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7 Gifts Dogs Will Give Us This Christmas

Celebrating 7 brilliant benefits of dog companionship

Dog sitting service Barking Mad highlights 7 Christmas gifts our dogs give us

We all love to treat our four legged best friends but have you ever thought about the gifts they offer you?

For many pet lovers, what to buy their favourite dog for Christmas is at the very top of December’s agenda! A snuggly new bed, a squeaky toy or perhaps some tasty treats? Whilst you’re making that all important decision though, it’s enlightening to ‘paws’ for a minute and consider the priceless gifts that dogs give us, not just at Christmas but every single day of the year! With this in mind the UK’s favourite dog sitter, Barking Mad Dog Care (source: Trustpilot) has compiled a list of the gifts our furry friends bestow upon us and they’re far more precious than anything you can buy in the shops.

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Choosing the Right Puppy for You

By Barking Mad’s in-house dog trainer and behaviourist, Lisa Mercer, of Just Rewards Dog Training

Barking Mad Dog Sitters advise taking time to choose the right puppy for you

Choosing the right puppy is the first step to many happy years of dog ownership

Once you have made the decision to get a puppy, choosing the one that’s right for you could be the difference between many trouble – free, happy years and a worrying, possibly heart-breaking future! It’s so important to do your homework before you go and view any puppies, as once faced with all those adorable bundles of fluff, your common sense can completely fly out of the window.

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5 Barking Mad Tips to Enjoy a Happy Halloween With Your Dog

Barking Mad Dog Sitters have top tips for enjoying Halloween with your dog

Our Barking Mad Dog Care Halloween pumpkin!

Barking Mad advice for keeping your dog safe this Halloween

It’s that spooktacular time of the year once again when the chilled, dark, night air begins to fill with whoops and wails and all sorts of strange sights! Celebrating Halloween can be great fun for all the family but very confusing and sometimes stressful, or even dangerous, for dogs. Our four legged friends can be exposed to many unfamiliar sights and sounds and as they are not ‘in the know’ about the symbolic celebrations, it’s up to us humans to make Halloween a positive experience for them!

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10 Top Tips for Moving House With Your Dog

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5 Ways to Enjoy Wimbledon Tennis with Your Dog

Barking Mad dog sitters provide fun for your pet on a dog holiday

Barking Mad Border Collie Jazz loves tennis balls


At Barking Mad Dog Care, we’re delighted that the quintessential British summer tradition of Wimbledon fortnight, with its lawn tennis, strawberries and cream and unpredictable weather, is once again upon us. The oldest tennis tournament in the world inspires even the least sporty amongst us to grab a racket and ball but it seems a little unfair that humans should have all the fun, so why not involve your canine best friend?

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