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Dog Remembrance Month 2021


Dog Remembrance Month 2021

Dog owners who have sadly experienced dog loss will understand how emotional and heartbreaking it can be. So, in 2017, Barking Mad founded Dog Remembrance Month, a platform for like-minded dog owners who are suffering from grief, to support each other and share experiences.

The death of a dog can be just as painful as the death of a human family member. Grief is one of the most difficult physical emotions for humans to deal with, and the bond between a dog and their owner is for life, so losing a pet can be extremely upsetting. So much so that in 2019 Emma McNulty petitioned for the introduction of pet bereavement leave after she was sacked from her job for calling in sick when her dog died.

Dog Rememberance Month

Rainbow Bridge Illustration By Hannah Robinson Illustrations


Research conducted by Itch found that ‘74% of people in the UK think employers should have a pet bereavement policy in place’. Itch highlights that pet loss can lead to stress, distraction, possibly poor performance and can enhance any existing depression or low mood. So inspired by Emma McNulty, Itch has created guidance for employers on how to implement a pet bereavement policy.

Rachel Stewart, Barking Mad’s Managing Director said: “Dog ownership in the UK is at an all-time high, likely as a result of the pandemic, lockdowns and a shift to working from home for many. All of our customers and hosts value their dogs in the same way they value their family members, so it is extremely difficult for dog owners to cope with loss.”

How to deal with the loss of a dog

🐶 Talk about it – the best way to deal with dog loss grief is to talk about how you are feeling with someone you trust or with a support group.

🌈 Join the Dog Bereavement & Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Facebook group here.

🐶 Consider a ceremony to honour their memory – you may find comfort in gathering family and friends to remember your beloved dog.

🌈 Take your time – when dealing with any type of grief, it’s important to take the time you need to process it.

🐶 Create a memorial for your dog – do something in your dog’s memory. This could be planting a tree in the garden or making a charity donation.

Barking Mad Dog Sitting Hosts

If your dog has sadly passed away, you will likely experience many different emotions. Your home may feel painfully empty and you may feel like you can’t make the emotional commitment to becoming a dog owner again. But at Barking Mad, we are proud to offer a solution to dog companionship without the emotional responsibility of becoming a dog owner again. Barking Mad dog sitting hosts care for dogs on a temporary basis while their owners are away.

Managing Director of Barking Mad, Rachel Stewart said: “Our host families range from retired people who enjoy dog companionship for a short time, to families who cannot commit to being a full-time dog owner. Becoming a Barking Mad host gives bereaved dog owners a chance to care for affectionate dogs without the emotional commitment of becoming a dog owner again. Our host community find comfort in looking after dogs for a short stay and temporarily fill the dog-shaped hole in their hearts and lives.”


If you would like to know more about joining our host community, please visit our host page here.

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