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September 2017

Summer is well and truly over and things are quietening down now that the September weekend is passed too. All the Paisley and Inverclyde Hosts are fully booked for the October week with some spaces left over Christmas and New Year. If you’ve holidays booked for 2018, please get in touch early as I hate letting people down who’ve left it until the last-minute.

We’ve had lots of new dogs recently and most of these a word-of-mouth or Facebook referrals. My Facebook page is @BarkingMadDogCarePaisleyInverclyde and I post lots of host and doggy guest photos as well as anything quirky that I find.

Heres a selection of the newbies this month:


                     Cleo Jim Lindas Aug '17  - 2.jpg                                    Archie Shirley Aug '17.jpg

              Cleo looking out at the passersby at Jim and Linda’s.         Archie just loved being with Shirley for his holidays.

                                                                         Teddy Isobels Sept '17 - 1.jpg

                                         Teddy loves a cuddle and was the perfect guest at Isobel and Charlie’s.

Each month the Barking Mad Branch Managers get to nominate a 'Host of the Month'. HQ judges the entries and selects a winner. In September, one of my Hosts, Liz from Stevenston, won and was delighted! Liz one of my busiest hosts and always makes sure her guests feel very welcome. Above all, she loves the doggy company. Theres more information on Liz in the Barking Mad blog - https://www.barkingmad.uk.com/blog/2017/09/21/meet-our-september-dog-sitting-host-of-the-month/

                             Liz W Dougie July '17.jpg                Liz W Rowantree cafe July '17.jpg

                                     Liz with Dougie and then enjoying lunch at the Rowantree Café at Seamill.

Pam and I had a stand at Tesco in Greenock and it was a great day. Loads of dog lovers stopped to say hello and we gave away lots of freebies.

          Tesco Aug '17.jpg                Tesco Aug '17  - 1.jpg

                                                       Pam and I having fun at Tesco in Greenock.

August 2017

Barking Mad has had it annual conference and I won an award! Its for Brand Builder of the Year and is for the online and community work I do to promote the service. The Paisley Daily Express wrote a lovely piece about me and their photo was great too.


                                                          _DSC4655-3 tan.jpg

                                             Faye with her Border Collie Jazz outside Paisley Town Hall


Pam, my Assistant, has recently got a Cockerpoo puppy called Angus. Hes being very well-trained and going on his first Barking Mad holiday later this month.


           Angus sitting gorgeous.jpg  “What a cutie”  Angus cockerpoo June '17 - 1.jpg


We have regular Barking Mad host events and in August we had two lunches. Everyone loves getting together for a natter and the talk is always of dogs.

Host lunch Irvine Aug '17.jpg                                         Host lunch Paisley Aug '17 - 1.jpg


Liz (Stevenston), Pam, Dorothy, Eileen,                          Pam, Anna, Alastair and David at Saporito’s in Paisley
Isobel, Charlie, Liz (Dalry), Liz’s grandaughter
Lily and Lilian at Small Talk in Irvine


If you’ve not taken part yet then you’re running out of time! Head Office is offering the chance to win a Venture Studios photo shoot voucher to everyone who completes a survey about your dog’s word skills. Just click the link (it only takes a few mins). www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/dogdictionary


 Lotti ABC.jpg    Do you have a dictionary dog?


July 2017

What a Summer (so far!)

The service has been super-busy this month with most Hosts having dogs back-to-back throughout the month. If you’re thinking about booking, please book early. The September weekend, October week and Christmas/New Year are filling fast. Theres a surcharge for the festive season with Barking Mad but if you book early, you’ll have this deducted. This applies to all new and existing customers who book by 30th September.

                                                         Early bird special.jpg

                                                         Jazz Cree Pam May 1'7.jpg

                                                              Pam heading out on a busy day

If you’ve never used the service then feel free to just make an enquiry via the Contact Us button above. You can read real customer reviews on Trust Pilot by following this link https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.barkingmad.uk.com

Some of the lovely dogs and hosts this Summer.

                          Buster David Caroles July '17.jpg

   Buster, Schnauzer cross having fun and games with David.                                                                                                                                                   Bronte Jim's June '17 - 2.jpg

                                      Bronte, Newfoundland, got lots of time and attention from Jim.

