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Dog Sitting / Sitters Tyne and Wear

Welcome to Barking Mad dog sitting for Washington, Tyne and Wear and Tyneside. Nobody wants to put their dog into a confined room while they go away only to have him or her fed and watered at set times along with the any other dogs and pets in a traditional kennel. Our service is a modern and better alternative to the idea of these kennels, we place your pet directly with people in their own homes who will look after and care for him or her just the way you like, giving them much more care and attention as if they were one of their own pets.

It's normal for your dog to feel troubled when they are separated from their favourite items and the people they love. Your pet is no different to all other dogs in this aspect. In the normal household environment, your family become the dog’s natural pack. Separations sometimes are inevitable and do occur so when they do we'll be on hand to minimise these effects on you and your dog. We ensure that the host with which your dog is placed is somebody that you feel comfortable handing them over to and one which your dog is comfy around also. It is important that your pet dog has their favourite items, bowl, blanket, toys etc around them to keep their levels of stress down to an absolute minimum, while keep the enjoyment for them to a maximum!

We've developed a sizeable collection of hosts over time who are able to meet your needs. Getting the same treatment for your dog that you'd give yourself is important, so you can choose from hosts who do or don't have pets themselves, families, couples, retired people, whichever you feel suits you and your dog the best. You can have specify to have your dog walked and fed at their normal times too. Needless to say because of this you will start to get peace of mind and just in case your dog needs medicine this can be dealt with too.

Our reach is UK wide. Not only are we Tyne and Wear's favourite dog sitters but we are the UK's favourite too. We've have branches just everywhere and with hosts keen to start looking after your dog while you go away you can be sure we can find the right host family for you and your dog. If you are still unsure whether you should use us or not then please just read our previous and repeat customer’s reviews to alleviate any uncertainties. We always ask our customers to leave us reviews, we understand the best business is often passed by word of mouth and Barking Mad Tyne and Wear are no exception to this principle.

You may no doubt be thinking about how things are doing while you're away and we have considered this. We are able to send you photos of them enjoying themselves having their own little holiday and keep you up to date with everything while you're away. With regular postings to Facebook or messages distributed by other which are convenient to you, you can rest assured your dog is being looked after in a manner that you approve of. Their daily activities will be captured for posterity, giving peace of mind that they are completely happy in their temporary care. Should there ever be a necessity to get in touch with you because of an emergency we will be prepared and can handle the situation professionally keeping you 100% informed throughout.

Barking Mad was founded in the year 2000 because we realised that people who love dogs across the UK were missing a great bespoke dog caring service when they had to go away on holiday. Dog kennels we felt just weren't a good choice as we were discovering every time we used these facilities our dogs never seemed to be as happy as they naturally were in their own environment. If you are like us you'll see your dog as a part of your family, many people even view their dog as their children and we fully understand this. Would you really want to put a member of your family in a confined space whilst you go on holiday, or would you prefer them to be in someone’s home?

Our whole process is very simple and it all starts with a phone call or a form submission, so what are you waiting for?

Hello and welcome to
Barking Mad Dog Sitting Service

Local Professional Service

Individual Care

Peace of Mind

Alternative to Kennels

Organised Over 80,000 Doggie Holidays Since 2000

Over 70 Local Branches

Our award winning professional pet sitting service gives customers complete peace of mind. We receive fantastic customer feedback which is undoubtedly the result of our belief in developing a personal relationship with our customers – we are not an online agency - so you can be confident that once your holiday is booked, we’ll personally take care of everything.

How our dog sitting service works

It’s really important to get to know you and your dog, especially in the beginning. We’ll come to you for an initial registration meeting which takes an hour, to find out about feeding and exercising routines, likes and dislikes and any other individual needs, so that we can match your dog/s with exactly the right family. No two dogs are ever the same so please don’t worry, we love dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages, pedigree, Heinz 57 or rescue. They can sleep in the bedroom, pull on the lead, or even hide your favourite socks so long as they’re friendly we’d love to meet them.

