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The Best Companion for your Companion

Dogs are naturally pack animals. They are very sociable and don’t enjoy being alone. Pet dogs of course think of their human family as their pack and are happiest when everyone’s together.

The latest PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report revealed that a quarter of all dogs in the UK do not receive the recommended amount of companionship.

It is widely recommended that dogs should be left alone for no longer than four hours. This is of course a general statement and varies dependant on the individual dog. Age, temperament, background and medical requirements could mean that four hours would be far too long for some dogs to be left.

The survey discovered that every day 2.3 million dogs are left by themselves for longer than the recommended time; 25% of dog owners leave their dog at home alone for five or more hours a day. 28% of dog owners believe there is no problem with leaving their dogs at home by themselves for 6-10 hours on a daily basis.

When dogs are left alone for extended periods of time it can have a negative impact on them, both mentally and physically. Being the social animals that they are, most dogs will become lonely and bored. This can lead to them becoming distressed, which can manifest itself in negative behaviours.

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, the symptoms of which include:

• Barking and howling
• Chewing, scratching and other destructive behaviours
• Pacing
• Over-grooming and self-injury
• House soiling and coprophagia

Whilst the responsible dog owner will not leave their companion alone for extended lengths of time, there are of course emergencies and occasions which arise when the dog will be left for longer than usual. In these instances there are still methods which can be adopted to help prevent the dog from becoming distressed. Interactive toys or feeders can provide entertainment, but should be those which are specifically designed for dogs and therefore safe. Leaving the dog in a secure area of the house or somewhere they feel comfortable will help, ensuring there is nothing they can destroy or which can cause harm to them. Just simple measures, such as leaving on the tv or radio, or putting their favourite blanket or toy with them can help the dog feel less anxious.

One time when you will definitely be separated from your furry friend is when you go away on holiday. The problems mentioned above highlight just how important it is to select the best dog boarding option to minimise the stress caused.

Sadly, dogs left in traditional kennels often display signs of separation anxiety, as the environment and routine is so far removed from their life at home. This is why home dog boarding can prove to be by far the kindest option for your dog.

Barking Mad was established in 2000 to provide a professional home-from-home dog boarding or dog sitting experience. We offer a bespoke service to meet the individual needs of each and every dog. We are passionate about personally getting to know both owners and their dogs and understanding their exact requirements. This enables us to deliver a first class, personalised home dog boarding service.

We have a network of carefully chosen franchise owners throughout the UK. Each franchise owner undergoes a rigorous selection process and is expertly trained in all areas of our home dog boarding service. It goes without saying that each member of our team is a dedicated dog lover.

In each region we have a specialist team of host families, comprising a wide range of people with differing backgrounds and situations. This enables us to ensure that we can meet the varied requirements of all our customers. All our home dog boarding hosts are dog lovers, willing to give up their time to look after your pet and provide them with a home-from-home experience while you are away.

Although there are many other companies offering a home dog boarding service, we firmly believe our award winning business provides exceptional service. Our host families are not just trying to earn some easy money; they are passionate about dog care and dedicated to providing a first class experience for both owners and their dogs.

We consistently receive excellent feedback from the dog owners using our home dog boarding service and have regular repeat business. Our standards are very high, our inspection process of all host families is robust and our reputation has stood the test of time. Dog minders are at the heart of our business

We are dedicated to finding the best companion for your companion.