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Dog Sitting / Sitters Dundee, Angus and NE Fife

Hello and welcome to the NE Fife, Dundee & Angus branch of Barking Mad! We are a five-star rated dog-boarding service that operates throughout your local area and the surrounding region. We’ve designed our company to be able to offer you the ideal ‘dog holiday home’ that provides your dog with personalised care the next time you are away from home.

Many dog owners don’t like the idea of leaving their dog in a kennel while they’re away. This is understandable, given that many of these facilities end up grouping many diverse dogs together for their feeding and exercise times. This doesn’t suit many dogs, forgetting to pay proper attention to their sensitive nature and individual routines. This kind of environment can add stress to your dog and to you as their owner. Before planning your next trip, we’d love you to know that Barking Mad can now offer a great alternative option; offering personalised care to your dog in your absence.

Separation anxiety can have a real effect on a dog during any length of time spent away from the most familiar people and objects that form the focal points of their daily routine. As a dog lover, you will have noticed just how sensitive your animal is; you may be able to remember their reaction when you were last getting ready to leave the house. Dogs are pack animals, which is a beautiful trait that leads them to identify as part of your family pack. Sadly, when plans dictate you need to be away, this can prove stressful for you and your dog.

With that in mind, Barking Mad have created a highly effective service designed to reduce those potential anxieties during times spent apart. We allocate your dog a place to stay with a suitable host individual or family, a host who love dogs and are able to follow our detailed dog care guidelines. We also take another step to help your dog settle in the form of a travel bag containing some of their favourite items. Even one or two items, such as a toy or blanket, can lower anxiety levels, calm their mood and connect with their senses as they have familiar sounds and tastes nearby, which gives your dog a real feel of being in a home away from home.

Our passionate and expert staff team make sure to carry out regular vetting of all of our hosts, so we have total confidence that your dog will receive an excellent level of care. We take into account every aspect of your dog’s routine and preferences to inform the selected host on how to create the ideal environment and schedule. We know how much daily stability is based on keeping as closely as we can to regular routines for meals and walks. We also keep note of additional medical needs, with each of our hosts receiving clear guidance on providing your dog with top-level care.

No other dog care service in NE Fife, Dundee & Angus can compete with the quality of our care, and it’s not just us saying that. Browse through some of our independently verified reviews and you’ll get a clear picture of our service. Our clients give feedback in the form of testimonials, with most calling us a five-star service. It’s great to know dog lovers are also Barking Mad lovers!

We’ll also make sure to keep you updated on your dog’s progress via a few photos and a doggy postcard while you’re away. We know the value of the peace of mind that comes from knowing your dog is in the best hands. You can enjoy your holiday all the more in the knowledge that your host is receiving our support, as well as our team of experts who are available 24 hours.

We are able to offer great care throughout NE Fife, Dundee & Angus and we also have that same level of service available around the country. We now have over 70 branches in the Barking Mad family, which is real proof of how many people love our service. As well as many different locations, we can also provide care for many different lengths of stay, from a single day up through to a few weeks.

In 2000, Barking Mad was established with the clear aim of providing five-star care to every dog. Our dedicated and personalised service is unrivalled, but also has highly competitive pricing. We don’t settle for providing the bare minimum of a few trips to your house at meal or exercise times. We believe that your dog needs consistent care and attention while you’re not there to provide it, so we developed a service to do just that.

So how about getting in touch today? It’s a simple process that begins with calling our office on 01524 220202, or emailing contact.centre@barkingmad.uk.com. Any one of our friendly staff team would be happy to talk to you, arrange a time to meet you and your dog, and get started on providing the personalised holiday care that your dog deserves.

Hello and welcome to
Barking Mad Dog Sitting Service

Local Professional Service

Individual Care

Peace of Mind

Alternative to Kennels

Organised Over 80,000 Doggie Holidays Since 2000

Over 70 Local Branches

Our award winning professional pet sitting service gives customers complete peace of mind. We receive fantastic customer feedback which is undoubtedly the result of our belief in developing a personal relationship with our customers – we are not an online agency - so you can be confident that once your holiday is booked, we’ll personally take care of everything.

How our dog sitting service works

It’s really important to get to know you and your dog, especially in the beginning. We’ll come to you for an initial registration meeting which takes an hour, to find out about feeding and exercising routines, likes and dislikes and any other individual needs, so that we can match your dog/s with exactly the right family. No two dogs are ever the same so please don’t worry, we love dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages, pedigree, Heinz 57 or rescue. They can sleep in the bedroom, pull on the lead, or even hide your favourite socks so long as they’re friendly we’d love to meet them.

Selecting the right home from home family is very important and your input into this process is invaluable. We understand you will want to know exactly where your dog is going, so during our time together you will see all of our dog-loving families, what experience they have and what their homes and gardens are like. All of our host families are carefully inspected by us each time we deliver or collect a dog, they are guaranteed to meet our extremely high pet sitting standards. Furthermore our hosts are at home during the day to ensure care is always provided especially where puppies, dogs on regular medication and senior citizens are concerned. If your dog is extremely sociable and you’d like him to have some company during his stay, then we can arrange a holiday with a family who have a resident dog of their own.

We provide a complete service including door to door chauffer driven transportation, a real bonus for busy customers preparing and returning from time away. The main benefit however is for your dog. Being collected from home is far less stressful and overcomes any anxiety which could be caused when left behind by you.

Our Prices

One off initial registration meeting £40
Daily boarding rate £23
Daily boarding rate for additional dogs £19
Collection and delivery £40

Bailey – All ready for his holiday complete with paddling pool!

At the registration meeting you’ll receive one of our exclusive ‘Holiday Doggie Bags’ which you can pack with food, bowls, toys, treats and anything else to help your dog settle in more easily.

We even offer an unlimited luggage allowance at no extra charge!

Complete peace of mind

Host families are given a Pet Schedule detailing all of the information we gathered at the initial registration meeting and we’re on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week to support them.

We’ll send a photograph of your dog to you as soon as he’s been safely delivered to the host. The very next day we give you a ‘rest easy’ update, so you can then sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your time away in the knowledge we’ve got everything covered.

On the day of return you’ll receive a fun postcard from the host and we’ll stamp your loyalty card so you can gain points which will entitle you to a free night away.

The best bit for us is seeing dogs happily settled-in and comfortable with their host. We will, wherever possible, be sure to use the same family each time you book a holiday. There are no minimum or maximum time limits we’re here whenever you need us.

Earn a FREE day with every completed Loyalty Card
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Ask for your loyalty card. When your card is full you receive a FREE stay on us! (1 full card = 28 paw stamps).

Do you...

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Welcome to Barking Mad

If you love dogs but can’t commit to the full time financial and emotional responsibility of having a dog of your own, or if you have a very sociable dog who would benefit from visiting guests coming to stay, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our very own host families are extremely special people indeed. They have been selected carefully and interviewed in depth at home to ensure they meet our criteria. We get to know them really well and have worked with many of them for a great number of years.

Who are our hosts
It goes without saying, all of our hosts, without exception, are absolutely dotty about dogs. Some are actively retired people who’ve had dogs all of their lives but now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of caring for dogs on holiday. Others are younger, often with a family at home, where the addition of a visiting dog is great fun for all.

How it works
We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. We think it’s important that our hosts concentrate on looking after visiting dogs and that they are not exposed to, or distracted by a constant flow of potential customers and dogs coming and going. Our hosts are also protected from the awkwardness of dealing with money, insurance and paperwork, so that the enjoyment of looking after visiting dogs remains their focus.

Support 24 Hours a Day – 7 Days a Week
Looking after someone else’s dog is great fun, however from time to time you may need a little local, on the ground support and it’s great to know we’re on hand 24/7 to provide just that.

If you’re interested in joining our fun, dog loving host community to become a pet sitter we’d love to hear from you.

CLICK HERE to make an enquiry

Our fantastic host families are the heart of our business and we simply couldn’t do what we do without them. If you know someone who’d like to join us, please let them know.

Our Hosts

A small selection of our lovely host families:

Sarah & David-1.jpgPat, Sergie, Darya, Alex & Nic-1.jpgCarrie & Simon-1.jpg

Host Comments

Brenda - 2nd May, 2017
"We recently had Fozzie for several days it was such a joy to have him my dog Wiggles loves him a lot.
My whole family love him as did our friends where we walk every day.
We look forward to his next visit.
Brenda Street"

Carol - 13th Apr, 2017
"We enjoy looking after peoples dogs as it gives us pleasure to think they have come from home to home. Sometimes our commitments are heavy but It fits in with our lifestyle as we can do it as and when we can. It gives us pleasure and hopefully the pets enjoy our company too. Barking Mad are efficiently run and if I had a dog of my own would gladly let them find a host for my."

Celia - 23rd Mar, 2017
"Lulu has just been to me on her fourth visit. We've both had a lovely time and it seems strange today without her. She is well known and well loved by my friends and neighbours now as well as the local dogs. We all look forward to seeing her again soon."

Jackie - 6th Jan, 2017
"We had the pleasure of looking after Pip for 2 weeks over Christmas this year! We all loved having him for his 2nd visit with us. We enjoyed the walks (even in the cold and sometimes wet) and my children loved his company too!

I would love to have a dog of my own sometime soon, but looking after dogs with Barking Mad gives me the opportunity to see how a dog would fit into our lives, what challenges it might bring and what delights too! I can test out different breeds and ages too in case I go down the rescue dog route!

Definitely a win win option."

Brenda - 6th Jan, 2017
"We recently had Molly come to stay we all fell in love with her. My dog Wiggles loved her too
She was so good and had us laughing when she showed attention to the Tv.
We enjoyed her company and will look forward to her coming to see us again.
Beautiful Girl."

Carol - 3rd Nov, 2016
"We thought the service we got from Emily at Barking Mad was very professional - the information we received on Inca prior to our having her was very precise and made our experience all the better. It was good to know she was at the end of the phone especially as this was our first time. Inca was a pleasure to have and as advised needed lots of love and attention which we certainly gave her. We look forward to the next time to host again. Many thanks."

Brenda - 26th Oct, 2016
"We recently had Scout come to stay with us what a lovely time we had scout and my dog wiggles became great friends it was really nice. Its nice that the dogs get to visit carers whilst the owners go on holday as it gives peace of mind for all concerned and the dogs are happy too We look forward to scout coming again"

Brenda - 26th Oct, 2016
"Scout came to stay a beautiful little dog we had a great time look forward to seeing her again.
Barking Mad is a lovely idea it is very important that the dogs are happy and we love it"

Celia - 4th Oct, 2016
"Lulu has just gone home after seventeen nights with me. This is the longest stay I've had but it wasn't too long. She is a delightful, easy dog to look after who quickly makes herself at home.
This is the third time she's been to me and I look forward to her next visit."

Brenda - 4th Oct, 2016
"I think Barking Mad is such a lovely idea as the dogs can visit families a bit of a holiday whilst their owners have a holiday too.

We recently enjoyed a visit from a beautiful dog Fozzie he settled into our home quite happily and we enjoyed him too.
Animals need to feel secure with no worries and fitting into a family environment makes for a happy doggie I think Barking Mad is a very good idea
I will look forward to the next vistor on four legs."

Jackie - 12th Sep, 2016
"I have recently looked after Pip for just over a week and really enjoyed it. I am looking to have a dog myself but want to be 100% sure I am doing the right thing before I take the plunge.

I love that with barking mad you get lots of help and support while looking after someone else's precious dog. If you have a problem or the dog becomes unwell you also know that help is at hand. I found the experience rewarding and it was lovely having Pip stay with us. The problem is we missed him when he was gone...

I would like to continue looking after dogs with barking mad.


Celia - 19th Jul, 2016
"Hugo has just had two weeks holiday with me. As a lively two-year-old Springer he was more of a challenge than I've had before but I loved it, and him. We walked many miles and I managed to loose some weight. An added bonus for me!
I think Hugo enjoyed having my undivided attention and he certainly made the most of it. I always think about how I would like my own dog to feel - happy, secure, content, and loved."

Linda - 29th Jun, 2016
"Hello I love having the dogs it gets me out and about too..I am fairly new to the neighbourhood. And I have met people that I would not have met if I was not hosting. All the dogs I have had since I've been hosting have been very good I love them all. I wish I could have some of the small dogs back I had last year!. Posted by Linda"

LindaS - 29th Jun, 2016
"I love being a host we find it encourages us to go out more and explore dog friendly places so we get loads of fresh air and exercise. We have the peace of mind that Barking Mad are on the end of a phone if we need them for any reason and its a great way of having a dog without the costs involved. Also if your lifestyle means you cannot have a dog then this is a great alternative. I would definitely recommend it as all the dogs we have had have been easy to care for and friendly, the hardest part is saying goodbye but because you know they will probably have another holiday before too long you don't get upset you just look forward to their next stay."

Anne and David - 28th Jun, 2016
"Hosting a dog gives us a lot of pleasure and is very rewarding. We have only been hosting dogs for 3 months but we're really enjoying it. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that each dog has had a lot of love and a good home from home holiday. We treat every dog as if it was ours, taking note of the pet profile guidelines. It is a great help knowing that you have the back-up of Barking Mad should anything untoward happen, which gives us peace of mind. John has been excellent matching us with the dogs we've hosted so far."

Brian and Carole - 8th Apr, 2016
"We have been hosting for 18 months now and have come to know the regular dogs we have. The owners have requested many times that they like them to go back to the same host. We find it rewarding that they make these requests.
Nicola is always very careful to match the host and dog and this shows in the requests she gets.
Keep up the good work. A perfect match makes a happy owner, dog and host.
Barking mad prides itself on this and Nicola and her team work very hard to make this happen.
We have just got another first time little doggy today and we hope that he will want to come back again.
A big thankyou to all the team."

Celia - 6th Apr, 2016
"Archie has just gone home after his second visit. He's the most affectionate little dog I've met. Really loving, kind, and gentle. He can be a bit naughty sometimes but we suit one another well and both thoroughly enjoyed our week."

Gwen - 31st Mar, 2016
"We have just had a second visit from a lovely dog that we first met over last Xmas. Having become very fond of her the first time, it was lovely to see her again. She settled more quickly this visit, and was very relaxed. We really enjoyed our time with her, and look forward to her next visit."

Gwen - 24th Mar, 2016
"We have just had a beautiful golden labrador to share our lives with for the past nine days. He was delightful, really good around other dogs and children, and a joy to be with. I'm looking forward to having him to stay again."

Pam - 18th Mar, 2016
"We have just said goodbye to our latest doggy client and thoroughly enjoyed having him here.
He settled in straight away, was friendly and playful. We never imagined choosing this breed ourselves but he's now a very firm favourite and today the house seems empty without him. Hope to look after him again sometime."

Gwen - 14th Mar, 2016
"I enjoy doing the best I can to make sure that my doggy guest feels relaxed, cared for and loved whilst they're away from home. This is what I would want for my own dog, when I have to go away on holiday, so I find it very rewarding to provide this for other people and their dogs."

Jenny - 8th Feb, 2016
"For me, the best part of being a Barking Mad host is getting to know all the different doggie personalities and making friendships with them, particularly when my new houseguest could be feeling a little bit homesick."

Margaret & Stan - 26th Jan, 2016
"We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting a lot of Barking Mad dogs over the last seven years. We have always had terrific support from Brad and team and prior to that from Chris and Alex. In all that time we have only needed help once during a visit, for minor veterinary attention, and that was dealt with very quickly and efficiently. I think this is because the dogs are well matched to their hosts (and the hosts own dogs!) in the first place. We also use Barking Mad for our own dogs holidays."

Adam - 22nd Jan, 2016
"When we moved to Dundee we both missed not having a dog in our lives. Being a host for Barking Mad gave us the opportunity to have that again, even though giving them back at the end is always hard.
It allowed us to see how well having a dog would fit into our lives in a full time situation, and directly influenced our decision to get our own. Now we look forward to hosting other dogs for Angus to play with.
As hosts, the support you receive from Brad is amazing and the detail he goes into to facilitate yours and the dogs well being is incredible.
I would thoroughly recommend anyone who wants to have a visitor now and again, someone who misses the company of the dog but has commitments and everybody who wants a dog but is not sure if it will work to become a host with Barking Mad, you won't regret it!"

Lorna - 22nd Jan, 2016
"I have been a host for several years, I started with Barking Mad as I wanted to have a dog but visiting family in the south made it impractical, so when I am home I have a dog, I have had a great variety of dogs from a little Jack Russell to a huge mountain dog. Barking mad is great because they match dogs with their hosts in all the years of hosting I have never had a dog that I would not have again. Hosting dogs means I go out everyday, I talk to many people and share doggie stories."

Ed and Barbara - 22nd Jan, 2016
"Having a four-legged lodger for a few days is always a pleasure. Still getting over the loss of our own dog but nothing cheers you up more than another wagging tail around the house. Great support from Brad and his team. If only he could do something about this awful Scottish weather."

Kate & Graham - 20th Jan, 2016
"We live in Shirley and have local parks, woods and fields nearby. Whatever the weather we love taking the dogs out and about. They have joined us for barbecues, street parties and made visits to a local elderly care home. Our grandchildren have learned to overcome their fear of dogs by meeting our 'guests'.Having a dog keeps us fit and healthy too. Our garden is large and well fenced so the dogs can enjoy chasing squirrels!

We would love to have a dog of our own but with working full-time until recently and travelling it never seemed the right time. Having dogs for Barking Mad has 'filled the need'. We have had so many dogs to stay (and everyone a pleasure) and one in particular has come twice a year since 2008.

Tina organises things so well - she 'matches' the right dog to the right host - so everyone is happy ( most of all the dog!)"

Susan - 20th Jan, 2016
"I love being a host for dogs with Barking Mad, and enjoy meeting the different visiting dogs, and getting to know each ones individual personality."