Selecting the right home from home family is very important and your input into this process is invaluable. We understand you will want to know exactly where your dog is going, so during our time together you will see all of our dog-loving families, what experience they have and what their homes and gardens are like. All of our host families are carefully inspected by us each time we deliver or collect a dog, they are guaranteed to meet our extremely high pet sitting standards. Furthermore our hosts are at home during the day to ensure care is always provided especially where puppies, dogs on regular medication and senior citizens are concerned. If your dog is extremely sociable and you’d like him to have some company during his stay, then we can arrange a holiday with a family who have a resident dog of their own.

We provide a complete service including door to door chauffer driven transportation, a real bonus for busy customers preparing and returning from time away. The main benefit however is for your dog. Being collected from home is far less stressful and overcomes any anxiety which could be caused when left behind by you.

Our Prices

One off initial registration meeting £35
Daily boarding rate £23
Daily boarding rate for additional dogs £19
Collection and delivery £35

Bailey – All ready for his holiday complete with paddling pool!

At the registration meeting you’ll receive one of our exclusive ‘Holiday Doggie Bags’ which you can pack with food, bowls, toys, treats and anything else to help your dog settle in more easily.

We even offer an unlimited luggage allowance at no extra charge!

Complete peace of mind

Host families are given a Pet Schedule detailing all of the information we gathered at the initial registration meeting and we’re on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week to support them.

We’ll send a photograph of your dog to you as soon as he’s been safely delivered to the host. The very next day we give you a ‘rest easy’ update, so you can then sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your time away in the knowledge we’ve got everything covered.

On the day of return you’ll receive a fun postcard from the host and we’ll stamp your loyalty card so you can gain points which will entitle you to a free night away.

The best bit for us is seeing dogs happily settled-in and comfortable with their host. We will, wherever possible, be sure to use the same family each time you book a holiday. There are no minimum or maximum time limits we’re here whenever you need us.

Earn a FREE day with every completed Loyalty Card
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Ask for your loyalty card. When your card is full you receive a FREE stay on us! (1 full card = 28 paw stamps).

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Welcome to Barking Mad

If you love dogs but can’t commit to the full time financial and emotional responsibility of having a dog of your own, or if you have a very sociable dog who would benefit from visiting guests coming to stay, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our very own host families are extremely special people indeed. They have been selected carefully and interviewed in depth at home to ensure they meet our criteria. We get to know them really well and have worked with many of them for a great number of years.

Who are our hosts
It goes without saying, all of our hosts, without exception, are absolutely dotty about dogs. Some are actively retired people who’ve had dogs all of their lives but now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of caring for dogs on holiday. Others are younger, often with a family at home, where the addition of a visiting dog is great fun for all.

How it works
We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. We think it’s important that our hosts concentrate on looking after visiting dogs and that they are not exposed to, or distracted by a constant flow of potential customers and dogs coming and going. Our hosts are also protected from the awkwardness of dealing with money, insurance and paperwork, so that the enjoyment of looking after visiting dogs remains their focus.

Support 24 Hours a Day – 7 Days a Week
Looking after someone else’s dog is great fun, however from time to time you may need a little local, on the ground support and it’s great to know we’re on hand 24/7 to provide just that.

If you’re interested in joining our fun, dog loving host community to become a pet sitter we’d love to hear from you.

CLICK HERE to make an enquiry

Our fantastic host families are the heart of our business and we simply couldn’t do what we do without them. If you know someone who’d like to join us, please let them know.

Our Hosts

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Host Comments

Brenda - 2nd May, 2017
"We recently had Fozzie for several days it was such a joy to have him my dog Wiggles loves him a lot.
My whole family love him as did our friends where we walk every day.
We look forward to his next visit.
Brenda Street"

Carol - 13th Apr, 2017
"We enjoy looking after peoples dogs as it gives us pleasure to think they have come from home to home. Sometimes our commitments are heavy but It fits in with our lifestyle as we can do it as and when we can. It gives us pleasure and hopefully the pets enjoy our company too. Barking Mad are efficiently run and if I had a dog of my own would gladly let them find a host for my."

