woody and Dee

Posted by: Dee o'sullivan on

Gus has always been a timid dog since we adopted him from Chiltern Dog Rescue. He has now had several holidays arranged through Barking Mad, and we believe he has enjoyed them all. We have seen photographs and received regular reports from Barking Mad, and sometimes seen him with his 'holiday keeper'; we also enjoy reading their letters when Gus returns home. We are happy to keep using Barking Mad when we are unable to take Gus away with us.

Posted by: Malcolm & Rita Rogers on

Dexter loved his time with his host family, he seemed really happy and had lots of new experiences (going to the lido !). I think he thought home life was a bit dull when he came back ! We didn't worry about him at all as we knew he was happy and in capable hands with Carole as back up, so we were able to enjoy our holiday too without our "furry baby".

Posted by: Julia B on

This is the first time we have used Barking Mad and I'm sure we will never go anywhere else! Charlie had a fantastic time, he came back to us exactly the same as he left us, if not slightly better behaved! Carole took the time to find us exactly the right hosts in Jo and Ted matching up Charlie's needs perfectly. By far the best option for pet care whilst we enjoyed a lovely holiday with complete piece of mind.

Posted by: Karen Fahmy on

Once again Max came home very happy having enjoyed his stay with his host. Judging by her comments on the card I think he was thoroughly spoilt. Thank you Carole for arranging this stay while you were on holiday!

Posted by: Linda Palmer on

Harvey had a great time with Lyn and Neil as usual and was well looked after. The service from Carole and Barking Mad was very efficient as usual but also very warm and caring. Much appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by: Anne McCall on

Maya always comes back really happy from her stays with her Barking Mad hosts and she looks very well cared for . We can relax whilst away knowing she is settled and with people who love dogs.

Posted by: Ruth Wright on

Millie and Hattie must have had a lovely time with Heather and Geoff, they came back and slept for ages, looking relaxed and happy!
And Heather took some lovely photos.
Thanks Barking Mad.

Posted by: Tricia Fiddian on

Have tried my dog in kennels and he hated it. So glad I found Barking Mad where he is looked after by someone in their own home. He is so happy, a completely different experience to the kennels.

Posted by: Sue Rice on

Holly always comes back happy after her visit with her Barking Mad host and we certainly feel happier knowing that she is being cared for in someone's home rather than kennels. Having the postcard and photos is a real bonus.

Posted by: Cheryl and Garry White on

Jack has always thoroughly enjoyed his holidays with his hosts. He always looks beautifully groomed and happy
Well done Barking Madb

Posted by: Anne McNaughton on

Oscar always comes back from his holiday with a waggy tail, what more could we ask!

Posted by: Kathy Burroughs on

Bodie is just back from another wonderful relaxing holiday with his host (second) family Lyn and Neil. Excellent service from booking through to collection and return. As a Barking Mad customer for many years I would always recommend this alternative to kennels without hesitation.

Posted by: Louise Francis on

Millie our Jack Russell came back from her 2 week holiday with Doris the same happy girl she was as when we went on holiday.
It was a big step the first time we left Millie 3 years ago but we haven't looked back since and I know she is always in safe hands, well looked after and happy.

Posted by: Ann Moore on

Thanks Carole, dog collected and delivered at convenient times and well looked after. What more can you ask for!

Posted by: Anne on

Once again our thanks to Carole and our lovely host family for looking after Alfie our big black Lab! We left Alfie for two weeks which is the longest time we have left him and Carole returned Alfie yesterday looking fabulous, a lot slimmer and a very happy boy! This service is fantastic and certainly adds to our peace of mind when we go away on holiday. The addition of text updates, a letter from the hosts and photos just confirms how happy Alfie is when we are away. Thanks again Carole and see you soon.

Posted by: Lesley & Paul Bicknell on

Due to a last minute emergency we needed a dog sitter for Brumas, our 2 year old Labrador. Carole from Barking Mad came to our aid. After she had interviewed Brumas she then decided where he would be best placed for the week.
Brumas came home happy, we were happy that he was being cared for professionally and the note we received from his carers showed how loving they were.

Thank you all at Barking Mad.

Posted by: Glenda Seal on

Once again Maisie appears to have had a whale of a time while we were away . Thank you Carole and Edna. Posted by Frances Raymond.

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Scruff had a lovely time with her host family while we were away for half term. We could relax on holiday knowing our dog was in safe hands living as part of a family rather than being stuck in kennels. We will definitely be using Barking Mad again!

Posted by: Gill Whitehead on

Very efficient service.Carole made great effort at relatively short notice to accommodate a very needy little dog and is prepared to try again!We were more than satisfied with the service and will hopefully be using it again.

Posted by: Rosemary Parker on

Bubsie and Harvey returned very happy from their first stay with Veronica. They had a new experience of being P.A.T dogs in a local care home, which seemed to have been enjoyed by both my woofers and the residents! I may well look into taking them myself :). Very impressed again with the care and love shown to them by their carer and the seamless transport arrangements by Carole Chester. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Barking Mad to anyone seeking alternative to kennels.
Posted by: Claire Davis on 27th May, 2015

Posted by: bmadadmin on

I was very impressed with the service I received from Carole Chester arranging for my dog Max to be looked after for a few days. It removed all the worry of leaving him while I was away.
He came home from David's his usual bouncy self and I would like to thank him for making his stay a happy one. It was the first time he had been away and receiving texts from Carole was very reassuring.
I cannot rate Barking Mad highly enough. I will certainly use them again.

