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Sam’s Barking Mad Lancaster Dog Holiday

At Barking Mad Lancaster, we love all our doggy customers but there are some that will always have a special place in our hearts for their sheer enthusiasm for life. Sam is a chocolate Labrador who only has one eye but certainly doesn’t let that hold him back! He is a regular at our dog home boarding service and seems to enjoy his time with our lovely hosts immensely.


Labrador Sam enjoys a holiday with Barking Mad Lancaster

Sam enjoyed country walks on his dog holiday


Age or medical issues are often not a barrier to using the Barking Mad dog sitting service and we are always happy to chat to local dog owners about whether we can meet their pet’s needs. We understand that leaving your dog when you have to go away can be a worrying time and we are here to offer reassurance. Our host families are experienced dog lovers with 24/7 professional back up and we received a 5* rating from Lancaster City Council’s licencing team.


Barking Mad Lancaster holidays for Sam the dog

Sam enjoying the country air



Find out more about Barking Mad Lancaster dog home boarding HERE

Dog walking in Morecambe, the location for ITV Drama ‘The Bay’


Katie On A Dog Holiday In Morecambe Bay

Katie enjoyed walks in beautiful Morecambe Bay during her dog holiday


Our seaside town of Morecambe has recently experienced something of a drama! Last summer, ITV descended on our iconic promenade and town to film a drama series titled ‘The Bay’. This March has seen the fruits of their labour, with the exciting serial being broadcast throughout the UK. It has been so exciting to see the locations where our dog sitting host families often walk their Barking Mad visitors, starring alongside famous actors.


Border Collie Paddy On Warton Crag

An alternative view of Morecambe Bay from Warton Crag


At Barking Mad Lancaster we are very proud of our local area and the service we provide to the dog lovers of Lancaster and Morecambe. We have loving host families located throughout the area, who love to take care of all sorts of friendly dogs whilst their owners are away on their holidays. We are always happy to discuss your dog’s requirements and advise on availability.


5* quality recognition for Barking Mad Lancaster


Barking Mad Lancaster Dog Sitting Licence

We are proud to have received a 5* rating from Lancaster City Council

We are delighted to have received our brand new licence from Lancaster City Council under the new animal welfare regulations. We are also very proud to have been awarded 5* under the new star rating system, the highest quality rating possible. The new legislation is welcomed by Barking Mad Lancaster; we support any measures to improve welfare for dogs throughout England. We have always prided ourselves on offering a 5* dog sitting service to the Lancaster and Morecambe area (rated by online review platform Trustpilot) and now we can add the council’s official 5* rating too.


Chase away those winter blues with dog sitting


Border Collie Paddy In the snow

Border collie Paddy in the snow


January started off the year with snow, frosty dog walks and snuggles by the fire, for our dog sitters in Lancaster and Morecambe. We are always on the lookout for new host families to care for our customers’ lovely dogs. If you are missing a dog in your life and have space in your home and heart for occasional doggy guests, why not get in touch to find out more?

Our host families care for all different breeds, ages and sizes of dogs. We match each one perfectly, paying special attention to space and exercise requirements. The perfect match of dog and carer is the basis which our happy dog holidays are founded upon. You can learn more by visiting our page about hosting.

Barking Mad Lancaster winter breaks for your dog


Dogs On Holiday With Barking Mad Lancaster Dog Sitters

Halley and Henry look like they are playing pooh sticks!


Halley and Henry (pictured above) enjoyed a lovely winter break with their host family whilst their owners enjoyed a holiday. As real dog lovers ourselves, we understand that you can only truly enjoy some time away when you know that your four legged best friends are happy and safe. Founded in 2000, Barking Mad takes pride in offering customers complete peace of mind.

Happy New Year from Barking Mad Lancaster


Barking Mad dog sitters are proud to sponsor Dogs for Good assistance dog puppy In training Wendy

Barking Mad Lancaster is delighted to introduce Wendy

Our Lancaster and Morecambe dog sitters would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. We hope that 2019 brings a year full of wagging tails, lovely dog walks and snuggles with the dog/s in your life. Throughout the Christmas period it has been business as usual, with dogs enjoying one to one home from home care whilst their owners enjoy their time away. We are proud that our dog care service offers our customers peace of mind so that they can enjoy their holidays, safe in the knowledge that their pets are happy and content.