Sandra & Terry - 19th Jan, 2016
"We love being hosts to barking mad, Terry is around most of the day, and I work 4 days a week, so we can have doggies almost all the time other than we are on our hols !!, we already have our fav’s Bruno, Bentley, Darcy , Biscuit, Ben the boxer & Gunner, and Tina will try her up most so we can have them on repeat hols, it means a lot to us as we love looking after all the little & big ones, and they all have there own little characters, we have photos of all the dogs we have had since July last year, and look forward to seeing them all again this year, and miss them when they go home, It’s a pleasure to look after doggies on there hols, & and its filled a gap since loosing a couple of our own pets last year,"

Jenny, John and Jean - 15th Jan, 2016
"Being an animal lover - I love working with Barking Mad and being a host for them. I especially like having their beautiful doggies to stay. The doggies all have their own very different characters and we have some good times filled with really good fun and laughs with the doggies that stay with us.

We all really enjoy having the pets and get out and about and sometimes on the odd occasion we take them out to other parks and places close to home. Its just like having your own pet!

I do like the events and walks that Tina at Barking Mad arranges. Its a chance to get out with other hosts and meet them and hear their tales as a host.

I recall a fete we went to lovely sunny day with lots of dogs and we all had such a great time, I recall feeling quite sorry when the fete ended."

Tracey - 15th Jan, 2016
"We have been hosting since last summer and really enjoy the experience and getting to know the personalities of the dogs, even the cheeky ones !

I particularly like walking in the fields and woods nearby with my host dogs as company, and its great exercise too.


Rosina - 15th Jan, 2016
"I first looked after dogs in 2005 & have kept photos of all my visitors. After a break, came back to it a couple of years ago. I have had Millie two years running & cannot wait to greet her again in July, it feels like a special friend spending her holiday with me :)"

Gwen - 8th Jan, 2016
"Sheba, a beautiful Belgian Shepherd dog, was my first experience with 'Barking Mad'. She was adorable, very gentle, and well behaved. She seemed to fall in love with my partner - maybe she saw him as her temporary pack leader - and we both really enjoyed her company over the Christmas period. Having lost my own much loved collie of over 15 years, in October, I had felt lost without a dog to love and care for - so being a 'Barking Mad' host was ideal for me. We're so looking forward to our next doggie guest, and also hope to see Sheba again at some time in the future."

Celia - 8th Jan, 2016
"My last visitor, Pip, was an absolute sweetie. A breed I've not had experience of before and a real delight. She came to me for just a few days before going on to her regular family.
She loved her bed - well actually my bed - and when she was ready to go up at night she would stand at the bottom of the stairs, with one paw on the bottom step, and stare at me until I gave in."

Elaine - 9th Nov, 2015
"We really love our holiday dogs, we like to spoil them, love them, lots of cuddles and make sure they are really happy with us, it's lovely to get the same dog(s) over and over again, they just make themselves at home, and all our dogs know where the 'treat' cupboard is.. We get such a lot of love from them and look forward to them returning."

Sarah and Stan - 9th Nov, 2015
"We adore having new Barking Mad dogs come to stay and love it even more when they return for second and third visits. Its such a pleasure to spend time with these much loved dogs and take them for walks on the beach and around the countryside. We know that when our 'crazy' Collie goes to stay with a Barking Mad host, she will be safe, happy, and much loved."

Liz - 4th Nov, 2015
"We have really enjoyed hosting our last two dogs, Nelson and Finn. As a family we enjoy meeting the new dogs and letting them be a part of our family, albeit only for a while. It is good to know if we have any issues we can just call Emily. We hope to keep hosting even when we get our own dog, (something my husband would never have agreed to until he realized how complete a dog makes a home)."

Debra - 4th Nov, 2015
"We have had a full calendar for October starting with a surprise arrival as another host was sadly taken poorly. Ruby arrived within 40 minutes of the phone call but soon settled in and became a family favorite. Then came Azi, she takes over our lives but ooh how we love her. Lastly we had Jess, an old lurcher who turned into a puppy again when it was walkies time. Each very different but all very lovable."

Diana - 15th Oct, 2015
"I have always had dogs since I was born,having lived on a farm. I cannot remember ever being without dogs. Now I am on my own it is great to have more than one dog.
I am a dog lover, plus Kali my lab just love to go on walks and have company at home.
So we are both very happy bunnies"

Nicky - 13th Oct, 2015
"I started pet sitting nine years ago for Barking Mad.

It is very enjoyable and I love the country and Beach Walks. I have to make an effort to get out with the dogs here.

I have many regulars that come year after year. Each dog has its separate character. With the pairs I love watching the integration between the two dogs.

I work for Ian Carney who pays a lot of attention to detail, doesn't mind going over things with me if I am not sure and always makes sure the dog is familiar with my bungalow before he leaves. He always promptly answers the phone and I feel that I am not alone with the responsibility of someone else's dog.

My life would be empty without Barking Mad.

Nicky, Dorset Host. Posted by Nicky"

Clive - 23rd Sep, 2015
"Having just said goodbye to our 2nd holiday dog whom we've enjoyed entertaining and looking after. We look forward to our next dog!"

Carole - 21st Sep, 2015
"Nicola and her team always go the extra mile to ensure they are acting in the dogs best interest. If there is any doubt about a dogs health she will always act accordingly so that the owners can rest assured that there dog will get the best possible attention and the owner can relax and enjoy their holiday. We have always welcomed all our lovely dogs for holidays and they enjoy their stay.
Keep up the good work and keep sending these lovely dogs for their holidays that they can enjoy.
A first class team who cares unreservably for the dogs in their care. Posted by Carole"

Debra - 17th Sep, 2015
"We have just enjoyed a lovely long weekend with Roxy the staffy. She is so well behaved we hardly knew she was there but now she has gone our home is a quieter sadder place. This is why we love Barking Mad as each dog gives us a smile!"

Sarah and Stan - 9th Sep, 2015
"We love taking our four legged holiday friends for walks through the fields and to the beach, Its a privilege to get to know the new dogs and become friends and really special when they come back to us for a repeat holiday full of cuddles and fun."

Angela - 21st Aug, 2015
"I have just become a host for Barking Mad and recently cared for my first dog, a lovely old Labrador. He fitted in so well with my own two dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed giving him a special holiday for a few days and am really looking forward to helping out again. It is something very dear to my heart and feel I am being of use to others in providing a safe and welcoming home from home for someone's beloved pet. Plus my own pets also enjoy the company."

Elaine - 21st Aug, 2015
"We love looking after our holiday dogs, they are all really lovely, friendly and usually make themselves at home straight away. We especially like to have the same dog back time after time and they always look really pleased to see us again."

Brian and Carole - 19th Aug, 2015
"Monty is always a pleasure to have in our home.. Just gone back to his home after another great holiday.
Nicola and her team are as always very efficient and friendly. Thank you to all of you.
Brian and Carole Posted by Brian and Carole"

Diana - 19th Aug, 2015
"I love having dogs I was brought up with my father's GunDogs we always had 2 or 3 at a time. A friend saw you advertising for people to look after them while a way on holiday or just for a week- end. So I did just that. I loved having Maisie also Kali loved it as well."

Cynthia - 10th Aug, 2015
"My Barking Mad dogs, many of whom come back again and again, light up my life. They are all different, with different hopes and needs, and getting to know them and earn their trust and affection is pure joy. They go everywhere with me, visiting friends, shopping, and of course on lots of nice healthy walks, good for me as well as them. Total strangers have become friends, stopping me in the street with "What's this one's name, then?" - or even, on between days, with a disappointed "No dog today?"
God bless BM, my area manager Ian, my owners, and first and foremost, all my dogs."

Celia - 4th Aug, 2015
"Rolo has just gone home after his weekend trial. He passed with flying colours. 10/10 I would say and I'm looking forward to his return towards the end of the week.

Well done Emily - you worked out straight away what sort of dogs are best suited to my situation. Quicker than I did."

Pam & Ray - 21st Jul, 2015
"After a year of being without a dog it was great to have not one but two dogs in the house. To see two little faces greeting us from their crate when we returned home was lovely. They settled in well and Emily made sure we were happy with them. Our grandchildren who live opposite were constantly here playing with them, which they adored. If only we had heard about Barking Mad when we were dog owners and didn't want to use kennels!!!!!!!!"

Filomena - 9th Jul, 2015
"Having Pebbles for a few days was delightful and Finley enjoyed the company. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of dealing with a dog other than my own and understanding her needs.
She seemed extremely happy and made herself at home immediately. All doggie friends on park enjoyed meeting her and she was in her element.
Great fun all round."

Mary - 8th Jul, 2015
"I've often asked myself why on earth anyone would want to be a host for Barking Mad. Belly rubs, staffie, Henry's smelly farts, being first out in pristine snow, pickle's snoring (how the walls vibrate), watching Starsky grow from a gangling four month pup into a well behaved teenager. I can go on and on but my favourite is sleeping on the settee on a hot afternoon having a 'nana nap' with a happy, contented pooch sleeping on my stomach dreaming of rabbits.

In 2014 I looked after 24 different dogs, most of whom returned numerous times. So far this year I've had 18 from little to large to very large (ah yes - Dudley). If I put my foot down and ask for time out to have a holiday myself then I get those puppy dog eyes from Ian (the boss) suggesting that I would love to take a dog with me. I generally succumb and thoroughly enjoy our time together.

Would I recommend being a Barking Mad host to anyone else? Having a boss like Ian who is very keen and hands on makes being a host easier. Should anything crop up he will be straight round to deal with it. I love hosting and would urge those people who are thinking about it to have a go. Where else can you wake up to a pair of soulful eyes, a lolling tongue and a wet nose in your immediate field of vision - that's enough about the old man!

Hi you folks at head office. I have spoken to Ian and he says that if you use this can you put it on both his Bath and Dorset sites please. Many thanks. Mary xx"

Celia - 30th Jun, 2015
"Having lost my beloved 15-year-old Westie last July I decided to sign up as a Host with Barking Mad towards the end of the year.
To be honest the first dog that came to me didn't really suit me and I wasn't sure I would do it again. But Emily persuaded me to have another try and I've had several dogs since which have all been delightful. My favourite, Lulu, has just gone home after her third visit.
I know she loves coming to me and I love having her."

Shannon - 27th May, 2015
"I love looking after all the different types of dogs that come for there holiday with me. I love caring for them as if they where my own. It gets me out and about meeting new people and their dogs too. All the dogs I've had come everywhere with me and even though each dog had a different personality they where all great to have. I look forward to caring for more dogs as well as caring for the same dogs that i have had."

Brian and Carole - 27th May, 2015
"Just coming to the end of another period of hosting a Barking Mad dog on holiday. We really appreciate what Nicola and her team do to connect the right dog to the right family. After having dogs all our lives the time came for us not to be selfish and home another dog in later life. Barking Mad filled that gap and we adore giving a home from home holiday to these special dogs. It's just what we wanted for our dogs rather than kennels.

We feel privileged to be a host for Barking Mad and look forward to giving the next dog with a good home, a good holiday.

Nicola and her team are very professional and give the owners and host families a very professional approach which makes a good holiday for the dogs and a lot of fun and satisfaction for the hosts.

Keep up the good work and can't wait for the next dog to come on holiday. Thank you to you all. Brian and Carole"

Brian and Carole - 29th Apr, 2015
"Beau just gone back home after having another fun holiday with us. She so appreciates the TLC we give her and look forward to having her again.."

Sue - 17th Mar, 2015
"I have loved having the pugs, a breed I've been thinking about getting. Was so nice to have a dog in the house again. All very well behaved and was nice to know Emily was always on call should the need arise. Looking forwards to my next house guest. Sue"

Celia - 10th Mar, 2015
"Lulu, a delightful little Coton de Tulear, was collected from me yesterday after a nine-day stay. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I was sorry to see her go. - Can't wait for her to come back again."

Elaine & Tony - 26th Feb, 2015
"Love looking after our holiday dogs. It's a brilliant, well run company, with people who really do care about the dogs, I would highly recommend to would be hosts or dog owners who can rest assured their babies will be well looked after."

Liz - 25th Feb, 2015
"Really enjoyed having Hamish. Appreciated the support, from Emily, with the walking issue and the fact I could call if any issues.

Next dog please.


Hayley - 25th Feb, 2015
"Me and my family love being a part of the Barking mad team! It makes me feel happy knowing the dog isnt in kennels and instead having a fun time in the our home. Its also great for my own two dogs, it gives them the chance to make new friends and socialise with other dogs all shapes and sizes!"

VLG - 8th Jan, 2015
"I recently hosted my first little visitors from Barking Mad. I was slightly nervous having 3 at once, but I need not have been concerned, Emily was very good with lots of info about what I needed to do.
They very quickly settled in and I really enjoyed having their companionship. I loved taking them out each day and watching them play with their toys."

Shirley - 1st Dec, 2014
"It's now twelve years since I first asked Barking Mad to look after our lovely Boxer Amber.Later,we became hosts and since Amber died,Barking Mad has helped to fulfill our enjoyment of canine companionship with dogs of many different breeds and temperament.
It is lovely when we have repeat visitors,to know that their owners are just as pleased with the Barking Mad service and care of their cherished dogs as I was with Amber."

Carole and Brian - 19th Nov, 2014
"Had a wonderful three weeks with Molly she really enjoyed her holiday. Thanks Nicola you were very supportive and explained every thing needed for Molly to enjoy her stay.
Looking forward to our next visitor.

Posted by: Carole and Brian Lee on 18th Nov, 2014"

Geoff and Ruth - 29th Oct, 2014
"We love the opportunity of hosting dogs as we no longer have of our own. This is a great way of having a dog around the house without the commitment of owning a dog."

Liz - 30th Sep, 2014
"My family and I love being hosts as it gives us the chance to meet lots of different dogs and get to know them.

The house feels empty once the dog has gone but we really enjoy giving the dogs a holiday and the owners piece of mind that this member of their family is being cared for safely and for a few days is a part of our family.

It is always good to know that Emily is on the end of the phone for support and the clear guidelines from the owners let us know what the dog enjoys and what their routines are."

Bruan and Carole - 22nd Sep, 2014
"We have just had our first dog on holiday and jess was a pleasure to have. We have always had dogs but lost our last one a year ago. It was a hard decision not to have another, but our age is against commiting to owning another. We saw a local advert for hosts and Nicola from barking mad made the whole process so easy.
Its the best decision we could have made and cant wait for our next doggy to come for a holiday. They make the house a home again. We love it. Thanks Nicola."

Monica - 28th Aug, 2014
"I lost my dog after 15 yrs together , so Barking Mad is ideal for me, I so enjoy having my doggy visitors, every one of them have their own characteristics, which is so nice to discover, whether they like playing ball, or tug of war with one of their toys, and I enjoy our walks as much as they do as well. Posted by Monica Bennett"

Ruth - 12th Aug, 2014
"How does one sum up being a Barking Mad host? Fun, good loving company, enjoyable healthy exercise and sociable walks when holiday dogs are here. When they are not, then time alone to relax, visit friends, have days out, holidays etc, but soon something is missing. You can't beat doggy company! So I look forward to my next 4 legged holiday guest.

When they arrive I read their notes (what to feed, when to walk, favourite games) all the information I need to make them feel at home. Together we enjoy their holiday and I help them write a holiday post card at the end of their stay!

Life couldn't be better, especially when they come again and their body language, eyes and tail all say 'great to be back, let's have more fun.' Penny the Patterdale, Ellie the Collie, Riley and Alfie thank you for coming into my life. I'm sure you are the first of many more holiday makers who I'll enjoy welcoming into this holiday home for dogs.

When my 16 year old Bonnie went to doggie heaven recently I couldn't decide whether or not to get another dog. There were advantages on both sides, so I got in touch with Barking Mad and with help from Nicola I became a holiday home for dogs. It's great fun, varied, flexible and rewarding; The benefits of having a dog whenever you want, without being tied all the time.
Thank you Barking Mad for enhancing my life.

Posted by: Ruth Middlebrough on 9th Aug, 2014"

Mandy - 11th Jul, 2014
"I have always owned animals but current circumstances don't allow me to commit full time to the care of a pet. I missed so much not having one around, saw the advert for Barking Mad and Barking Mad took me on. It is the perfect solution! I have had the privilege of looking after some wonderful dogs, enjoying walks and cuddles with my little friends. Now I always have a doggie to look forward to, some of them stay with me regularly, which is especially fun. Any drawbacks? - having to return my little friends at the end of their holiday!

Becoming a Barking Mad Host is one of the best decisions I have ever made!!"

Mavis - 30th Jun, 2014
"I have been hosting for Barking Mad for almost six years now, and have so much enjoyed the company of some beautiful dogs of many breeds. I didn't want to get another dog of my own, so this was a perfect solution to have the opportunity of having a lovely dog for company, walks and fun, and yet be free to go away whenever I chose. As time goes by, certain dogs return for repeated holidays, which proves that a happy dog means a happy owner who entrusts their much loved pet to you. Barking Mad is a well structured company, and it is always good to know that 24hr support is on hand if ever needed."

Bernie & Susie - 24th Jun, 2014
"Although new to Barking Mad its been one of the best things we have done living on a small farm we have space and plenty of local walks to offer our wonderful friends who have stayed with us. each one is missed and we long for their return.
We have set up a gallery of our new friends and find great pleasure looking at the moments they have shared with us."

Niccola - 4th Jun, 2014
"I can honestly say that being a host for barking mad has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has helped me physically, emotionally and financially. After losing my own dearly loved Jack Russell I decided I couldn't have another dog to go through the pain of losing it again. Then along came Barking Mad, it must be nearly 7 years ago now and I've never looked back. All the dogs are such a pleasure and a joy to care for. You love them like they are your own and yes, you miss them when they go home but you know there will be another little one on its way to fill the space very soon . The best thing is that they do all come back regularly so your home really does become a home from home, it is wonderful when they come in and you know they are as happy to see you again as you are to see them. It really is the best thing, everything is in place to ensure you have 24hr help and support if necessary. You can specify what type or size of dog you prefer and also specify when you are available. Basically if you're happy the dog is happy and vice versa."