Posted by: Linda Palmer on

Thank you once again, Carole, for all your help, from organising hosts to the smooth pick up and return of our friendly but very excitable "worrywart" rescue Staffie Cross. Carrie has clearly had a lovely short holiday, so thanks go to Alison and Chris and family again. We do hope that she behaved herself and that they will not regret agreeing to take her again later in the year. Carrie gets so excited when Carole arrives to pick her up. She knows that Carole just loves dogs!

Posted by: Richard and Anne Lyne on

Our two dogs came back looking happy, and we enjoyed the photos and postcard.

Posted by: Tricia Fiddian on

Our two dogs George & Freddie come back from their stays with Barking Mad looking better than when they left. Its a fantastic service & Carole Chester always finds someone for us even at short notice she is a star. Also they both go to regular hosts now, which is even better for them. Keep up the good service many thanks John & Ruth. Posted by John McHale

Posted by: bmadadmin on

We are very happy with the level of service, care & attention to detail that Barking Mad has supplied us with. Our 8 month old labrador Max, has had a lovely week with his host family and was returned to us a very happy dog. We were given some great pictures of him on a day out to the sea & a postcard. It is hard to be parted from your beloved pet, but we knew that Max was in good hands.

Posted by: Mrs Annette Miller-Golding on

Thank you once again Carole for all your care finding Maisie a lovely temporary home for while we were away this weekend. And thank you Edna for all your care.

Posted by: Frances Raymond on

Bodie has just returned from another excellent Barking Mad holiday and is happy and exhausted! He loves staying with his host family (Lynn and Neil) and I am sure he considers their home his own by now after his many visits. Knowing that Bodie is loved, that his quirky ways are understood and that he can stay with the same hosts (whenever possible) means that I get to relax and enjoy my holiday too.
From booking Bodie's holidays, to collection day and return day I have always found Barking Mad (Carol)to be efficent and reliable. I have recommended Barking Mad to many family and friends and would never send Bodie to traditional kennels when this wonderful alternative is available. Posted by Louise Francis

Posted by: bmadadmin on

It Is having the knowledge that Patches, is well looked after. Also that he is the only dog in the home getting the full attention.
He is my baby and very precious to me. Thankyou Barking Mad and Carole.

Posted by: Sonja MacMillan on

we continue to be very happy with the Barking Mad operation. Ruby has always clearly been well looked after and knowing this makes sending her away a much easier decision, when the need arises.

Posted by: R Smalley on

We had an unexpected invitation to go away for the Easter weekend and Carole managed to find hosts at short notice to look after Alfie, our black lab. Once again Alfie was well cared for and came home a happy boy. Although he hadn't been with the hosts before he settled in well and Carole kept us posted with text updates which always gives us peace of mind when we are away. Thanks again Barking Mad and Carole for a superb service.

Posted by: Lesley & Paul Bicknell on

Carole was fab. Fern was a bit naughty with her first host, but Carole was able to place Fern with another host to ensure that everyone was happy - could not have asked for more - thank you.

Posted by: Kim Crook on

What a treat for our Sallie. She loved every minute of it and the second time round she knew where she was going the moment Carole came through the door to collect her. We will definately use the service again.

Thank you so much to Carole for arranging it all and to Veronica for looking after Sallie.

Lia & Chris

Posted by: Lia Parkinson on

Hattie is a slightly nervous rescue English Springer Spaniel and her happiness is of paramount importance to us. She is very much a home bird who likes her comfort. We could not bring ourselves to put her in Kennels and that is why Barking Mad is such a good concept. Hattie is becoming a more sociable pooch as a result of her frequent holidays and credit must go to the excellent hosts.

Posted by: Ray and Gail Thomson on

He's had a lovely time with David and met a new host Edna. The fact that Sperry is so happy to go to multiple hosts is due to the quality of the hosts and their home from home environment .
Thank youCarole

Posted by: C lane on

Great service.
Once again Lily went off and returned happily from her 3 week stay with host family.
She is looking forward to her next holiday in May

Posted by: In Steer on

Wonderful service as ever -friendly, prompt and reliable. Knowing my dog is happy with people who really care for him makes all the difference!

Posted by: Suzaane Allers on

Oscar has just come back from a 4 week visit to a host family. As we were away for such a long time it was really important to us that he would be happy in his temporary home., and he was! It was lovely to get feedback while we were away and he was as bouncy as ever on his return and had acquired an extra toy and ball, so he was very happy!
Carole sorted out all the arrangements in a professional manner and we have booked him in for 2 more future visits.

Posted by: Kathryn Burroughs on

Our dog Rupert goes off with Carole and doesn't look back.
He has been going for years and loves the people that have him. He is like part of their family. When Carole went to collect him today they had left a note to say they had run away with Rupert and wasn't coming back!!!!
He is at home now and had a great time,
Thanks to the host family and Carole, excellent service as always.
We will be using again as always,
Thanks carole

Posted by: Carole and noel on

This is a wonderful, wonderful set up which we have used for several years. It makes such a difference when we are away, knowing that our dog is in a happy, secure environment and not missing out on any affection or company. I can't praise this company enough, and feel very fortunate to be a customer!

Posted by: Sally Waddington on

When Bramble, our black lab, sees us packing our bags and Carole arrives to collect him from us to go on his holiday he is a very happy dog. This is very reassuring for us as he is clearly looked after and happy whilst we are away. As a child our family dog was put into kennels and hated it. Consequently he shook with fear when he saw the suitcases coming out. No such problems with Barking Mad. I woud highly recommend using Barking Mad - your dog will be looked after, loved and returned to you very happy.

