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Pet Care Industry Empowering Females Across the UK


Pet Care Industry Empowering Females Across the UK

Ambitious women looking for new employment opportunities are being encouraged to consider ‘empowering’ pet care franchising, after market research found roles in the sector lead to a greater quality of life.

In a survey conducted by Barking Mad, part of the Franchise Brands Group, females working in the pet care industry said they felt more empowered in the roles compared to previous jobs, with an improved work/life balance (55%), increased enjoyment of their job (52%), increased flexibility in their personal life (48%) and greater control in their professional life (48%) cited as the main reasons why.

Additionally, respondents said beginning roles in pet care had improved their mental (33%) and physical (25%) wellbeing compared to working in previous jobs.

International Women’s Day

Barking Mad carried out the research ahead of International Women’s Day as part of its campaign to demonstrate the benefits to women of joining the pet care industry. Almost 90 percent of its Barking Mad franchises are owned by women, and with new territories available across the UK for fellow animal lovers, the Franchise Brands-owned organisation is urging fellow animal lovers who are looking for a change in career to consider joining its ranks.

Rachel Stewart, managing director of Barking Mad, said: “The pet care industry already attracts women from all walks of life, but this International Women’s Day we wanted to share the reasons why.

“The last 12 months have revealed a lot of elements about where and how people work which could be improved; workers are demanding more flexibility and improved mental and physical wellbeing from their employers, but our research demonstrates that’s already a given when working in the pet care industry.

“Even more importantly, to us, we found that four out of five of our respondents (81%) said one of the best parts of their job is getting to work with fellow animal lovers more often, which demonstrates why networks like Barking Mad are so important.

“We encourage our franchise owners to work with hosts who also adore animals so they can share that passion together because that joint excitement, care and enjoyment of working with pets is what helps drive such a fantastic service for customers.

“Many people, sadly, have found themselves out of work due to the pandemic, but might be using the time available to them now to discover a career which can bring multiple benefits to their life. Working in the pet care industry as part of a franchise may well be the best next step you can take if you have an equal fondness for animals and want flexibility in your work.

“We welcome anyone interested in an opportunity with Franchise Brands and Barking Mad to get in touch. There are pets ready and waiting for you!”

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