Karen - 27th May, 2014
"This has been my first week as a host of Barking Mad and I/we are loving
it! My first dog guest was Maisie a bearded collie cross. She stayed with us
for the weekend and was such a pleasure to look after. We had lots of fun at
the beaches and parks. We then had lovely little Malcolm a jack Russell cross.
He was very excitable but settled very quickly. He loved playing in the back garden and on
our walks where he came across rabbits, horses and even hens. We are looking
forward to getting gorgeous Bertie very soon. The house seems strange when we
don't have a doggy guest now.

Thanks again, Brad.
Karen, Brian, Nico and Dylan."

Barbara & Peter - 23rd May, 2014
"Our "visitors" have become part of our family over the years. They are as different as our children, and, just like our kids, we love them to bits. Nicola has proved to be a good friend as well as a wonderful "boss". Of course, we do spoil our dogs but they are on their holiday!"

Bev & Ellie - 15th May, 2014
"We love the flexibilty of having different dogs to look after, and we have a few regulars now, especially over half term and school holidays, they bring such fun into the house, with their own individual personalities, we shower them with love and affection (as would their owners) and get very attached - but we know they have to go home, till the next time..."

Cid - 15th May, 2014
"There are so many reasons to love having dogs come to stay with us..... we love having a variety of sizes and breeds and personalities, there's always something to delight us! My boys love having dogs around to play with, and they don't get bored with walking them or feeding them because there's always something different. We get such fantastic characters come and stay with us, they get us out and about, they fill the house with wonderful dogginess. If there's a downside, it's the sadness when they go back home..... until our next doggy friend comes to stay, that is!"

maxine - 22nd Apr, 2014
"I enquired about being a host following my friends' dog being on a 'Barking Mad' holiday. As soon as I met Tina I decided that I would like to become a host, because I was impressed by her friendly professionalism and her genuine love of meeting the needs of dogs and their owners. I have been very well matched with some delightful canine companions! I look forward to the regulars and to meeting new dogs. I have not had any problems as such, but appreciate the speed of response and action from Tina, Colin and Carol-Ann when I have needed information or help with something. I might also add that that Tina, Colin and Carol-Ann are as lovely as the dogs they bring!"

Mick and Shirley - 22nd Apr, 2014
"When we retired, we considered getting a dog of our own. We'd had lots of dogs whilst the children were young but it had been a few years since our last one had died. However, we planned to travel so thought perhaps it wasn't a sensible idea. Then one day, Shirley overheard a conversation about Barking Mad.....and the rest is history! Tina was brilliant - her passion and love for the animals was obvious and we warmed to her straight away. Very soon after, Charlotte, a chocolate Labrador, came to stay with us for 2 weeks. Charlotte adopted us and gave us all her love, attention and affection. The walks, the fresh air, the laughter we had with her were excellent. We said "goodbye" and looked forward to our next dog. Since 2011, when we became hosts, we've had lots of different dogs and return visits from a number of them. It's great getting to know their personalities and learning about them. Tina is always available to consult if there are any difficulties. If anyone is considering becoming a host, we would strongly recommend it. We've never regretted it for one moment! We've just returned from 9 weeks travelling and are desperate to meet our next four legged house guest!"

Karen and Paul - 17th Apr, 2014
"A house isn't a home without a dog in it. Our labrador, Hero loves to have a friend for a couple weeks - they have lots of fun running and playing together, then Hero gets a rest before the next doggy visitor arrives. There's something very special about a wagging tail, and a doggy greeting! We're very pleased we found Barking Mad and treat all our visitors as we would expect Hero to be treated - with love and respect."

Helen - 17th Apr, 2014
"My family used Barking Mad initially for our own dog Sally. She was an old labrador and I never wanted her to be put in kennels when we went on holiday. Tina at Barking Mad came out and totally put our minds at ease. We were shown various hosts, their gardens and all Sally's needs were taken care of. This made us feel so relaxed going on holiday knowing Sally was in the best hands, literally home from home care. She was, most of the time, homed with the same family which was even more reassuring! Sally did take poorly when we were on holiday once and we were up-dated daily by Tina and Barking Mad took extremely good care of her, I will never forget them for that. When Sally passed away a few years ago we knew we didn't want to get another dog and decided on being a host family. It really is the best of both worlds. My 12 year old son particularly loves dogs coming to stay and the love we get from them. We've had all sorts of different dogs and characters. However, as we are busy during school holidays etc, we can select when we would like to take dogs. We have the freedom now and it's so much fun. The great thing is we know we have the back up and support from Tina which is fantastic. If things sometimes don't work out Tina is there to help and even take a dog should we be unable to look after it (which is a very rare occurrence as Tina is excellent at selecting the right dog for the right host). We take lots of photographs for the owners which Tina emails to them, should they wish, on holiday. We also write a little postcard for the families so they know what their pet has been up to while they have been away. It really is a fantastic company and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. If you are wanting company from a dog but without the full time commitment then look no further than Barking Mad. Go on, give it a try.......!"

Sue and Paul - 17th Apr, 2014
"We became hosts for Barking Mad, thinking it would be good to have a dog occasionally and the exercise would be good for us, being retired we need to keep going!!
Tina impressed us immediately..she really works hard at matching the dogs to the people. We love dogs that are good fun on their walks, but behave in the house (who doesn't?) and we have had a range of young and old, big and small and lots and lots of Labradors. If there has been a problem e.g. The dog needs the vet to check something, Tina, Colin or Carol Ann arrive and take the animal to the vet. We had one dog who obviously wasn't happy, and frankly was making us unhappy, perhaps pining for its owner, and Tina took it and looked after it herself. So we never have to worry that we are stuck with an animal that we don't get on with.
Tina has become a good friend, and her team of Colin and Carol Ann are so professional and caring with the animals it is a pleasure to 'do business' with them.

If you are thinking of being a host, do try it...you have a lot of fun, I enjoy the caring for some of the older ones as well as running round with the young ones, without the responsibility of having your own animal. Posted by Sue and Paul Allcroft"

Audrey - 16th Apr, 2014
"Due to health issues I am unable to have a dog of my own. Being a host for barking mad means I can have the company and pleasure of a dog, for a period of time with out the resposibility and cost of owning a dog myself.It is nice to know that as a host I can enable owners to have a break safe in the knowledge that their dog is being cared for by someone whose aim it is to give the dog a holiday in a friendly loving enviorment."

erika - 16th Apr, 2014
"I have been a host for nearly 9 years with my husband and now I am on my own. It is an absolute absolute pleasure to have my little dogs come to stay! I have regular ones and find it a privilege to be trusted with someones pet. They are my friends and it gives me something to focus on meet other dog lovers as well.

Posted by: Erika Cockerill on 15th Apr, 2014"

Dorothy - 16th Apr, 2014
"My husband and I thoroughly enjoy being hosts for dogs. Faye is great and runs a valuable service. Every dog we have has it's own wee personality and we grow to love them more and more every day. They are like little rays of sunshine in our home. We are so happy we decided to be hosts. We love it."

Ian - 16th Apr, 2014
"It is a real pleasure for us to look after so many varied dogs and hopefully give them a great time in a caring way close to their home life.Have done this now for over 3 years with nothing but positive experiences and would fully recommend being a host."

Jaclyn - 15th Apr, 2014
"We are the lucky ones that get to look after your lovely dogs my family and i enjoy it because we get to meet so many different characters and they are all individual and whilst they are with us they are treated as part of our family. We love dogs but because of work commitments we can only host during the school holidays so we are always looking forward to our new guest arriving and we hope to be part of Barking Mad for a very long time."

Our HostsOur hosts

Brad Eggleston

I live in the lovely quiet little village of Kingsbarns, 7 miles along the East Neuk Coast from St. Andrews, Fife. Lucky me!

Until late last year, I had been in the service industry for nearly 30 years having worked in Casinos, Pubs, Restaurants and Art Galleries, self-employed for most of that time. Running a pub in Tayport, Fife with the long hours and demanding work load, was taking its toll on me. Every day people were cycling, walking dogs, canoeing etc. right on my door step. I felt I was missing out on ‘life’!

I came across Barking Mad through my partner Jill, who had heard about them through her sister Carol. Carol had booked their little Yorkshire terrier in for a holiday with Francis Newman (who at the time, was the Glasgow South Franchisee). It transpired that Francis had been Jill’s flat mate at University and they had not seen each other for some years. The rest is history.

I grew up with dogs from an early age. My earliest memory is of me at about 3 years old, lost in the maize fields on my Dad’s farm in Rhodesia whilst out looking for him. Next to me were my tricycle and my faithful old Staffordshire bull terrier ‘Honey’. My protector! Thankfully, we were found some hours later, a little hungry and thirsty, and me with a teary, dusty face with the odd tongue lick mark from Honey.

That love of dogs has been lifelong, having been blessed with the love and companionship of Corgis’, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Great Danes, Neapolitan Mastiffs, Spaniels to name a few….and of course a multitude of mongrels.

Barking Mad is a fantastic concept, with a win, win situation for all involved. I so wish this service had been around a long time ago for my own dogs.

I would love to hear from you and tell you more about this wonderful service, do please take time to read some of our customer feedback comments on our website.

Places Covered

We're delighted to provide our service in the following towns and surrounding areas:

Dundee & Angus

  • Arbroath
  • Auchmithie
  • Baldovie
  • Barnhill
  • Barry
  • Brechin
  • Bridgefoot
  • Broughty Ferry
  • Carnoustie
  • Charleston
  • Craigton
  • Douglastown
  • Drumsturdy
  • Dundee
  • Dykhead
  • Elliot
  • Forfar
  • Fowlis
  • Gateside
  • Glamis
  • Invergowrie
  • Inverkeilor
  • Kellas
  • Kingoodie
  • Kingsmuir
  • Kirkton
  • Kirkton of Auchterhouse
  • Kirkton of Kingeldrum
  • Kirkton of Monikie
  • Kirkton of Tealing
  • Kirriemuir
  • Letham
  • Liff
  • Little Bridge
  • Longforgan
  • Lundie
  • Memus
  • Middleton
  • Monifieth
  • Monikie
  • Montrose
  • Muirdrum
  • Muirhead
  • Murroes
  • Newbigging
  • Northmuir
  • Oathlaw
  • Pansridge
  • St Vigeans
  • Tannadice
  • Tealing
  • Westmuir


North East Fife

  • Anstruther
  • Auchtermuchty
  • Balcurvie
  • Baldinnie
  • Balmalcolm
  • Balmerino
  • Balmullo
  • Blebo Craigs
  • Boarhills
  • Bonnybank
  • Bottomcraig
  • Bridgend
  • Brownhills
  • Buckhaven
  • Cellardyke
  • Ceres
  • Charlestown
  • Colinsburgh
  • Collessie
  • Craigrothie
  • Crail
  • Cupar
  • Cupar Muir
  • Dairsie
  • Drumeldrie
  • Dunbog
  • Dunino
  • Dunshalt
  • Earlsferry
  • East Lomond
  • Elie
  • Falkland
  • Freuchie
  • Gauldry
  • Giffordstown
  • Guardbridge
  • Innerleven
  • Inverbervie
  • Johnshaven
  • Kellie Law
  • Kemback
  • Kennoway
  • Kettlebridge
  • Kettlehill
  • Kilconquhar
  • Kilmany
  • Kilrenny
  • Kingsbarns
  • Kingskettle
  • Ladybank
  • Largoward
  • Letham
  • Leuchars
  • Leven
  • Lindores
  • Lower Largo
  • Lundin Links
  • Luthrie
  • Methil
  • New Gilston
  • Newburgh
  • Newport-on-Tay
  • Newton of Falkland
  • Peat Inn
  • Pitlessie
  • Pitscottie
  • Pittenweem
  • Springfield
  • St Andrews
  • St Michaels
  • St Monans
  • Strathkinness
  • Strathmiglo
  • Tayport
  • Upper Largo
  • West Linton
  • West Lomond
  • Windygates
  • Woodhaven
  • Woodside
  • Wormit
Brad Eggleston

Customer Comments

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We are so pleased with the excellent service provided by Barking Mad
From the first contact we both felt that Barking Mad was the right choice for our dog Toby as every aspect of his care was covered and we went on our holiday with no concerns
On our return Toby was happy and had obviously been well looked after
Yes we will definately use Barking Mad for Tobys next holiday

Posted by: Bill & Jan Marshall on

Hi we were very happy with the service we received for the short time Bo was away we know he enjoyed his stay and we look forward to dealing with you again

Posted by: stephen & jane nicol on

Once again Rags had a great holiday. The hosts went above and beyond spoiling him on Christmas Day. This means such a lot to our family that he is so well cared forwhen we cant take him away with us.

Posted by: Kate on

We were so relieved that Brad could find our dogs a holiday home on such short notice. He really put our minds at ease about being away from our two dogs for the first time. It was so lovely to receive a few pupdates during their stay with him and they really enjoyed their walk on the beach!

We will definitely be using the service again in the future as the dogs came back happy and so well looked after, a much better alternative to kennels knowing the dogs were in a home where they could be comfortable and at ease.

Posted by: Aidan & Gemma on

Grayson stayed with a lovely family with 2 children for 3 nights.
Grayson came home a very happy doggy, full of smiles and tired from all his shenanigans.

Thank you again for the photo updates while away and thank you for taking care of my special boy.

Jenni Bird

Posted by: Jenni Bird on

I was very impressed with the professional approach of Barking Mad in assessing the personality and precise needs of my puppy Dido.
As she was only three months old I was anxious about handing her over to strangers.
In fact she met nothing but kindness from pick-up to return and I received photos and a lovely letter from her hosts.
I am already planning her next holiday.

Posted by: Maureen Erskine on

Once more our aged spaniel returns from a Barking Mad holiday in fine form having spent a few days with a lovely host in Pittenweem. Bertie seems to have enjoyed himself and sniffed his way, slowly around his holiday town. Bertie is our much loved old spaniel who we entrust to Barking Mad for his holidays. Neither we nor Bertie have been disappointed about the care, the professionalism of both hosts and the Barking Mad team of Brad, Karen and Jill. They collect and return the dog at the agreed times. Updates are given as to how Bertie has settled and photographs appear showing him making himself very much at home in his new lodgings. A superb service for much loved dogs. Well done to all involved.

Posted by: Sarah and David on

After hearing about Barking Mad from a friend at work, we were still a little unsure,(only because Roxy has never been apart from us). Our concerns were soon forgotten when we met Karen, (a lovely lady) who talked us through the whole service they provided, and put our minds at ease. Roxy had a short holiday with a kind lady, ( Marian). We received lots of nice photos of Roxy, which were a great comfort, Roxy came back happy. We are so delighted with the excellent service we received from everyone involved, we have booked Roxy back for her holiday next year.

Posted by: Tracy and Scott on

Cassie our Labradoodle went to Forfar for her wee break and we were so glad to receive daily updates about what she was doing - fantastic service - wouldn't hesitate to recommend barking mad for dog lovers - your pet is treated like royalty - truly a home from home - well done to brad and Cassie's hosts - we got a very happy girl back

Posted by: Susan and Andy graham on

Rosie can be quite a handful but she doesn't do well in kennels so its great to have someone who understands and caters to her needs. She had a lovely time.

Posted by: Rowena Spence on

Thank you for taking our six month old for his first doggy holiday! He had a great time playing with the other dogs and was so tired when we got him back! I think Rex is very excited about his next holiday! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend barking mad very great reliable service!

Posted by: Simone Nisbet on

Hi Brad/Barking Mad,

Thankyou very much for the care Ramsey had during his short holiday with you. His recent prostate cancer diagnosis and complications which could potentially arise from the situation were dealt with by Brad sympathetically and professionally. We felt completely reassured that Ramsey would receive the best possible care whilst we were away. Judging by the happy dog who returned and the lovely photo WhatsAp's you sent whilst he was running on the beach, this was certainly the case. Thankyou very much, we wouldn't hesitate in using barking mad again and will highly recommend your services to all our doggy loving friends and family.

Kind Regards,

Lizzie, Jonny & Ramsey

Posted by: Lizzie & Jonny Farrow on

We've just had our first experience using Barking Mad and couldn't be happier with the whole thing. Brad and Karen were great at explaining the service and making sure all our needs/concerns were dealt with, and our dog fell in love with both of them pretty much immediately. The updates sent out during our dog's time away were much appreciated as we could plainly see that he was having a wonderful time, which meant we too could rest easy.
We'll definitely use Barking Mad again and would highly recommend the service to others.
Thanks again!

Posted by: Scott & Lucy on

Once again Hamish & Paddy spent a few days holidaying with Barking Mad recently.From pickup until drop off at home everything went like clockwork and we had photo updates of our dogs' stay with their hosts.
It's lovely to be able to go away knowing that your pets are safe and happy, and we wouldn't consider any other boarding service for our 2 boys.

Posted by: karen symaniak on

Darcey always come home from her Barking Mad holidays healthy and happy! Not an easy ask when dealing with a partially sighted young dog with a grass allergy. We really enjoy the updates from Karen and the postcards Darcey brings home. Whilst away we never worry about Darcey. You can tell when she returns that she has been loved and cared for. Just wish it was possible for my cats to have the same sort of holiday! Meowing Mad? :)

Posted by: Victoria Seren on

Excellent, efficient and enjoyable for the dogs.

Posted by: Paul on

Thanks To Brad and hosts who looked after our 3 dogs while we were away for a short break. Dogs obviously enjoyed break and we had peace of mind to enjoy ours.
Many thanks again

Posted by: Lyall on

BIG THANK YOU to all the team at Barking Mad for taking care of Dudley during his recent hols.

We know you take good care of him and this really adds to the enjoyment of our holiday and his.

thank you!!

Posted by: Sara on

Beinn enjoyed his visit to Pat and was especially pampered and loved, as ever. He came back happy and bouncing with a gleaming coat. Thanks again for the care and attention.

Posted by: Carrie Fox on

Beinn enjoyed his visit to Pat and was especially pampered and loved, as ever. He came back happy and bouncing with a gleaming coat. Thanks again for the care and attention.