Our December news…

Our big news this December/January is the pitter patter of tiny paws! Barking Mad Lancaster is proud to announce our continued relationship with inspirational charity Dogs for Good for 2019. We are delighted that through the efforts of Barking Mad’s nationwide fundraising we have raised enough money to sponsor a second assistance dog puppy in training. Meet gorgeous Wendy (pictured above) who will grow up to be a real life changer.

We were also delighted to see our local Dogs for Good representatives recently featuring in The Visitor. You can read Dogs for Good is a Vital Support here.

Lancaster & Morecambe Dog Sitting November News


Black Labrador Dogs Digger And Gelert On A Barking Mad Lancaster Dog Holiday

Digger and Gelert enjoying the November sunshine


At Barking Mad Lancaster we’ve had a fantastic November and are now gearing up for the busy festive season! We’ve welcomed lots of gorgeous canines who have enjoyed dog holidays with hosts based in the local Lancashire area, experiencing lovely walks whether in sunshine or showers.

The area we cover stretches from Carnforth to Cockerham and over to Clapham towards the east, so you will probably see us out and about in our special Barking Mad car. Please do give us a wave if you see us chauffeuring dogs to and from their home-from-home holiday locations.

It’s all thanks to our dog sitting hosts and customers!

On November 7th we attended the Barking Mad Northern Sales Conference – a fantastic opportunity to meet up with the owner-operators of other Barking Mad branches. We were delighted to be presented with an award for business growth and would like to say a huge thank you to all our amazing hosts and customers, without whom this just would not have been possible.


Kathryn Thompson Of Barking Mad Lancaster Receives A Business Growth Award

Kathryn Thompson of Barking Mad Lancaster receives a business growth award


An Awesome Autumn for Barking Mad Lancaster Dog Sitters…


Dogs on a woodland walk whilst staying with Lancaster and Morecambe dog sitters

Eric and Ernie have enjoyed an autumn break with our local Lancaster dog sitting service

This October we have welcomed a wide range of different breeds of dog to stay with our Lancaster dog home boarding host families, all with one thing in common – loveable, friendly personalities which have really brightened up their carers’ autumns. Eric and Ernie (pictured above) had a fantastic time walking through the woods with their host.

When we meet a prospective new customer’s dog for the first time, we carry out thorough checks and ask lots of questions to ensure that they are suitable to stay with one of our host families. Our service is tailored to friendly dogs who are used to a home environment and who will enjoy the one to one care administered by our local dog lovers.


August Lancashire Dog Holidays…

What a fantastic August we’ve had, looking after lots of gorgeous pooches whilst their owners had a well deserved break! If you’re new to the Barking Mad concept, let us explain exactly what happens on one of our dog holidays…

The reason why Barking Mad’s dog sitting service receives such fantastic feedback and has so many happy customers is because we really take the time to match dogs to their perfect holiday host. Once a host has been decided upon, who matches all the dog’s requirements and we have chauffeured them to their holiday home, the fun can really begin.  The visiting dog immediately becomes part of the family and takes part in outings and general daily routines, just as a dog of the host’s own would.

Lucy holidayed with one of our hosts this August and demonstrates this perfectly, visiting a local flower pot festival in Settle and a beer garden, in the course of her time away from home.

Dogs are part of the family with Barking Mad Lancaster's dog sitting service

Lovely Lucy at the flower pot festival

July Lancaster and Morecambe Dog Sitting News

Barking Mad Lancaster dog sitters allow your dog to enjoy a holiday too

Henry enjoys his holidays with Barking Mad Lancaster

Wow… what a busy month July has been for our dog sitting service in Lancaster and Morecambe! We’ve welcomed a variety of dog breeds including cockapoos, old English sheepdogs and everything else from a pug to a boxer, who have all enjoyed their dog holidays with our lovely host families.

