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Review of ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Dogs

Barking Mad Dog Sitters love Labradors, voted number one in the top 100

Lovely Labradors were voted no. 1 in the top 100!

At Barking Mad Dog Care, we were very excited to learn that ITV was going to broadcast a full countdown of Britain’s Favourite Dogs.  There are now 217 recognised breeds and thousands of combinations of cross breed and we couldn’t wait to find out which was ‘top dog’ after 10,000 people were surveyed. The prime time two and a half hour celebration of all things dog related was described to be:

“A run-down of the top 100 most popular dogs in the UK as voted for by the British public and featuring a host of famous dog-loving stars!”

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January Dog Sitting Host Spotlight

Meeting the special people who care for dogs on holiday

Barking Mad dog sitting hosts love having doggy guests to stay

Marilyn and Mick love having doggy guests to stay

At Barking Mad Dog Care, we have been inspired to shine a spotlight each month on a different member of our Host Community, introducing them and highlighting the exceptional care which they provide. We are so proud of our fabulous host families, they are such amazing dog lovers and welcome holidaying dogs into their homes as if they were their own.

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Barking Mad Dog Sitters Announce Chosen Charity for 2018

Barking Mad dog sitters announce chosen charity of the year, Dogs for Good

We loved meeting the inspirational Lynn and Christa from Dogs for Good

We’re proud to be supporting Dogs for Good

At Barking Mad Dog Care, we are awed by the positive difference that dogs make to people’s lives, motivating us to select a relevant, annual charity to focus on in 2018! We have a history of raising funds for charities both nationally, such as Medical Detection Dogs, and locally for charities in the communities of our branches. For 2018 however, we wanted to support a charity with which we could  coordinate both our national and local fundraising efforts. We are excited to announce that we will be helping Dogs for Good in their vision of creating “a world in which everyone and every community is able to benefit from the help of a trained dog.”

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Barking Mad Dog Sitting Host Spotlight

It takes a special sort of person to be a Barking Mad host…

Barking Mad Dog Sitters David and Irene love caring for dogs

David and Irene loved having Itchy the dog to stay

At Barking Mad Dog Care, the families and individuals who make up our Host Community are at the very heart of what we do! We are very proud of the amazing dog lovers who welcome visiting dogs into their homes and treat them as their own, inspiring us to shine a spotlight each month on a different member, introducing them and highlighting the exceptional care which they provide.

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Meet Our November Dog Sitting Host of the Month

Honouring our fantastic Host Community

Barking Mad Dog Sitters announce their Host of the Month

We’re delighted to announce that Joan Raynor is our Host of the Month for November

At Barking Mad Dog Care, our host families are at the very centre of everything we do! They are fabulous, caring individuals and families who love to spend time looking after our customers’ dogs when they are unable to. In order to recognise outstanding dedication to doggy guests and to sing the praises of these amazing dog lovers, every month we shine a spotlight on our ‘Host of the Month’. Our local dog sitting business owners are all encouraged to submit nominations each month of any host who would be inspirational to others.

This month’s winner is the fabulous Joan Raynor from Chesterfield. Louise Self, owner-operator of Barking Mad Chesterfield couldn’t wait to nominate Joan for the award. She enthuses:

“Joan is an inspirational host who always ensures that the welfare and happiness of dogs in her care is a top priority. Customers regularly tell me that they want their dog to be looked after by Joan.

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