Posted by: Alison Cordiner on

Alfie our beautiful black lab has just returned from a week's holiday whilst we celebrated the New Year in France. Carole Chester returned Alfie with a full set of photographs for us to see what a wonderful week he had enjoyed with his host family. It is so re-assuring to see such happy photographs of Alfie - he always comes back exhausted and slimmer! but very happy. So thank you again Carole and Barking Mad for providing such a fantastic professional service. I cannot recommend Barking Mad enough to anyone who needs their dog cared for.

Posted by: Lesley & Paul Bicknell on

Mini,our miniature schnauzer, has been holidaying with Barking Mad for many years now and we are very happy with the service proviided. She has always been well cared for and returns looking relaxed and happy. Carole works hard to find the best host for Mini and has never let us down, even when I have been unable to give her much notice! This is much appreciated, thank you Carole!

Posted by: Alison Brady on

We appreciate Carole and our host family Bev and Ellie for taking such great care of our puppy Hazel. It was so reassuring to know she was taken care of and loved while we were gone for the holidays. She came home happy and bouncy as she always is. We will for sure be using Carole and the barking mad team in again in the future! Thank you again!

Posted by: Tiffany and Victor on

This was the 4th occasion my two elderly dogs had been to stay with the same couple. It was very apparent, both from comments made by our Barking Mad rep and from the DVD sent to us by their hosts, that both dogs were pleased to see their hosts,comfortable and stress-free. What more could an anxious owner ask for - apart from not going away at all! Wonderful evidence of the very real benefits of Barking Mad.

Posted by: Pamela Wignall on

We think that the Barking Mad operation is great! We really like to know that our Golden Retriever is going to be in a family setting, as he would be with us, and is being looked after by people who really love dogs. We also get text messages from our lovely Barking Mad lady plus a report card when he comes home at the end of his stay.
Worth every penny!

Posted by: Kathy Burroughs on

No problems at all. Maisie appears to have had a brilliant time once again, thanks to Carole and the wonderful host. I have already recommended Barking Mad to my work colleague.

Posted by: Frances Raymond on

I am soo pleased I found barking mad . My dog bailey is 100% taken care of. Also. He just loves going on holiday (barking mad). .

Posted by: Barbara Roper on

Carole did a wonderful job in sorting a good placement for our 2 dogs. They came back happy and calm, which is a great relief as it's the first time we have used Barking Mad. We would highly recommend Carole to anyone thinking of finding a "holiday" home for their pets. Many thanks.

Posted by: Jane Powell on

This was our dogs' second holiday with Barking Mad hosts and they had a great break, just like the first time. Thanks to Lyn and Neil for looking after them so well and to Carole for organising the stay. We're planning our summer hols. now!

Posted by: Louise Chitty on

Thank you to Carole for arranging Humphrey's stay and to the host families for looking after him. He has returned home from his hols a very happy boy. It is such a relief to us that he is well looked after and happy when we are away. He has come back looking very fit and shiny and seems to have had a wonderful time.

Posted by: Sarah Boot on

As always, we are satisfied customers. Carrie returned home from her holiday full of beans and bounce, rejuvenated. She obviously had a great time with her host family. For us it is such a relief to know she is being well looked after.

Posted by: Anne Lye on

Once again Morghan has come home very contented with life. Thanks again to David for looking after Morghan so well. Of course, Carole always provides an excellent service ,so I strongly recommend Barking Mad.

Posted by: Gwyn Vazquez on

Carole had to arrange a last minute placement for our elderly dog, Jess. This seemed to be effortless and was really appreciated. Jess really enjoys staying with host families, this is even more important now she is elderly.
Thank you
We'll definitely be booking Jess into Barking mad again next summer.

Posted by: M Brooks on

Many thanks to Carole and Justine for looking after Monty - it was very reassuring to know he was in such good and safe hands. And the Barking Mad service was excellent. Thank you!

Posted by: Emma on

We are sure that our dogs had a lovely time with Heather and Geoff. They both came back looking bouncy and healthy.Please give my thanks to Heather for taking such good care of Millie when she was sick. And for tending to Hattie's eye. And Carole, thanks for your calls to Nikki.

I hope that our dogs can stay with Heather and Geoff again!

Posted by: Tricia Fiddian on

Barking Mad is absolutely the BEST service for dogs that I have come across. Our dear old lab Rufus has health issues and some nervous traits so we were definitely not willing to put him into kennels. This was the perfect solution for him and for us. Carole arranged the ideal home for him, where he was clearly adored and very well cared for. After his short trial stay with his hosts, we knew that we could confidently leave him for the long period when we were in Australia. He obviously had a great time and we are very grateful to Carole, his hosts Tony and Rosella, and Barking Mad. I half suspect Rufus had a better holiday than we did! There is no doubt at all that we'll be using Barking Mad again.

Posted by: Keera Meads on

We were so pleased with Carole's professionalism and kindness. Archie seemed very happy with his holiday home and came back very well with his tail wagging! The pictures and texts were very reassuring and welcome too.

Thanks Carole, we really appreciated all you did for us and hope to use you again soon

thanks, the Fuller Family Posted by Marie Fuller

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Everything worked well. We are extremely satisfied with the service Carole provided and, more importantly, Ruby seemed happy! Having Ruby collected and dropped off is a very easy & important part of the process; regular texts whilst we were away reassured us that Ruby was fine and being well looked after. We will definitely continue to use Carole & Barking Mad.