Celia - 23rd Mar, 2017
"Lulu has just been to me on her fourth visit. We've both had a lovely time and it seems strange today without her. She is well known and well loved by my friends and neighbours now as well as the local dogs. We all look forward to seeing her again soon."

Jackie - 6th Jan, 2017
"We had the pleasure of looking after Pip for 2 weeks over Christmas this year! We all loved having him for his 2nd visit with us. We enjoyed the walks (even in the cold and sometimes wet) and my children loved his company too!

I would love to have a dog of my own sometime soon, but looking after dogs with Barking Mad gives me the opportunity to see how a dog would fit into our lives, what challenges it might bring and what delights too! I can test out different breeds and ages too in case I go down the rescue dog route!

Definitely a win win option."

Brenda - 6th Jan, 2017
"We recently had Molly come to stay we all fell in love with her. My dog Wiggles loved her too
She was so good and had us laughing when she showed attention to the Tv.
We enjoyed her company and will look forward to her coming to see us again.
Beautiful Girl."

Carol - 3rd Nov, 2016
"We thought the service we got from Emily at Barking Mad was very professional - the information we received on Inca prior to our having her was very precise and made our experience all the better. It was good to know she was at the end of the phone especially as this was our first time. Inca was a pleasure to have and as advised needed lots of love and attention which we certainly gave her. We look forward to the next time to host again. Many thanks."

Brenda - 26th Oct, 2016
"We recently had Scout come to stay with us what a lovely time we had scout and my dog wiggles became great friends it was really nice. Its nice that the dogs get to visit carers whilst the owners go on holday as it gives peace of mind for all concerned and the dogs are happy too We look forward to scout coming again"

Brenda - 26th Oct, 2016
"Scout came to stay a beautiful little dog we had a great time look forward to seeing her again.
Barking Mad is a lovely idea it is very important that the dogs are happy and we love it"

Celia - 4th Oct, 2016
"Lulu has just gone home after seventeen nights with me. This is the longest stay I've had but it wasn't too long. She is a delightful, easy dog to look after who quickly makes herself at home.
This is the third time she's been to me and I look forward to her next visit."

Brenda - 4th Oct, 2016
"I think Barking Mad is such a lovely idea as the dogs can visit families a bit of a holiday whilst their owners have a holiday too.

We recently enjoyed a visit from a beautiful dog Fozzie he settled into our home quite happily and we enjoyed him too.
Animals need to feel secure with no worries and fitting into a family environment makes for a happy doggie I think Barking Mad is a very good idea
I will look forward to the next vistor on four legs."

Jackie - 12th Sep, 2016
"I have recently looked after Pip for just over a week and really enjoyed it. I am looking to have a dog myself but want to be 100% sure I am doing the right thing before I take the plunge.

I love that with barking mad you get lots of help and support while looking after someone else's precious dog. If you have a problem or the dog becomes unwell you also know that help is at hand. I found the experience rewarding and it was lovely having Pip stay with us. The problem is we missed him when he was gone...

I would like to continue looking after dogs with barking mad.


Celia - 19th Jul, 2016
"Hugo has just had two weeks holiday with me. As a lively two-year-old Springer he was more of a challenge than I've had before but I loved it, and him. We walked many miles and I managed to loose some weight. An added bonus for me!
I think Hugo enjoyed having my undivided attention and he certainly made the most of it. I always think about how I would like my own dog to feel - happy, secure, content, and loved."

Linda - 29th Jun, 2016
"Hello I love having the dogs it gets me out and about too..I am fairly new to the neighbourhood. And I have met people that I would not have met if I was not hosting. All the dogs I have had since I've been hosting have been very good I love them all. I wish I could have some of the small dogs back I had last year!. Posted by Linda"

LindaS - 29th Jun, 2016
"I love being a host we find it encourages us to go out more and explore dog friendly places so we get loads of fresh air and exercise. We have the peace of mind that Barking Mad are on the end of a phone if we need them for any reason and its a great way of having a dog without the costs involved. Also if your lifestyle means you cannot have a dog then this is a great alternative. I would definitely recommend it as all the dogs we have had have been easy to care for and friendly, the hardest part is saying goodbye but because you know they will probably have another holiday before too long you don't get upset you just look forward to their next stay."