Our fabulous host Richard has once again put pen to paper to describe little Henry’s stay with him…


We’d been for a walk that morning
And I ran round,all over the place
I dare say I’ve got a few years on him
As he couldn’t keep up to my pace !

Later on,we played in the garden
I loved it but he huffed and puffed,
And I always thought that humans,
Were made of much stronger stuff !

I lay on my back for a tummy tickle
He said,”Henry,I’m not scratching your itch
I’m looking for your battery compartment
Or even your on and off switch !”

“Oh”, I said,”Don’t waste your time,
I can play and walk for hours and hours,
No batteries needed,I’m nine months old,
Fully charged with Cocker-Poo power !”

July 2018

Sunny June Lancashire Dog Holidays

At Barking Mad Lancaster, our dog sitting customers' pets enjoy 5* rated care

Bob enjoying a sunny holiday with our Lancaster pet sitting service

As time is rapidly flying by and hurtling us towards this year’s busy, summer school holiday season, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on what a marvellous June it has been! In the extremely warm temperatures, our dog sitting host families have been taking extra care to ensure that your canine family members remain comfortable and enjoy their dog holidays. Early morning / evening walks and seeking out the shade have definitely been on the agenda as Lancaster, Morecambe and the surrounding area have basked in temperatures up to in excess of 30 degrees!

Providing a chauffeured dog holiday transport service is also more challenging in the heat but we would like to reassure customers that we are taking every precaution to keep your pups comfortable, when travelling to their host family accommodation. The area which we cover is large, so whether you need care for your cockapoo in Carnforth, a dog sitter in Galgate for your German Shepherd or if your beagle needs home boarding in Beetham, we can cater for their individual requirements with our bespoke, independently 5* rated alternative to kennels. Do give us a wave if you see the Barking Mad Lancaster car out and about!

Barking Mad Lancaster dog sitting customers' pets stay in loving homes

Barking Mad Lancaster guest Gilly was confused by the fly curtain

A regular guest of our Lancaster dog sitting service, Gilly, recently enjoyed a lovely stay with hosts Richard and Shirley. Once he had ‘bossed’ the fly screen curtain, he settled right in and made himself at home. Richard penned this fantastic poem about his exploits:

Now,as you know I’m strong and brave

And nothing much puts me off,

But I have to say on that first day,

Something scared me quite a lot.

I’d just gone inside with Kathryn

And we were saying our hello’s,

When I remembered the big back garden

And that’s where I wanted to go.

They opened the door to let me out

But my way was completely blocked,

A fearsome thing made my alarm bells ring

And my poor heart nearly stopped.

They shoo-ed it aside and I ran out

But my enemy would’t give in,

And while I was out it re-grouped itself

And wouldn’t let me back in.

I stared and I scowled but it wouldn’t back down

‘Till they came and pushed it across,

And that was when I said to myself,

“Man-up Gilly and show it who’s boss ” !

The door was open,my chance had come

I ran head down ‘n’ to my great delight,

When push came to shove,it wasn’t so tough

And split itself open in fright !

Yes,it scared me at first,I’ll admit it

But believe me there’s nothing more certain,

I’ll tell family and friends how I won in the end

And conquered that fierce fly-screen-curtain!

A Marvellous May for our Morecambe Dog Sitters

Morecambe dog sitters take part in a charity walk for Dogs for Good

Kathryn and Alison strike a pose, whilst taking part in Dogs for Good’s charity walk along Morecambe Promenade

As proud sponsors of inspirational charity, Dogs for Good, we were very excited to learn that our charity partner holds an annual fundraising walk along Morecambe Promenade and couldn’t wait to get involved. The weather was very kind to us and the sun shone down, as we enjoyed a lovely walk with fellow local dog lovers from the Lancaster and Morecambe area. We even managed to sneak in a quick photograph with Eric Morecambe, as well as helping to raise more funds to help to train more amazing assistance dogs to change and enrich lives!

Barking Mad dog sitters attended a charity walk along Morecambe Promenade

Wallking along Morecambe Promenade was a lovely way to help support Dogs for Good

Sunny Lancashire holidays for dogs…

Our doggy customers have certainly benefited from the gorgeous weather this month. Our experienced host families have done their utmost to ensure their canine guests enjoyed the sunshine, whilst taking care that they didn’t get too warm.