                                                                 Holly T Lynns July '17.jpg

                                       Holly is a Harrier Hound and loved her stay with Lynn.

                                                                                      Lewis Anna July '17 - 2.jpg

                                                                     Lewis is a retired greyhound and had a restful holiday with Anna.

June 2017

June was very much a month of Summer fetes so I sponsored the Houston Show, Kilmacolm Show and Lilias Day. Sadly none benefitted from good weather but it was a lovely day and a great atmosphere.

                                                  Kilmacolm show ad 2017.png

                               Oscar the Papillion from Erskine with Host Anna’s daughter Hayley


We had two lovely Host walks this month. We get out as a group as much as we can as the Hosts and the dogs love meeting up. The first was in Barshaw Park and the second in Eglington Park. It was great to see all the dogs playing together and the Hosts had a good natter and brunch afterwards.

                                                           Host walk Eglinton May '17  - 2.jpg

Liz and Liz’s grand-daughter Lily with Eileen and doggies Charlie and Star. (Plus my Collie Jazz having a sniff at Charlie!)

                                                          Host walk Barshaw May '17 1.jpg   

 Lynn, Carole and Jim with Carole’s Cavachons Bryn and Beau and their current guest Daisy. Jim looked after my two Collies during the walk whilst the three wee dogs played at chases


Barking Mad’s Head Office ran a national Facebook photo competition in April and a lovely lady from Johnstone won it. Her name is Nicola Stevenston and the winning photo was of her rescue dog Woody. The competition was themed around Barking Mad’s new TV advert - Lucky Nicola won a £50 Pets at Home voucher plus flowers and champagne. The Paisley Daily Express wrote a really nice article on it.



                                                                 Woody PAH voucher winner.jpg


                                                         The Winning photo of Woody

                                                 PDE PAH prize winner June '17.png

                             Nicola was presented with her prize by Linwood Pets at Home Manager Gail Seery


May 2017
All the Hosts write a lovely postcard that goes home with the visiting dog. This one of Liz’s is particularly lovely. Roxy’s an Olde English Bulldogge and always attracts a lot of attention when shes out. Shes got a very sweet nature and Liz really loves hosting her.

                                                    Roxy Mar '17 Lizs (002).jpg

             Liz and Roxy took to each other as soon as they met and had a fantastic 2 weeks together.


                                                 Roxy postcard (002).jpg                              .

                                                                Liz’s postcard about Roxy’s stay.

Pam is my Assistant and is always out and about in the Barking Mad car with dogs. Please smile and wave if you see her as it makes a busy day more entertaining.


                                                       Stella Pam (002).jpg

                     Pam on the road taking Stella, Black Labrador, home to Helensburgh.


We were in the Paisley Daily Express again in April with the focus being on supporting dog owners through bereavement. Its such a hard time for people and knowing that others are there for you is a great help.


                                                           Paisley Daily Express, Dog remembrance, April 2017 - 1.jpg

                          Barking Mad helped local resident June Thomson overcome her grief.


To see more photos and keep up with Barking Mad’s local news, go to https://www.facebook.com/BarkingMadDogCarePaisleyInverclyde


April 2017

We had two lovely Host lunches in April. Its great to get everyone together and theres always lots of chatter about dogs and whats going on locally. If you know someone who might be interested in becoming a Host, just email me – faye.carruthers@barkingmad.uk.com.

                                                        Host lunch Paisley Mar '17 -1.jpg       

              Alastair, Carol, Betty, Faye, Pam, Anna and Lynn enjoying Saporito’s in Paisley

                                                        Host lunch Irvine Mar '17 3.jpg

               Eileen, Liz, David, Colina, Dougie and Pam having a giggle at Small Talk in Irvine

Your local Barking Mad service was in the Paisley Daily Express this month. The British Franchise Association were promoting Scottish businesses and the Express wrote a great piece featuring of our Hosts Anna and a Linwood dog called Poppy. Working for Barking Mad is the best decision I made as every day I get to meet lovely dogs, owners and hosts.

                                                            Paisley Daily Express BFA 110417.jpg

                                                                 Barking Mad in the news!