Anne and David - 28th Jun, 2016
"Hosting a dog gives us a lot of pleasure and is very rewarding. We have only been hosting dogs for 3 months but we're really enjoying it. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that each dog has had a lot of love and a good home from home holiday. We treat every dog as if it was ours, taking note of the pet profile guidelines. It is a great help knowing that you have the back-up of Barking Mad should anything untoward happen, which gives us peace of mind. John has been excellent matching us with the dogs we've hosted so far."

Brian and Carole - 8th Apr, 2016
"We have been hosting for 18 months now and have come to know the regular dogs we have. The owners have requested many times that they like them to go back to the same host. We find it rewarding that they make these requests.
Nicola is always very careful to match the host and dog and this shows in the requests she gets.
Keep up the good work. A perfect match makes a happy owner, dog and host.
Barking mad prides itself on this and Nicola and her team work very hard to make this happen.
We have just got another first time little doggy today and we hope that he will want to come back again.
A big thankyou to all the team."

Celia - 6th Apr, 2016
"Archie has just gone home after his second visit. He's the most affectionate little dog I've met. Really loving, kind, and gentle. He can be a bit naughty sometimes but we suit one another well and both thoroughly enjoyed our week."

Gwen - 31st Mar, 2016
"We have just had a second visit from a lovely dog that we first met over last Xmas. Having become very fond of her the first time, it was lovely to see her again. She settled more quickly this visit, and was very relaxed. We really enjoyed our time with her, and look forward to her next visit."

Gwen - 24th Mar, 2016
"We have just had a beautiful golden labrador to share our lives with for the past nine days. He was delightful, really good around other dogs and children, and a joy to be with. I'm looking forward to having him to stay again."

Pam - 18th Mar, 2016
"We have just said goodbye to our latest doggy client and thoroughly enjoyed having him here.
He settled in straight away, was friendly and playful. We never imagined choosing this breed ourselves but he's now a very firm favourite and today the house seems empty without him. Hope to look after him again sometime."

Gwen - 14th Mar, 2016
"I enjoy doing the best I can to make sure that my doggy guest feels relaxed, cared for and loved whilst they're away from home. This is what I would want for my own dog, when I have to go away on holiday, so I find it very rewarding to provide this for other people and their dogs."

Jenny - 8th Feb, 2016
"For me, the best part of being a Barking Mad host is getting to know all the different doggie personalities and making friendships with them, particularly when my new houseguest could be feeling a little bit homesick."

Margaret & Stan - 26th Jan, 2016
"We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting a lot of Barking Mad dogs over the last seven years. We have always had terrific support from Brad and team and prior to that from Chris and Alex. In all that time we have only needed help once during a visit, for minor veterinary attention, and that was dealt with very quickly and efficiently. I think this is because the dogs are well matched to their hosts (and the hosts own dogs!) in the first place. We also use Barking Mad for our own dogs holidays."

Adam - 22nd Jan, 2016
"When we moved to Dundee we both missed not having a dog in our lives. Being a host for Barking Mad gave us the opportunity to have that again, even though giving them back at the end is always hard.
It allowed us to see how well having a dog would fit into our lives in a full time situation, and directly influenced our decision to get our own. Now we look forward to hosting other dogs for Angus to play with.
As hosts, the support you receive from Brad is amazing and the detail he goes into to facilitate yours and the dogs well being is incredible.
I would thoroughly recommend anyone who wants to have a visitor now and again, someone who misses the company of the dog but has commitments and everybody who wants a dog but is not sure if it will work to become a host with Barking Mad, you won't regret it!"

Lorna - 22nd Jan, 2016
"I have been a host for several years, I started with Barking Mad as I wanted to have a dog but visiting family in the south made it impractical, so when I am home I have a dog, I have had a great variety of dogs from a little Jack Russell to a huge mountain dog. Barking mad is great because they match dogs with their hosts in all the years of hosting I have never had a dog that I would not have again. Hosting dogs means I go out everyday, I talk to many people and share doggie stories."

