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Dogs Who Just Can’t Wait for their Holidays!

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One of our doggy holiday makers enjoys complete rest and relaxation!

Barking Mad loves to receive testimonials from our valued human, dog-owning customers but sometimes we wish that we could hear what our canine guests really think of our ‘home from home’ holiday service!

At the time of writing we have 1,330 reviews on TRUSTPILOT, Europe’s largest and fastest growing consumer review platform and are delighted that over 96% of our customers award us the full five stars. Our excellent human reviews are fantastic but what we find really rewarding is seeing how much our customers’ dogs enjoy their time with our loving, caring host families.

Owner of Barking Mad Dog Care Swindon, Clive Peacock, was so happy to hear about Jack Russell Serge’s reaction during the build up to his stay with a Barking Mad host family, that he asked Serge’s owner to film what happens. The result is a heart warming video which shows the little dog’s complete delight at being collected to begin his holidays.



Serge’s escapades proved a hit on our Facebook page, with our customers commenting about their own dogs’ opinions of the Barking Mad service. Beth Stevens told us,

“Our collie does crazy, happy circuits of the house when the Barking Mad car pulls into the drive.”

Sue Luckes commented:

“That’s the reaction my two Jack Russells have when they go on their Barking Mad holidays. They even recognise the car now and can’t wait to go.”

Our very own Kerry Wells, owner of Barking Mad Spalding, told us:

“I love this video. This is exactly what myself and my team see everyday, happy dogs excited to go on holiday with us.”

It makes us very happy to know that we get the paws up seal of approval from our canine customers! We strive to ensure that every dog in our care enjoys their holiday just as much as their owners do and aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. If you would like to meet a representative from your local branch to discuss ‘home from home’ boarding for your dog, or would just like to find out more about the service which we provide, please click here to find the details.

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