 If you’ve never used Barking Mad before, feel free to give me a call to chat about your dog’s needs. Every dog is special and the Hosts take great care to make your dog’s holiday as good as yours. To see what other people think of the service, follow this link - https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.barkingmad.uk.com 



March 2017

Its been all change this month with the new Barking Mad logo. The cars had new livery applied and its attracting a lot of attention

                  Pam, Islay, Mar '17.JPG                                         Jazz Cree new car logo.JPG

My Assistant Pam with Islay, a Westie from Houston.              Faye’s dogs Jazz & Cree showing off the new logo


If you’ve not booked yet for this Summer then you’ll need to hurry up. The Host Diary for July is almost full so just email me faye.carruthers@barkingmad.uk.com to make an enquiry.


I’m recruiting Hosts this Spring so if you know someone who might be interested, just pass on my details. Most Hosts are early retired people who miss having a dog and enjoy the companionship and socialising that Barking Mad brings them.

 Poppy, Paulines, Sept '15.jpg                                         Islay, Lilian's postcard, Mar '17.jpg
Golden Retriever Poppy, enjoying last Summer’s holiday    Host Lilian wrote a lovely postcard for Islay’s owners 



To see more photos and keep up with Barking Mad’s local news, go to https://www.facebook.com/BarkingMadDogCarePaisleyInverclyde


February 2017

This month we were very lucky. Eileen won Host of the Month which is a national competition for Hosts who have shown outstanding care and gone 'above and beyond'. Colina won the prize in Scotland for the Virgin balloon flight. She and her husband Dougie are heading to the launch site in Crieff next month so expect lots of photos of their flight



We've had lots of dogs enjoy fabulous Barking Mad holidays so far this year. Here's a few snaps of them and their Hosts.


 Osgood__Liz_s_Nov__16.jpg                Freya__Caroles__Feb__16.jpg                 Marla__Pauls__Jan__17_-_1.jpg


Liz from Stevenston with Osgood          Carole from Johnstone with Freya              Paul from Inverkip with Marla


                           Fudge_Harvey_Alastairs__Feb__17.jpg                         Max__David_s_Feb__17_-_3.jpg

                    Alastair from Paisley with Fudge & Harvey           Carole from Kilbarchan with Max



January 2017

Lots of bookings came in again this January. If you haven’t booked yet for July, you may struggle. Last year, all the Hosts were fully booked by March!

 I have a new Barking Mad Assistant and she is Pam. Shes been working in healthcare until recently and wanted to move into pet care. Pam has successfully passed her induction training at Head Office and is now out and about in the Barking Mad car.


                                         Pam in her new blue uniform at Head Office

                                                     Pam HQ Feb '17.jpg


If I could just give a gentle reminder to keep your dog’s vaccines up to date. If you let them lapse by more than 3 months, then you have to start the whole schedule from scratch and its not effective until 2 weeks after the last jag. The booster appointments also a good time to get a health check done.


                                                  Get you boosters booked on time!

                                                     Dog vaccines.jpg



December 2016

Our local Barking Mad team lived up to their name and had a wonderful festive season. We had two Host Christmas Lunches which everyone enjoyed.

Host lunch, Irvine, Dec '16 - 1.JPG  
Host Lunch Irvine - Jennie, Lilian, Liz, Laura, Dorothy & Eileen at Small Talk, Irvine

Host Lunch, Paisley, Dec '16.JPG

Host Lunch Paisley - Jim, Carol, Alastair, Faye, Shelagh, Norma, Elizabeth & Ed at Saporito's, Paisley


This year’s Christmas card featured Freddie and George (aka the Christmas Sausages) who looked lovely on everyones mantelpiece.

Freddieandgeorge- Xmas sausages - CC.jpg


We also sent the 2016 newsletter with a summary of activities over the year. The service gets busier every year and we already have bookings up to October 2017. Even if you had a rough idea of dates, it's best to get your dog booked in because every year, there are people who miss out on Barking Mad because they’ve left it too late.


November 2016

Word is spreading about Barking Mad with both the Paisley Daily Express and the Daily Record picking up on the Still Game episode on dog sitting. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0824gty/ad/still-game-series-7-5-heavy-petting.  

