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August 2017

Our amazing Barking Mad team has grown!
Welcome to 2 new team members!

From left to right:
               ag2.jpg             ag3.jpg
Vicki Holden, our General Manager. Before officially becoming Barking Mad Vicki had been a Vet Nurse in a very well respected local practice. She now also has her own business as a dog walker and pet sitter. She is proud Doggy Mum to 3 chihuahuas, Basil, Pearl and Spike and a border collie pup, Max.

Myself, Andrea Gupta. I have owned the area franchise of Barking Mad for about 18 months having previously been a Barking Mad customer for 3 years. In my previous career I had been a nurse for 29 years and senior NHS manager. I'm proud Doggy Mum to 7 year old Yorkie, Lilly, 4 year old Boxer Azi and 1 year old Boxer Pika.

Vicki Handley is a retired Police Officer after 25 years service and joined us about a year ago. She is proud Doggy Mum to beautiful cocker spaniel Chester.

Sam Evans recently joined us after running her own wedding dress shop! And she used to work with Pets at Home. She is proud Doggy Mum to Lhasa Apso, Milo and Cairn Terrier, Mollie.

And Angela Lowe, on separate photo, also recently became Barking Mad. She has been a NHS Podiatrist for a number of years, now working for the NHS 2 days per week. She is proud Doggy Mum to her 3 whippets Stanley, Chip & Sky.

So between us we are Doggy Mums to our 13 dogs of all shapes and sizes!


July 2017

Barking Mad Wigan, St Helens, North Liverpool & North Warrington have been out and about this month.
We had a great day at Tesco Extra Wigan. It was lovely to speak to so many dog lovers and dog owners about theirs and our favourite subject, Dogs!
Hopefully we will be coming to a location near you soon. Keep an eye on the web page and if you see us please come over and say Hello!


Who are Barking Mad Hosts?

Could you be one too?


They are people who are experienced dog owners and lovers and for whatever reason they have felt something is missing, they have felt Doglessness. They could be/have: Retired, work from home, at home for part of the week, weekends and/or school holidays free to share with a friendly dog.

For some of our hosts after loosing their last dog they feel they aren't ready to go through it all again or some worry about what will happen to another dog if they themselves become ill.
Some are families who may want dogs in their children's lives, but not the full time commitment and expense. Many tell us how their child's confidence has grown since becoming hosts.
Some are dog owners with a friendly dog who have considered having a second dog but would rather not have the full time commitment and expense.
Many of our hosts are also our customers who love the service and care they and their dog receive from Barking Mad so they want to help out other similar dog owners and have more friendly holiday guests for their own dog to play with.
Our hosts are gran and grandad's, aunts and uncles. They are our special people who do an amazing job of welcoming their Doggy holiday guests into their lives.

If you would like more information about becoming a host send an enquiry through this web page or email me andrea.gupta@barkingmad.uk.com or phone me on 07549923688
More information here https://www.barkingmad.uk.com/dog-holidays/become-host/


May 2017 

Well it looks like Spring has arrived!

                                             Pic 1.jpg

Time to get some exercise out in the open air. Great if you have a dog and if not and you miss having a friendly dog around consider becoming one of our amazing Barking Mad Hosts. Lots of information here https://www.barkingmad.uk.com/dog-sitting/host-stories/

Book As Early As Possible For Spring Summer and Beyond

We are getting really busy in the run up to summer, as always we advise dog owners to book as much in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. We don't like not being able to accommodate you but we will only place dogs with a suitable host to make sure everyone has a good time. You can send a message through the website or email me andrea.gupta@barkingmad.uk.com
Remember Dogs Deserve a Good Holiday Too!

                                                       Pic 2.jpg


 Love dogs and love to travel?

Have a look at the March Barking Mad Blog. We may cover some places to give you food for thought.



February 2017

February has been a busy Barking Mad month! 

6B68E97C-43AD-4FBE-8305-33D841C45690[1].jpg   D10C5428-2400-4A82-94D8-39D3855CBC4E[1].jpg

Lots of dogs have enjoyed their special home from home holiday.