Posted by: Robert on

We're very happy to recommend Carole at Barking Mad. Beau has been very well cared for by his host families and always comes home happy and healthy. The collection and delivery are always on time. Carole always texts us to let us know how Beau is getting on and the photo and postcard he brings home with him are a lovely touch. Very good experience all round.

Posted by: Anne-Marie Barsby on

Carole is fantastic! From initial contact through to returning Rufus to us, Carole was very friendly, totally professional and completely reassuring. The text messages and photos letting us know Rufus was happy were much appreciated. I would have absolutely no hesitation is using Carole again. Thank you Carole.

Posted by: Geoff Peppiatt on

The collection and delivery service is excellent and on time. Carol sent me a text to say Winston had settled in OK. Thank you so very much in finding the two other carers for Winston to stay with at such short notice whilst I was still on my holiday.
Posted by: Winston Corcoran on 6th Oct, 2014

Posted by: bmadadmin on

When Harley came home we could tell he had been well looked after, his eyes were bright and he was a happy Harley. Will use Barking mad again with no worries.

Posted by: Catherine levien on

Wow ..... I have nothing but positive things to say about the whole experience of leaving my pet with Barking Mad. From pick up to return I had full confidence that my dog had been cared about in exactly the way I would have wanted. Thank you Carole and also a big thank you to the lovely host couple who cared for my dog and sent her back with a fabulous DVD of her visit. Thank you Carole and all for all you did.


Posted by: Lizzie Adey on

We have used Barking Mad many times for our dog Jack.
The collection and delivery service is excellent and always on time.
The hosts are friendly and loving and treat your much loved dog as their if it was their own.

I cannot praise Barking Mad highly enough and especially Carole who is a very dedicated member of the team

posted by Anne Sept 18th 2014

Posted by: Annne McNaughton on

We have used Barking Mad on a number of occasions and have always been very happy with the service and the care that Alfie receives. This time was no different. Alfie clearly had a great holiday and was very well cared for. He even won first prize in a rescue dog competition, returning home with a rosette and a photo of him proudly wearing his prize! Many thanks to Carole and the host family.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service.

Posted by: Fiona on

We love Barking Mad. They give such a caring service it means that we can go on holiday worry free knowing our Lab Alfie is happy and well cared for.

Whenever we go away Alfie gets so excited when Carol (or Tracey before) comes to collect him, he can't wait to go. Unlike the time when we had to use another dog care service and we had to take Alfie to the host family. He cried the whole week because we had to leave him. The beauty of Barking Mad is the pick up and drop off service, Alfie just thinks he is going away and we are at home!

Carol sent us a text to say he had settled in OK and we got a lovely postcard and photo of Alfie with his holiday family.

I cannot recommend Barking Mad enough, thank you Carol.

Posted by: Lesley & Paul Bicknell on

We were a little worried about leaving our 12 year old lab Ted with strangers as he's getting on a bit and has started to show his age.

But there was no need to worry at all he had a lovely time and came home very happy and content.

Carol matched us with the perfect hosts who have cared for Labs before and doted on him, we even got a DVD from them showing Teds time away - a very nice touch.

Many thanks to Carol for all her help and to the hosts Tony and Rosella for taking time to care for Ted whilst we were away I would definatley recommened Barking Mad to anyone... Posted by Jo & Tony

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Bubsie and Harvey came home wagging their tails and very happy. It gives me so much confidence in re-booking with Carole, through barking mad.

Their carers did a fabulous job in caring for them and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service to other dog owners. It means I can enjoy my holidays whilst my special dogs can enjoy their own! Everything is managed seamlessly, which takes the headache and worry away. First class service all round.

Posted by: Claire Davis on

We have been extremely happy with the service provided by Carole. Unlike previous visits to the kennels when our Labrador Retriever has returned nervous and takes several days to return to her normal behaviour, she seems perfectly relaxed and happy. The whole process has been very smoothly dealt with by Carole and we are extremely happy with the way Veronica and Carole have looked after our dog. It certainly is very nice to receive photos and feedback on the visit and we would be very comfortable recommending Carole and Barking Mad to anyone

Posted by: Garry and Cheryl White on

A very good service. Our dog appeared well cared for and content on arrival home. Some lovely photos, postcards and DVD provided to show us his holiday pics! He obviously had a great time. Efficient service, can recommend.

Posted by: K Armstrong on

We have enjoyed a fabulous service for our dog who has clearly had a great stay with his hosts. Carole has been so helpful and efficient as always. A pleasure to deal with. One very happy dog and owners.

Posted by: Joanne Askew on

Carole, thank you again for facilitating such good holiday experiences for Ringo this summer. He has been lucky enough to have had 2 holidays with the same hosts, which was very reassuring for us. We appreciate the care and thought that you bring to the service. Kind regards, AnnB

Posted by: Ann Rabinowitz on

Thanks for another great holiday for our beloved Skye Terrier Sperry. He clearly loves being whisked off to his hosts and is so happy to see Carole when she arrives. It is a great service and one where both dog and owner clearly gets huge satisfaction from.

Posted by: C E Lane on

This is the fourth time we have used Barking Mad and the third time our dogs have been to the same hosts. The hosts have taken photos of our dogs on each visit and comparing how my dogs look I can see how relaxed they now are. Being in someone else's home was always going to be an improvement on kennels, but going back to the same hosts is what Barking Mad so special. It means I can truly relax on holiday without having any nagging concerns about my dogs' welfare.

