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The Best Dog Beds for Puppies


The Best Dog Beds for Puppies

If you are welcoming a puppy into your life, it is important to fully equip your home with everything they need to help them settle in. From food bowls and puppy toys to harnesses and a comfortable bed, there is so much to organise. But, a puppy will spend a lot of its time asleep so it’s crucial to get the right bed for your dog.

Adorable Small Breed Dog Chilling At Home.

Why are dog beds important?

A bed specifically for your dog gives them the chance to enjoy some time by themselves. This time can help your puppy relax and give them a quiet space of their own. A puppy bed will allow your pooch to stay warm and comfortable and may lead them to be less needy when it comes to bed time.

Which bed does my dog breed need? 

When it comes to dog beds, its not ‘one size fits all’. Each breed will have different requirements and therefore the bed will need to be tailored to their needs as a breed. Hair is a big factor, for example if you have a long-haired dog they may be better suited to a cooler, thinner bed. But, if you have a short haired pup, they may need extra warmth, thickness and layers. You need to be careful not to let your pup overheat but keep them toasty and warm in the cooler months. Another factor to consider is the size of your furry friend, decide if you want a bed that they can grow into or if you want a snug fit.

Top 5 Dog Bed Types

Donut Shaped Bed

These beds are a popular choice for many new puppy owners as they feature a cosy donut shaped design which is ideal for puppies to snuggle up tight in. If your dog likes to curl up when they snooze, this may be the perfect option. The shape and material of a donut bed can remind your pup of their mothers coat, helping to calm and soothe them to sleep.

Self-warming Mat

Self-warming mats use your dogs body heat to warm the mat, no electric needed. They often come in two different sizes, this gives you the option to transition your pup as they grow. These mats are flat and can easily fit in a crate or can be placed anywhere in the house. These type of dog beds are usually padded with hypoallergenic foam making them extra cosy.

Bagel Bed

Bagel dog beds have a raised edge which makes them look a little like a bagel which are perfect to snuggle up to. This kind of bed creates a safe place for your pup where they can relax and calm down. This type of bed will come in all different shapes and sizes so perfect for any pup!

Burrow Bed

This bed is perfect for pups who are a little nervous and scared. It’s extra cosy and private, featuring an enclosed cover that looks a little like a cave. Your pup is more likely to feel safe and secure in this burrow. They usually contain faux fur cushioning which your pup will find soothing and can even reduce anxiety.

Memory Foam Bed

This type of bed is for the pups that like extra comfort! Memory foam is soft and spongey providing the ultimate relaxing spot for your pup. This type of bed comes in lots of different sizes, however big or small your pup is, they will likely enjoy the additional comfort. However, due to the memory foam that is embedded within this bed, it may be a slightly more expensive option.

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