Posted by: Carrie Fox on

Logan seemed to have great time. Very happy with every aspect of the service. Thank you.s

Posted by: Gordon Doig on

Thanks Brad and Karen for your excellent service.Logan had a great holiday and enjoyed having Bertie to play with and we were free to visit our daughter in Scampton with no worries about our dog Best Wishes Marie Gordon And Logan

Posted by: Marie Doig on

Excellent service and a happy dog. Sheila

Posted by: Sheila Fontes on

Thank you for looking after my two boys. I was really worried about them being away from home but the photographs of their arrival and exploration of their new garden and the email next morning reporting on how they'd slept made the experience so much easier. I' m sure they'll be fine for their next longer stay with Barking Mad.

Posted by: Valerie Downs on

Great service again Brad. Many thanks to you and the other hosts for looking after our 3 dogs, especially for taking care of Jake.

Posted by: Lyall on

Daisy has just enjoyed another fabulous holiday with Barking Mad - well, we think it was fabulous as she couldn't wait to get into the car with Karen when she was picked up, and she arrived home happy but tired after 10 days of ball chasing and fun and games with hosts Liz and Ronnie!

Posted by: Gillian Harrower on

Being new to the services of Barking Mad,I can honestly say that Brad put my mind at ease. We had Coco taken on a 3 day trial period prior to our holiday in October.
Brad took personal care of Coco at his home.We have no fears of leaving Coco in Brad's capable hands.
First class service from pick up to return home. Thanks Brad.

Posted by: BOB THOMSON on

We could not be more happy with Barking Mad. Brad was efficient, everything was well planned in advance and worked like clockwork, and our four legged friend came home after two happy weeks further down the coast, still damp from a last romp in the sea, fit and healthy and excited to get back, see us, and (we have the impression) tell us what a great time he had had! The hosts were obviously well chosen for him and our active little bichon was at home with a greyhound and a cat and people who clearly cared for him as if he had been their own. We warmly recommend Barking Mad and they will be our first call when we next need a temporary home for our dog. Posted by Pierre and Christian

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Mille has just enjoyed another holiday with Barking Mad. This was the first time Millie had spent two weeks apart from us, thanks to Brad and his team we were kept up to date with how she was getting along and what she was up to.
She was happy and well when she returned home, and had obviously been very well looked after.
The service from Barking Mad helps us to relax and enjoy our holiday, we can't recommend it highly enough.
We also help out as hosts from time to time, so know first hand the joys of looking after someone else's pooch!

Posted by: Jil & Jim Scott on

Great service...as always!!
Brody(our chocolate Labrador)can't wait to go away in the car with Brad. He hates waiting for the paperwork to be completed. He's always keen to go on his Barking Mad holiday which of course gives us piece of mind that he's being looked after well and is happy when we are away enjoying ourselves.

Posted by: Kevin & Lena Linklater on

Bertie is not long back from a ten day Barking Mad holiday. He returned in super spirits and in great shape. A big thank you to his host family for keeping our much loved but elderly spaniel in such good shape. We have used Barking Mad many times and this time was no exception to all the others. A professional service delivered by a really lovely team of people. Our flight home was delayed but Karen looked after Bertie until we got home and Bertie thought it was all such good fun. The team of Brad, Jill and Karen are simply the best at what they do and are reliable, caring and Bertie just loves them all.
Thank you everyone for looking after our very special old boy.

Posted by: Sarah and David on

Our concerns about Dino's first trip away were quickly dispelled when we saw how settled he was with Karen and her family. He immediately seemed to bond with Karen and we were very impressed by her approach to Dino.

Overall we were very pleased with this first experience with Barking Mad and not to be backward we would be more than happy for Karen to look after him in the future!!!!!

It has put our mind at rest for future holidays for Dino.

Many thanks to Karen and the Team

Posted by: Keith & Leigh on

Brad made sure that every possible detail about our puppy was written down and that the perfect host family was found for us. From pick-up to return our young dog was cared for brilliantly. He came home contented and happily tired! Highly recommend Barking Mad in this area.

Posted by: Nicki on

We would like to thank the hosts for looking after Bo while we were on holiday and we think Bo enjoyed himself as well and thanks to Barking Mad for making it happen

Posted by: stephen & jane nicol on

Want to thank you Brad for the fantastic service we received from yourself and Barking Mad. I was totally reassured by both yourself and Karen and the attention to detail. Tess was completely happy to go on her holidays in the van and she came home happy and cared for and seemed to have had a lovely time with Pat in Pittenweem. I'm so happy to have found such a great alternative to kennels and will definitely be in touch again. Also recommending Barking Mad to all our doggie friends!!

Many thanks again.

Carolyn, Philip and Tess.

Posted by: Carolyn & Philip McIntosh on

My dog Amber has just returned from her host family very relaxed and well cared for and happy, thank you. I would recommend Brad & staff & hosts 100 per cent, never be scared to ask the silliest of questions or request the requirements your furr pal needs, they are always in my experience obliging. Amber settled back no problem and her being super fussy & spoilt it was clear she'd had lots of fun many thanks you lovely hosts especially the 2 young girls Ambs loved the attention. I'd defo pack her bag and return xxxxxxx Posted by Maureen

Posted by: bmadadmin on

We can't thank Brad enough for his attention to detail, patience & complete understanding as to our boys & their ways!!

During the initial consultation Brad collated a fulll account of both Paddy & Monty, this alone was very reassuring as we knew all of their needs would be met.

Having the boys collected for their weekend was wonderful, Brad was calm, professional & very reassuring, the boys left without any distress. Lee & I were very impressed - we knew from that moment we had made the right decision in contacting Barking Mad to care for Paddy & Monty for all of our holidays,

Posted by: Lee & Melanie Atkinson on

My two girls, both lab crosses just back from another stay with their fabulous hosts.
Obviously had a great time again, so well cared for and looked after.
Cannot recommend this organisation too highly. The care that is taken to match dogs with their hosts is amazing
Thanks again to all at barking mad.

Posted by: Stella Greenhill on

We were over the moon with the service you provided from start to finish and have recommended you to everyone we meet on our dog adventures. Dougal was a happy boy when he returned and he seemed to have had a great holiday with the host family. We have already booked him with you for another holiday - that says it all. Thanks again
Nancy, Dale and of course Dougal.

Posted by: Nancy & Dale Gardner on

Beinn seemed to have a lovely time at Pat's and was well fed, energetic and contented when we got him back. I had no doubts leaving him as Beinn jumped happily into the pick up service and went away with Jill. Thanks again for looking after him so well.
Carrie and Simon

Posted by: Carrie Fox on

Once again Molly & Lucy Had a fabulous time on their holiday. Don't know if I'm allowed to name names, but a huge thank you to those to families who hosted them, you'll know who you are!!The girls obviously had a great time, at the beach a lot playing in the water, which they both love.
I was a wee bit worried about Lucy, as she had been quite unwell not too long ago and was still on a lot of medication - she came back looking a million dollars. They were both obviously so well looked after and cared for.
They are going back in a couple of weeks for another short holiday as we have a family wedding and I know they'll be happy to go.
Anyone who is worried about using this wonderful service please don't be - your dogs will be so well cared for and they'll love it.

Thank you all again.

Posted by: Stella Greenhill on

Bailey and Baxter have had a super time, first with Jill, Jim and Millie whom they are great friends with already then with Brad and Jill. They came home exhausted from all the walks and fun they had had. They would and so would I recommend Barking Mad to look after your pets when you are away on holiday. It is a home from home.

Posted by: Fiona Smith on

Maddie had a wonderful time with you ,she especially liked the interaction of the other doggies with you , she was a bit down when she came home .She's ok now as all the kids have finally come home .
thank you for looking after her so well , see you next year xxxx

Posted by: melanie adamson on

When Karen came to find out all about our dog CharIi I must say I was impressed with the meticulous attention to detail. He is an older dog who was re-homed with us through the Dog Aid Society last November so we were still finding out about him ourselves and a little nervous about how he would react to another new home - albeit a temporary one. However, I was pretty confident that his hosts would know exactly how to deal with him.having all of this information And I was right, Although it always feels difficult to leave your dog for the longer holiday breaks, this time - first time with Barking Mad - was definitely easier than we have experienced before with our other dogs. Charli obviously had a ball with his fantastic hosts - and thankfully behaved well. With all of the attention he got, he was a very happy dog! But luckily he also seemed pleased to see us when he returned. Thank you Barking Mad team and hosts - you are awesome!

Posted by: Judy on

Thanks again Brad for looking after our three dogs. Excellent service and feedback.
Looking forward to our next break.

Posted by: Lyall and Linda on

Really pleased I used Barking Mad for Millie and Liam. Both dogs are rescues and have issues, Brad and Jill took them in, obviously spent time with them and understood their differences and even came back with some new ideas on how to deal with them. Millie and Liam returned home happy and healthy and I would definitely recommend Barking Mad, especially as it's home from home and not putting your dog into a kennel which is such a culture shock for them.

Posted by: Susan Drummond on

I have been using Barking Mad for a good few years now and can not fault their service. I needed a short stay at short notice and Brad immediately agreed. The girls who transported Fiddich were very friendly and he returned to us quite relaxed which he never did if he was in kennels. Barking Mad rocks!!!!

Posted by: Dave Ramsay on

My dogs can be quite a handful, both being rescue dogs with behaviour issues, but Brad and Jill had them for a week and they treated them as their own - both Millie and Liam came home happy dogs, the pictures I received showed them having lovely walks on the beach and Brad and Jill even tried out a non pull harness on Millie which seems to work really well! I really like the fact that Barking Mad make such a detailed assessment of your dogs, so know what to expect behaviour wise and can then deal with it appropriately and match the dogs to the right host family. I would definitely recommend Barking Mad to other dog owners, especially if, like me you worry about your dogs and know they would be unhappy in kennels.

Posted by: Susan Drummond on

Bertie has returned from his Barking Mad holiday in great shape. Thank you so much to his host Helen for taking such good care of our rather old but laid back spaniel. The collection and return worked as well as ever. The team of Brad, Karen and Jill are a joy to work with turning up when they say they will and giving Bertie such a great welcome when they see him. Barking Mad is ideal for our much spoiled old boy and Helen is so good to him that I doubt if he misses us at all. Well done to all involved for delivering a very professional service.

Posted by: Sarah and David on

I've used Barking Mad several times. They take great care of my pup!

Posted by: Stephanie on

Well what can I say..I was very nervous about leaving Corrie to go to my sons wedding but I really had nothing to worry about. The hosts were very good with him as he doesn't like being on his own but they were with him the whole time which made me feel better. we received photo's & messages while we were away that was a great help. Couldn't wait to see Corrie when he came home he was very happy so we know he had a good time. We received postcard telling us what Corrie had been up to.Corrie will definitely go on his holidays again.The service was fantastic from start to finish Brad is professional & friendly, maria & John were great hosts.. thank you so much.

Posted by: Diane Reid on

I was quite anxious about leaving my dogs as they both have their quirky ways, it worries me that some people can't see beyond a dogs behaviour. However I was pleasantly surprised that these behaviours are all taken into consideration at the assessment stage and I am pleased to say that Millie and Liam had a good two night trial with barking mad, my mind is put at rest that they'll be loved and treated well despite their occasional outbursts and they will be settled and happy while they stay away from home.

Posted by: Susan Drummond on

Was very happy that there was a lot of detailed information taken about our dog's habits - it was all very thorough. We felt confident that our dog would have a smooth transition to his home from home experience. The whole service was very easy and convenient.

Posted by: Judy Robertson on

Dear Brad, Jill and Karen, Bertie returned from his recent stay with Barking Mad in very good form. He loved his holiday with Darcy a lovely field spaniel and Darcy's owner was great with Bertie and put up with all his funny habits likely stealing the dish towel to get a reward. Bertie has a fairly complex medicine routine at the moment and we know that his Barking Mad host ensures his routine is followed. The service Barking Mad provides is superb for our much loved elderly spaniel. Well done team and a special thank you to his host.

Posted by: Sarah and David Wood on

Jake always loves his time with Barking Mad. He is so well looked after and I never have to worry when I'm on holiday. Thanks again for a wonderful service.

Posted by: Alison and Neil Harris on

Hugo was so excited to be picked up by a friendly familiar face and then be 'housed' by dog friendly couple that obviously love looking after Hugo. It took away any and all worry I may have had prior to going on his holidays. Many thanks to the couple and all involved in looking after our Hugo.
He almost seemed slightly disappointed to come home from his holiday away but he quickly settled back in.

Posted by: Hugo on

Bailey and Shelly came back bouncing and happy, it gives us such peace of mind knowing they are well looked after - Brad and team thanks for a wonderful service and can't wait until our next break in a couple of weeks!

Posted by: Elaine & Scott on

Finding Brad at Barking Mad was a god-send! I am a busy working mum with lots of last minute travel and family commitments and our precious Luna is in the best hands possible when we are all away! The service is flexible and the team are super responsive and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks!

Posted by: Fiona Logan on

Hamish had a great time and came home happy and relaxed. What a treat for him and us!

Posted by: Riki on

Ellie and Pip bounced back full of the joys after another stay with host Lorna. Its so easy just having them picked up and dropped off and they seem to really enjoy their stay

Posted by: Margaret on

Once again Daisy has had a fabulous holiday, this is her third time away with Barking Mad and has had a ball. She was very excited on the day of pick up, she could not wait to go. She returned very happy and has settled back into her routine with ease. I am grateful for the excellent care and attention she has received, it certainly sets our minds at rest knowing she is happy. She is looking forward to her next holiday later in the year. Many thanks again Fiona
Posted by: fiona on 10th May, 2016

Posted by: bmadadmin on

We recently used the services of Brad at Barking Mad as our family members that usually help us out are getting elderly and unable to walk our Jackadoodle Gizmo. We were very impressed with the service that we received and Gizmo came back very happy unlike any other time we had him in kennels.
We have booked him in again and will be recommending Barking Mad to all our friends and family.

Derek & Lorna

Posted by: Lorna Lockhart on

Dudley had a great holiday in Anstruther while we were away. Receiving the pics gave us peace of mind he was a happy boy and stopped any worrying.

Thanks for taking good care of Duds

Brad, Karen and the team :)

Posted by: Sara on

Once again an excellent service.Logan greatly enjoyed his stay with Karen,the photos she sent were very reassuring.He is very happy to see her and is looking forward to his next adventure.Very happy to recommend this service to friends.

Posted by: Marie and Gordon Doig on

I so appreciate the services of Barking Mad - from pick up to drop off Brad, Jill, Karen and host families are fantastic. Roscoe is well looked after and returns home as though back from his 5 star holidays, very relaxed (well, as much as a wee terrier can ever be anyway!!) and happy.
He's in safe hands and it's like being home from home for him. Perfect. A massive thanks to you all and we'll see you again next week! ????

Posted by: Liz Wijeratne on

Once again, Dexter had a great couple of days with Karen and family. Karen sent me photos of his activities, and he looked very happy. He settled right back with us on return home, which re- enforces the fact that he was very well looked after,

Many thanks agin, Karen. And to you, Brad for setting it all up.

Posted by: Sandie Rice on

Bertie has returned from his latest Barking Mad in good form. Bertie was collected and returned on time by Karen of Barking Mad which was super. He was on a fairly complicated set of medication but that was not a problem during his stay. We received a photograph of Bertie on the first day of his break and an update of how he was getting on which was great as we were anxious about Bertie and his medication. When he came home he came with his post card. We are very grateful to Barking Mad for yet another successful holiday for Bertie. The quality of service is superb.

Posted by: Sarah Wood on

Jack had a fab holiday as usual and we had a great time knowing he was being well looked after.

Posted by: Susan Powrie on

I had another lovely time with Barking Mad while my humans were on holiday of their own.I always enjoy my stays and meeting new friends each time is great.
Looking forward to my next holiday with Barking Mad.

Posted by: Icarus on

This was the third time I have used the services of Barking Mad. I have only positive things to say about this organisation. They are very efficient and well organised and definitely have the dogs best interests in mind. Our dog had a very bad experience with kennels and I was concerned initially at leaving him. However he had a great time with his host family who looked after him really well. I will never use kennels again. The peace of mind of knowing that my dog is well looked after and cared for is well worth the wee bit extra cost involved. Brilliant service from a first class organisation.

Posted by: Tony Fitzpatrick on

Archie had a very happy holiday, thank you.

Posted by: Lesley Geyer Brooks on

Beinn had a lovely week with Asher the Greyhound and his family. Karen came to collect him and he jumped straight into the van without a backward glance. That's how comfortable Beinn is with the Barking Mad staff. We also enjoy hosting the dogs ourselves.

Posted by: Carrie Fox on

Angus has been on holiday again and had an amazing time. It's great to know someone is looking after him so well while we are away. Brad and his team plus all the hosts give me great confidence and are hugely reassuring. Angus always enjoys himself and comes back shattered from constantly playing. I can't recommend Brad and Barking Mad enough. Until next time :)

Posted by: Adam Browne on

Brad & Jill,
Thank you once more for making our holiday possible by looking after Bramble. We know how challenging she can be and were reassured that she was in good hands. Your flexibility around our cancelled flight was invaluable and very much appreciated. We look forward to arranging further holidays for Bramble with you in the future.
Best wishes,
Nick & Rachel

Posted by: Nick Haldane & Rachel Evans on

Leo had a great time, it was like he'd never been away.
He looked relaxed and happy when he returned .
We were confident when we were away that he was being well looked after. (Too well actually now he expects to get pampered!).
We will continue to use barking mad in the future .
Many thanks again

Posted by: Becky forrester on

The whole experience was great from our point of view. The host (Karen) and Logan seemed to get on very well together. we really appreciated the emails with photos that Karen sent us. we will certainly be using your excellent service again.

Posted by: Gordon Doig on

This was Millie's third holiday with Barking Mad and thank you Brad and Jill for your kindness and thoughtfulness shown to her. Thank you also for the birthday card on her birthday and the photo and report sent to us on our holiday - perfect peace of mind!

