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What’s included in our dog sitting service?

Barking Mad offers an extensive, bespoke dog sitting service, from beginning to end. We have invested a great deal in building a strong UK network of experienced, devoted dog sitting service providers. You can rest assured that we will meet your high dog care standards.
We consistently receive wonderful, positive feedback from dog owners, which is testament to the excellent dog sitting service we provide.

What’s in the Barking Mad dog sitting package?

Personal meet and greet
Right at the start, we will come to meet you at home for an initial consultation to get to know you and find out all about your dog, down to the very last detail.
Then we will go through our dog sitting host families with you and carefully help you select the most appropriate host to meet your dog’s individual needs.

Holiday Doggie Bag
Before you go on holiday, we will provide you with our exclusive ‘Holiday Doggie Bag’, which you can pack with food, bowls, blankets and toys – anything which will help your dog settle in comfortably with their carer.

If you will be going away for 7 days or more, we will arrange a mini sleepover with your mutually selected dog sitter host to allow your dog to get used to their home-from-home. This provides both you and your dog with additional peace of mind, ensuring a successful relationship has already started to blossom before you leave them for a longer time.

Bespoke Dog Care Service
We provide your dog sitter with your dog's full information detailing all the details we gather from you about your dog. This enables us to provide a tailor-made experience for your dog.

Quality Dog Transportation
Our dog sitting service includes arranging to collect your dog from you and delivering your dog back to you when you return. Many dogs can become anxious on being taken by their owners to their dog sitter and then watching their family walk away. Even the sight of a suitcase being packed can alert some dogs to imminent upheaval and cause stress. By collecting your dog from you, they leave their home with everything still in place and as they know it.

Photo updates
Once your furry friend has arrived with their dog sitting family we will send you a photo of him or her, to show you that they’re settling in. And the next day you’ll receive a ‘Rest Easy’ update, giving you that little extra reassurance that your companion is safe, sound and well.

One-to-one care
During your dog’s stay, as your dog sitter, we ensure our host's dedicate the majority of their time to caring for your dog. All of our hosts are at home in the day and so can provide constant care and attention. They will maintain a schedule for your dog which is as close as possible to the routine they normally enjoy at home. Exercise regimes, feeding, all their likes and dislikes and any medical requirements will be catered for, just as they are by you.

24 hour support
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer our host families any support they may require.

A postcard from your pet
Once you have returned home, we will bring your dog back to you at a time that suits. They will arrive back and be delighted to find everything in a state of normality, which will ease their return to usual everyday life at home.
And your furry friend will even bring you a welcome home postcard for you from their host family, letting you know everything they’ve been up to.

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