Barking Mad Lancashire provide one to one dog sitting

Mac and Monty enjoying the sunshine on their dog holiday

Lancaster Dog Sitter’s News for April

Barking Mad Lancaster dog sitters attend national conference

Barking Mad Lancaster was delighted to attend the 15th national Barking Mad conference in the Lake District

What an exciting April for our dog sitting service in Lancaster and Morecambe! One of the highlights was attending the 15th annual national Barking Mad Conference, meeting fellow dog business owners and discussing how we can make the Barking Mad brand even better. We stayed at the Low Wood Bay Resort in the Lake District and had a huge group photo taken on the shores of Lake Windermere – can you spot Kathryn in the photograph?

It was a pleasure to listen to guest speaker, Peter Gorbing, CEO of Dogs for Good. He talked to us about the inspirational work of the charity and the gift of independence to individuals and families that these incredible dogs bring. We were also very excited as we saw the first images of Prince, the Dogs for Good puppy in training our fund raising is supporting – isn’t he just adorable?

Barking Mad dog sitters in Lancaster attended a national conference

Our first glimpse of Prince, our Dogs for Good puppy

We’d like to remind everyone to join us on the Dogs for Good Morecambe Promenade Walk on 13th May. Lynn has been organising the annual walk for six years now and would love to invite everyone along to meet some of the dogs who are transforming lives of people in our local area. Please call 01524 298106 if you would like to get involved.

March Canine Capers for our Lancaster Dog Sitters

Barking Mad Lancaster are your local 5* rated dog sitters

Buster and Elsa are delighted to declare they’re Barking Mad – for a biscuit!

A big hello from our 5* rated dog sitting service in the Lancaster area! It’s been a busy start to our spring/summer season, with lots of lovely dogs either enjoying Barking Mad breaks or booked in and keenly anticipating their holidays. Buster and Elsa, pictured above, belong to a family member of Kathryn’s and were only too happy to join the team, helping out by posing for a social media post.

Whether you require dog sitting in Carnforth, a dog sitter in Heysham, dog care in Bentham, or anywhere in between, we’d love to get to know your dog and chat about our service. We get very busy during holiday periods and so would recommend contacting us in plenty of time, before you are planning on going away.

 Crufts success for Barking Mad customer

March saw the return of the annual doggy extravaganza that is Crufts. At Barking Mad Lancaster, we had a special guest, called Fin, during the ‘world’s greatest dog show’. He’s pictured here enjoying a mini break with Barking Mad Dog Care whilst his owner and puppy ‘brother’ were competing. We’re delighted to report that he won best dog puppy and big congratulations were given from the Barking Mad team.

Fin enjoyed a break with a dog sitting host from Barking Mad Lancaster

Fin enjoyed a break with our dog sitting host

Dogs for Good fundraising update…

This week we attended a fundraising Easter coffee morning held by Barking Mad’s national head office, located in Kirkby Lonsdale. We had a lovely morning and enjoyed the tasty treats that were on offer, for humans and dogs alike. We were delighted to hear that the event raised £125, contributing to our steadily growing national total of over £3750!

Barking Mad Lancaster dog sitters' chosen charity for 2018 is Dogs for Good

Lynn Matthews, from Dogs for Good, was our VIP guest

It was also fantastic to catch up with Lynn Matthews, our local Dogs for Good representative. We are delighted to announce that Barking Mad Lancaster will be sponsoring Dogs for Good’s Morecambe Promenade Walk on 13th May. Lynn has been organising the annual walk for six years now and would love to invite everyone along to meet some of the dogs who are transforming lives of people in our local area. Please call 01524 298106 if you would like to get involved.

February dog sitting in Lancaster and Morecambe…

Dogs enjoy lovely local walks on a dog holiday with Barking Mad Lancaster Dog Sitters

Henry enjoyed the view on a walk at Williamson Park in Lancaster

February has been another busy month, packed with meeting lots of lovely dogs and matching them with just the perfect, loving host for their holiday care requirements. At Barking Mad Lancaster, you can be assured that your four legged best friend’s welfare is our number one priority. We want your dog to have just as good a holiday as you!