Posted by: Pamela Wignall on

Thanks so much for arranging this short holiday at short notice, so that we could host a wedding reception in our garden without two friendly and sometimes barking dogs. They had a lovely holiday and we had an amazing wedding do in our garden..

Posted by: Tricia Fiddian on

Barking mad is fantastic, especially as our dog is now getting quite old. We have used Barking mad for a number of years now and have always been delighted with the service and the fact that our dog has had a wonderful holiday.

Posted by: Mrs M Brooks on

i can only give praise to Carole Chester at barking mad, chichi my dog
Is a very nervous dog, and each time Carole has placed him, it has been with
An understanding kind host. I will always use barking mad,and look forward to
My holidays as I have full confidence in Carole to place him with the right
Host, and chichi always comes home happy. Thanks Carole.

Posted by: Gloria Beale on

I absolutely love Barking Mad! Carole is fantastic and always selects the perfect host for my dog. I always feel completely comfortable and especially appreciate getting updates from Carole on how Nala is doing. She always comes back looking happy and healthy and I couldn't ask for more. I would highly recommend barking mad. You can't go wrong with them. Thanks again Carole for everything!

Posted by: Laura Kay on

I have used Barking Mad for last six/seven years and I would thoroughly recommend this service. It is very reassuring to know that your dog is happy and well looked after by dog loving families.Carole provides an excellent service and she always sends texts to tell me how Morghan has settled in .

Posted by: Gwyn Vazquez on

Our dog Archie loves this stay! Can't praise barking mad enough! Carole is very helpful and even sends a text whilst were away to let us know he's settled. Such a personalised touch!

Posted by: Tracey bates on

Alfie had as great a holiday as I did. We're both looking forward to our next trip away.

Posted by: Michael Mitchell on

Our beagle Lily has stayed several times with Barking Mad hosts who she gets on very well with and always returns very happily to and from.
Carole provides an excellent service and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Posted by: Ian Steer on

Our miniature schnauzer 'Mini' has been staying with hosts at Barking Mad since she was a puppy. She gets very excited when she sees Carole and always returns from her 'holiday' looking well and happy. I would not hesitate to recommend the service to anyone looking for a 'home from home' for their dog whilst they are away.

Posted by: Alison Brady on

We would have no hesitation on using Barking Mad in the future or reccomending their services to our friends.

The up-dated text messages whilst Sooty was with his host family kept our minds at rest knowing he was happy.

Photos and postcard were a nice touch on his return.

Thank you Barking Mad.

Posted by: Ashley Fensome on

We have used Barking Mad as a service for about 4 years. Having recently moved to St Albans, we were introduced to Carole through our previous franchisee. Carole has been fabulous in helping us to find a host for Ringo. He has just returned from a mini break and had a lovely time. Carole is extremely accommodating and professional. Excellent service and very reassuring.

Posted by: Ann Rabinowitz on

Carole is a very professional lady and makes everything very easy to understand with great kindness. We are very happy with the host lady Edna that Carole chose for Bruce whom he obviously enjoys staying with as he comes home very relaxed and happy. It is so reassuring to know we can leave Bruce with someone who loves him nearly as much as we do and he'll be so well looked after. I am so glad I followed Caroles Barking Mad car in traffic,and recommend her to everyone I know.

Posted by: Mrs.Dawn Manners on

My two golden retrievers have just returned from a two and a half week holiday. I was very nervous about my 10 and a half year old dog who has never been with a stranger before and my two year old can be a little bit lively at times to say the least. So Carole had her work cut out for her. However I needn't have been worried. Both dogs returned well and relaxed. The older one didn't look phased at all. And the younger one almost seemed calmer ! I think they miss their hosts who probably gave them more time and longer walks than I can manage. So thank you Carole for looking after them so well. We will be using Barking Mad again.

Posted by: Helen Custis on

Thanks Carol, Hattie came back to us as a happy dog after staying with new hosts. We hope that she will be able to visit again.

Posted by: Tricia Fiddian on

I have used Barking Mad for years and cannot recommend it highly enough. The pickup and drop off service is wonderful, and when Carole turns up at my house, my two dogs are always delighted to see her. I think that speaks for itself.

Posted by: Margaretha on

Thank you Carole for organising Harvey's holiday last week. It's great to get the text updates during his holiday which always leaves us feeling reassured that he is having as normal time as possible while we are away. The service and attention to detail you provide on collection and return is superb. Harvey is hopefully going to be able to spend 2 weeks with one if your hosts in the Summer and we look forward to being clients for many years.

Posted by: Andrew Kime on

This is the second time we have used Barking Mad and we have been so pleased that Drummer our Labrador has been really well looked after while we've been away. From the booking to the collection of Drummer to his host family and his return to us was carried out so professionally by Carole. We received two texts while away to let us know how Drummer was on his first day and a second text to let us know how he was after his first night. Drummer recognised the host couple and their home from his visit last autumn and he settled straight away, which was wonderful. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Carole and Barking Mad and the wonderful host couple who have looked after our older Labrador so well and have taken great care of him. Thank you Carole.

Posted by: Michele Gray on

It was lovely to go away on holiday knowing that our dogs were well cared for and looked after. They seemed to have a great time with their hosts and we will certainly be using Barking mad again.

