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October 2017

Its all about the dog

DSC_7460 (2).jpg

At Barking Mad you all know that happy dog holidays is what we do. And we all love your dogs as we do our own. But in order to care for your dog we need more host families.

We would therefore be grateful if you could put the word out, and if you know anyone who has lost a dog of their own and misses that 4-legged companion, perhaps a reason to go out walking, then please ask them to get in touch with Shirley on 01280 700110.

What about a neighbour? Friend or Work colleagues family member? As long as they are at home during the day and are happy to care/walk for a dog in their own home, then please ask them to get in touch for more information. They can have all the doggie fun, without the long-term or financial commitment.



Unfortunately it's that horrible time of year that most dog owners hate. The loud bangs from fireworks sends some dogs into crazed panic attacks and violent shaking.

Please find below a link to the Blue Cross's help sheet on how to keep your dog happy during this time.
Click Here to read how you can help your dog.


We're all going on a...

Summer's here!
It's that time when you can all relax and enjoy the break, perhaps at home, perhaps in sunnier climes. But relax just the same.
Whatever your plans, all of the team here at Barking Mad Northants wish you a relaxing and happy summer.
Shirley and the Team.

                                                 B dog.jpg

 Planning ahead

This year is really flying by and again it has been another fantastic year in the world of Barking Mad, with lots of new customers, new hosts and gorgeous dogs.
We are now taking bookings for Autumn/Winter holidays (and even some for 2018!) so do get in touch if we can help with your dog care again. We would love to hear from you.
Just email shirley.rands@barkingmad.uk.com or call 01280 700110 with your dates.

                                                            A dg.jpg

 Doggie Carers

We are always in need of more host families to care for our 4-legged companions, so if you know anyone who has lost a dog of their own and doesn't want to commit to full time dog ownership again, then please ask them to call.
We have lots of lovely furry friends for them to care for, whether large or small, they will be matched to suit. And of course they all come with their own belongings and have cuddles galore on tap!

A few of our latest holidaymakers......

                     Milo.jpg      Milly.jpg     

                                                Milo                                                          Milly   

               Layla.jpg       Scrappy.jpg

                                         Layla                                                              Scrappy


Do you know someone who misses having a dog in their life or are you currently dogless yourself? We'd love to chat to you about joining our community of dog lovers and can't wait to tell you more.
Please do get in touch by calling Shirley on 01280 700110 or click the button below to visit our website.

Some of our latest holidaymakers......

  Loki.jpg      Macey.jpg    Daisy.jpg             

                     Loki                                               Macey                                            Daisy

Muffin.jpg   Teddy.jpg   Kaiser.jpg

                Muffn                                            Teddy                                             Kaiser

Millie.jpg  Poppet.jpg   Roxy & Spencer.jpg

                   Millie                                            Poppet                                   Roxy & Spencer

Kobi & Nyssa.jpg  Topper.jpg  Pepe.jpg

               Kobi & Hyssa                                 Topper                                            Pepe    


January 2017 


                                                                 Monty, relaxing!!
Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year to you all. I do hope it has been a good start to the year for you, and hope it continues.
So who needs a holiday? Some warm weather to make us feel better and a reason to shed those layers? Yes please! Anyone else thinking about booking one yet??
Well lots of you already have, and then booked your dog in for their holiday with us. So whether you are planning a weekend break or that holiday of a lifetime then don't forget your dog. Book them in now and don't leave it to the last minute, especially for a summer school holiday break. Whilst there is plenty of availability at the minute, make sure you secure your place for peace of mind.
NB - There is also current availability for February half term and Easter.

Balloon flight winner

Our national competition last year to win a Virgin Champagne Balloon flight for 2 has now closed and 5 winners have been drawn by Head Office.
More information about the winners will be given in due course.


