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The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Rabbit Sitter


Everything you’ll need to think about when looking for a Rabbit sitter

With floppy ears, adorable twitchy noses and fluffy fur, it’s easy to see why so many people keep pet rabbits. But when you go away, finding a rabbit sitter can be hard work. Where will it stay? Who with? And for how long?

Cute grey Bunny On The Sofa


Well, don’t fret – the team here at Barking Mad has put together the top rabbit sitting questions and answers, keeping you well informed and confident about your rabbit siting options.

1. How long can I leave my rabbit alone?

Rabbits are sociable creatures, and love having a companion. In fact, research has shown that companionship is often so important to rabbits that they will choose company over food when offered one or the other. Therefore, we do not recommend leaving your rabbit completely alone for very long at all. While some rabbits can cope for around 12 hours on their own, others will get very distressed by being alone. If you have two rabbits together, you may be able to leave them a little longer, but no more than 24 hours.

2. How can I make it safe to leave my rabbit alone? 

If you do leave your rabbit alone for 12 or 24 hours, there are things you can do to prepare and ensure its safety.

Give your rabbit space to run around and play by attaching a run to the side of the hutch.

3. What is rabbit sitting?

Rabbit sitting is where you find a trusted pet sitter to take care of your rabbit while you’re away. Choosing a pet sitter to look after your rabbit is a popular choice for rabbit owners who are concerned about how their pet will cope in their absence. There are various types of rabbit sitting you could choose, from your rabbit staying at a sitter’s house, to having someone come in at regular intervals to check in on your beloved bunny. Make sure you check out exactly what’s included in your pet sitting partnership.

4. How do I find a rabbit sitter?

 Understandably, leaving your bunny while you’re away or on holiday can be a worrying time – meaning you’ll want to find a reputable rabbit sitter who makes sure your ball of fluff is safe and happy. Here at Barking Mad, we always recommend that you choose an established rabbit sitter who has testimonials to prove their expertise. Your veterinary practice can also offer you some pet sitting contacts, so it could be worth checking in with them too.


5. How do I know that my rabbit will be ok with a sitter?

While there are no guarantees about how your rabbit will react to you going away, making sure you’ve prepared as much as possible is key in creating a seamless experience. You can:

6. What will my rabbit sitter need to know?

A professional rabbit sitter will ask all the right questions to ensure they have everything they need for your pet’s care. But there are also things you can write down that will help them out.

7. How much do rabbit sitters charge?

Rabbit sitting doesn’t normally cost the earth. But like all pet sitting services, we advise choosing a sitter on more than price alone. Speak to your local rabbit pet sitter and ask about their pricing structure. But, most importantly, find out the exact details of how they will good care of your beloved pet in your absence.

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