Posted by: colette butler on

This was our first time with Barking Mad as there has always been someone at home to look after our terrier/chihuahua when we were away. Our previous dog always went into kennels quite happily but we felt that at 4 years plus Maisie was such a 'people' dog that she would find kennels too stressful. Carole was very friendly, and thorough in finding out about Maisie's personality and likes and dislikes and found Sue to look after her. We were delighted that Maisie had a great time with Sue and thank her and Carole so much for all their hard work and care. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Barking Mad.

Posted by: Frances Raymond on

I have used Barking Mad on a number of occasions and have been delighted with the service we have receive. Leaving our dog behind when we go away has always been difficult for me however the first time I met Carole I felt confident that Alfie would be well taken care of. She was very thorough in her assessment of him which I found reassuring and the host families which she has chosen appear to have been a great match. I have appreciated the texts and photos sent by Carole and Alfie has returned home looking very well and happy. I would definitely recommend this service. Thank you Carole and many thanks to my most recent host family who have cared for Alfie so well.

Posted by: Fiona Vaz on

I was glad to get several happy reports on Honey while she was away. She seemed very settled when we both got home.

Posted by: Ian Galbraith on

It was the first time for us to leave our border collie Sasha while we went on holiday. We were very nervous about it but after meeting Carol and a trial stay with the family of Fiona, we could relax a bit. Carol is very helpful and caring, Sasha loved her immediately and didn't need encouraging and wasn't scared or upset when she had to leave with Carol. The host family of Fiona was wonderful with Sasha, she came back home happy and relaxed. Thank you very much Fiona for looking after Sasha and for nice messages and photos from you and kids - we are sure Sasha loved staying with you and we would love you to look after Sasha again when we need to go away. Thank you very much Barking Mad - now I can travel together with my husband again!

Posted by: Svitlana Gunning on

Having very recently adopted a gorgeous older Labrador from rescue, we needed to attend a relative's 93rd birthday celebration and couldn't take Drummer with us and we certainly weren't going to put Drummer into kennels. I found out about Barking Mad and contacted Carole, who came to see us. We found her to be very professional and approachable and she explained everything in detail. Carole arranged for Drummer to go to a host family whom she felt would understand Drummer's needs. On the day itself, I felt bad about sending Drummer off, but Carole reassured me. Once Drummer had settled in with his host family, Carole very kindly phoned to let me know he had settled in and was fine. She also texted me the following morning to let me know that Drummer was fine and had a good night with his host family. The host family sounded lovely and caring and they not only wrote about Drummer's weekend stay with them, but also made a video of him which was put onto DVD for us, which was very kind of them. Drummer means the world to us and we will happily use Barking Mad again without hesitation. Thank you Carole.

Posted by: Michele Gray on

Our first time using Barking Mad. Our two labs came back from their holiday to stay with my Dad for a few days. He said they wanted to go back with Carole! Which says it all really... they are absolutely fine, and the updates from Carole were brilliant for settling my nerves! Carole is very thorough in making sure she has all the information and the hosts have it. The dogs even came back the same weight - when we've left them with other sitters they often podge out a bit so that's brilliant.
Will definitely use again!

Posted by: Ros on

Hattie came back to us a very happy and tired dog. She seemed as if she had had a lovely 3 weeks, the family had even arranged a 'farewell'for other family and grandaughter to say goodbye!
Thanks Carol for all your help and please convey our thanks to our hosts.

Posted by: Patricia Fiddian on

I have lost count how many time Sperry our much loved Skye Terrier has been on vacation with Barking Mad. From the moment the door bell rings to announce Carole's arrival Sperry is ecstatic and we know from the notes we receive that he is well looked after and makes a lovely companion for the people he stays with. It is a brilliant service and we are so grateful that he does not have to go into a kennel as this service suits his temperament so well. Thanks Carole and all at Barking Mad. Posted by Caroline Lane

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Carole placed our lovely labrador. Her attention to detail and brilliant efficiency ensured that he was well looked after and our anxieties totally alleviated. Carole sent us a couple of texts while we were away, which we loved.
From pick up to delivery Carole couldn't have been more engaged and I really felt she cared. She took the time to explain the procedure and was extremely conscientious in constructing Ludwig;s profile.
I would highly recommend Carole and wouldn't hesitate to use Barking Mad again.
Thank you Carole.

Posted by: erika kraftchenko@btinternet.com on

We have used Barking Mad for 5 years. Great to see a reliable service in place again - Bailey has always been extremely well cared for (and spoilt) and is a very happy dog when she gets back from her sitter. It's a brilliant and reliable option for those who love their dogs most. We have found it the best option for our most precious pet. Thank you Carole :) Bosher family x

Posted by: Karen Bosher on

This is the first time we have used Barking Mad and I can honestly say I was very impressed with the whole set up. Carole came to meet me and Woody my 4 year old cockapoo. It was easy to register and Carol was incredibly thorough and got to know all about Woody. She showed me a number of photos of the host families and the one which would be looking after Woody. They looked like a lovely couple and I was really reassured that Woody would be in safe hands.
After his holiday Woody came home and was relaxed and content, I could tell he had had a lovely time. Thank you Carole for taking the time to make sure Woody was looked after well. Many thanks.

Posted by: Seona Wood on

my timid rescue dog that i have had for nearly a year, and had not been left before needed to be cared for whilst i was away for just over a week. I found out about Barking Mad through Battersea Dogs Home, and it seemed the perfect choice for her. After i contacted the head office i was very impressed on how quickly Carole then got in touch with me. when we met She was extremely caring and professional at all times. I was made to feel very confident that my dog would be well loved and looked after whilst i was away. Carole took plenty of time to listen to me and make sure she had all the correct information about my dog. Everything went so smoothly on the day of departure and return that i would most certainly use Barking Mad again.
The reassuring texts. post cards and photos were great to receive.
Thank you Carole, it meant i could relax and enjoy my holiday!!!!!!.