                                                        Miley on holiday with Gillean
Host Families
We all know someone who has lost their dog and are missing some doggie company, but feel they don't want to own again for one reason or another.
Or do you meet anyone when you're out walking that say "I miss my Rufus" and makes a fuss of your dog? If they are at home during the day, then please ask them to get in touch with us. They could make great host families and fill their doggie void by caring for a holidaying dog matched to suit them.
Ask them to mention your name when calling and if we successfully recruit them, you will receive a night free on your next booking as a thank you from me. 01280 700110
Some of our recent holidaymakers.....



          boo.1.jpg    scruffy.1.jpg   archie.1.jpg

                           Boo                                           Scruffy                                           Archie
          brandy.1.jpg    pogo.1.jpg   cupcake.1.jpg


                          Brandy                                         Pogo                                            Cupcake


           otis.1.jpg    dexter.1.jpg      holly.1.jpg                                      Otis                                          Dexter                                                   Holly


         max.1.jpg     ozzie and henry.1.jpg     bobby.1.jpg

                                Max                              Ozzie and Henry                                         Bobby




Its a dogs' life!! Willow whilst on holiday with Wendy

DOG IN BASKET.jpgBusy, Busy...

Wow!! What a busy summer we have had! This is now my 6th year (5th summer) operating the Barking Mad franchise in Northamptonshire and it has certainly been the busiest yet, growing from strength to strength year on year.

Looking at July and August alone, I have put some stats together......

Its a dogs' life!! Willow whilst on holiday with Wendy      

41 hosts used for 116 doggie holidays, of which most were 8 days plus, with half 14 days plus. The longest stay was 27 nights with the shortest just 1 night.

We have also had 9 repeat holidaymakers during this time and 13 x2 dog holidays.

Altogether totalling a whopping 895 nights in dog holidays staying with our hosts during just July and August.
We have also driven almost 8300 miles between the 2 cars, with the furthest driven in 1 day of 257 miles (well done Keith!). Phew!!

Having said all of that it has been another thoroughly enjoyable summer by myself, my team and of course my hosts, with some laughs along the way.

Thank you so much for your business and continued support. We hope you all had a great summer yourselves.



New Bookings

Diesel, splashing about!!Bookings are now being taken for Autumn/Winter 2016 holidays, with September already nearly full.

We have also already taken a fair few bookings for 2017. So if you have some dates planned already, why not beat the rush and book your dog in with their favourite host, subject to availability.

Call on 01280 700110, email shirley.rands@barkingmad.uk.com or use our quick booking system on the website.

Diesel splashing in a puddle!

Thank You

Thank you for your kind messages regarding the selling of part of my area. It was a tough decision but feel the time is right as the business has grown beyond my expectations, especially this year.

But please don't worry. I'm not leaving the business totally, I love it too much, and from your point of view everything will continue as normal with no change to our service, just perhaps a different person at the helm.

So do you or someone you know want a change of career, to get out of the rat race and work with lots of lovely dogs and dog loving people? If so, then please get in touch on 01280 700110 or visit our website here for more information.

Some of our many August holidaymakers....


June 2016

Doggie Holidays!!

HOLIDAY.png Well July is looking pretty solid now with minimal spaces left, however we  still  have spaces available for August if you are yet to book your summer  holiday.

 If you do need to use our services then please don't hesitate to get in touch.
 We are now taking bookings for September onwards and have a few  October  half  term bookings confirmed already.
 Just call us on 01280 700110 during office hours or email  shirley.rands@barkingmad.uk.com to check availibility for your 4-legged  family  member.

 Save the Date


Barking Mad Northants will this year be attending the Flore Charity Dog Show with Animals

In Need. It is taking place on Sunday 17th July at Brodie Lodge Playing Field, Spring Lane, Flore, NN7 4LS from 11am - 3pm.
Why not come and say hello, bring your dog and help raise some money for charity.

Our latest holidaymakers......   

           RUFUS.jpgCONNIE.jpgBUSTER.jpg                                             Rufus                                                Connie                                          Buster

           BRADY.jpgMISTY.jpgPEP.jpg                                            Brady                                                    Misty                                           Pepe


May 2016

....to a sunny newsletter from Barking Mad Northants.
Have you entered our competition yet for your chance to win a Virgin Balloon flight for 2 people?

Help Wanted
Due to the demand of our service we are still looking for more host families to help care for the dogs, especially over the summer, and particularly for the medium - large breeds.
If you know someone who is at home during the day and misses the companionship and exercise the dogs bring, please ask them to get in touch for more information.
There are no costs involved, just happy times with doggie cuddles, when its convenient for them. I can be reached on 01280 700110 or email shirley.rands@barkingmad.uk.com. Many Thanks.