Ed and Barbara - 22nd Jan, 2016
"Having a four-legged lodger for a few days is always a pleasure. Still getting over the loss of our own dog but nothing cheers you up more than another wagging tail around the house. Great support from Brad and his team. If only he could do something about this awful Scottish weather."

Kate & Graham - 20th Jan, 2016
"We live in Shirley and have local parks, woods and fields nearby. Whatever the weather we love taking the dogs out and about. They have joined us for barbecues, street parties and made visits to a local elderly care home. Our grandchildren have learned to overcome their fear of dogs by meeting our 'guests'.Having a dog keeps us fit and healthy too. Our garden is large and well fenced so the dogs can enjoy chasing squirrels!

We would love to have a dog of our own but with working full-time until recently and travelling it never seemed the right time. Having dogs for Barking Mad has 'filled the need'. We have had so many dogs to stay (and everyone a pleasure) and one in particular has come twice a year since 2008.

Tina organises things so well - she 'matches' the right dog to the right host - so everyone is happy ( most of all the dog!)"

Susan - 20th Jan, 2016
"I love being a host for dogs with Barking Mad, and enjoy meeting the different visiting dogs, and getting to know each ones individual personality."

Sandra & Terry - 19th Jan, 2016
"We love being hosts to barking mad, Terry is around most of the day, and I work 4 days a week, so we can have doggies almost all the time other than we are on our hols !!, we already have our fav’s Bruno, Bentley, Darcy , Biscuit, Ben the boxer & Gunner, and Tina will try her up most so we can have them on repeat hols, it means a lot to us as we love looking after all the little & big ones, and they all have there own little characters, we have photos of all the dogs we have had since July last year, and look forward to seeing them all again this year, and miss them when they go home, It’s a pleasure to look after doggies on there hols, & and its filled a gap since loosing a couple of our own pets last year,"

Jenny, John and Jean - 15th Jan, 2016
"Being an animal lover - I love working with Barking Mad and being a host for them. I especially like having their beautiful doggies to stay. The doggies all have their own very different characters and we have some good times filled with really good fun and laughs with the doggies that stay with us.

We all really enjoy having the pets and get out and about and sometimes on the odd occasion we take them out to other parks and places close to home. Its just like having your own pet!

I do like the events and walks that Tina at Barking Mad arranges. Its a chance to get out with other hosts and meet them and hear their tales as a host.

I recall a fete we went to lovely sunny day with lots of dogs and we all had such a great time, I recall feeling quite sorry when the fete ended."

Tracey - 15th Jan, 2016
"We have been hosting since last summer and really enjoy the experience and getting to know the personalities of the dogs, even the cheeky ones !

I particularly like walking in the fields and woods nearby with my host dogs as company, and its great exercise too.


Rosina - 15th Jan, 2016
"I first looked after dogs in 2005 & have kept photos of all my visitors. After a break, came back to it a couple of years ago. I have had Millie two years running & cannot wait to greet her again in July, it feels like a special friend spending her holiday with me :)"

Gwen - 8th Jan, 2016
"Sheba, a beautiful Belgian Shepherd dog, was my first experience with 'Barking Mad'. She was adorable, very gentle, and well behaved. She seemed to fall in love with my partner - maybe she saw him as her temporary pack leader - and we both really enjoyed her company over the Christmas period. Having lost my own much loved collie of over 15 years, in October, I had felt lost without a dog to love and care for - so being a 'Barking Mad' host was ideal for me. We're so looking forward to our next doggie guest, and also hope to see Sheba again at some time in the future."

Celia - 8th Jan, 2016
"My last visitor, Pip, was an absolute sweetie. A breed I've not had experience of before and a real delight. She came to me for just a few days before going on to her regular family.
She loved her bed - well actually my bed - and when she was ready to go up at night she would stand at the bottom of the stairs, with one paw on the bottom step, and stare at me until I gave in."