Posted by: Beryl Crocker on

The Barking Mad team did a great job of making sure my dog was well taken care of in my absence! I would definitely use them again.

Posted by: Stephanie on

Extremely satisfied with Tully's care while on his holiday with Barking mad. Victoria obviously took very good care of him. He came back the same happy healthy dog I sent away and although I really miss him when he goes on holiday I will definitely be using Barking Mad again. Thank you so much it is very reassuring that when i need a break and cant take Tully with me I have somewhere safe to send him to be looked after just as I would .

Thanks again for giving Tully a nice holiday

Posted by: HelenSmith67 on

Dudley had a great mini break with his hosts John & Maria. He is booked again for another short break and we won't worry about him as he is in good hands. Thanks Barking Mad Team

Posted by: sara on

Millie, our Westie enjoyed another weeks holiday with Barking Mad. She had a great week with her friend Angus in Dundee. Angus has stayed with us in the past and Millie was delighted to be back with an old playmate!
Huge thanks to Brad, Karen and Jill at Barking Mad, we go away knowing our pet will be well cared for and loved. She goes away with her tail wagging, and not one glance back!
A win win situation, can't recommend it highly enough.

Posted by: Jill & Jim Scott on

I can't recommend Barking Mad enough, the service they provide is 2nd to none and I can confidently go on holiday in the knowledge that my dog will get all the love and attention that she would get at home.This has been the 2nd time I have used and will do so again without hesitation in the future.

Posted by: Janette Mcgee on

My 2 dogs have now had 3 short breaks with Barking Mad. They come back happy and relaxed and we are so pleased to have found a dog boarding service which fulfils the needs of us and our dogs.
The service provided is excellent from beginning to end and I would happily recommend Barking Mad to anyone looking for a solution to doggy care for holidays and short breaks.

Posted by: karen symaniak on

Diesel went on his holiday over Christmas while we were away. As soon as he saw Karen coming for him he got so excited. We were a bit worried at first but when we got to the airport we were put at ease with the photos we received of Diesel and his host family and their puppy. Over the next couple of days we got more photos of Diesel having a great time. During our holiday we received an email asking if Diesel's host family could take him on a break to Aviemore with them, we thought this was great as he must of settled in really well. When Brad brought Diesel back to us after our holiday he was rely pleased to see his humans again and it was obvious that he had a great time with his host family. Thanks again to all at Barking Mad for a first class professional and personal service. And also to Carrie and her family for looking after our pampered pooch so well.

Posted by: Brian Knight on

Would highly recommend Barking Mad , from start to finish Brad and Karen have been professional and helpful. Ozzy our old English sheepdog enjoyed his stay with Lorna and came home happy and relaxed almost as if we hadn't been apart for 3 weeks !

Posted by: Maria Kilpatrick on

we have used brad at barking mad several times now and have always had a first class service , we would highly recommend .

Posted by: mike stewart on

Once again, Mocha was well cared for while we were away. I trust Brad and Barking Mad completely to ensure her well being. Personal attention to each pet as an individual is what makes Barking Mad unique.

Posted by: bradymh on

Once again Jack had a great holiday and we had peace of mind knowing he was being looked after by someone who knows him. Will definitely be using Barking Mad again.

Posted by: Mrs Susan Powrie on

Mocha had an excellent first stay with Barking Mad. The personal attention and focus on Mocha's well-being leading into the stay gave confidence that my beast would be in good hands...and she was.

Posted by: Mike Brady on

Thank you Brad and Barkingmad.Once again Sammy had nice holiday and returned home relaxed and happy.Thank you.

Posted by: Magdalena &Marcel Andruszko on

Paddington said he quite enjoyed his visit to the seaside even though he isn't the great outdoor type. Far more important, all his home comforts were there and he had a jolly good bark at the postman, just like home! He says thank you to his very kind hostess.

Posted by: Stephanie Brown on

I've used Barking Mad now for a few years and can quite honestly say that my dog is a lot happier going there than in Kennels.
I used to worry if he was eating etc while in kennels but I can now go on holiday and know he'll be happy.
I've recommended BM to all my family and friends, it's an invaluable service.
Thanks again

Posted by: Alison Harris on

Think the service we got was great. A couple of little hiccups when Diesel went for his trial days but was sorted out very quickly. Very professional and with a personal touch. Now barking mad know what type of accommodation Diesel is best suited to

Posted by: Brian Knight on

My 2 dogs recently had their 1st stay with Barking Mad.
From start to finish I knew that they would be happy, safe and well cared for. I will definitely use Barking Mad again, and would happily recommend.

Posted by: Karen Symaniak on

Thanks to Maria and John for taking such great care of wee Roscoe. It sounds like he's had the best of times with you both - and it sounds like Shaun visiting you has been a big bonus for Roscoe too! I know that he'd love to stay again with you. He returned home completely happy and relaxed with no signs of any stress at all - which is fantastic being his first time away from home.
I'm so delighted that you loved having him to stay - he's such a full on little chap, isn't he - but gives everyone such a laugh and such a lot of snuggles? Barking Mad really gives me peace of mind when we go away and Brad and Karen make it all so easy with their professionalism. Thanks to you all!

Posted by: Elizabeth Wijeratne on

Beinn was cared for to a high standard and returned happy and healthy. It was reassuring to receive the regular updates and photos.

Posted by: Carrie on

From our first meeting with Brad we all felt very at ease and even our stand offish Dogue de Bordeaux let him tickle her ears so he passed her test! Having a mad boxer boy and a gorgeous DDB are not everyone's cup of tea for looking after but Brad was true to his word and found a wonderful host and our little monsters were loved and looked after, its great getting photos and texts to say how they have settled really puts a worried mummy's mind at rest. They came back full of life and with a glowing report card and most importantly and open invite back! Roll on the holidays for Mum & Dad

Posted by: Elaine Lamb on

Left my precious Springer Tully for 2 weeks with Barking mad host and although I really missed him it doesn't look like he missed me at all. I received photos and texts to reassure me he was fine and he certainly looked it he made a lovely new friend Darcey anot her beautiful Springer whom I am sure he missed when he first got home. I won't hesitate using Barking mad again Tully came back the happy healthy dog I left behind in fact I even think he learned a few things from Darcey.

Posted by: Helen Smith on

I can thoroughly recommend Barking Mad for doing exactly what it says on the tin! Considerate, carefully orchestrated care of our lively and affectionate red setter say her away from us for a week's cruise. (us , not her!) she returned delighted to see us, but had obviously been extremely well cared for. I really appreciated the texts and photos too. I would certainly feel secure in leaving her with Barking Mad on another occasion.

Posted by: Rose for Lily because she can't type - her paws are too big! on

This is the third time we have used Barking Mad this year, and was initially devastated to find out, a few days before our 3 week holiday, that our dogs usual hosts were suddenly unavailable….

That said, Brad obviously pulled out all the stops, at short notice, to find alternative suitable hosts for our two Chihuahuas, and I must say, although apprehensive, in the end we were delighted with John and Marie.

We were offered extra reassurance in the form of photos, video clips and messages, which indeed put our minds at rest whilst we were away. The postcard was fantastic and really made me think that they cared about them. the dogs came back happy and well with no issues and I will have no hesitation in requesting John and Marie in the future….. Thank you so much x

Posted by: Juliet Gallacher on

I couldn't be happier with my experience of Barking Mad. I was very nervous about leaving my dog as she is very anxious and doesn't cope in a kennel environment - so after reading customer experiences with Barking Mad I contacted Brad. The whole service offered is very professional and reassuring - all information is taken regarding your dog including peeves and habits - which is recorded for all concerned. Pick up was prompt and Karen was very understanding of my anxieties! I was offered extra contact to ensure Marley had settled, which helped a great deal. Marley was returned with no problems - and the postcard is a nice touch! She had a great time and I will not hesitate to use Barking Mad for our next holiday!

Posted by: Tina Edmundson on

Nutmeg and Mace enjoyed another holiday with Liz and Ronnie and came home happy and healthy again. I think they made themselves straight at home and I hope that Nutmeg's play bark didn't annoy them too much. They got lots of walks and sounds as if they were spoilt. I didn't worry when I was away as I know Liz and Ronnie take good care of them. The postcard of their stay made me laugh when Nutmeg kept thinking that the apples falling from their tree were tennis balls and thought she was in tennis ball heaven. They look forward to another Barking Mad holiday soon.

Posted by: Carol Jacob on

Thank you Brad and Gill and the host families for the kindness and care shown to Millie. She came home relaxed, healthy and happy. This was her second holiday with Barking Mad and in a few months she will be having a third!

Posted by: Dave & Beryl Crocker on

Archie had a lovely time with his hosts, came back to me stress free, such a weight of my mind when we go away.

Posted by: Lesley Geyer Brooks on

Very happy with the tailored service provided by Brad and his lovely team. I felt Frieda had been very well looked after by her host family who kept her safe and happy while we were away on holiday and were very tolerant of her idiosyncrasies! Thank-you for the postcard it all rang very true!
Thanks again.

Posted by: Emma Schmidt on

Beinn came home with a shiny coat and firm body showing he'd eaten well. He had enjoyed playing with the host's dog and had received plenty of exercise as he settled well at home. It was a reassuring to receive Beinn's photos while I was away. I would definitely use Barking Mad again as Beinn received as much care as he gets at home.

Posted by: Carrie Fox on

We were very pleased with our first Barking Mad holiday for Pip & Ellie. Thanks to Brad and to Lorna for their care as Pip can be quite a handful! As Barking Mad hosts ourselves we see the service from both sides and think it is the perfect answer for most dogs and great fun too.

Posted by: Margaret Franklin on

A great service as always, really appreciated Brad being able to take Brody at short notice to allow us to attend a family funeral. Brody was then back a couple of days later for his summer hols. It gives us real piece of mind knowing that he is being so well looked after by Brad and his great hosts.
thanks again.
Kevin & Lena

Posted by: Kevin & Lena Linklater on

We were very impressed with the professional attitude of the company. The whole process was very easy and we were happy with the feedback we got on how Jack had settled in. Will definitely use you again.

Posted by: Susan Powrie on

Bailey and Baxter have had a super time this weekend whilst their family were all away at a wedding, I feel they had such a super time they would be very happy to go to the same couple when we use the service again, it is a home from home and we cannot recommend the service highly enough, the highlight for me was the postcard which summed up both boys to a t.

Posted by: Fiona Smith on

We'd just like to say thank you very much for looking after our little Coco and Daisy while we were away on holiday for a week. Barking mad gave us total peace of mind that they were both safe and being well looked after. We particularly liked receiving photos and updates about their holiday and what they'd been up to.

I would highly recommend barking mad for owners (and little dogs) who maybe wouldn't cope too well with the thought of kennels.

Coco and Daisy cannot wait to go on holiday again and, because of barking mad, neither can we!

Posted by: Stephen & Tracy on

thanks to sarah and david for looking after patch she missed bertie. we would highly recomend you I will definitely be back again, would it be possible to get sarah david and bertie again? as patch liked them! Posted by Gladys and Adam

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Having used your service before we knew Daisy was in safe hands with Brad and his wonderful host families. Daisy had a lovely time in your care, totally relaxed on her return. I have recommended Barking Mad to friends as we feel total piece of mind going away knowing Daisy will be well looked after and have lots of fun on her holiday. Thanks again and also for the post card Daisy sent whilst in the care of Catherine. See you again soon. Fiona and Colin

Posted by: Fiona and Colin on

Hi Brad We were a bit worried at first as Mika had never been left with someone he didn't know,but our fears are were unfounded as he seemed to enjoyed his holiday very much,and we will have no worries next time.Thanks to you,Karen and your team of carers for understanding that our Dogs are so important to us,We can't recommend you all enough.Thanks Brad.

Posted by: Ann lorimer on

Barking Mad provided terrific care for our Westie, Hamish. He was well looked after, completely unstressed, and came home a happy boy. Thanks to Brad and Jill for a great holiday for Hamish!

Posted by: Riki Shore on

Thanks, Brad and Gill for giving our Dex another happy mini break. And thanks for the lovely beach photos. Also, thanks to Karen too, for being there too.

We've been with Barking Mad for about a year now, and have been happy with the service. It's always a worry when we have to leave our precious dogs, but I can recommend Brad and his team to find a happy second home for their holidays.

Brad runs a very professional and caring team of hosts, who get as much back from your pets, as the pets get from them - win/win, in my view!

Thank you,

Sandie Rice

Posted by: Sandie Rice on

Prince and Monty seemed to enjoy their stay with their 'holiday mum and dad' and the postcard is a lovely touch…

We missed them terribly but our minds are at rest as they are being taken care of so well…

It's a very professional service that you offer and we will continue to recommend you to family and friends...

Posted by: Juliet Gallacher on

Thanks again Brad, Jake seemed to have had a lovely time with Albert and came home quite relaxed after his long weekend break. I'm equally sure he will enjoy his next holiday with 'Barking Mad' in November.

Posted by: Eileen Todd on

Once again Sammy had a good time and was very well looked after. Thank you Brad.

Posted by: Magdalena and Marcel Andruszko on

We tried "Barking Mad" for the first time this summer for our beautiful bernese mountain dog, Haggis. We were impressed by this friendly, professional service; the people involved really know and love dogs. Our dog was happy to see us but not desperate and he had been pampered and exercised. Knowing he would have to sit in the car for quite a few hours, his brilliant carer Mairi had given him a good 40 min walk before handing him back. You even get a postcard from your dog and his carer telling you how his stay went. We will definitely use "Barking Mad" again!
Posted by: Marja Smith on 24th Aug, 2015

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Once again Monty had a good time and was very well looked after. Great service from Barking Mad. Thanks to Karen, Brian and especially Dylan for making his stay such a happy one.

I would absolutely recommend and will definitely us again. Thanks, Ray and Irene

Posted by: Ray and Irene Mooney on

Thank you Brad for an excellent service. Millie clearly enjoyed her time with her hosts and we really appreciate the lengths you went to in bringing her back to us for a day. We will definitely be using Barking Mad again.
Posted by: Mairi on 22nd Aug, 2015

Posted by: bmadadmin on

i have used barking mad a few times now and have never been disappointed , its great to know that your dog is not locked up in a cage most of the day .

Posted by: mike stewart on

Was very wary at first about leaving my girls when I hadn't seen for myself where they were going. How silly was I?!!!!
They obviously had an absolute ball
The pictures and messages were fantastic , made it so clear they were happy and relaxed.
When they came home they had clearly been very well looked after and were just just their normal happy selves. The feedback was excellent too.

Would not hesitate to recommend with no reservations and the girls will definitely be back.

Posted by: Stella greenhill on

Bailey and Baxter would like to thank Brad for looking after us when Mum and Dad hosted a big party that we were not invited to. We had the best of times and loved running on the beach as that is our very favorite thing to do. We are already counting the days until our next holiday.
Thanks again Bailey and Baxter's mum

Posted by: Fiona Smith on

I must thank brad , his staff and the host family for making maddies stay a lovely experience.
She has never been away before but I was reassured that she would be looked after well. I received a lovely photograph of maddie with her family before I left to go on holiday. On my return I had a very nice card from my family and maddie looked very happy and healthy. I think she would love to go away again
Brilliant service. Thanks again.

Posted by: melanie adamson on

First time away for amber.shes a bit of fussy eater and spoilt.but she came back very happy and content.and after a quick hug fell asleep (snoring loudly).havent heard that before ha ha.she was very well cared for and would defo book again.brad was easy to chat with and put me at ease.and as for lauren who looked after amber
.well many thanks she came back mega relaxed & happy woof woof xxxxFEsEr

Posted by: Maureen jones on

Thanks to Brad and his helpers, brilliant service from Barking Mad.
Planning next years break confident that Shaz, Benny & Jake will be well looked after and having a good time.
Thanks again

Posted by: Lyall on

A top notch service from Brad & his Team! I have been using Barking Mad for over a year now, my gentle giant Great Dane is a bit of a sensitive soul. This was the first time Grayson was away for a full week, as always, there was nothing to worry about. Grayson was well looked after. I'm sure Grayson is already wondering when he will be going on his holidays again? Thank again to Brad, Karen & The Barking Team, big slobbery kisses from Grayson ???? Posted by Jennifer

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Rags had a great stay with his pals again. It really helps to know he is happy and settled whilst we are away on holiday. Great reliable service as always. Time to start planning the next break.

Posted by: Kate on

Milo returned looking healthy and happy as always after a visit to his favourite hosts. We are really happy with his care and always feel confident leaving him with Barking Mad. Thank you! Posted by Mary

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Hi we were pleased when Rocco got excited at being picked up / going on his long weekend. So much so he didn't even look back!
He went to different hosts this time but again the pics were very re-assuring, thank you.
Again peace of mind for us that he,s getting walked and getting lots of loving cuddles.
Thank you once again.
Kerry and Mark x Rocco x

Posted by: Kerry on

This was our first experience with Barking Mad, one word sums up the quality and care of our pet Bonnie (Labrador) FANTASTIC. From introductions by Brad&Gill to expert care and social media up-dating whilst we were abroad were above and beyond. Kennels are a thing of the past , we really can't thank everyone at Barking Mad for the great detail and superb service we have received.
Bonnie is our world and we feel she has been treated like royalty , thank you all. Posted by Craig & Fiona.

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Once again we are completely happy with Fiddich going with Barking Mad. He comes back relaxed and seems to enjoy his break. Karen and Jill were friendly and helpful during pick up and return

Posted by: Dave and Allison (Fiddich) on

Dru and I have been home for two weeks now, both of us fully rested, thanks to Dru not having to tackle any stairs for his holiday stay. He's an old boy now with wobbly legs, but Brad made sure that he was placed with Liz and Ronnie where he would be spoiled like at home and no stairs. Thanks again and I recommend barking mad to every dog owner I meet! Posted by Roma and Dru

Posted by: bmadadmin on

I'm very pleased with the service of Brad at "Barking Mad"
Jake always comes home very relaxed and I know he's always been well looked after.
I've recommended BM to all of my friends, it's a much kinder environment for your dog than kennels.
Thanks Again

Posted by: Alison Harris on

When Dillon badly gashed his leg, Brad stepped in within an hour to house our other dog Archie. This allowed Dillon to rest and the wound to heal more quickly. Thank you to Albert who hosted Archie and I hope he has recovered from the long walks pointers need!

