Which Holiday Would Your Dog Choose?

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In the same way that you spend time carefully choosing the right holiday for you, it’s equally important to consider the best boarding option for your dog. If your dog was able to choose their holiday from a brochure, what would he or she select?

The probable answer is that your dog would choose somewhere they would be happy and content, and that isn’t too far removed from being at home. Dogs enjoy their routines.

Boarding with a host in their home means your dog will continue to live as part of the family. The carer will be able to follow your dog’s normal routine and ensure that all their usual preferences and habits are catered for. If your dog is a stickler for a specific routine and becomes unsettled when this is broken, home dog boarding offers the best solution.

There are so many elements of your dog’s daily life which give them the feeling of comfort and security they need. Changing too many of these at once can lead to them becoming unhappy and distressed. Let’s look at it from your dog’s point of view.

Does your dog:

  • Like socialising with other dogs, or become upset when there are too many other dogs around?
  • Have any special needs or difficult behaviours which require experienced handling?
  • Enjoy going for long walks and racing around parks and fields, or prefer a short potter around the garden?
  • Have a particular game he likes to play with you after his morning walk?
  • Like to eat his food alone, or feel more comfortable having his meal at the same time as you?
  • Need a reassuring cuddle if there’s a thunder storm?
  • Love being groomed morning and night, or shy away from a brush and comb?
  • Sleep near you as part of the pack, or curl up alone by the back door?


When selecting home dog boarding or dog sitting, all these preferences can be taken into account. A home-from-home environment can be created for your dog, ensuring they feel as comfortable as possible.

Imagine for a moment that your dog was human. If they would choose a relaxing, quiet break in an unspoilt backwater, think how upset and disappointed they’d be if they found themselves in a loud, action-packed holiday camp! And vice versa of course. It’s important that the option you choose suits the personality and needs of your dog.

Finding the right boarding solution for your dog makes for a more enjoyable holiday for everyone. Your dog will be happy in their home-from-home, and you’ll be able to enjoy your break more, safe in the knowledge that your companion is content.


Home boarding offers safe, loving surroundings where all your dog’s needs can be taken into consideration.

To remain in a home environment will lessen the anxiety your dog could feel when being apart from you. There is a suitable host for every dog – the trick is finding the right one.

With our carefully selected team of home dog boarding carers throughout the UK, Barking Mad are sure to be able to find the right host for your dog. We will take the time to get to know your dog, their care needs, likes and dislikes and individual requirements. Together with you we will then select the most appropriate host for your dog. TLC is priceless.

We can help you find the holiday your dog would choose.

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