During the recent cold spell, known as the ‘Beast from the East’, we have been ensuring that all our doggy guests stay warm and comfortable, still getting exercise but enjoying lots of cosy snuggling up indoors, just like they would at home. If all of the chilly weather is making you yearn for sunnier climes, if you are considering booking a break why not get in touch with Kathryn, to discuss availability on 01524 401222?

Barking Mad Lancaster dog sitters provide home from home care for your dog

After enjoying walks, Henry loved to snooze!

The pitter patter of tiny paws…

As mentioned in the Lancaster Guardian article below, Barking Mad’s chosen charity for 2018 is Dogs for Good. We’re delighted to announce that the litter of puppies which our sponsored puppy is due to come from, has been born. The pups are all thriving with Mum, Brenda and we can’t wait to meet our little bundle of fun!


We’re in the news – and other January goings on…

Barking Mad Lancaster dog sitters feature in the Lancaster Guardian newspaper

We were proud to feature in The Lancaster Guardian newspaper this month

A big hello from our dog sitting service in Lancaster and Morecambe! We were very excited to appear in The Lancaster Guardian this month, which really made our January. Our fantastic local paper picked up the story of our decision to nominate inspirational charity, Dogs for Good, as Barking Mad Dog Care’s charity partner for 2018.


Lancaster dog sitters Barking Mad name Dogs for Good as chosen charity

Kathryn enjoys a chat with Lynn, her sister Brenda and assistance dog Christa, ambassadors for Dogs for Good

Back in November it was an absolute pleasure to meet Dogs for Good ambassador Lynn Matthews, who attended our conference in the Lake District. Lynn is a Heysham resident who is helped by the charity to live independently in her home, after being diagnosed with dystonia and epilepsy after an accident at work. Her adorable six year old black Labrador, Christa, helps her to retrieve objects and assists with undressing and other daily activities.

Barking Mad are hoping to raise much needed funds to train more assistance dogs like Christa, to improve and enrich lives. If  you would like to help, we would be very grateful for any donation, whether large or small. More information can be found by visiting:

Barking Mad dog holidays are fun no matter what the weather

Barking Mad Lancaster dog sitters provide dog holidays all year round

Lovely Lexi had great fun playing ball in her host’s garden


Meet Lexi (pictured above), one of our gorgeous January doggy guests. January is obviously a quieter time of year than the summer for us, but we still organise lots of winter dog holidays too. Our holiday makers enjoy cosy home comforts and still manage to make the most of the great outdoors.

If you are planning a trip away and can’t take your dog with you, Kathryn is happy to provide more information about our service and chat about availability on 01524 401222, alternatively you can click below.

Christmas wishes from Barking Mad Lancaster – December news

Barking Mad Lancaster dog sitters provide cosy winter dog holidays

Socket enjoys a Christmas snooze

Barking Mad Lancaster would like to wish all hosts, customers, colleagues and friends of our dog sitting service, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope that everyone has a lovely, enjoyable and restful time.

We’d like to take this opportunity to spread the word about keeping an eye on your furry best friends, to ensure they stay happy and healthy over the festive period. There are often many human treats and hazardous items, such as crackers or party poppers, lying around and sometimes the temptation can prove too much. Dangerous foods include chocolate or Christmas pudding, which are toxic for dogs and can be very harmful. For more information you can click here to read about having a dog-friendly Christmas. If you suspect that your dog may have ingested something they shouldn’t, you should always contact your vet straight away. If they are closed, they will always have an out of hours service you can contact.

Barking Mad Lancaster offer a dog sitting service with local walks

Marley enjoyed a walk in a snowy Williamson Park earlier this month

As experienced dog sitters in Lancaster and Morecambe, we are happy to confirm that in the recent wet and then wintry weather, our happy dog holidays continued as normal, with snowy walks and cosy snuggles in warm homes afterwards. We really do love what we do and it is a pleasure to continue to meet such lovely dogs and amazing dog lovers, as we visit hosts and customers both new and old.

