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New Recruit for Barking Mad North West Norfolk – November 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Dawn to the Barking Mad North West Norfolk family.  Thanks to all the wonderful support over the last two and a half years the business has grown to the point at which I’m unable to fulfill collection and delivery requirements on my own anymore.  I am delighted that Dawn has joined the team.  Dawn has been doing one to one training with me for the last couple of months and will now be sharing the collections and deliveries with me going forward.


Welcome to the Barking Mad family Dawn!

I got to know Dawn first as a customer more than 2 years ago.  We have looked after her very gorgeous boy Freddie many times.  Being a customer has given Dawn a really sound insight into the heart and soul of Barking Mad.  She totally gets it!!

Dawn’s background as a Police Officer equips her with a steady, unflappable demeanour; good qualities that instill confidence.  Above all she is completely dotty about dogs like me.  It is a pleasure to see how all dogs seem to gravitate towards her, sometimes walking right past me to her!!!

Please join me in welcoming Dawn to the Barking Mad family.

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