Jack & Victor were terrible Hosts!

Paisley Daily Express, Still Game, 121116.JPG    Daily Record 121116.jpg 

'Jack & Victor working hard to become Barking Mad Hosts’ and ‘Roxy, Bulldog from Renfrew and Hamish, Great Dane from Paisley’.

If you’ve never used Barking Mad before, feel free to give me a call to chat about your dog’s needs. Every dog is special and the Hosts take great care to make your dog’s holiday as good as yours. To see what other people think of the service, follow this link - https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.barkingmad.uk.com


If you want to see more about your local Barking Mad branch, just go to my Facebook page @BarkingMadDogCarePaisleyInverclyde

October 2016

                            Paisley Daily Express Anna 191016.jpg                    Gryffe Advertizer Oct '16.jpg

No One Should Have No One at Christmas
Barking Mad is promoting Age Scotland’s campaign this year - ‘No One Should Have No One at Christmas’. The charity’s ambition is to inspire change in later life for the better. Many of our Barking Mad Hosts are early retired people so it’s the perfect role for someone looking for doggy company. If you know someone suitable, just email Faye at faye.carruthers@barkingmad.uk.com

October was a bumper month for new dogs to the service. Below are some snaps”.

                        Raffles Clayton. 1 JPG.jpg               Lewis Eileens Oct '16 - 2.jpg

                          Raffles, Westie from Alexandria                   Lewis, retired Greyhound from Howwood

                        Rusty Oct '16.jpg                       Molly Cu Oct '16.jpg   

                  Rusty, Red Bearded Collie from Elderslie           Molly, Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Erskine


                                          Virgin balloon prize draw.jpg

Free Prize Draw!

Head Office is offering the chance to TAKE OFF and win a pair of luxury tickets for a Virgin balloon flight complete with champagne and chocolates. Click here to enter - https://www.barkingmad.uk.com/competition/

September 2016

This month’s flown by and the September weekend was the busiest ever. Laura and I were out every day over the long weekend collecting and delivering local doggies. The October week is almost fully booked and if you’re planning on getting away over the festive season, please contact me soon as places are limited.

                      Bertie Sally's Sept '16.jpg                                      Coco May '16.jpg

     Bertie loved his September weekend with Sally and Molly                  Coco adores her holidays with Auntie Liz

                                                                  Rusty Aug 16 Lyndsays.jpg 

                                                                     Lyndsay and Rusty #dogselfie

If your dog is bothered by fireworks, its best to start now to make sure they get through this noisy period as calmly as possible. The Dogs Trust have a very successful programme on Sound Therapy – and its FREE! For details follow this link - https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/help-advice/dog-behaviour-health/sound-therapy-for-pets


Time flies and thats 3 years I've now been running Barking Mad. It gets busier every year and my Assistant Laura is a great asset over the weekends in particular. I'm always on the look out for new Hosts so if you know anyone suitable, they can apply at https://www.barkingmad.uk.com/pet-holidays/become-host/. Its a lovely role for someone whos early retired and enjoys dog companionship.

                                                                  Dog_Birthday_Cake Mad Mimi Nov 2014.jpg



August 2016

The Hosts battled with August's wet weather while owners headed for sunny climes. August is usually a quiet month and it was until the English Bank holiday when all the Hosts were fully booked. New puppies registered this month included:

Marla.JPG Daisy 1.JPG Corrie Aug '16.JPG
Marla, Black Labrador from Paisley Daisy, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel , Corrie,King Charles Cavalier Spaniel                                                                          from Erskine                                     from Kilmacolm

Barking Mad has sponsored the flyers for Ralston Community Games again this year. It's a great day for local families to take part in fun activities.

Ralston 2016 jpeg.jpg

Olympic fun and games on 10th September in Ralston

If you're looking for something more animal-orientated, please give Lamont Farm in Erskine a try. It's run entirely by volunteers and they have a full range of farm animals. Wear your wellies though as its a working farm!

Lamont Farm lammas - 2.jpg
Llamas Delilah & Deloris are amongst the residents at Lamont Farm

July 2016

Free Prize Draw!