Shirley Rands Barking Mad dog holidays.jpg

Shirley Rands Barking Mad dog holidays1.jpg

Shirley Rands Barking Mad dog holidays2.jpg

 April 2016

...To another Barking Mad Northants newsletter.
Spring has definitely sprung and a lot of you are thinking about your summer holidays. We have been inundated with bookings for July, especially towards the end, and into August, so places are now very limited for this time.
We have also been fortunate to have a few more hosts join us to help care for your 4-legged family members so welcome to you all. I am sure we will keep you all busy this year and it won't be long until you receive your first visitor.

Another Warm Waggy Welcome...

SAM Shirley Rands Barking Mad Dog Care.jpg

...To my new staff member Liz.
Liz will be working alongside Keith collecting and delivering the dogs. She has been out training with me during April but if you haven't met her already then I'm sure you will soon.
Liz is an ex-nurse and also runs a dog training school near Brackley a few times a week.
Some of our April holidaymakers.....

 Shirley Rands Barking Mad dog holidays April.jpg

Shirley Rands Barking Mad dog holidays April 1.jpg

Shirley Rands Barking Mad dog holidays April 2.jpg

Shirley Rands Barking Mad dog holidays April 4.jpg

October 2015

Fireworks.jpgRemember, Remember....
Love them or hate them, it is that time of year when we need to think about our pets safety a little more.
Fireworks cause so much distress for a lot of animals so here are a few tips to keep them calm at this stressful time....
1. Make a Den. Use a blanket over a dog crate or a table to create a dark hiding place for them to go to. Put in a couple of treats and their bed with a few favourite toys.
2. Turn up the radio or television to try to hide the noise, whether you are at home or need to go out, it will give them a little distraction.
3. Keep them indoors. Alter their routines a little so they are walked before it gets too dark.
4. Consult your vet if you feel they need something to help them through and ease that anxiety.
If you know your pet hates fireworks, start planning early to give them the best possible chance to get used to the changes and stay a little more relaxed.

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Puppy ipad.jpg


September 2015

It’s our Birthday!!!

Barking Mad, The alternative to kennels, in Northamptonshire are pleased to be celebrating our 5th Birthday!!
On the 20th September 2010 we first opened our doors for doggie holidays, offering our unique one to one care with a loving host family, whilst maintaining all the dogs' current home life routines.
Since then we have grown from strength to strength, with over 400 customers now registered and have organised over 1200 doggie holidays through 12 months of the year with 30+ host families.

party.jpg cake.jpg

With us celebrating our 5th Birthday recently we held an afternoon tea for our host families, courtesy of Carol's Vintage China Hire. It was also a great opportunity to thank them for all their help over the last 12 months caring for our holidaying customers.

It was a great day with lots of doggie conversations, a slide show of our 4-legged guests and of course lots of cake!

host 1.jpg host 2.jpg
host 3.jpg host 4.jpg


Summer 2014




Social Media

For more up to date photos, tips and news, please follow me on Twitter “@barkingmadshirl” https://twitter.com/BarkingMadShirl or on Facebook “Shirley Rands”  https://www.facebook.com/shirley.rands.7


“Some of our recent holidaymakers”

 SAM_7353.JPG  SAM_7315.JPG

SAM_5786.JPG  Archie_2_2.jpg 
Jago_2.jpg                     SAM_1054_2.jpg


Brand Builder

I have been awarded Brand Builder of the year 2012 by Barking mad’s MD Lee Dancy.






Local Links

We love working with and recommending local business, here are a list of fantastic people we think you might like to hear about:

Useful Links

Dog Walking

www.wagalotpetservices.co.uk – Peter Gilbert, dog walking service and small animal feeding

Dog Groomers

www.k9clipandshine.com – Based in Kingsthorpe, Northampton

 www.doggystylesgrooming.co.uk – Based in Upper Stowe, near Weedon

Dog Training

www.caninecoaching.co.uk – Paul Daly, weekly puppy and socialisation classes, 121 meetings for behavioural issues

Rescue Centres


www.algernontrust.org.uk – Rescues Dogs and other animals

Other Local Services

www.topserveautos.com – Ian, Car servicing, MOTs, etc.

http://www.brackleyphotographic.luxipics.com - Photography services.