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Winter Woofers in Oxfordshire – February 2018

We’ve had some pretty miserable weather here over the last few weeks but that’s not stopped our furry holiday-makers enjoying their Winter breaks with our fabulous dog sitting hosts.  The Barking Mad cars have been collecting and delivering dogs from all over South and West Oxfordshire.  We seem to have customers and hosts all over the place … Witney, Charlbury, Abingdon, Didcot, Enstone, Wantage, Hailey, Woodstock, Finstock, Wootton, Longworth, Appleton, Eynsham, Radley … to name but a few!

¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Hector’s Winter Holiday

Hector waiting patiently for the Barking Mad car to arrive!

Collecting our customers dogs works really well for everyone.  The dogs’ well being is our priority and when we take them to their host, they settle quickly and easily as they have no real emotional attachment to the Barking Mad team.  They get lots of fuss and attention from their host and within no time at all, they are happily exploring … or checking everything is where they left it if they’ve been there before!  It’s great for the customer as they’re free to get ready for their trip, safe in the knowledge that their dog is already settling in to their holiday home.

Meg, the Brittany Spaniel enjoying her latest Barking Mad holiday in Enstone, Oxon

With holiday fever now in full swing, we would advise existing and new customers to get in touch as soon as possible.  Our hosts are all very popular and get booked up really quickly.  If you’d like loving care for your dog, or if you think you might like to look after friendly dogs for short stays, please do get in touch.

Winter Warmers NOVEMBER 2017

All you need on a cold Winter night is a roaring fire and a furry friend to keep you company! Did you know that a dog’s body temperature is 1-2 degrees warmer than ours? No wonder we like to cuddle up to them in the Winter!

Here is handsome Dylan the Dalmatian keeping warm on his Barking Mad holiday.

Dalmation dog sitting South & West Oxfordshire

Here is handsome Dylan the Dalmatian keeping warm on his Barking Mad holiday

A Dog Can Help To Mend A Broken Heart

Sylvia is a fantastic host and every dog is made to feel loved and special when they’re with her

In August 2015, Sylvia sadly lost her beloved Labrador, Max. She had owned Max from an 8 week old puppy and had enjoyed every single moment with him. Max was a big character in every sense and Sylvia missed him dreadfully when she finally had to say goodbye.

Sylvia has always had dogs in her life but after losing Max, she didn’t feel she could take on the emotional or financial commitment of another dog. In the months that followed, she started to get really low and wondered if she would ever get over it.

It was a chance meeting with a Barking Mad host, Patricia, that turned things around for her. Patricia explained how hosting worked and Sylvia got in touch with us immediately. She hasn’t looked back since. She said a doctor could give her a bottle of medicine for depression but for her, a dog works better any day!  Sylvia is a fantastic host and every dog is made to feel loved and special when they’re with her. We’re so thrilled Sylvia found us and so are all the legged guests who stay with her.  Sylvia is shown here with Marley, the very sweet Dalmatian cross.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Dog Lovers!

Local pet photographer Harry James is currently running a Christmas Gift Card offer.

The lucky recipients will receive a ribbon-wrapped gift card which will entitle them to an hour-long photo shoot on a dog walk with Harry. They will also receive all their fabulous photos on a memory stick. All this for £60. Some of Harry’s fabulous photos can be seen below. For more info, call Harry on 07772 287235 or e-mail or click to visit Harry’s website.

Dog photography South & West Oxfordshire Barking Md

Christmas Gift Cards by Harry James

South & West Oxfordshire Pet Sitting

Smile for the camera!

Dogs For Good

Barking Mad Oxfordshire dog sitters

Dogs for Good at your service!

At a recent Barking Mad national meeting, there was a presentation by the Charity Dogs for Good. This charity has been going for almost 30 years and in that time, they have trained 1000s of assistance dogs.

These wonderful dogs are matched up with children and adults with physical and/or learning disabilities such as autism, dementia, hearing issues, blindness …..the list goes on and on. It was hard to listen to the amazing stories and not be moved to tears. These dogs are literally changing lives for people who need it most.

Barking Mad nationally will soon be sponsoring a ‘Dogs for Good’ puppy and we look forward to introducing him or her to you soon.

To find out more click  Dogs for Good

Up To 30% off Holiday Airport Parking!


Holiday parking discount Oxfordshire

30% off holiday parking with Skypark

Barking Mad has linked up with SkyparkSecure – the airport parking comparison site. The site compares prices and reviews for over 300 car parks in 28 UK airports. To get your discount, simply use the Discount Code WOOF30 when you book.

Click here to see how much you could save. You can use the code as many times as you like!

Lost Dog Search Tip

Dog sitter South & West Oxfordshire

Sausages save the day!

We recently heard the story of a Chihuahua who slipped her collar and ran off when out on a walk. The Lost Dog Warden in the area told the owner about a search tip she had used many times with great success.

The owner was told to cook some sausages, cut them up and set a trail from the place the dog was last seen, right to their home. The owner was sceptical but desperate to find her precious dog so she gave it a go.  Just before midnight that night, the tiny dog arrived home. She had followed the trail and it had taken her all the way back to her door. Needless to say the family were delighted and extremely relieved.

For more Barking Mad South & West Oxfordshire information click –  HERE