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How to safely wash your dog at home


Keeping your dog clean is an essential part of dog ownership. Washing your dog not only keeps them clean and hygienic but also helps to reduce the risk of parasites. There are different factors to consider when bathing your dog, these include what breed they are, how thick their fur is and their environment. Once you know how many times a month your dog needs to be washed, you can plan a timely routine.

Where is the best place to wash your dog?

Firstly, you need to identify the best place to wash your dog, so they feel safe and comfortable. Generally speaking, the bath is a good option. The bath tub has plenty of space so your dog won’t feel crowded or uncomfortable and you can easily alter the temperature of the water.

If you don’t have a bath in your home and you have a small breed dog then you can bathe them in a sink. However, if you have a large breed, you could either wash them in the shower tray or outside during the warmer months, using something like a Mud Daddy.

Preparing to wash your dog

It’s crucial to make wash times as pleasant and stress free as possible for your furry friend. So, before you run the bath, set time aside to make sure the environment is as calm as possible. You can prepare your pup by ensuring the coat is all set for the bath, this includes gently brushing through any tangles and knots so it doesn’t begin to mat once in the bath. Tugging at matted fur can cause discomfort to your pooch and result in them having a negative experience. It’s important to try and ensure everything runs as smooth as possible.

Correct temperature for dog bath

You need to be mindful of the water temperature, if you are washing your pup in the bath, you will have more control of the temperature and pressure. For the safest results, ensure the pressure is low and the water is just lukewarm. You want the water to be warm enough that your dog feels relaxed and comfortable, but not too cool.

Equipment for washing your dog

Firstly, think about what you are wearing, there is a chance you may get wet and mucky when washing your dog, so wear old clothes. Then get your dog washing supplies together and keep them to hand:

– Towels

– Dog shampoo

– Good quality brush or comb

How to wash your dog

Once you have created a comfortable environment and brushed all the knots from your dog’s fur, you are ready to go. Place them carefully into the bath or sink and turn the shower head on, ensure the pressure and temperature is correct by checking it with your hand.

1. Make sure your dog’s coat is soaked entirely with the warm water

2. Lather the dog shampoo up in your hands and rub it through your dog’s fur

3. Be careful around the face and eyes and add more water if needed

4. Continue to lather the shampoo and rub it all around the body, plus treat your pup to a little massage as you do this

5. Leave the shampoo to soak into the coat for a few minutes, before taking the shower head and rinsing the shampoo out.

How to dry a dog’s fur coat

Drying is just as important as the washing process; your dog may feel cold and uncomfortable after getting out of the bath. So, it is important to dry them thoroughly with a towel to get all of the excess water out of their fur. Leaving damp spots in the undercoat can sometimes lead to acute moist dermatitis, so it’s really important to ensure that they are dry, especially before taking them out into the fresh air.

When planning to wash your dog for the first time at home, remember to be prepared and ensure you are relaxed, this will help your pup remain as calm as possible and help things run smoothly.

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