Head Office is offering the chance to TAKE OFF and win a pair of luxury tickets for a Virgin balloon flight complete with champagne and chocolates. Click here to enter - https://www.barkingmad.uk.com/competition/


The busiest month of the year is over and lots of dogs had fabulous Barking Mad holidays. Some new Hosts have joined the team this year and are giving expert care to their doggy guests.

                                Sooty Pauls July '16 - 2.JPG Stella July '16.jpg

                                    Sooty loved her stay in Inverkip    Stella enjoying a ‘spa break’ in Dalry

                                Bertie Lyndsays July '16.JPG Luca Lizs June '16.JPG

                 Bertie getting extra cuddles on his holiday  Luca being very much part of her Host’s family

The Irvine Herald wrote a lovely piece about Eileen from Kilwinning. Here she is with Casper.

Irvine Herald July '16 page - 1.jpgCasper enjoying a luxury holiday with his loving Host Eileen

June 2016

Another busy month but mostly with humans. I had 3 work experience pupils this month and each had a great week on doggy collections and deliveries.

    Nicole with Alfie.jpg    Ross with Harley 1.jpg     Zac.JPG

  Caitlin from Renfrew High with Zac     Ross from Park Mains with Harley      Nicole from Paisley Grammar with                                                                                                                                                    Alfie

The diary for July is fully booked so if you’re wanting to book, it will have to be for a future holiday. I’m always happy to speak with new customers as theres plenty of Host availability after July.

Being a Host is full of companionship and not just the four-legged variety. We have lunches and dog walks regularly so theres a great social side too. Below are a couple of snaps taken on recent events. Everyone enjoyed the walks and lunches afterwards. If you know someone who might like to Host, just pass on my number – 01505690391. It’s a lovely role for semi-retired people who enjoy walking and company.

   Paisley Host walk May '16.JPG  Host walk Irvine June '16 - 1.JPG
                   Eglinton Park, Kilwinning                                                  Barshaw Park, Paisley

May 2016

With the bad weather at the start of May and the gorgeous weather at the end, Barking Mad was busier than ever. All the Hosts were fully booked over the Public Holidays so lots of lovely doggies had wonderful holidays with their favourite Hosts.

    Zenner Colinas Apr '16.jpg      Dixie Lizs May 16.jpg      Bracken F May '16.jpg                                  
       Zenner loving his holiday in Ardrossan       Dixie and her snake at Liz’s,Stevenson    Bracken remembered Anna from his                                                                                                                                                                   first holiday

                                                       Molly G June '16.jpg 

                                                    Molly loved her ice-cream ‘Doon the watter’ with Lyndsay 

This year’s Barking Mad conference was another huge success. Its great to be part of such a successful national business and be able to provide a local valued service.

                                               team photo.jpg  

Free Prize Draw! 

Head Office is offering the chance to TAKE OFF and win a pair of luxury tickets for a Virgin balloon flight complete with champagne and chocolates. Click here to enter - https://www.barkingmad.uk.com/competition/



April 2016

We’ve had a late Spring this year and lots of customers are heading for the sun early this year. May’s diary is almost full and if you haven’t booked yet for July then you may struggle to get your favourite Host. Heres a few snaps of Hosts and dogs out and about this Spring.

Dixie Lizs May 16.jpg       Poppy H May '16.jpg      Gizmo Pauline's Apr '16.jpg

        Dixie have fun with Liz                      Poppy enjoying the garden with Anna                     Gizmo kissing Pauline

The Barking Mad service is going to be very busy this Summer so I’ve recruited a new staff member and she is Laura. Laura is from Johnstone and has a beautiful Westie puppy called Harris. Lauras passed her induction and is settling in very well to the Barking Mad family.

                                  Laura C Harris.jpg              Laura Apr '16.jpg

                                         Laura and her own Westie, Harris                             Laura out in the Barking Mad car


The Vets that I’ve been visiting have all said that theres been a rush to get dogs microchipped. Thankfully all the Barking Mad dogs were already chipped as this is one of the things we check at the registration appointment. Remember to update your microchip details if you move house or change phone number.


                                                                               Get chipped!