Posted by: Sara on

Hi Brad

I just wanted to let you know that Coll arrived home in great shape. He seems very at ease with the whole arrangement. You have provided a great service all round; I will give you a call the next time we go on holiday!
Thanks again

Posted by: Magnus Bell on

We were let down at the last minute just prior to our holiday Barking Mad were recommended and Brad stepped in. Our dogs, Jeff and Lulu were well cared for and so happy which was clear from the pictures and videos that were sent to us. I highly recommend Brad and Barking Mad!

Posted by: Sue on

Hi Brad,
as always Rags has had a great time on his holidays. I enjoyed my break knowing he was in safe hands. Wouldn't have him anywhere else now.

Posted by: Kate McGregor on

Thank you so much Brad and Karen and also Liz and Ronnie who Monty our miniature dachshund spent his first holiday with recently.
We were a little apprehensive leaving him as he had never been away from us before, but we needn't have worried as he was happy and obviously well looked after by his host family.
We would happily recommend Barking Mad and will definitely use their services again in the future.
It was lovely to receive photos of Monty enjoying his holiday and nice to receive a postcard from Liz and Ronnie, who he obviously took to, on his return telling us about his visit.
We would particularly like to thank Karen for an easy transition, Monty was clearly happy and relaxed to be with her, and we were able to enjoy our daughter's wedding 'guilt free'.
Monty is looking forward to his next holiday with Barking Mad.

Many thanks to all.

Irene and Ray. Posted by Irene and Ray

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Hi Brad,
Thanks once again for hosting Misty while we were in Ireland for a long weekend. She clearly had lots of fun and excitement as she struggled to keep her eyes open when she got home! She loves her little Barking Mad holidays (I think she sometimes prefers you to us!!) and I've recommended your services to a colleague in Perthshire who has her dog booked in next month.
Thanks again!
Lissa and Brian

Posted by: Lissa Stewart on

This is the first time we have used Barking Mad and we would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend to others! Neither of our dogs cope well in kennels so we have always avoided holidays where they couldn't come with us but the fantastic service offered by Brad has now opened up more options for us as we know they are happy & safe with Barking Mad.

Posted by: Katherine & Colin Houston on

This was my first time using Barking Mad and I was a bit hesitant about leaving my two cockers spaniels - Nutmeg and Mace, with someone I didn't know but Brad reassured me that Liz and Ronnie would be brilliant hosts for them. Before I even got on my flight at the airport I received two videos of them playing in the garden and their tails were wagging like mad so I knew they were going to be ok. I got further updates and pictures throughout my holiday which was great. It sounds as though Liz and Ronnie spoiled them rotten but they did get lots of kisses and cuddles in return! I got a lovely postcard from Liz and Ronnie on my return detailing what Nutmeg and Mace got up to while they were on their 'holiday' and it sounds as though they made themselves right at home instantly. I would like to thank Brad, Liz and Ronnie and I would definitely use them again. Nutmeg and Mace came back happy and healthy and I am sure would love to spend more time at Liz and Ronnies for future holidays.

Posted by: Carol Jacob on

Am so grateful to you and Jill for taking such great care of Maxi.
He was obviously a very happy and contented chap with you both. I know that if I need him to go on holiday again, I can do that with peace in my heart.

Posted by: Julie Craik on

Big Thank You to Brad and Karen at Barking Mad and Jim and Jill with Millie for making Angus's first holiday an amazing one!
We were so happy for the updates and photos, and the knowledge that our little guy was looked after so well from start to finish.
Thankyou so much and I know Angus will be excited next time he gets to go on holiday:)
Adam and Laura. Posted by Adam Browne

Posted by: bmadadmin on

My mummy and daddy have been using Barking Mad for several years now. I always had a lovely time while they were away. This time, they have left me the longest, a whole two weeks, and I enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun with my host.

Posted by: Icarus on

Thank you Brad and Karen for the care and attention you gave Milly and special thanks to Liz and Ronnie who were such loving hosts. When you love your dog and want the best for them like I do, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Milly's looking forward to her next holiday in July.

Posted by: Barbara and Dave Porter on

Bertie returned from his latest holiday with Barking Mad in very good form. His host Helen was super even when Bertie stole her toast at breakfast! The service is ideal if you have a much loved pet. The collection and return of Bertie went very smoothly, as always. We are just about to book Bertie in for another break with Barking Mad confident that he will be hosted with a caring host who will take super care of him. Many thanks to both Brad and Karen they are a super team.
Sarah and David

Posted by: Sarah Wood on

Hi Brad,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to both you and Karen and to Stan and Margaret for looking after Bramble so well on her recent Barking Mad holiday. This was her second stay and once again we were impressed with the professionalism and care given to our dog. Apologies to Stan and Margaret for her persistent pulling on the lead. She would ideally spend the whole day running chasing birds we are trying to work on this! We also loved the photos of her and Pip playing together particularly with each other's toys. We hope Pip has rested after her busy week with Bramble.
Many thanks once again
Rachel and Nick

Posted by: Nick & Rachel Haldane on

Very pleased with our first experience of Barking Mad. Brad made the booking process simple, and was professional throughout. He had to accommodate some late changes to plan as our dog came into season when we left, all handled very well by both Brad and the hosts. Our dog had a great holiday of her own, I'd highly recommend Barking Mad and will be using them again in future.

Posted by: Shaun Waddell on

Once again used Barking Mad while we were away visiting our son in France for a week. Hamish went away very happily and came home just as happy. We received a video on WhatsApp of him playing with Millie his hosts' dog. It's lovely to know he is happy while we are away. Jim and Jill looked after him very well.Thank you again for a stress free time leaving Hamish behind. We feel very confident with Brad's care and professionalism. Posted by Janey Goodman

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Thank you very much to Brad for taking on Misty again at quite short notice while we went to Dublin for the weekend. From the pictures she clearly had an absolute ball & we are now actively deploying the water spray which works a treat! Thanks again!

Posted by: Lissa Stewart on

Once again, our Border Terrier-cross, Daisy, had a wonderful holiday with Barking Mad. It makes such a difference to us knowing that she will be safe, well cared for and happy with Brad and the team, however long we are away for. She's so happy to be with them that she almost doesn't want to come home!

Posted by: Gillian Harrower on

Our springer spaniel Holly really enjoyed her trial period of 2 days. All the information given to Barking Mad was of use and she settled in at her hosts with no problems. The way that Brad and his staff handle the dogs is very reassuring and you know that your pet is in good hands from start to finish. We will use barking mad again once we get some holiday dates organised.

Posted by: Annette Mc Ivor on

Once again, fantastic service from Brad and Barking Mad.
Sammy is a happy boy which makes us very happy.
Sammy always enjoys his hollidays with Barking Mad.
Brad thank you once again.
Best regards

Posted by: Magdalena Andruszko on

A real emergency that was open ended with a lovely old dog.
Brad couldn't have been more helpful or considerate to Duke with his little foibles. It's not cheap but you get far more than you pay for, a real home from home which can be so important. Very good and regular communication too which helps put your mind at rest.

Posted by: Angus montgomery on

My middle aged spaniel, Bertie, thoroughly enjoyed his latest holiday with Barking Mad. His host, a lady called Helen, took excellent care of him and he returned in his usual good spirits. He has now got to the stage that when he sees the Barking Mad vehicle he can't wait until he gets aboard and sets off on his latest adventure. Bertie is very special to us as we nearly lost him through illness in the middle of last year and it is therefore all the more important that we know and trust the service that Barking Mad offers. Brad and Karen are helpful and pleasant when either of them comes to get Bertie and Bertie now regards them as his best "chums"

Posted by: Sarah Wood on

From the moment our dog is picked up we have absolute confidence that he will be well cared for and that adequate support will be available to his 'host' family should it be required. He was returned a week later having had a great week with good company and perfect care.....we love Barking Mad...and so does our special dog!

Posted by: Maureen Clark on 11th Feb, 2015

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Once again, fantastic service from Brad @ Barking Mad.
Grayson is a happy boy which makes me very happy.
Grayson went to stay with a lovely family in Carnoustie where he had a great friendship with their puppy Pip. I do hope that Pip comes to stay with us one day, so we can repay the favour.
Thank you again to a wonderful Team. I couldn't ask for more.
Jenni x

Posted by: Jenni Bird on

Excellent service from Brad, taking our three dogs personally to allow us a wee break.
Regular updates , including the bonus of photographs of 3 happy dogs, put our minds at rest .
Already booked for this Summer, thanks again Brad, you have gone beyond the call of duty to help us.

Posted by: Lyall and Linda Mitchell on


We recently started using your service and Brad from Kingsbarns was our local Barking Mad contact.

If anyone represents complete professionalism with a friendly 'nothing is too much trouble' approach it is Brad.

He is a example to anyone in business on how to create confidence and make you feel that you are genuinely getting value for money.

Our dogs love visiting Brad and as a dog owner that says everything you need to know.

I cannot recommend Brad highly enough. 10/10 in every respect.

Thank you again for a brilliant service.

Mark & Connie Cargill

Posted by: Mark Cargill on

Brody has been going to Barking Mad for a few years now. He is always excited to see Brad and jumps in the back of the car with his tail wagging. Brad always texts to let us know that he's doing fine and Brody always comes home looking happy and well. We could never put him into kennels as he spent months in kennels before we took him. It was a big weight off our minds when we found Brad and Barking Mad. I can't recommend them enough.

Posted by: Lena Linklater on

We went on holiday again with our minds completely at rest knowing Hamish would be happy and well looked after. Got several texts, photos and even a video from the beach so we could see he was well. Came home to a very happy dog. We will definitely be using Barking Mad again :)

Posted by: Janey Goodman on

We have now used barking mad three times and feel very confident our golden doodle Marley is in safe hands. Brad keeps us updated regularly on her little holiday. A new couple from Carnoustie looked after her very well and Marley got on great with their pup called pip. Thanks again brad, she came back well and has settled back in no problem.

Posted by: Kevin Watson on

I was worried about leaving my 12 year old Yorkie in an unfamiliar home, though it seemed a much better alternative to kennels (where he's never been). So he went to Brad for a few days trial. It was reassuring to receive the texts and pictures showing him very settled. Lunan's fine, flyaway hair proved a bit of a grooming challenge, and Brad nobley put up with his snoring all night, while Lunan returned home quite relaxed and happy. Posted by Lindy MacLean

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Another holiday for Coco with Barking Mad. Thanks to Brad and his assistant Karen, whom it was lovely to meet at last for having our precious little Coco Bean.
It is great to have regular updates and pictures it helps not to miss her so much.
This was Coco's 4th holiday this year and she has been looked after by different hosts and each time she comes back a happy girl.
What a great team you have Brad.
Karen is a great addition and a lovely lady.
Barking Mad with Brad highly recommend
Thanks Again Gill Posted by Gill and Jonathan Taylor

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Once again thanks to Brad for finding Jet and Coal the perfect home while my husband and I went away. The dogs always look happy and are loved by who they stay with, knowing that we fully enjoy our holiday. Thanks to all involved for making our holiday enjoyable and the dogs holiday a happy one too.

Julie and Neil

Posted by: Julie elder on

We left Bailey, our 12 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, for the first time with Barking Mad and we were delighted with the service. He was very well looked after by Jill and Jim and made a new friend in Millie even although Millie seemed to take a liking to Bailey's bed! We appreciated the photos and texts while we were away and the postcard was a lovely touch. Pick up and return was expertly and efficiently carried out. We would definitely use the service again and can highly recommend BM even for older pooches.

Posted by: Gloria and John Thornton on

I could relax as I knew Dru was being looked after once again and he came back looking great. I think the change did him the power of good and I will certainly be using barking mad again. I am proud to pass on info about this service to any dog owner, as I am very protective about my best friend!! Getting photos of Dru was a brilliant help at calming my nerves. Thanks everyone at Barkingmad 6mdNh2

Posted by: Roma Zanre and Dru on

Our doodle Dexter had his first holiday with BM during the October holidays. It was just a long weekend but we still worried about him going away. We did not need to worry though as Dexter had a great time. He was extremely well looked after and came back really happy. The photos really helped while we were away as we could tell that he was relaxed and chilled. Would definitely use the service again.

Posted by: Alison on

Millie was collected and delivered back to us at requested times.
Millie was in good spirits on returning home, a little quieter than usual, not sure if she was just tired or put out because we left her!
We appreciated the texts from Karen letting us know that she had settled well and slept well.
We were happy with the service provided, and will use Barking Mad again, and recommend your service to friends.
Thanks Jill & Jim Scott Posted by Jill & Jim Scott

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Malcolm enjoyed his little mini-break with Karen and family. He came back healthy and happy after spending time with his best friend, Dillon. Malcolm sends his apologies if he monopolised Dillon's beanbag! He is a needy little dog who likes someone to cuddle up to so Barking Mad is by far the best option for him. We would never trust him to anyone else and would highly recommend!

Posted by: Alice McLaughlin on

Firstly, Thank you so much , Mairi and Karen for hosting Dex Dood, and giving him such a good time whilst he was with you. I was so grateful for the lovely photos I received and loved the postcards summing up his time with you both. I know he was very happy.

Secondly, for those of you who are looking for somewhere to place your beloved dog when you have to go away, I cannot recommend Brad and his team at Barking Mad highly enough. From the time when they come and visit you and your dog at home, collecting every detail of your dogs daily routine, likes, dislikes etc, to that heart stopping moment when your fur baby leaves your home on his or her holiday, every detail is professionally and sensitively dealt with.

No-one could love their dog more than we do, and I know that we can go away knowing that our Dex is as well cared for with his hosts at Barking Mad, as he is at home.

Thank you all again. The service you provide is very much appreciated.

Posted by: Sandie Rice on

Once again we are very satisfied with the way BM cared for our dog. The philosophy that the dog is the important part of the deal means he comes back to us very happy and we know he has been looked after

Posted by: Dave Ramsay on

Our black Labrador Sammy is 2 years old and was on his first holiday with Barking Mad in September for 12 days. We were worried as we have never left Sammy for so long with other people. But everything went fine and Sammy loved his time with Barking Mad. We will use your service again soon to book a short holiday for Sammy. Once again thank you so much for looking after our dog. Now we can always rely on you as we know that Sammy will have an amazing time and will be safe and spoiled by Barking Mad hosts. Once again, a massive thank you to Brad and Barking Mad.
Posted by: Magdalena and Marcel Andruszko on 22nd Oct, 2014

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Yet again our little spaniel Toni had a very enjoyable stay at the home of hosts Liz and Ronnie. Both myself and my wife felt confident enough to enjoy our holiday in Crete, knowing that our little treasure was being cared for, and made welcome in the home of Liz and Ronnie.

We look forward to using the services of Barking Mad again next year when we head off on our annual holiday.

Posted by: BRIAN HERD on

Another very enjoyable stay with Barking Mad for Icarus. We had to book at short notice and as usual Brad was here to help.

Posted by: Icarus on

I left Dru with Barking Mad, I was worried, as I had never left Dru with "strangers" before. Now Dru has had his short stay, my mind is at rest, we had photos, updates,treats and Dru had a great time sniffing out lots of new places and was very much home from home. Now I know that when I go away, that my very spoilt friend will be safe,happy and well looked after.
Thank you Brad and you hosts, Dru will be with you very soon!

Posted by: Roma zanre on

My springer spaniel, Darcey, is only 10 months old and has just been on her second Barking Mad holiday. She returned from her most recent trip with a diary and photos of her adventures around the East Neuk with her new buddy, Walter. How cool is that?!?

I will not put my impressionable puppy into a kennel situation so without Barking Mad I would not be able to travel.

Thank you to Brad and Darcey's Barking Mad hosts! She'll be in touch soon to book her New Year break.

Posted by: Virginia & Darcey on

We could tell the moment we saw Milo again that he had been incredibly well looked after and was really happy and relaxed. He obviously had a wonderful time and his coat was looking healthier than ever! Thanks so much for all your care and attention, we will definitely be using you again!

Posted by: Mary and Alastair on

Barking mad was recommended to me by my boss and we were really keen to try as we knew Misty was not suited to kennel life. Brad put us at ease immediately and we were really confident following initial chats. We really appreciated all the pictures & updates, especially as Misty can be quite a handful. Misty clearly had a ball on her first Barking Mad adventure and we wouldn't hesitate to use this service again and can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you to Karen and Brad and their families for helping us enjoy our honeymoon safe in knowledge that Misty was so we'll cared for!

Posted by: Lissa Stewart on

Thanks Brad for looking after Jet and Coal, I feel so relaxed going away on my holidays knowing that the boys are looked after so well and that all their needs are met. Loved the photos you sent, them having a great time on the beach looking as relaxed as I felt.

Thanks again

See you soon

Julie and Neil

Posted by: Julie Elder on

Thank you for looking after Hector and Harry at such short notice. I was nervous having not used Barking Made before, but was quickly reassured by the professional service and depth of questions to get to know our dogs. I appreciated receiving photo's of them and being able to keep in touch. It was lovely to have them returned happy and had clearly enjoyed their little holiday! I will be using the service again knowing my dogs are in good hands. I highly recommend using Barking Mad.

Posted by: Nichola on

Brad, We are always well satisfied with Barking Mad. Fiddich was not at all happy going to kennels but comes back to us totally relaxed which makes it easier for us to go away.

Posted by: Dave on

Thank you for looking after Hector and Harry at such short notice. I was nervous having not used Barking Made before, but was quickly reassured by the professional service and depth of questions to get to know our dogs. I appreciated receiving photo's of them and being able to keep in touch. It was lovely to have them returned happy and had clearly enjoyed their little holiday! I will be using the service again knowing my dogs are in good hands. I highly recommend using Barking Mad.