Posted by: marion welsh on

I've been using barking mad for a year now but never used Carole before. She was ever so helpful considering it was a very late booking! She got back to me straight away and arranged for a fantastic family to look after my year old ridgeback. The host family took lots of photos with her and I think they enjoyed having her around as much as My pup enjoyed her holiday! Love seeing her come home happy after I've been away. It's so nice to know your dog is being well looked after. Couldn't recommend you enough!

Posted by: Laura Kay on

This was the first time that we have used Barking Mad. Carole was great from the first phone call, covering every aspect of Willow's care. A nervous doggie left us, but she came back very happy and had obviously had a lovely time! Would definitely use again.

Posted by: Trina Myatt on

Carol provided an invaluable service and especially caring for our rather ill dog. He came back far better and nothing like the sad little thing that has in the past come out of the kennels. Thank-you

Posted by: Joanne Askew on

The hosts who looked after our two dogs were perfect. Our old unwell Springer Spaniel was cared for to the letter and had the regular gentle attention he needs nowadays. Our stubborn Border Terrier was even hand-fed when she wouldn't eat! It was such a relief not having to worry about them while away - and the DVD was a lovely (and hilarious) surprise when we returned. Thank you so much.

Posted by: Pamela Wignall on

Thank you Carole! We have used Barking Mad a few times for our 2 Cavalier King Charles and nothing compares to the sense of relief and satisfaction knowing they are being well cared for while we are away. The service is excellent from pick up to drop off and we love receiving the postcards, photos and dvd showing us what they have been up to! I am always recommending you and shall continue to do so!

Posted by: Laura Turnbull on

We have used Barking mad a few times for our 12 year old collie cross. The service is efficient and our dog always comes home happy, having enjoyed a good few days/weeks with her host.

Posted by: Michelle Brooks on

I have used Barking Mad on numerous occasions for my two Golden Retrievers and have always been very happy with the service. Carole is wonderful and the dogs have always looked very happy and well looked after, when they return from their holiday.

Posted by: Margaretha Smits on

We do not worry about our dogs when on holiday as we know Carole has placed them with a family that will love and care for them nearly as much as we do ! Our dogs always come back happy and a bit spoiled which is what a holiday should do ! I wouldn't use anywhere else

Posted by: Ruth Hutchison on

I was worried about leaving my liitle dog Charlie as I had never left him before. My worries soon disappeared as the couplt that looked after him were very kind and caring.They even gave me a DVD of Charlie when I returned.The service offered was excellent and my dog came back a very happy chappy.I recommend Barking Mad very highly and will certainly use them again.

Posted by: Liz Denton on

This was the first time we have used Barking Mad to look after our dog Bailey. I have to say that I could not fault the service in any way - it was made very easy from start to finish and Bailey was obviously very well cared for by Elaine.

Many thanks indeed

Posted by: Sally on

Mini spent 2 weeks with Barking Mad over the Summer holidays and returned looking very well and happy. The hosts took plenty of photos for us to see and it was obvious that she was very well cared for. Barking Mad offers such a good service and we never worry about Mini when we are away, we know that she is having as much of a good time as we are!

Posted by: Alison Brady on

Ben had a wonderful stay with Mary, he came home very happy and relaxed.
It is so reassuring to know that he is being well looked after whilst we are away.

Posted by: Tracey on

Thank you so much! Dragon was obviously very well cared for and loved during our holiday. We are especially pleased that he will be returning to the host family for our next holiday! The updates and photos were terrific; they kept our children calm, seeing their puppy having fun while we were away. Great care and great communication.

Posted by: Laura and family on

Thank you for providing a very thorough yet caring service.
Lily had obviously been well cared for and we are happy to recommend Barking Mad.

Posted by: Maria and ian on

We were very happy with the service and especially that Millie could return to hosts who have had her before, and our 1 year old puppy was also happy there, and enjoyed playing with grandchildren.
We love the notes from the hosts and the photos.

Posted by: Patricia Fiddian on

This is the first time we have used this service and we were completely satisfied with all aspects of it. Alfie returned home very happy and healthy. We would definitely use it again and would recommend it, thank you.

Posted by: Fiona Vaz on

Thank you for taking care of my two old Yorkies. The service we received was excellent from the start and it was obvious that they had been well cared for in a loving environment. We will certainly use you again.

Posted by: Jackie Embers on

Thank you for providing such an excellent service. Mini returned home looking very well cared for and happy. We enjoyed reading about her stay with the host family.

Posted by: Alison Berady on

Wonderful service all round. My dogs are always very happy and well cared for. We especially love the letters from the host families.

Posted by: Margaretha Smits on

Completely satisfied with all aspects of the service. Sperry is always so happy!

Posted by: Caroline Lane on

Very happy with Archie's stay. Carole fitted us in at late notice and matched us with the perfect host family! Very happy to highly recommend!

Posted by: Keely Bates on


2016 bookings: This year has been very busy and we anticipate that next year will be even busier so please do not leave your booking until the last minute, especially if your dog has a favourite host!