Elaine - 9th Nov, 2015
"We really love our holiday dogs, we like to spoil them, love them, lots of cuddles and make sure they are really happy with us, it's lovely to get the same dog(s) over and over again, they just make themselves at home, and all our dogs know where the 'treat' cupboard is.. We get such a lot of love from them and look forward to them returning."

Sarah and Stan - 9th Nov, 2015
"We adore having new Barking Mad dogs come to stay and love it even more when they return for second and third visits. Its such a pleasure to spend time with these much loved dogs and take them for walks on the beach and around the countryside. We know that when our 'crazy' Collie goes to stay with a Barking Mad host, she will be safe, happy, and much loved."

Liz - 4th Nov, 2015
"We have really enjoyed hosting our last two dogs, Nelson and Finn. As a family we enjoy meeting the new dogs and letting them be a part of our family, albeit only for a while. It is good to know if we have any issues we can just call Emily. We hope to keep hosting even when we get our own dog, (something my husband would never have agreed to until he realized how complete a dog makes a home)."

Debra - 4th Nov, 2015
"We have had a full calendar for October starting with a surprise arrival as another host was sadly taken poorly. Ruby arrived within 40 minutes of the phone call but soon settled in and became a family favorite. Then came Azi, she takes over our lives but ooh how we love her. Lastly we had Jess, an old lurcher who turned into a puppy again when it was walkies time. Each very different but all very lovable."

Diana - 15th Oct, 2015
"I have always had dogs since I was born,having lived on a farm. I cannot remember ever being without dogs. Now I am on my own it is great to have more than one dog.
I am a dog lover, plus Kali my lab just love to go on walks and have company at home.
So we are both very happy bunnies"

Nicky - 13th Oct, 2015
"I started pet sitting nine years ago for Barking Mad.

It is very enjoyable and I love the country and Beach Walks. I have to make an effort to get out with the dogs here.

I have many regulars that come year after year. Each dog has its separate character. With the pairs I love watching the integration between the two dogs.

I work for Ian Carney who pays a lot of attention to detail, doesn't mind going over things with me if I am not sure and always makes sure the dog is familiar with my bungalow before he leaves. He always promptly answers the phone and I feel that I am not alone with the responsibility of someone else's dog.

My life would be empty without Barking Mad.

Nicky, Dorset Host. Posted by Nicky"

Clive - 23rd Sep, 2015
"Having just said goodbye to our 2nd holiday dog whom we've enjoyed entertaining and looking after. We look forward to our next dog!"

Carole - 21st Sep, 2015
"Nicola and her team always go the extra mile to ensure they are acting in the dogs best interest. If there is any doubt about a dogs health she will always act accordingly so that the owners can rest assured that there dog will get the best possible attention and the owner can relax and enjoy their holiday. We have always welcomed all our lovely dogs for holidays and they enjoy their stay.
Keep up the good work and keep sending these lovely dogs for their holidays that they can enjoy.
A first class team who cares unreservably for the dogs in their care. Posted by Carole"

Debra - 17th Sep, 2015
"We have just enjoyed a lovely long weekend with Roxy the staffy. She is so well behaved we hardly knew she was there but now she has gone our home is a quieter sadder place. This is why we love Barking Mad as each dog gives us a smile!"

Sarah and Stan - 9th Sep, 2015
"We love taking our four legged holiday friends for walks through the fields and to the beach, Its a privilege to get to know the new dogs and become friends and really special when they come back to us for a repeat holiday full of cuddles and fun."

Angela - 21st Aug, 2015
"I have just become a host for Barking Mad and recently cared for my first dog, a lovely old Labrador. He fitted in so well with my own two dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed giving him a special holiday for a few days and am really looking forward to helping out again. It is something very dear to my heart and feel I am being of use to others in providing a safe and welcoming home from home for someone's beloved pet. Plus my own pets also enjoy the company."

Elaine - 21st Aug, 2015
"We love looking after our holiday dogs, they are all really lovely, friendly and usually make themselves at home straight away. We especially like to have the same dog back time after time and they always look really pleased to see us again."

