Furbo Dog Camera Review by Barking Mad

What did our panel of office dogs think?


Furbo Dog Camera

We were delighted to take delivery of our Furbo dog cameras


At Barking Mad, we’re always keen to sniff out new and innovative dog care products! Our dog sitting team was therefore very excited to be offered the opportunity to try out the Furbo dog camera. We were not financially compensated for providing a review but received product samples to provide our honest opinion of. The views expressed below are completely our own based upon our experiences of using the dog camera.

Who’s on the panel?

At Barking Mad HQ, as you might expect from an office full of dog lovers, many of our staff are proud owners of waggy tailed bundles of joy, who were only too happy to try out the latest in dog technology. The hounds on the ground on this occasion were: Paddy, a seven month old Border collie puppy, Blue, a three year old Staffordshire bull terrier, Polly and Charlie, ten and thirteen year old Border terriers and Ollie, a ten year old Hungarian vizsla.


Border Collie Paddy With The Furbo Dog Camera

Paddy soon sussed out that the Furbo dog camera meant food!

What is a Furbo dog camera?

Furbo allows you to see, talk to and toss treats to your dog even when you’re not at home! As the current no.1 best selling dog camera on Amazon, it’s made just for dogs, developed with advice from vets and dog trainers, and is truly interactive. Designed to give peace of mind to dog parents, Furbo can help to train, comfort and reward dogs when they are home alone. You can hear what’s happening and even speak to your dog to stop bad behaviour.

The technical bit…

  • Super clear 1080p full HD two way pet camera
  • 4 x zoom
  • 160 degree wide angle
  • night vision
  • real time barking alerts
  • holds over 100 pieces of rounded treats
  • 2 year warranty
  • free delivery in UK
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • RRP ¬£249


What happened when our pups got their paws on the Furbo?


(pictured above)

Paddy’s owner, Karen, says,

“When we took the Furbo out of its box, Paddy immediately showed an interest. He quickly figured out that the treats went in the top section and tried to get the lid off but it held fast. He also loved the fact that it squeaked before dispensing treats and wouldn’t move away from it! We ended up with some hilarious close up photos of his nose right up to the camera.

Unfortunately, setting up the Furbo wasn’t seamless and a few resets were needed but the clear and simple instructions were very helpful.¬† We were soon up and running and Paddy had great fun playing with it. He isn’t left alone very often but we felt that using a Furbo would offer us real peace of mind when we do.”



Blue’s owner, Helen, says,

“She loved the Furbo and it even proved to be ‘Staffy proof’ when she tried to get the treats out of it herself! I personally loved the treat¬†dispensing feature and being able to see what Blue was up to for my own peace of mind. However, I decided not to utilise the voice feature as I felt it would be unsettling when I wasn’t there.

I did have a few issues in setting up the camera but Furbo’s customer service department was amazingly helpful and the instant chat facility was really useful. The Furbo looked great and blended in with my decor perfectly.”

Staffordshire bull terrier with Dog Friendly Award won by Barking Mad dog

Staffordshire bull terrier Blue loves helping out in the office


Polly and Charlie

Barking Mad dog sitters' dogs Polly And Charlie reviewing the Furbo dog camera

The Furbo dog camera captures Polly and Charlie relaxing


Border terrier owners, Al and Suzi, say,

“The Furbo has been absolutely superb for us! We just plugged it in and it worked fine with no connectivity issues whatsoever. It was great to be able to see Polly and Charlie when we couldn’t be with them, particularly as they are advancing in years. It’s a fabulous product and our only comment would be that rather than having just one camera, it would be even better if you could have a central hub with satellite cameras that you could put in each room of your house.”


Barking Mad dog sitters' review of Furbo dog camera

Al hard at work in the Barking Mad Contact Centre whilst keeping an eye on Polly and Charlie on the Furbo app




Ollie’s owner, Lisa, says,

“The Furbo has been an absolute God-send! Whilst we were trialling it, Ollie was really poorly and ended up having an operation on his spinal cord. It was invaluable to be able to observe him behaving out of character, as this led to me rushing home and getting him straight to the vets. Now that Ollie is recuperating after his operation, I feel so much happier being able to see him when I briefly have to leave him.”


Ollie the dog on Furbo camera tested by Barking Mad dog sitters

Ollie captured relaxing by the Furbo dog camera


Furbo dog camera review conclusion

Overall, we were very impressed with the Furbo dog camera and felt that it was a great product. The emergency situation with Ollie demonstrated just how useful it could be and the peace of mind it offers. The only negative issue was connectivity but good customer service helped us to resolve the situation.

When our doggy customers use our home from home dog sitting service, our host families only leave them alone for very short periods of time. Similarly, at Barking Mad HQ we are lucky to be able to take our dogs to work with us but if you have to leave your dog alone on a regular basis, using a Furbo is an option which is definitely worth considering.


Discosure: As highlighted at the start of this blog post, Barking Mad was not financially compensated for this post but did receive product samples for review purposes. The opinions expressed are completely our own based on our experiences.

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