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9 Important Questions to Ask a Potential Dog Sitter


9 Important Questions to Ask a Potential Dog Sitter

Before leaving your furry best friend with a total stranger, it is important to spend time researching potential dog sitters so you can be confident your dog is in safe and trusted hands. Here are 9 important questions to ask anyone who will be dog sitting your precious pooch:


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1. Can the dog sitter provide references?

It is important to ask your potential dog sitter for references and reviews from other customers. Find out whether any of those reviewers have similar dogs to yours, so you can understand how they would care for your breed.

At Barking Mad we have thousands of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, and we can provide case studies from satisfied customers.


2. Does the dog sitter have insurance?

Whilst not all dog sitters will be insured, it is an important question to ask for peace of mind. A quality, professional dog sitting business will have this covered.

Barking Mad offers a professional service and is fully insured, we also recommend that all customers have pet insurance for their dogs.


3. Will they meet your dog first?

Will they meet your dog first? When you are going away and looking to choose the right care for your dog, it is important for the dog sitter to meet your dog in advance and get to know all about them before their stay. This way you can ensure your dog will be happy and settled for their temporary stay with your chosen dog sitter host.

At Barking Mad, we provide an initial short, trial ‘sleepover’ in preparation for longer holidays of seven days or more, or for shorter stays at our discretion, so your dog and host dog sitter get used to each other.


4. What experience does the dog sitter have?

Choosing a dog sitter who is caring and has previous experience is very important.

Ask the dog sitter how long they have been providing their dog sitting service, how often they dog sit and whether they have ever owned a dog of their own. The best dog sitters are people who are absolutely dotty about dogs!

Barking Mad guarantees your dog will be happy on holiday and will never place them with an inappropriate host. We know our portfolio of dog loving hosts really well and pride ourselves in providing the best so you don’t have any guess work.


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5. What is included in the dog sitting service?

Outlining what you want from a sitter can be useful so expectations can be met either side. It’s important to know if your dog will be walked regularly and if the dog sitter will be able to administer medication or maintain the dog’s usual diet. Whilst many sitters will have a base fee, there may be additional fees for additional services so check what you’re paying for.

Barking Mad removes any guess work from your experience and takes control from the start so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to ask about anything in particular. Our fees are clear with no hidden charges.


6. What happens in the event of an emergency?

Unexpected circumstances can occur such as your pet becoming sick whilst you’re away, so it’s important to ask what plans or systems the dog sitter has in place. Ask your sitter if they have experienced medical emergencies in the past and how they dealt with them.

At Barking Mad we are on call 24 hours a day as quality dog sitters which is all part of our customer guarantee. We are on hand to help with any situation and there’s no situation we haven’t dealt with before!

7. Will the dog sitter send you updates?

Leaving your dog behind while you are on holiday can be a worrying time, so asking if your dog sitter will send pictures and updates is a good way to alleviate any anxiety you may have.

All Barking Mad dog sitters send photo updates and texts to the dog owners during the stay – it’s an essential part of our service! When you return,  a postcard is provided too, so you can read all about the fun your dog has had.


8. Will your dog be around other pets?

Depending on your dog’s personality, you may want to ask the dog sitter if your dog will be around any other pets during their stay. If your dog is sociable, you might want a sitter who has their own dog. If your dog prefers to be on their own, its important to choose a dog sitter who will dedicate their time to your precious pup.

A professional dog sitting service will offer you the choice of a host family with or without other dogs and pets.


9. What does the dog sitter need from you?

During your initial consultation, the dog sitter should be asking you a lot of questions too. It’s important that they gain a good understanding of your dog, asking about their behaviours, likes, dislikes and medical conditions including allergies.

The dog sitter will likely write a list of items you will need to prepare, such as food, toys, bowls and blankets. This will give you time to get everything ready for your dog’s stay.


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