Dog Sitting as a Retirement Hobby

April Dog Sitter Host Spotlight

Dog Sitting Hosts Heather And Iain With Their Dogs

Heather and Iain with their dogs Barney and Flossie


Heather Brown and Iain Johnston live at the lower end of the River Tyne valley in Ryton, West Gateshead. They came to Barking Mad in July 2014 as customers when local franchisee Carrie Jarvis registered their Cockapoos, Barney and Flossie. Barney used to go to work with Iain in the construction industry and Flossie joined the family after Heather retired from her job as a Social Worker in Newcastle. Very soon after becoming customers, Carrie was delighted by Heather and Iain’s offer to become a host family too.

Hosting is the perfect hobby for Heather and Iain’s  retirement as they love to be outside. They have a very pretty garden and also grow fruit and veg in their allotment; late Summer is a busy time with much pickling and jam making! Barney and Flossie and their guest dogs can often be found running around down at the allotment, if they are not out and about walking down by the River Tyne or in the local woods. Heather, Iain and their pooches also love the beautiful Northumberland coast. Dogs who are staying more than just a day or two are usually treated to a seaside trip!


Why were Heather and Iain nominated to appear in April’s Host Spotlight?

Barking Mad dog sitting Hosts Heather And Ian

Heather and Iain are hosts and customers with Barking Mad Newcastle and Tyne Valley


Carrie explains,

“Being customers as well as hosts, Heather and Iain have an excellent understanding of what makes not only for happy guest dogs but happy customers. They always go the extra mile to give their guest dogs a stimulating holiday with plenty of outings and as Heather is such a keen photographer, there are always lovely keepsake photos to send back to customers. The photos also show what a fuss is made of the dogs and just how relaxed and at home they are on holiday. Many customers will ask for Heather and Iain by name or are delighted to know their dog is returning for another stay.

Heather and Iain started hosting more or less as I took over the Newcastle and Tyne Valley branch of Barking Mad and have always been extremely interested in and supportive of my business; it’s a total pleasure to know them both as customers and hosts and I’m looking forward to sharing the 2019 season with them”.



Dogs In An Allotment

Guest dog, Rio, at the allotment with Barney and Flossie


Would you like to find out more about caring for dogs who are on holiday?

Why not visit our hosting page to find out more about Barking Mad? You can experience all the benefits of dog ownership, without the full time emotional and financial responsibility. We offer the opportunity to care for friendly dogs and meet other like minded dog lovers, with 24/7 support.


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