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Why do Dogs Lick their Lips?

15th December 2019 - Dog Health and Well-being, Our Favourites

Have you ever wondered, why do dogs lick their lips?     Why do dogs lick...

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How to Prepare Your Dog for Fireworks

9th December 2019 - Dog Health and Well-being

Preparing your dog for fireworks Bonfire night and fireworks in general can be very traumatic for...

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Owning a Cockapoo: Guide

8th December 2019 - Uncategorised

An introduction to owning a cockapoo   Owning a cockapoo, like Nellie, has become very popular...

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What Plants are Poisonous to Dogs?

2nd December 2019 - Dog Health and Well-being, Our Favourites

What plants are poisonous to dogs, is a common question asked by dog owners Are plants...

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How Much Does Dog Sitting and Dog Boarding Cost?

25th November 2019 - Dog Sitting

Wondering how much dog sitting actually costs? If you are going on holiday or away for...

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Looking After Dogs for a Living

25th November 2019 - Dog Sitting, Our Favourites

Are you considering looking after dogs for a living? If you are an animal lover, looking...

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