March 2016


                                                             Rory, Easter card 2016.jpg                       


The Easter weekend was very busy for Barking Mad with dogs being collected and delivered all over Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and North Ayrshire. I always ensure a dog is settled with their Host when they first arrive. The Hosts are all ex-dog owners and very experienced in helping a new dog settle in. The owners are always so reassured when I send a text and photo to confirm their beloved pet has settled in well.

Do you know someone who might like to Host this Summer? The photos below are of Anne’s children who really enjoyed their Easter holidays with Barking Mad dogs. If you know someone suitable, just email or text me – faye.carruthers@BarkingMad.uk.com or 01505690391.

         Molly S, Anne's, Mar 16 2.JPG     Annes, Paige, Dixie, Jan '16.jpg

               Paige, Molly and Madeline posing for the camera                          Paige loved having Dixie to stay


February 2016

Spring has sprung at last following a cold and wet February. We had a great Host Walk in Barshaw Park though. Natalie, Pauline, Alistair and I braved the elements on a cold crisp morning.

Paisley host walk Feb '16.jpg

I participated in the Big Business Brunch at St Benedicts High School . The School is very proactive in community engagement and it was lovely to meet organisations such as Doosan Babcock and St Vincents Hospice who are also working closely with the school.

St Benedicts Brunch Jan '16.png

We also had a busy February with doggy collections and deliveries. Feedback is important is keeping the service running well so Barking Mad has now partnered with TrustPilot, a well-respected and independent review site. This means all our customer feedback is available for potential as well as existing customers to read. Feel free to have a look - https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.barkingmad.uk.com

Below are some photos of recent happy doggies and their Hosts.

Bracken F Jan '16 - 1 (002).jpg

Bracken with Host Anna

Hamish D Feb '16 Alistair.jpg

Hamish with Host Alistair

          Annes Paige Dixie Jan '16.jpg

                     Dixie at Anne’s

Liz wdxy26wdxz Cara Jan '16 - 1.jpg

Cara with Host Liz


January 2016

January has been a super-busy month for new customers. Lots of doggy owners are doing the right thing and booking early. July’s diary is almost full so if you’re thinking about booking please get in touch ASAP. My Facebook page has lots of photos of dogs who have enjoyed recent holidays. Feel free to have a look and see if you recognise anyone - https://www.facebook.com/BarkingMadDogCarePaisleyInverclyde/

I had two Work Experience pupils this month; Claire from Gleniffer High School and Caitlin from Castlehead High School. Both really enjoyed their weeks as we met lots of lovely dogs, customers and hosts. I always run a training session with the pupils on Responsible Dog Ownership and we visit the SSPCA to reinforce the message. The Kennel Club have a great section on their website covering the Canine Code - http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/training/responsible-dog-ownership/

Claire & Pip, Jan '16 - 1 webpage.jpg

Claire with Pip, Portuguese Podengo from Langbank

Caitlin & Cara, Jan '16 - webpage.jpg

Caitlin with Cara, Miniature Dacshund from Saltcoats

Remember that all dogs need to be microchipped by April. The Dogs Trust are doing this for FREE at locations throughout Scotland - http://www.chipmydog.org.uk/have-your-dog-chipped-for-free/events-2/


Chip My Dog DT.jpg

December 2015

Holidays for dogs over Christmas was busier than ever with a record number enjoying festive fun with their Hosts. January is traditionally a very busy time for bookings with lots of people searching for holidays while they’re off over the festive period. Please don’t wait until the Summer to organise your dog care. I hate turning people down who’ve left things til the last minute.

Book early image - webpage.jpg
Over 2015, Barking Mad has been promoting a free holiday draw worth £5,000. This was won by a lady from Taunton and this YouTube video shows our Managing Director, Lee Dancy, phoning her to pass on the good news!

Below are some wonderful Barking Mad dogs on holiday over Christmas and New Year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.

Jazz & ponsetta, Dec '15 - webpage.jpg

Jazz & Poinsettia - a Collie-Flower!

