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Dog Health Check: how often should you do vet check ups?


Visiting the vet for a dog health check

It is important to take your pet for a regular dog health check

A dog health check is an important part of dog ownership


As any responsible dog owner will know, visiting the vet is an important part of life with a furry best friend but just how often should you arrange a dog health check?  You should take your dog to see their vet as required if they injure themselves or become unwell but what about for routine preventative care? The RSPCA, the largest animal welfare charity in the UK, advises:

“Take your dog for yearly health checks. Ask your vet for advice about vaccinations and parasite treatments (e.g. fleas and worms). Many vets provide health care packages that work alongside your pet insurance to help manage the costs of check-ups and preventative treatments. Ask your vet if they offer a health care scheme.”

Even if you are very vigilant about dog’s health and well being, it is still very important to book an annual health check with your vet. Puppies, older dogs or those with medical conditions will need to see their vet more regularly.

What happens at a dog health check?

Your vet will check your dog’s physical and dental health and probably weigh them too. They will examine eyes, ears, teeth, limbs and may listen to your dog’s heart beat to determine if they are happy and healthy. They will then offer advice about any treatment which may be necessary and a schedule for further check ups.

What other routine vet care does my dog need?

Visiting a vet regularly for vaccinations for your dog is also necessary to protect them against harmful diseases. Your vet will give your dog their first set of vaccinations as a puppy and will then keep you informed when adult ‘boosters’ are due. Dogs also require regular treatment to prevent parasites, such as fleas, ticks and worms.


It is important to take your dog for regular check ups with their vet

As well as seeking treatment when your dog is unwell, it’s important to visit the vet for routine checks

Should your dog always go to the same veterinary practice?

It is important that you find a veterinary practice which you and your dog feel happy with. Taking your dog for regular check ups when they aren’t in pain or unwell is a good time to get them used to visiting the vet, to prevent negative associations. It is a good idea to stay with the same veterinary practice to ensure continuity for your dog but only if you are happy with the service which you receive.

At Barking Mad Dog Care, we always endeavour to try and take our customers’ dogs to see their own vet while in our care, whenever possible. It is our mission to ensure that our dog care service allows life to continue as normal for our doggy guests, in the temporary absence of their owners. To book your dog’s holiday care, contact your local branch today.


Please note:
Barking Mad, the UK’s leading home dog boarding provider, assumes no liability for the content of this page. This advice is only intended as a guide. Please contact your local veterinary practice for advice or treatment immediately if you are worried about your pet’s health – even if they are closed, they will always have an out of hours service available.








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