Brian and Carole - 19th Aug, 2015
"Monty is always a pleasure to have in our home.. Just gone back to his home after another great holiday.
Nicola and her team are as always very efficient and friendly. Thank you to all of you.
Brian and Carole Posted by Brian and Carole"

Diana - 19th Aug, 2015
"I love having dogs I was brought up with my father's GunDogs we always had 2 or 3 at a time. A friend saw you advertising for people to look after them while a way on holiday or just for a week- end. So I did just that. I loved having Maisie also Kali loved it as well."

Cynthia - 10th Aug, 2015
"My Barking Mad dogs, many of whom come back again and again, light up my life. They are all different, with different hopes and needs, and getting to know them and earn their trust and affection is pure joy. They go everywhere with me, visiting friends, shopping, and of course on lots of nice healthy walks, good for me as well as them. Total strangers have become friends, stopping me in the street with "What's this one's name, then?" - or even, on between days, with a disappointed "No dog today?"
God bless BM, my area manager Ian, my owners, and first and foremost, all my dogs."

Celia - 4th Aug, 2015
"Rolo has just gone home after his weekend trial. He passed with flying colours. 10/10 I would say and I'm looking forward to his return towards the end of the week.

Well done Emily - you worked out straight away what sort of dogs are best suited to my situation. Quicker than I did."

Pam & Ray - 21st Jul, 2015
"After a year of being without a dog it was great to have not one but two dogs in the house. To see two little faces greeting us from their crate when we returned home was lovely. They settled in well and Emily made sure we were happy with them. Our grandchildren who live opposite were constantly here playing with them, which they adored. If only we had heard about Barking Mad when we were dog owners and didn't want to use kennels!!!!!!!!"

Filomena - 9th Jul, 2015
"Having Pebbles for a few days was delightful and Finley enjoyed the company. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of dealing with a dog other than my own and understanding her needs.
She seemed extremely happy and made herself at home immediately. All doggie friends on park enjoyed meeting her and she was in her element.
Great fun all round."

Mary - 8th Jul, 2015
"I've often asked myself why on earth anyone would want to be a host for Barking Mad. Belly rubs, staffie, Henry's smelly farts, being first out in pristine snow, pickle's snoring (how the walls vibrate), watching Starsky grow from a gangling four month pup into a well behaved teenager. I can go on and on but my favourite is sleeping on the settee on a hot afternoon having a 'nana nap' with a happy, contented pooch sleeping on my stomach dreaming of rabbits.

In 2014 I looked after 24 different dogs, most of whom returned numerous times. So far this year I've had 18 from little to large to very large (ah yes - Dudley). If I put my foot down and ask for time out to have a holiday myself then I get those puppy dog eyes from Ian (the boss) suggesting that I would love to take a dog with me. I generally succumb and thoroughly enjoy our time together.

Would I recommend being a Barking Mad host to anyone else? Having a boss like Ian who is very keen and hands on makes being a host easier. Should anything crop up he will be straight round to deal with it. I love hosting and would urge those people who are thinking about it to have a go. Where else can you wake up to a pair of soulful eyes, a lolling tongue and a wet nose in your immediate field of vision - that's enough about the old man!

Hi you folks at head office. I have spoken to Ian and he says that if you use this can you put it on both his Bath and Dorset sites please. Many thanks. Mary xx"

Celia - 30th Jun, 2015
"Having lost my beloved 15-year-old Westie last July I decided to sign up as a Host with Barking Mad towards the end of the year.
To be honest the first dog that came to me didn't really suit me and I wasn't sure I would do it again. But Emily persuaded me to have another try and I've had several dogs since which have all been delightful. My favourite, Lulu, has just gone home after her third visit.
I know she loves coming to me and I love having her."

Shannon - 27th May, 2015
"I love looking after all the different types of dogs that come for there holiday with me. I love caring for them as if they where my own. It gets me out and about meeting new people and their dogs too. All the dogs I've had come everywhere with me and even though each dog had a different personality they where all great to have. I look forward to caring for more dogs as well as caring for the same dogs that i have had."