Westie in Antlers 2013 - webpage.jpg


Liz & Dixie, Dec '15 - 1 webpage.jpg

Liz & Dixie

November 2015

Guy Fawkes started November with a BANG! and the Barking Mad dogs coped very well under the care of their Hosts. Lots of dog owners booked holidays to get away from the nasty weather so all the Hosts were fully booked for the first two weeks.

Barking Mad has now partnered with TrustPilot, a well-respected and independent review site. This means all our customer feedback is available for potential as well as existing customers to read. Feel free to have a look - https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.barkingmad.uk.com

Barking Mad is always happy to speak with people thinking about registering but not sure. It’s a big step handing your dog over for someone else to look after so you need to be sure it feels right. The most common comment I hear when I leave a new customer’s house is, “I’m so glad I’m found somewhere I can trust”. The two photos below show how happy dogs are with their Hosts.

Mungo, Nov '15 webpage.jpg


Sooty, Nov '15, Pauline's - webpage 2.jpg

Nicole with Sooty


October 2015

I’ve been recruiting new Hosts this month and am still on a recruitment drive. If you know someone who loves dogs and has time to care for them during the day then please pass on my details. All the Hosts are ex-dog owners who really enjoy having doggy friends to stay. 


I am authorised to take Work Experience Pupils and in October I had pupils from Gryffe High, St Andrews and St Benedicts. They all arrived on the Monday with little knowledge of the pet care industry and by the time they left on the Friday they had learned loads. They were all very grateful to have spent time with a brand-leader in the pet care industry.


Smokey - webpage.jpg
Lauren and Smokey


IMG_6389 - webpage.jpg

Julia and Che


Jack & Ruby, Oct '15 - 1 - webpage.jpg
Jack and Ruby


As well as this webpage, I’m also on social media if you want to message me or tweet/post some photos. Click here for my Facebook page  or here for Twitter.


September 2015

The September weekend was very busy this year with dogs of all shapes and sizes enjoying their Barking Mad holidays. Thank you to all my loyal customers who are spreading the word to their friends and family. With new dogs, I always stay with the dog for half an hour or until I know the dog is settled in with the Host. Its important that the Host and dog are happy so that I can text/phone the owner with an update. The Hosts write a postcard to go home with your dog. An example of one to Apollo’s owners is below.

Postcard Apollo.jpg

If your dog is bothered by fireworks, its best to start now to make sure they get through this noisy period as calmly as possible. The Dogs Trust have a very successful programme on Sound Therapy – and its FREE! For details Click Here


I’m lucky to have such a great Host team as well as an able Assistant, Natalie. Who wants kennels when you can have home-from-home boarding? Another great reason for new customers to join Barking Mad is the offer of a FREE PRIZE DRAW. The prize is a £5,000 holiday of your choice - what a great prize! Theres no catch; all you need to do is complete the form on the website home page.

Win £5000 Holiday 2015 Competition2.jpg
Below are some lovely photos of dogs and hosts enjoying their time together in September.

Poppy L Sept '15 Pauline.jpg Poppy F July '15 D  D - 2.jpg Norma  Cassie.jpg

Local Links

We love working with and recommending local business, here are a list of fantastic people we think you might like to hear about:

Useful Links


Kerr Vet Group - A professional and caring practice.  Consultations by appointment in Bridge of Weir and Johnstone.


Companion Care Vets - Conveniently located within Pets at Home at Linwood.  


Love Street Veterinary Centre - One of the longest established vet practices in Paisley.  A friendly and personal service.




Suzanne's Grooming Pad - Lovely salon based in Kilbarchan with high quality standards and excellent results.



Other Dog Services

Pawsitive Energy
Babs is a very trustworthy dog walker from Paisley. Guaranteed walks of an hour or more.

The Pet Shop, Johnstone
Wide range of stock with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

A warm friendly but above all professional service.

K9 Chat - Jacqui and Tony work primarily on dog grooming and training in the Lochwinnoch area.  They also run Pawsitive Action which is an awareness group for responsible dog owners.




Health Staff Discounts - NHS staff website with great vouchers for money off local deals.


Lamont Farm, Erskine
A community animal welfare project caring for domestic and farm animals. Open daily for great family visits.


Friends of Barshaw Park, Paisley
A local charity thats working hard to restore and maintain Renfrewshire’s flagship park.