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The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Guinea Pig Sitter


The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Guinea Pig Sitter

When you go away for work or holiday, it’s only natural that you’ll want your gorgeous guinea pig to be safe and having a great time too. But while there might be lots of people offering guinea pig boarding in your area, finding quality pet sitters can be tricky.

The question is, how do you go about finding a trusted guinea pig sitter? Especially one that’s going to take the utmost care of your fluffy friend?

The Girl And The Owner Keeps A Guinea Pig With A Large Mustache In Her Arms And Sells It. Favorite Pet And Fat Animal.

Well, the team here at Barking Mad is here to take your pet minding woes away, and has put together a handy Q&A on pet sitting your guinea pig.


How long can I leave a guinea pig alone?

Like rabbits, guinea pigs are sociable creatures who do not like to be left alone for extended periods. We recommend not leaving guinea pigs alone for more a maximum of 24 hours, ideally 12.

If you do leave your guinea pig alone, there are things you can do to make it run smoothly.


What is guinea pig sitting?

Guinea pig sitting, also known as guinea pig minding, is a temporary arrangement where a pet sitter will take care of your furry friend for a set period of time, usually when you’re away or on holiday. Using a pet sitter is a popular choice for guinea pig owners who are concerned about how their pet will cope in their absence.

There are various types of guinea pig sitting on offer, from your guinea pig staying at a sitter’s house, to having someone come in at regular intervals to check in on your little friend. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you check out exactly what’s included in your pet sitting partnership.


How do I find a guinea pig minder?

Leaving your guinea pig while you go away can be a worrying time. Will they be fed? And loved? And given the space to roam around? By making sure you find a reputable guinea pig sitter, you can go away safe in the knowledge that they’ll be well looked after. 

Here at Barking Mad, we always recommend that you choose an established small animal sitter who has testimonials to prove their expertise. Your veterinary practice can also offer you some pet sitting contacts, so it could be worth checking in with them too.


How do I know that my guinea pig will be ok while I’m away?

It’s only natural to worry about whether your guinea pig will be safe and well while you’re away. And while you can’t control everything, you can make an informed decision about who is best to look after your prized pet. You can also help create a seamless experience by making sure that your pet sitter has:


What else will my guinea pig sitter need to know?

Your small pet sitter will be an expert in all things animals, but there are essential things you should tell them before you go away.

Guinea pigs are just like any other animal, and often like to do things at certain times. Whether that’s sleep, go for a run in a pen, or have time receiving fuss, make sure your sitter knows all about your pet’s routine.

As you will know, guinea pigs love to eat hay, leaves and vegetables. But there are also lots of vegetables and fruits that are poisonous to guinea pigs, so check with your sitter that they’re up on what guinea pigs can and cannot eat.

In the rare event that your pet sitter can’t get hold of you, it can be useful to give them a phone number for someone you know and trust.


How much do guinea pig sitters cost?

Guinea pig sitting isn’t normally costly. But like all pet sitting services, we never advocate choosing your provider on cost alone. Make an informed decision by asking the right questions and reading testimonials from previous or existing customers.


I love guinea pigs! Can I become a guinea pig sitter myself?

If you’re an animal lover, you might be wondering how to combine your passion with a fulfilling career. If you’re dedicated to providing outstanding pet sitting services, you can find out more about becoming a Barking Mad pet sitter here, or read some of our franchisee testimonials here [link].

Find your local pet sitter today!

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