IMG_2983[1].png   IMG_2987[1].png

We certainly are the alternative to kennels and we demonstrate time and time again why we are the UKs most trusted dog sitters offering bespoke, individual home boarding with our loving experienced hosts (source Trustpilot)

IMG_2991[1].png   IMG_3102[1].png

January 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!

2016 was a very busy 1st year for Barking Mad Wigan, St Helens, North Warrington & North Liverpool and 2017 is set to be even busier!

We have lots of lovely, experienced hosts who are very much looking forward to offering a home from home holiday to some very lucky dogs and due to demand we are always looking for more experienced dog lovers to join our friendly host community of like minded people.

So if you would like to become involved as a Host get in touch through this website or email me andrea.gupta@barkingmad.uk.com

 And if you would like to book a Barking Mad Holiday for your dog get in touch as soon as possible. We always advise booking early to avoid disappointment, especially for those peak, school holiday weeks!



November 2016

We had a good evening with some of our Hosts. My husband, Praveen did an Indian Cookery Demonstration and tasting event. He did a really good job and I believe our Hosts have since made some excellent Indian dishes. We hope to run this event again soon.

 Pic 1.jpg  Pic 2.jpg  Pic 3.jpg              


Take care of those precious paws this Winter! The Rspca warns:
"ROCK SALT POISONING IN PETS: Rock salt is a mixture of salt (sodium chloride) and grit, and is used to help de-ice roads in winter. Rock salt can be a danger to pets such as dogs and cats, if they lick it from their paws or fur."
Gently rinse and dry your pet's paws to avoid irritation and ill effects.

                                                           Pic 4.jpg


Host Christmas Party.

It's been a busy year and I have been so grateful for the support and help of our amazing Barking Mad Hosts. It was lovely to be able to treat them to a festive buffet.
We are all looking forward to a Happy, Barking Mad, New Year!

 Pic 5.jpg   Pic 7.jpg   Pic 6.jpg


November 2016

I love the new John Lewis advert, but as a Boxer owner I'm concerned that some people may rush out to buy a Boxer without considering the impact. Boxers require a lot of time, so please do your research first.


Missing your dog? Consider becoming a Host for Barking Mad. All the benefits of dog ownership without the negatives. I am always looking for experienced dog owners, so please get in touch for a chat.

Well, it has been a busy few months. We have arranged so many amazing dog holidays with our fabulous hosts. We never tire of seeing excited dogs return for their happy holidays time after time.

AG10.jpg  AG18.R.jpg  

AG17.R.jpg   AG16.R.jpg  AG15.R.jpg

Some great friendships have been made between holiday dogs who like a friend whilst on holiday and friendly hosts dogs who enjoy playing with their holiday guest. It's good to be able to offer options, some dogs like Doggy company and some don't, we cater for all.


More photos to come soon. This weekend we have arranged an Indian Cookery Demonstration, should be fun!


October 2016

Our hosts are very special. I always describe them as our Doggy grans and granddads or aunts and uncles. They are people you would leave your dogs with if they were your relatives. We support them 24/7 and we love the opportunity to get together once in a while.

In October we enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea at Inglenook Farm, Rainford. A lovely couple of hours chatting about the dogs we have met and looked after over summer. Perfect :-)

a gupta tea party.jpg  


September 2016

Introducing the Barking Mad, Wigan, St Helens, North Warrington & North Liverpool team.

AG11.jpg AG4.jpg AG3.jpg

Our General Manager is Vicki Holden, who previously worked in a very well established Wigan Vets for 9 years, so has a vast amount of experience with dogs and other animals. Vicki is also a Dog Walker, volunteer for the Cinnamon Trust, and has been an RSPCA home checker. Vicki has 3 mischievous Chihuahuas.


Our newest recruit is Vicki Handley (yes the 2 Vicki's). Vicki lives in UpHolland with her Cocker Spaniel Chester. She was previously a police officer for 25 years but is now retired and wanted to become Barking Mad! Vicki is very experienced with dogs and horses and loves to play golf.

In September, we also partnered with Bents Garden & Home. We now offer 'Bents Be Inspired' card members, 10% off the daily holiday rate on stays of 5 days or more. (This offer can't be used in conjunction with others).