Posted by: Nichola on

Thank you Barking Mad for looking after Hamish so well. As a young dog, puppy still, I was a bit anxious about how he would settle. Brad was very reassuring when he came round and spent a lot of time assessing Hamish beforehand and was able to answer all questions about his care. He was a very happy dog when we came home.

Barking Mad is very professionally run while at the same time giving a kind homely feel to the care of the dogs on holiday. We were able to go away without any reservations or worry.. I wouldn't hesitate to use Barking Mad again and would recommend it to anyone. So thank you Mairi and Brad for helping us out especially at such late notice.

Posted by: Jane Goodman on

Rocco our rescue staffie had only stayed away previously for one night so asking Brad/barking mad to have him then for 2 weeks meant we were nervous about how he would cope. Thankfully for us Rocco was soon settled in and when he came home after meeting more people and socialising with other pooches we found he had had just as good a holiday if not a better one than us! For me personally I really appreciated the photo updates it gave me peace of mind and meant I relaxed and stopped worrying about him. Thank you again for taking care of our wee boy, best wishes. Kerry & Mark

Posted by: Kerry McCall on

Paddington is a bichon frisé of a slightly nervous disposition but he has now 'holidayed' with Barking Mad several times, mainly with the same hosts whom he now knows and likes, showing no anxiety either with the hosts or on return home and his very kind hosts understand his little quirks. Well done Barking Mad.

Posted by: Stephanie Brown on

Once again Brad organised a weekend stay for our two dogs with very little notice! They came home happy and healthy! Thanks Brad!

Posted by: Claire Russell on

Dear Brad, I would like to thank yourself and Walter for giving Daisy a fabulous holiday. This being the first time she was away from us other than to family I was quite anxious however your professionalism and caring nature shown towards Daisy allowed my anxieties to reduce. I was very grateful for the daily updates which gave me absolute peace of mind. Daisy had a great time in fact cried wanting to go with you when you left. Thanks to Walter for the lovely photos and poems! Will definately use the service again and highly recommend it to others. Thank you once again Fiona and Colin

Posted by: fiona millar on

We have used Barking Mad for our little Border Terrier cross, Daisy, for many years, but having recently moved house she has now come under Brad's tender care! She took to Brad immediately she met him - so much so that she was somewhat reluctant to come home!

Daisy always thoroughly enjoys her stays with her Barking Mad hosts and we have the utmost faith that she is both happy and very well looked after. Thank you so much for all your care and attention.

Gillian & Douglas

Posted by: Gillian & Douglas on

Where do you send a 1 year old Great Dane who is a very large bouncy puppy??? To Brad is the answer. Amber at her stage was a challenge for anyone but she was thoroughly cared for the 3 weeks she was with Barking Mad. The whole set up was very professional and it was great to get update pictures throughout our holiday. Highly recommend and would not hesitate to use again.

Posted by: Jennifer & John on

Dear Brad

We have some sad news about Lucy. She developed a condition called haemolytic anaemia, where the immune system attacks the red blood cells, probably as a reaction to the high levels of drugs she had been on for the last few years. She responded well to treatment at first and enjoyed the warm weather down south and had a lovely holiday in Devon, but she then had a relapse and despite the best efforts of the Royal Veterinary College she developed too many complications and we had to put her to sleep. She was a lovely dog but she did take a lot of looking after and we are so grateful to you for seeing past the problems and appreciating her. It made a real difference to us being able to go away without worrying about her and it was fantastic to see how happy she was to be with you.

I hope all is going well with Barking Mad. We have just got a new dog, a 4 year old doberman bitch called Rosie, also a rescue, who we shall no doubt be sending your way in due course. We still have little Kate, although she is finally showing her age. We shall be back in St Andrews in the New Year.

Best wishes
Rowena and Carl

Posted by: Rowena Spence on

We have no anxiety about leaving Muick in the capable hands of Brad and Barking Mad. From the moment he comes in to collect Muick we feel confident that Muick is in good hands. We left knowing that every aspect of his care (as an older dog) was in hand for our two week absence. Muick had a good holiday and came back in very good shape - full of energy and looking great. I really recommend Barking Mad as a professional and caring business. Posted by Maureen and David Clark

Posted by: bmadadmin on

This is the first time we have used Barking Mad and I have been very impressed. We normally use excellent local kennels but when Bert, my Leonberger, was scheduled to have major surgery on his leg, just a couple of weeks before we were due to go on holiday, we didn't want him recovering in a kennel environment.
I was in quite a panic but when I called Brad at Barking Mad he could not have been more helpful!
It was all very last minute but Brad managed to place both my dogs, despite Bert's ten stone stature! We got updates throughout our two week break and they both came back happy as Larry!
Thank you Brad!

Posted by: Claire Russell on

Thank you Brad for arranging a host family for our 10 year old lab/collie Jake, at short notice, which enabled us to enjoy our weekend away. Once again he was well looked after (this time with Albert & Sheila). He was in need of some rest and tlc after a recent hip operation and this he received. He is now well on the way to a good recovery. Many thanks, Allan & Eileen

Posted by: Eileen Todd on 25th Jul, 2014

Posted by: bmadadmin on

This was our crazy Dalmatian Poppy's 3rd holiday with Barking Mad and 2nd with Brad. She was collected on time and we knew in advance where she was going and who she would be staying with so we didn't need to worry. Poppy came home looking relaxed and happy after her short holiday with Sheila and Albert. We will definitely use Barking Mad again and already have Poppy provisionally booked in for October 2015! We know she'll be in safe hands and treated like a member of the family wherever she goes so we have no hesitiation leaving her in Brad's capable hands. Fantastic service and I would highly recommend it as an alternative to kennels.

Posted by: Pamela, Brian & Katie Shepherd on

Can't thank you enough for taking care of Alfie. He came home looking like he had a better holiday than me. It was really good to get the photos and comments on how he was doing, really put my mind at ease. I think he behaved himself apart from the "snickers incident"! Looking forward to my next break because I know Alfie will be well looked after. Very professional. Thanks again Brad.

Posted by: Lesley on

Thanks to Brad and Barking Mad, myself and my family were able to go on a long overdue holiday with peace of mind that my best friend was in safe hands. Bronson had a lovely time and I felt reassured that he would be well looked after and cared for. I have been recommending Brad and Barking Mad to everyone who has precious 4 legged family members, and would certainly have no hesitation in sending Bronson for another holiday with Barking Mad. I was very anxious about leaving Bronson but after meeting Brad and seeing how professional and thorough he was, with the dogs best interests at heart and not just seeing £ signs like other establishments, I knew Bronson was going to be well looked after and in safe hands. I can not recommend him highly enough.
Thank you once again for a first class service.

Shirley & Bronson

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Thanks again to Brad and Barking Mad. This is the 2nd time in the last few months that we have
used this service for our little pocket rocket as Ronnie and Liz called her! Thanks to them for looking after Coco, she came back happy and well looked after with clean eyes and a shinny coat. Love Barking Mad so much and Brad's fab service that I have booked again just so that Coco can have another holiday in July! Obviously I must now book one for myself !!!! I have turned Barking Mad myself, even follow them on Facebook, great business,,Thanks Brad. Posted by Gill Anderson Taylor

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Thank you so much Brad and Jill, for your kindness and attention to our wee Millie. Peace of mind while on holiday is a wonderful thing and we really appreciated the e-mails and photos. Millie came back home happy, relaxed and bright eyed. Will definitely do this again.

Posted by: Beryl Crocker on

Well what can we say. Brad has been fantastic with our boys, they are quite a handful to say the least,but very lovable. They have come back from Brad so well behaved and very happy and we can't thank Brad enough for all his care and attention. I would most definitely recommended him as I am very fussy who I trust with my boys.

Once again thank you so much we were able to enjoy an well earned holiday without any concerns. Great service A star!!!

Posted by: Donna Hicks on

another professional peace of mind service provided by Brad and marley's super hosts. Well worth the money….

Posted by: kevin watson on

satisfied with the service 100% will use again and again and have already recommended it to friends and family .

Posted by: mike stewart on

I will definitely use this service again. Brad met with us first , very nice guy asked about Bella's routine and what she likes and dislikes. He was with me over an hour making sure he covered everything which was so reassuring.
I felt at ease straight away and signed up there and then. I was so happy to know Bella was going to a home instead of kennels.
Brad sent me picture and update of Bella's first night. She settled in well and looked so happy in the picture.
I was able to enjoy my holiday and didn't worry once about my furry baby.
She returned happy and was as bubbly as ever , I knew she had been well looked after and so for that I will definitely use this service again. Thank you to john and val for looking after Bella , I loved Her glowing report too :))

Posted by: Alison Gow on

A big thank you to Brad for arranging Malcolm's little trip to stay with Karen and the boys. It's obvious that he really enjoyed his stay and got plenty of exercise as he was mega tired last night and really looked as though he was missing someone! Leaving him will never be a worry for us again.

Posted by: Alice on

Thanks Brad and Lauren for giving Yogi and Ziggy such a good time when were away. Your service does just what it says on the tin and more. They had a great time and I am happy to recommend your service and to use it again.
Thanks again Susan

Posted by: Susan SCallan on

Couldn't find a bad word to say about Tiger's little holiday in April - the process was really smooth, the service excellent, and he came back happy and exhausted (just the way I like my very bouncy young boy!)

Would recommend this service to anyone needing a home-from-home for their furry children. Especially appreciated the picture updates via WhatsApp!



Posted by: Lizzie Nolan on

The service was great, and the time and effort to find the perfect dog sitter was too. The dogs came home healthy and looking happy thanks to John and Val who looked after them the way they get looked after at home. Posted by Julie Elder

Posted by: bmadadmin on

So glad to have found Barking Mad for our 10 year old cross collie/lab Jake. From the first meeting with Brad in our home everything went smoothly including Jake’s seamless transfer to hosts Liz & Ronnie. As this was the first time Jake had been looked after by someone other than family we were concerned that he would be anxious, unhappy and withdrawn but we need not have worried he clearly enjoyed his holiday and returned home a happy and settled pooch.
Thank you also to Brad for keeping us updated with texts on Jake’s progress with assurance that he was happy and settled in his new surroundings. This put our mind at rest and enabled us to enjoy our own holiday without worry. We have no hesitation in using barking Mad in the future and have already booked another two holidays for Jake.

Posted by: Eileen Todd on

I'm 100% happy with the service and the care given to my elderly dog, Pippa. Brad is so efficient and obviously enjoys his work - and Ed and Barbara have given Pippa such a happy and caring environment to stay in. Thanks to you all - till next time!

Posted by: Liz Wijeratne on

Everything as promised no problems with dog.We were a bit concerned for her as she is just coming out of her shell and being more like a Spaniel, after being abandoned but she is fine

Thank you

Posted by: Keith Robertson on

This is our first time using Barking Mad for our 2 dogs Abbey & Poppy and was most impressed with how Brad handled everything. My 2 took a couple of days to settle and I must say Brad really put me at ease as I was very concerned that they wouldn't settle. Anyway after several emails and a couple of calls Brad was fab and passed on to Albert & Sheila how best to handle Abbey & Poppy's little ways, and fantastic they settled down and made life easier for Albert & Sheila, and the dogs themselves were very happy. Will be using Barking Mad again in the summer and hope to get Albert & Sheila as hosts if possible. If not I trust Brad to get another lovely host like Albert & Sheila. Thank you .

Posted by: Sandra donoghue on

I have three Ridgebacks and had real concerns about going on a family holiday as normally one of my sons would look after the dogs but on this holiday that wasn't possible, and if you don't know the breed they can be a real handful. So I eventually ended up in touch with Brad at Barking Mad and from that point on it was a breeze. Brad was totally professional from day one, the detail and history he asks for puts you at ease right away. He turns up on time, does what he says and kept in touch with regular updates while we were on holiday. All in all, I would highly recommend Brad to any owners with my concerns, or are just looking for good care while on a break. I personally will certainly use his services again and cant thank him and his family enough for their time and efforts with my girls.

Graham Forbes


Posted by: Graham Forbes on 3rd Apr, 2014

Posted by: bmadadmin on

This has been the first time using this service, and I wouldn't look back. Both my dogs where well looked after by the host and I was delighted with the continual communication we received whilst on holiday on how they were settling in, the pictures we received of both our dogs during their stay where wonderful. We received an efficient and professional service and will definitely be using Barking Mad again when we go on our next holiday. From one very happy customer.

Posted by: Mrs Jacqueline A Finlay on 3rd Apr, 2014

Posted by: bmadadmin on

We have sent our 2 dogs on 'holiday' with Barking Mad several times now and love the service they provide. They are so professional and really think of the little things like photos and regular texts to let us know how things are going. Clyde cannot cope with kennels at all and although Bonnie is not so bad she hsd become unwell just a few days before we went away so there was medication to be given but it was no problem, Albert and Sheila were great hosts and thank you both so much and maybe the pigeons can come out of hiding now!!

Posted by: Anita Lofting on

Was told about Barking Mad by a friend about 5 years ago wish I had looked into it and booked it years ago.
Thank you to Brad for being fab.
My husband and I are very happy that our little black toy Pomeranian Coco was looked after by Brad himself so that he could assess her needs as we are very fussy and worry about her because she is so small..
Being kept informed was fantastic very truthful good and bad our baby doesn't travel well and Brad told us she was a wee bit sick.
He also clearly knew Coco as he texted to tell us he liked the way she put on her harness.
It's small things like that which matter.
Will be using Barking Mad in Future better than using family and friends.
Thanks Brad 9eKEEE

Posted by: Gill Taylor on

Once again we were completely happy with the care given to Fiddich during his holiday. Unfortunately he was not well but was very well looked after. We were only sorry that BM had to deal with this for us. We have no doubts that we will happily use BM in the future.

Posted by Dave Ramsay 11th March 2014

Posted by: bmadadmin on

We wanted to thank you again for Bramble's recent holiday trial!
We appreciated your professionalism, regular contact, organisation and honest feedback.
Bramble returned to us looking and behaving like her usual self (if perhaps a little tired out) which gave us a huge sense of comfort about her forthcoming holiday.
Please pass on our immense thanks to Ed & Barbara for taking such good care of her and apologise to them for her "table" manners.......we've already started working on it!
Thanks again,

Posted by: Nick & Rachel on

Fantastic service from start to finish which gave me real peace of mind for my rescue dog who would never have coped in kennels.
Hosts dealt with some unexpected and challenging behavioural issues with great care and tremendous patience which is much appreciated. When I came home Brad gave constructive feedback and professional yet friendly advice which was very helpful.
Wouldn't hesitate to use Barking Mad again and would highly recommend the service to others.

Posted by: Jean Montgomery on

Brad. Thank you again for the amazing service relating to Muick while we have been away.
He is fine today and settling into life in St Monans again!
Could you pass on to Maggie and Eddie our appreciation for their care for him. The card they wrote just indicates how good they are with him and we are pleased to share him!
We will be in touch when our dates for July are confirmed.
Best wishes
Maureen and David

Posted by: Maureen & David Clark on

I'm just writing to say thanks so much for another excellent placement for Lulu, we are delighted with the service provided and will definitely be using Barking Mad again in the future.

Please pass my thanks and good wishes to Ed and Barbara


Posted by Michael Fox

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Huge thanks for your patience in looking after our mischievous Great Dane puppy again. She seems to love her holidays with Barking Mad and we sincerely appreciate the caring and professional service you provide.

Posted by: Fiona Ross on

Boris and Boots came home looking really well and happy. They had obviously enjoyed their 12 day holiday. The hosts seemed very pleasant and were genuinely taken with the boys. They kindly exercised them well and took great care of them. We are very grateful for the organised way in which the care was dealt with. My only criticism would be that we, as owners of the pets, should be given slightly more information as to where they are going and who they are staying with, although I do respect there is a privacy factor. I only say this as there are certain towns etc I would not be happy for them to go to. I trust that Barking Mad vet thoroughly the hosts beforehand. Thank you to Brad for all his help and keeping us in touch while we were away.

Posted by: Jane Garland on

Another stay with Barking Mad and again complete satisfaction with the service. Our dog had a lovely time with his hosts and we had complete piece of mind knowing he was looked after as well as at home.
Thank you so much Brad.

Posted by: nadege on

First time we have used Barking Mad and will definately not be the last. A very well run business. Marley came back to us looking great. Charlie, Margaret & family that looked after her can have her back anytime. Brad our BM rep was very efficient and kept us updated when we were away. Big vote of confidence to barking mad!!!

Good job


Posted by: Kevin watson on

Dear Brad,
Thank you for looking after Cooper during our holiday.
The service was super and the updates with pictures of him were great....it certainly put my mind at ease.
The only problem was that on his return..he was grumpy...I think he preferred being at yours !!

Posted by: Scott and Cooper on

This was our second time of using Barking Mad and everything went very
well. Bertie, our spaniel, returned in good form and is already looking
forward to his next visit in December. A very flexible and responsive
service that suits our needs very well.

Many thanks


Posted by: Sarah & David Wood, Ceres on

Massive thank you to Brad for organising Rom's stay with Paula & family.
I loved receiving little updates and pictures of him out and about.
He always looked so happy and thoroughly enjoying himself.
We were delighted to have him home but wouldn't think twice about using Barking Mads services again.

Posted by: Marjorie Davis on

Huge thanks go to Brad and of course Helen who took on our crazy Dalmatian, Poppy while we had a well earned and much needed family holiday. We would hate to leave Poppy in a kennel for 2 weeks and she would most definitely hate it too so Barking Mad was and is the perfect solution. She came home happy and healthy and judging by the email updates and photos we received she had as good a time on holiday as we did! We'll definitely be using Barking Mad again.

Posted by: Pam & Brian Shepherd on

Oscar had a terrific holiday and we are grateful to Barking Mad for giving us the peace of mind that our pet is safe, well looked after and loved whilse we are away. I would highly recommend Barking Mad to anyone who adores their pet and doesn't want to leave them in a kennel when they go off on holidays. Barking Mad is an excellent alternative and a brilliant service with super pre, during and post care (for both pets and owners!)
We would never use anyone else now and Oscar loves it!