If all the recent cold and rainy conditions have made you yearn for sunnier climes and you’re thinking of booking a holiday in 2018, why not give Kathryn a call on 01524 401222 to discuss availability. We soon get booked up at peak times so don’t delay in getting in touch to avoid disappointment.

Barking Mad Lancaster News – November

Barking Mad dog sitters with award certificates

Kathryn joins the Barking Mad award winners group!

At Barking Mad Lancaster, we have had a very exciting November, with highlights including proudly receiving a special award at the regional Barking Mad business conference! We spent a lovely day at Rheged, near Penrith, catching up with all our northern dog sitting colleagues. We swapped ideas and suggestions, working together to ensure that we can continue to provide a service to our hosts and customers which is second to none.

At the conference, the guests of honour were Dogs for Good ambassadors Lynn and her wonderful assistance dog, Christa. Their demonstration was fascinating to watch, with Christa removing Lynn’s jacket and shoe and even picking up dropped items such as coins! We were privileged to have the opportunity to chat to Lynn before the demonstration and it turns out that she actually is a local resident of the Morecambe Bay area too.

Barking Mad Lancaster dog sitters enjoyed watching the Dogs for Good display

We loved watching the Dogs for Good assistance dog demonstration

Brrr… winter’s here!

Are these chilly days and dark nights enticing you to dream of a holiday somewhere warm and sunny? If you are thinking of booking a trip away, why not call Kathryn for a chat on 01524 401222 to discuss availability for care for your pet. We offer a bespoke service of home from home dog sitting in Lancaster and Morecambe, including the surrounding area but places fill up fast at busy times, so don’t delay in getting in touch to avoid disappointment.

We hope that all our hosts, customers and friends enjoy the run up to the festive season and manage to keep warm on those frosty dog walks!

Dogs on holiday with Barking Mad Lancaster dog sitters

Gorgeous Henry and Halley enjoy an autumn dog holiday


Barking Mad Lancaster News – October

Katie’s Holiday…

We absolutely love this picture of gorgeous Katie relaxing with a little dog holiday reading!

Barking Mad Lancaster dog home boarding service

Katie enjoying a well deserved snooze!

Katie is such a sweetheart and recently enjoyed a lovely dog holiday with hosts Richard and Shirley.  Richard loved having her to stay so much that he was inspired to put pen to paper and write this amazing poem!

What Katie said ….

It’s a while since Katie was last here
So it’s good to see her once more,
She’s a lovely dog, a well behaved guest
And really, no trouble at all.

She loves to run in the garden
She loves to go out for a walk,
But we’ve come to know through experience
Katies favourite thing is to talk.

Of course she speaks her own language
And she talks in her own special way,
And although we try our hardest
We haven’t a clue what she says!

Sometimes we “get” what she’s saying
Some things transcend any language,
You don’t need to be Doctor Dolittle to know
When she’s asking for some of your sandwich !

But we’ve taken some notes and recordings
And we’ll study and learn from them later,
So next time she comes for her holidays
We won’t need a Katie translator !

Here at Barking Mad Lancaster, we have had a spooktacular October! Spending time with our customers’ lovely dogs is definitely a treat, although some of our visiting pooches know some pretty impressive tricks too. Our host families are all experienced dog lovers and so we were able to offer our customers reassurance that their pets were in the best of hands, as the strange sights and sounds of Halloween can be a little unsettling for animals.

If you are hoping to get away this winter, it’s not too late to make a booking for our 5* rated dog sitting service in Lancaster and Morecambe. We cover the surrounding area too and have cosy holiday homes on offer, with hosts waiting to shower your dog with the love and attention they truly deserve. To find out about availability or have a chat about our service, just give Kathryn a call on 01524 401222.

We’re Winners!

Everyone at Barking Mad is celebrating after being awarded the title of Best Dog Sitter at the Dog Friendly Awards 2017, at a ceremony in London. Barking Mad’s Managing Director and Founder, Lee Dancy, accepted the award on behalf of our great national network of local business owners and hosts. We are so proud to provide this award winning dog home boarding service in the Lancaster and Morecambe local area.

 Find out more about Barking Mad Lancaster dog home boarding HERE

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