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Heatstroke in Dogs: Symptoms and What to Do


Heatstroke in Dogs

When the sun comes out, there is no better feeling than enjoying the warm weather with your canine best friend. However, it is vital to remember that dogs can quickly overheat so it is important to take precautions to prevent heatstroke in your dog.

What is heatstroke?

If dogs get too hot and cannot reduce their body temperature, they will develop heatstroke – which can be fatal. Dogs don’t perspire in the same way as humans and have only a small number of sweat glands, contained mainly in their paw pads, so they have to rely on panting to cool themselves down.

Symptoms of heatstroke in dogs:


Treating heatstroke in dogs:

If you think your dog is suffering from heatstroke, don’t panic – act promptly. The first thing you should do is seek veterinary advice, as heatstroke in dogs can be fatal. While you are waiting for veterinary attention, here are actions you can take to care for a dog with heatstroke.


How to prevent heatstroke in dogs:


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