Laughing Dog Food Review by Barking Mad

What did our panel of office dogs think?

Barking Mad dog sitters review Laughing Dog Food

Blue couldn’t wait to tuck into her bag of Laughing Dog Food

At Barking Mad, we’re always keen to sniff out new tasty treats! Our dog sitting team was therefore very excited to try out Laughing Dog Food, a natural baked dog food made with simple ingredients on a family farm in Lincolnshire. We were not financially compensated for providing a review but received product samples to provide our honest opinion of. The views expressed below are completely our own based upon our experiences of feeding the products to our canine best friends.

Who’s on the panel?

At Barking Mad HQ, as you might expect from an office full of dog lovers, many of our staff are proud owners of waggy tailed bundles of joy. They were only too happy to try out the latest yummy food on offer! The hounds on the ground on this occasion were: Paddy, an eleven-month-old Border collie puppy, Blue, a three-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier and Spotti Lotti, an eleven-year-old Dalmatian.


Barking Mad Dog Care's office dog Paddy reviews Laughing Dog Food

Paddy was happy to offer his paw for a Laughing Dog treat


What is Laughing Dog Food?

Laughing Dog make a hypo-allergenic, oven baked, dry range of grain-free and wheat-free completes, treats and mixer meals, along with a grain-free wet complete range. A British family farm produces the food, using a slow oven baked cooking process unlike many other dog foods, as they believe that this helps to protect the natural goodness and taste of the wholesome ingredients used. Recipes have been created by nutritionists to include a balance of natural home grown ingredients.

The Laughing Dog Story…

The family owned Laughing Dog Bakery is located in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside, where three generations have farmed. The business arose from humble beginnings, with farmer Ted Grant making his first batch of oven baked dog food to make the most of one year’s abundant harvest because he hated waste. Laughing Dog say,

“We have kept to our simple belief that if we treat the land well, it will provide us with the wholesome, natural ingredients that we need to bake the highly nutritious and delicious dog food that dogs deserve.”

What happened when our pups got their paws on Laughing Dog Food?

Barking Mad Dog Care's office dogs have reviewed Laughing Dog Food

Lotti couldn’t wait to get her paws on the bag of Laughing Dog Food

Spotty Lotti

Lotti really does love her food and showed great interest in the bag of Laughing Dog Food Grain Free Baked Adult Complete. When offered a bowl full of crisp, crunchy kibble with duck, she was only too happy to tuck in. She appeared to enjoy the food and wolfed it down! It seemed to agree with her digestive system and she appeared content and happy after she had eaten.

Laughing Dog believe that their baked foods ‘don’t swell or bloat in the stomach like extruded food sometimes can’. This was put to the test as Lotti always has a little water added to her kibble. The Laughing Dog Food didn’t swell as much with the addition of water as Lotti’s usual food.


Staffordshire bull terrier Blue’s owner, Helen, said,

“Blue tried the Laughing Dog Food Adult Complete for a week and absolutely loved the taste of it. She enjoyed eating the food but she is an incredibly hungry dog! The only reason I wouldn’t award it a full 10/10 is that it didn’t seem to fill her up as much as her normal food.”


Paddy’s owner, Karen, said:

“Paddy and I were excited to take delivery of the ‘Dog Happy Days’ triple pack of grain free treats. I have three children and they were delighted with the notion of Paddy having special ‘morning’, ‘noon’ and ‘night’ treats! The treats looked and felt deliciously premium and were baked into cute, star shaped cookies. Paddy seemed to really enjoy them.

‘Morning’ treats are said to ‘aid vitality’ and contain banana and blueberry. ‘Noon’ treats are said to ‘aid digestion’ and contain peppermint and ginger. ‘Night’ treats are said to ‘aid relaxation’ and contain Chamomile and Passion Flower. Paddy was happy to give his paw for them all (see photograph above!)”

Laughing Dog Food review conclusion

Overall, we were really impressed with Laughing Dog Food and loved the story of its provenance. We tried the products instead of our dogs’ usual food/treats for a short period of time and were happy with the results.

Our home from home dog sitting service has customers who use a wide array of dog food brands. We would always advise that they take the time to carefully consider the best food to suit their dog’s individual needs, consulting their vet if advice is needed. Carefully researching the ingredients contained within your dog’s food is vital to ensure peace of mind.

Laughing Dog Food At Barking Mad Hq

Our exciting delivery of Laughing Dog Food


Discosure: As highlighted at the start of this blog post, Barking Mad was not financially compensated for this post but did receive product samples for review purposes. The opinions expressed are completely our own based on our experiences.



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