Also for 2016: Every dog owner in England must have their animal microchipped by April 2016. Government figures suggest that some 100,000 dogs become separated from their owners each year. But the sad fact is that less than half of these dogs are reunited with their owners compared to 80% - 90% of microchipped animals

2015 News

Barking Mad - From a hosts point of view

"When our 2 beloved dogs passed away it left a huge void. Getting another dog didn’t feel quite right so we signed up as Barking Mad hosts and we love it!
Barking Mad is brilliant. An owner who is going on holiday not wanting to kennel their dogs contact Carole, who visits, meets the dog and matches it to a host family.
The dogs come with full instructions, bring everything with them and our home soon becomes their home. It’s fascinating learning more about different breeds, and getting to know all their personalities.
I love hosting and the house feels empty when we don't have a dog to care for, but it’s never long before the next one arrives. They enjoy their holiday as much as we enjoy looking after them. If you love dogs but can’t commit to owning one, contact Barking Mad!"

Host, Heather

Barking Mad - From a customer point of view

"Bodie has just returned from another excellent Barking Mad holiday and is happy and exhausted! He loves staying with his host family (Lynn and Neil) and I am sure he considers their home his own by now after his many visits. Knowing that Bodie is loved, that his quirky ways are understood and that he can stay with the same hosts (whenever possible) means that I get to relax and enjoy my holiday too.
From booking Bodie's holidays, to collection day and return day I have always found Barking Mad (Carole) to be efficient and reliable. I have recommended Barking Mad to many family and friends and would never send Bodie to traditional kennels when this wonderful alternative is available." Posted by Louise Francis

I am now in my third year of trading as a Barking Mad franchisee. It has been a very busy and rewarding time seeing so many happy dogs and satisfied customers. Of course, this has only been possible with the commitment and enthusiasm of my wonderful host families who enjoy providing visiting dogs with a loving and fun-filled Barking Mad holiday experience. Thank you all for your continued support.

Customer Contact Centre: When I am out and about collecting and delivering dogs, my phone is diverted to the CCC team who are dedicated to answering calls five days a week. Please leave your message with them and they will contact me.
Customer Loyalty Scheme: Our loyalty cards have 28 paw prints which are stamped for each day that your dog is on holiday and when your card is full you get a FREE day!

Other News

I often get asked when meeting new customers why they can’t deliver their dog to the host family themselves. Being collected from home is far less stressful, and completely overcomes the anxiety caused to dogs when left behind by their owners. Our experience has shown visiting dogs settle more quickly with their home comforts around them. In no time at all, they‘ve become part of the family, with their paws placed firmly under the table!!

I would like to thank all of my fantastic hosts who have helped me become so successful since joining Barking Mad in January 2013. Your support has been amazing and very much appreciated. As the business continues to grow, I am searching for additional hosts to enable me to meet the demand for our service. If you are a dog lover and would be interested in joining Barking Mad, providing a lovely home for a doggie guest, I would love to hear from you. Alternatively, you may know someone who would be interested; maybe they have lost their own dog or do not want the full time or financial commitment of owning their own dog. There are many benefits to being a Barking Mad host including keeping fit from the dog walking and also having a variety of breeds to stay-all of which suit you and your lifestyle. Being a host is ideal for retired people, also those who work from home and for families with older children.

Local Links

We love working with and recommending local business, here are a list of fantastic people we think you might like to hear about:

Pet Services

Pets at No1. 1 Cokes Lane, Little Chalfont, Amersham, HP7 9PY Tel: 01494 763111
Pet Boutique and Grooming Studio for Dogs and Cats. Also sells various animal supplies, food and gifts. www.petsatno1.co.uk


Hope Vets, Shantock Hall Lane, Bovingdon, HP3 0NQ Tel: 01442 833198
“the result of our hopes and dreams both for ourselves and for what we feel veterinary practice should be to you and for your pets' www.hopevets.com
Wheelhouse Veterinary Centre – in three locations
Wheelhouse Veterinary Centre
Amersham Road
Bucks HP5 1NQ
Tel: 01494 782001

Wheelhouse Veterinary Centre
1 Woodside Close
Bucks HP6 5EG
Tel: 01494 725320

Wheelhouse Veterinary Centre
London Road
Chalfont St Giles
Bucks HP8 4NL
Tel: 01494 871329



Tricia Fiddian - 26th Sep, 2016
"It seems that Hattie enjoyed her stay with Viv.. she seemed quite tired when she got back. And I know that she enjoys lots of attention and ball throwing. She settled back into her normal routine quite happily.
Thanks Carole"

Malcolm & Rita Rogers - 11th Dec, 2015
"Gus had another weekend with a new couple in an Oxfordshire village. He seemed happy to go and on his return, and some previous curious behaviour seems now to have very largely gone. Gus now knows Carole quite well and is happy to be with her."

Laura Silverstone - 1st Dec, 2015
"Tigger had a fantastic first stay with Barking mad. Considering his other experiences with previous dog sitters I was very happy to see that he was relaxed and happy. I really appreciated the text update and feedback on his return. Carole was great with him on first meeting and he was happy to go off with his new friend. He is looking forward to his next holiday!"

Chris Cowie - 30th Nov, 2015
"When our boys returned they couldn't stop talking about the good times they had at their hosts. It's very nice to receive comments from the hosts and our boys."

Louise Chitty - 9th Nov, 2015
"Our boys Grenville and Gryphon have had another lovely holiday with Lynn and Neil and are already looking forward to their next holiday in February. We are so happy to have discovered Barking Mad: we can go on holiday in the knowledge that the dogs are having as a good a time as we are!

Michael and Louise Chitty"

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