August 2016

Such a busy month, all I can say is, if you need your dog looking after in the school holiday weeks, please book in advance. All Barking Mad Franchisees will say the same, we have so many last minute requests for a dog holiday because other dog care plans had fallen through and they had been let down by other borders, kennels or family and friends. I hate having to turn away a lovely dog but when we are full, we are full.

There were some amazing holidays though!

AG dogs.jpg   andrea gupta.jpg  AG12.jpg

July 2016

We heard the pitter patter of tiny paws again. We brought home 8 week old Boxer Pika, now sister to Yorkie Lilly and Boxer Azi. She is so cute and Lilly and Azi love her. I think 2 dogs are easier than 1 and 3 dogs are actually easier than 2 but for my husbands sake, I'll leave it there!

 AG9.R.jpg    AG5.R.jpg  AG1.jpg

June 2016

Doglessness - The State of being without a dog!

AG5.R.jpg  AG3.jpg  AG16.jpg   AG8.R.jpg

What a terrible thought! Most of our hosts faced the prospect of being Dogless, either because their last dog passed away and they couldn't go through it again, or they travel themselves too much to own a dog. Others host because dogs are expensive to keep or they feel they are at an age where they can't rely on their own health for the next 15 years or so, therefore depriving themselves of the companionship of a dog.

With Barking Mad there is no need. We support our hosts in looking after other people's dogs. All the benefits of dog ownership without the negatives!

AG6.R.jpg  AG17.R.png

Don't be Dogless, get in touch with me for a chat. If you know someone who would benefit from companionship of a friendly dog, at times to suit themselves ask them to get I touch. We can find the perfect match

More information here https://www.barkingmad.uk.com/pet-holidays/our-hosts/

May 2016

May has certainly been a busy month! We found lots more lovely, very experienced dog care hosts to help us look after dogs while they are on their holidays. We had our 1st Host get together and that went really well. We are now planning lots of activities for our hosts over the coming months. I will post photos as they arise.

Wigan dog hosts may 2016 2.jpg Wigan dog hosts may 2016.jpgWigan dog hosts may 2016 1.jpg

Recommended Pet Care Providers.
Each month I meet up with other local pet care providers and if we like the way they work we are happy to recommend them to our customers. This months recommendations are:

Paws Doggy Day Care Leigh
They are a very large, professionally run dog day care and training centre. Good parking too. I met some lovely dogs there and the staff were very nice and caring.

Dog Grooming
Rainford - Scruffy to Fluffy by Leigh.
Leigh has recently started out as a groomer and works from home in Rainford. Lovely set up, perfect for smaller dogs www.facebook.com/ScruffyToFluffybyleigh/services

Pet Services
Another new business, Willow Tree Pet Care Services. Owned and run by Vicky who is a very experienced Vet Nurse in Standish Wigan. Vicky is now branching off on her own and offering dog walks, cat sitting, looking after small animals eg rabbits, Guinea pigs etc, pet taxi. I'm sure she will do very well.

Cute customer of the month has to be Bella, the 16 week old Jack Russell Terrier. Here shown checking her mum has packed everything!

Bella Wigan dog of the month May 2016.jpg

April 2016

We are in the Wigan Observer! Make sure you go out and buy a copy but, if you can't get down to the shops here's a snippet of the article for you to enjoy;

d.jpg e.jpg

For more information you can email me or take a look at my website here.


February 2016

Welcome to my webpage!
I will have more news and updates coming soon, but though I would introduce you to my babies Lily & Azi:

Lily and Azi.jpgAzi is the Boxer dog and Lily is our Yorkshire Terrier.

Local Links

We love working with and recommending local business, here are a list of fantastic people we think you might like to hear about:

Pet Services

Another new business, Willow Tree Pet Care Services. Owned and run by Vicky who is a very experienced Vet Nurse in Standish Wigan. Vicky is now branching off on her own and offering dog walks, cat sitting, looking after small animals eg rabbits, Guinea pigs etc, pet taxi. I'm sure she will do very well.