Posted by: Luci McLeish on

Charlie-Brown had a great time with Brad, it was lovely to see him so happy when we returned.

Posted by: Marjorie Soutar on

Fantastic service received from Brad, from start to finish, would highly recommend Barking Mad.
Thanks also to hosts Liz & Ronnie, who done a wonderful job of looking after Daisy.
Thanks again

Posted by: Alan,Charlotte & Kids on

My chocolate lab Katie has just spent a week with Barking Mad and the service they provided meant we were able to relax on holiday safe in the knowledge that Katie was herself enjoying a "break" at the coast being well looked after by her hosts Brad&Jill. We even received texts and photos from Brad whilst we were away showing us what a great time she was having! Barking Mad does cost more than dog kennels but the service is vastly superior and in our view worth every penny. After a week our dog was returned to us happy and healthy and when Brad went to leave Katie back home she turned and wanted to go back off with him in the Barking Mad van!! I highly recommend this service to all dog owners.

Posted by: Leslie McKenzie on

Paddington, our Bichon Frisé, enjoyed his second long weekend with Barking Mad recently. He knew something was afoot when he saw his bag being packed and our cases in the hall and was heard muttering "Don't forget my bed and my box of treats, and be sure to tell them that I can do an excellent job of clearing up any spare food ..." In the event he came home looking very chipper and without any additional pounds, and we gather a good time was had by all. He thinks he may well take another break later in the autumn, so long as he has time to think about it, and wouldn't at all mind going back to either of his previous billets.

Posted by: Stephanie Brown on

Our little spaniel Toni spent 2 weeks with Liz and Ronnie in their home, while we had a holiday in Cyprus. This was our first experience of Barking Mad, and we would like to say that from the initial interview right through to Toni being returned, it was a very professional service, which enabled us to go on holiday confident that our precious wee Toni was being looked after as she would do in her own home. We certainly will be using the services of Barking Mad in the future, and we will also be spreading the word around our family and friends of this great service. We would like to thank Liz and Ronnie for looking after Toni, and a special thanks to Brad, who made it all possible for us, thanks folks!

Brian & Shona Herd

Posted by: brian herd on

I was very impressed with Brad's professional yet friendly approach. After meeting with him I knew that he would be completely reliable and meticulous in the care of Roma and Siena as so it turned out to be the case. As we have Newfoundlands we appreciate that these are not easy dogs to look after but Brad found the perfect solution in placing them with Casmira who was both experienced with giant breeds and incredibly thoughtful. An excellent experience all round and I will definitely use the service again to look after out gentle giants.

Posted by: Maria Welch on

Thanks to Brad as well as Liz & Ronnie for looking after Diesel. He is as big softie and seemed to have a great time. This is the first time we have used Barking Mad and would highly recommend it to anyone rather than using kennels.

Posted by: Debbie & SAteve on

Lovely service for Dizzy. She has never been kennelled as always had family on hand to Dizzy-sit till recently, so Barking Mad was the perfect solution. Not sure she wanted to come home as she enjoyed her 'holiday' so much! Thanks so much to Brad and her 'foster parents' Albert & Sheila for looking after her so well.

Posted by: Gill Mair on

Thanks again Brad. Great service once again bearing in mind that while we were away there was a problem with Tehya that Brad sorted-out very professionally.

Posted by: Gari & Jen on

I cannot fault the care and love given to my dog Lulu whilst I was away. It was the first time I had used Barking Mad, and it certainly won't be the last. I found the service incredibly professional, from the moment of our first interview with Brad to discuss Lulu's specific needs to the point when we got her back, at the agreed time, delivered to the door. Lulu's carers, Eddie and Maggie were fantastic. They clearly gave my dog a lot of love and care whilst I was away. The value of Barking Mad is in the high calibre of its people. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone, it's a far better option than kenneling your pet. Thank you Brad, Eddie and Maggie.

Posted by: Michael Fox on

Thanks for looking after Kate and Lucy again. Its been such a relief to find someone who is prepared to take on Lucy with her various problems and to see her so relaxed and happy.

Posted by: Rowena Spence on

Brad, Thank you so much for looking after Jake for us while we had a very well earned holiday. He was suitably shattered! Loved the photos of him at the Crail food festival and running about in the fields.
I'll choose Barking Mad every time for Jake's holidays :) x

Posted by: Alison Harris on

Darach had a lovely time with Alison, her family and dogs. After such a busy household, he spent the first few days at home looking around for someone to play with! He bounced into the house, full of beans and not in the least perturbed by being "boarded out" for the fortnight! Many thanks to Alison and family for giving him such a happy time and to Brad for placing him so successfully.

Posted by: Sandra Bruce on

Thanks for looking after Bonnie she was a very happy and tired dog when she got home all in all a very good service thanks Ian

Posted by: Ian Mccandlish on

Brody had a great time staying with Brad for a few days. He's looking forward to going to Barking Mad again in August.

Posted by: Lena Linklater on

Thank you very much to Brad and to Bertie's foster parent. This was our first time of using Barking Mad and it was a great experience for all of us including our rather spoiled spaniel called Bertie. The attention to detail of what Bertie did or in his case didn't do was very good. It makes such a difference to our holiday to know that our beloved Bertie is being well cared for and enjoying himself. Well done to all involved and many thanks

Posted by: Sarah Wood on

This was the second time in quick succession that Brad looked after Fiddich for us. Again he came back in fine fettle with a good report. Result - happy owners.

Posted by: Dave Ramsay on

This was Nelsons 4th? holiday with Barking Mad and he came back happy and well looked after.He had a new host this time but settled quickly and had lots of walks and cuddles,what more could you ask for,,,looking forward to next holiday in September.
It gives our family peace of mind that Nelson is cared for whist we are away and no guilt trips!!!!. Carole Zabowka

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Since we have been using Barking Mad, we feel much happier about leaving Fiddich when we go away. He never settled in kennels but now comes back to us in good condition and happy. He was with new hosts this time and there seems to be a bit of a mutual admiration society going on. Thanks Brad.

Posted by: Dave Ramsay on

Paddington, a little bichon frise has just had his first experience of Barking Mad for an extended weekend. He's a slightly nervous little dog, and we couldn't contemplate kennels so this was the answer for him. He seems to have enjoyed his stay with a very kind hostess and has come home his usual ebullient self. Will definitely use the service again, thank you.

Posted by: Stephanie Brown on

Exactly what we were looking for! Our dog was pampered and looked after just like at home. He came back happy, seemingly having had a very good time. Brad understood and respected all our requirements: a true professional and extremely friendly. We will definitely use Barking Mad again, a real peace of mind while away.

Posted by: Nadege and Chris on

Thanks so much for looking after Kate and Lucy. Such a relief to have finally found a solution to getting them looked after when we're away.

Posted by: Rowena Spence on

Massive Thanks to Brad for looking after Oscar so well. He had a lovely time with his host and it's great to have that peace of mind that your pet is safe and loved while you are away on holidays. Well worth it and the service is fantastic. Wouldn't ever use anyone else and would highly recommend.
Thanks again!

Posted by: Luci McLeish on

Tehya had a great time with the host family and came home relaxed and happy. It is a great peace of mind to know Tehya is in a real home with caring hosts.

Thanks Brad

Posted by: Gari & Jen on

Thanks Brad mia had a great time. this is the second time she has been with barking mad and it lets me relax on holiday knowing she is being looked after this is a brilliant service.

Posted by: Patricia Dickson on

We are very happy with Barking Mad. We have used a few times now and have always recommended to friends. Basil is always settled when he comes home and he seems to be quite happy. It is a real piece of mind for us to know that he will get TLC and home comforts with the host.

Thank you Brad

Posted by: Julie on

Just want to say a huge thank you to Brad for looking after Jake. He clearly enjoyed his holiday and trips to the beach. Have told my friends about this truly wonderful service. Thank again ;)

Posted by: Alison Harris on


May 2017


Sunday 14 May 2017 - Anstruther Rotary Charity Coastal Walk


What a fabulous day we had! We set off early Sunday morning (in the rain), set up our newly liveried car with new flags too. Had a table for passers by with dog treats, poo bags and of course leaflets. A big bowl of water for passing dogs with a refill tank was also at hand.


               1 (002).jpg   2 (002).jpg


After a short mini van journey, we set off from Elie with our lovely holiday dog Lily, heading up along the East Neuk Coast to our first village stop at St Monens. It was a very slow start as we stopped twice for coffee and then frozen yogurt (before we even left Elie) - well you have to chat with the locals.


                3 (002).jpg   4 (002).jpg


Then on to St Monans. What a beautiful morning it was. Lily was in her element.


 5 (002).jpg  6 (002).jpg

                     7.jpg   8.jpg


In St Monans we met Jack Marr and his lovely Welsh Springer Spaniel called Marley manning the St Monans Heritage Collection. "You won't find a finer Welsh Springer around these parts" Jack informed me of Marley. We also chatted with the Rotary Marshall's (and had the obligatory photo call), popped in to the East Pier Smokehouse for another chat, and then headed on to Pittenweem.


 9.jpg   10.jpg  11.jpg


At Pittenweem we stopped off to see host Pat and her lovely little Westie called Cathy. Pat was also hosting the gorgeous Barking Mad holiday dog Monty (Maltese x Lhasa Apso) and whilst we had a cup of tea in the back garden, Cathy and Monty entertained Lily.


                                   12.jpg   13.jpg


Then on to say hello to hosts Victoria & Johnny and their girls Charlotte and Bella. Friend and business owner of the renowned Cocoa Tree Cafe, Sophie in Pittenweem was also on hand for a photo call with her lovely Cocker Spaniel Ella. Thanks for the energy boosting dark chocolate buttons Sophie.


        14.jpg               15.jpg


On to Anstruther and a few stops with fellow walkers and Rotary Marshall's, we decided a lunch stop was in order. Lily was by this time showing signs of "take me home, I'm done!"


 16.jpg   17.jpg
                             18.jpg   19.jpg


The last stretch into Crail was leisurely. We had a fabulous day and were really blessed with glorious weather, great friends, fellow entrepreneurs and good banter. We did pass one poor dog who look very forlornly at us over his wall as we headed to the finish line and then on home for a well earned 'feet up' and a cup of tea. The 24km walk was a breeze!!


 20.jpg   21.jpg  23.jpg




March 2017


Retriever Day @ Kingsbarns - 11 March 2017

Wow! What a fabulous day and brilliantly coordinated by Brian Walker of St Andrews. An estimated 115 Retrievers frolicked and swam at the beach at Kingsbarns whilst anxious owners hunted for their babies amongst the multitude of look-a-likes. Some clever owners had been here before and their dogs proudly wore bright bandannas or ribbons to identify them in the pack of hounds.


Round 2 for 2017 at Elie Shell Bay on 29th April




Dog Rembemberence Month Coffee Morning 4th April.

Please come and join us!



January 2017

A huge congratulations to the adorable Great Dane Grayson and his owner Jenni for recently qualifying as a TheraPet Dog. What a fabulous achievement! Jenni is now following in Grayson's footsteps and getting all the necessary qualifications to work with him and make a difference. Pictured here, Grayson was recently welcomed as an overnight guest to the Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow where he seemed to relish the 'limelight' of celebrity status!

                                16174641_1516025781771448_2337079405522761299_n (002).jpg

December 2016

Host Christmas Lunch 2016 - Dobbies, Monifieth

             2016-12-13 13.18.51.jpg            2016-12-13 13.18.56.jpg

             2016-12-13 13.19.02.jpg            2016-12-13 14.04.48.jpg                                                               


Another great day with my very special family of hosts and support team. Great catch up was had by all and the food was excellent. It is always interesting to hear the dog stories and banter about the year just passed. We are grateful as always for the brilliant support. Thanks also to Karen for always being there for us.

Brad & Jill

2017 Barking Mad Calendar

I'm proud to say that two of my photographs are featured in the 2017 Barking Mad Calendar. The gorgeous Great Dane 'Grayson' is Mr March, whilst the adorable Golden Labrador 'Ben' is Mr August.

               2016-03-19 16.24.19.jpg                    lab.jpg


Watch this space for 2018!


June 2016

A big thank you to John and his Team at Cupar Garden Centre for allowing us to put up our Host Recruitment Banner right opposite there Woodies Cafe entrance. Very much appreciated.

 cupar garden centre.jpg barking mad banner.jpg woodeys.jpg

Fife Agricultural Show - 21 May 2016

We have just attended another brilliant Fife Show held again in Cupar where we had a fabulous day, despite the weather not playing ball with us. Windy, cold, rain, glorious sun shine.......just a another typical Scottish day. Never the less we had some great fun with Henry the Dog handing out balloons to the kids, some accepting gleefully, others extremely wary of Henry. Henry also had a few choice growls from some of his K9 "friends"!

Henry the Dog playing with toys.jpg

We met some wonderful new people and hopefully have enticed a few folk into hosting with us in the future. There were many people saying that they had heard good things about Barking Mad and so we will hopefully too, have some new holiday dogs on the way soon.

Looking forward to next year already!

Shenanigans with Jill and Henry the Dog's alter ego, Rona.jpg

Lovely hosts Alison, Brian and Chloe visit us from Forfar with their dog Archie and pup Ollie.jpg

Welcome Rachel Pengelly daughter of Barking Mad Hosts Stephen Susan Thornton from Lancashire. Hello to to Scout! Small world.jpg

May 2016

Most Improved Business of the Year Award For Brad Eggleston of Barking Mad

bm apr16 award 02.jpg

Local businessman Brad Eggleston of the NE Fife, Dundee and Angus branch of Barking Mad received the ‘Most Improved Business of the Year’ award, ahead of over 70 other Franchisees at Barking Mad’s annual franchisee conference which was recently held on the shores of Lake Windermere. Driven by the desire for success, Brad has increased his turnover by an amazing 47% year on year. Managing Director of Barking Mad Lee Dancy said of Brad, “his vision for the business is robust and practical and we look forward to seeing what 2016/17 holds in store”. Barking Mad organise “home-from-home” accommodation for dogs while their owners are on holiday.

Lee Dancy was delighted to report excellent franchise growth year on year with a record number of franchisees in attendance this year. “Our franchise network are dedicated dog lovers who enjoy arranging select pet holidays, providing peace of mind for owners and pets alike”, she advises. “With our franchisees going from strength to strength, the overall picture is very positive indeed” she went on to say. Lee is a great believer in Strategy and Vision and is keen to encourage her franchisees to see the bigger picture; this was reflected in the content of this years’ conference. Franchisees and their partners were given the first glimpse of the company’s dynamic new plans for growth, expansion and development over the next 12 months.

Where to from here? “We are still very much in recruitment mode, looking to appoint franchisees in areas that offer a great deal of potential” says Lee. The energy and dedication of the enterprising people who have become franchisees, combined with the leadership and commitment of Lee Dancy as franchisor, will ensure this business continues to be the industry leader across the UK.

October 2015

Host Coffee Morning, Dobbies Garden Centre, Monifieth, Monday 26 October 2015

Host Coffee 1.jpg Host Coffee 2.jpg Host Coffee 3.jpg

"A brilliant morning was had by all. Way too many cakes but they never went to waste. Host Margaret boxed them up and dropped them off at local Brookfield Care Home. They went down a treat. Lot's of dog stories were swapped and a couple of hosts met other hosts who's dogs they had had during the summer - first hand feedback.
Next Coffee morning is 11am at Fisher and Donaldson's in Cupar on Monday 2nd November 2015 followed by 11am at the St Andrews Golf Museum on Monday 23rd November 2015. All welcome and bring a friend."

Local Links

We love working with and recommending local business, here are a list of fantastic people we think you might like to hear about:

Useful Links

Places to visit - cupar garden centre www.cupargardencentre.co.uk 

or www.facebook.com

Dog Walking and Pet Care - Happy-Mutts  www.happy-mutts.co.uk

Books - A lovely new book just published. Ideal Christmas gift http://www.lookafteryourhuman.com/

Dog Walker - Nicola Currie, Ceres, Cupar and surrounding areas 07990 820476

Pet Shop - Reigning Cats and Dogs Ltd. 78 South Street, St Andrews, Fife www.reigningcatsanddogs.org.uk 01334470873

Dog Groomer - Paws For Thought, 64B Argyle Street, St Andrews KY16 9BU Lesley 07963178397 www.pawsforthoughtfife.com

Canine Behaviourist - Paul Connolly "Wolfspeak" www.wolfspeak.co.uk  07790017653



Bill & Jan Marshall - 9th Jan, 2017
"We are so pleased with the excellent service provided by Barking Mad
From the first contact we both felt that Barking Mad was the right choice for our dog Toby as every aspect of his care was covered and we went on our holiday with no concerns
On our return Toby was happy and had obviously been well looked after
Yes we will definately use Barking Mad for Tobys next holiday"

stephen & jane nicol - 5th Jan, 2017
"Hi we were very happy with the service we received for the short time Bo was away we know he enjoyed his stay and we look forward to dealing with you again"

Kate - 4th Jan, 2017
"Once again Rags had a great holiday. The hosts went above and beyond spoiling him on Christmas Day. This means such a lot to our family that he is so well cared forwhen we cant take him away with us."

Aidan & Gemma - 21st Dec, 2016
"We were so relieved that Brad could find our dogs a holiday home on such short notice. He really put our minds at ease about being away from our two dogs for the first time. It was so lovely to receive a few pupdates during their stay with him and they really enjoyed their walk on the beach!

We will definitely be using the service again in the future as the dogs came back happy and so well looked after, a much better alternative to kennels knowing the dogs were in a home where they could be comfortable and at ease."

Jenni Bird - 8th Dec, 2016
"Grayson stayed with a lovely family with 2 children for 3 nights.
Grayson came home a very happy doggy, full of smiles and tired from all his shenanigans.

Thank you again for the photo updates while away and thank you for taking care of my special boy.

Jenni Bird"

Read more Customer Comments