Brian and Carole - 27th May, 2015
"Just coming to the end of another period of hosting a Barking Mad dog on holiday. We really appreciate what Nicola and her team do to connect the right dog to the right family. After having dogs all our lives the time came for us not to be selfish and home another dog in later life. Barking Mad filled that gap and we adore giving a home from home holiday to these special dogs. It's just what we wanted for our dogs rather than kennels.

We feel privileged to be a host for Barking Mad and look forward to giving the next dog with a good home, a good holiday.

Nicola and her team are very professional and give the owners and host families a very professional approach which makes a good holiday for the dogs and a lot of fun and satisfaction for the hosts.

Keep up the good work and can't wait for the next dog to come on holiday. Thank you to you all. Brian and Carole"

Brian and Carole - 29th Apr, 2015
"Beau just gone back home after having another fun holiday with us. She so appreciates the TLC we give her and look forward to having her again.."

Sue - 17th Mar, 2015
"I have loved having the pugs, a breed I've been thinking about getting. Was so nice to have a dog in the house again. All very well behaved and was nice to know Emily was always on call should the need arise. Looking forwards to my next house guest. Sue"

Celia - 10th Mar, 2015
"Lulu, a delightful little Coton de Tulear, was collected from me yesterday after a nine-day stay. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I was sorry to see her go. - Can't wait for her to come back again."

Elaine & Tony - 26th Feb, 2015
"Love looking after our holiday dogs. It's a brilliant, well run company, with people who really do care about the dogs, I would highly recommend to would be hosts or dog owners who can rest assured their babies will be well looked after."

Liz - 25th Feb, 2015
"Really enjoyed having Hamish. Appreciated the support, from Emily, with the walking issue and the fact I could call if any issues.

Next dog please.


Hayley - 25th Feb, 2015
"Me and my family love being a part of the Barking mad team! It makes me feel happy knowing the dog isnt in kennels and instead having a fun time in the our home. Its also great for my own two dogs, it gives them the chance to make new friends and socialise with other dogs all shapes and sizes!"

VLG - 8th Jan, 2015
"I recently hosted my first little visitors from Barking Mad. I was slightly nervous having 3 at once, but I need not have been concerned, Emily was very good with lots of info about what I needed to do.
They very quickly settled in and I really enjoyed having their companionship. I loved taking them out each day and watching them play with their toys."

Shirley - 1st Dec, 2014
"It's now twelve years since I first asked Barking Mad to look after our lovely Boxer Amber.Later,we became hosts and since Amber died,Barking Mad has helped to fulfill our enjoyment of canine companionship with dogs of many different breeds and temperament.
It is lovely when we have repeat visitors,to know that their owners are just as pleased with the Barking Mad service and care of their cherished dogs as I was with Amber."

Carole and Brian - 19th Nov, 2014
"Had a wonderful three weeks with Molly she really enjoyed her holiday. Thanks Nicola you were very supportive and explained every thing needed for Molly to enjoy her stay.
Looking forward to our next visitor.

Posted by: Carole and Brian Lee on 18th Nov, 2014"

Geoff and Ruth - 29th Oct, 2014
"We love the opportunity of hosting dogs as we no longer have of our own. This is a great way of having a dog around the house without the commitment of owning a dog."

Liz - 30th Sep, 2014
"My family and I love being hosts as it gives us the chance to meet lots of different dogs and get to know them.

The house feels empty once the dog has gone but we really enjoy giving the dogs a holiday and the owners piece of mind that this member of their family is being cared for safely and for a few days is a part of our family.

It is always good to know that Emily is on the end of the phone for support and the clear guidelines from the owners let us know what the dog enjoys and what their routines are."

Bruan and Carole - 22nd Sep, 2014
"We have just had our first dog on holiday and jess was a pleasure to have. We have always had dogs but lost our last one a year ago. It was a hard decision not to have another, but our age is against commiting to owning another. We saw a local advert for hosts and Nicola from barking mad made the whole process so easy.
Its the best decision we could have made and cant wait for our next doggy to come for a holiday. They make the house a home again. We love it. Thanks Nicola."

Monica - 28th Aug, 2014
"I lost my dog after 15 yrs together , so Barking Mad is ideal for me, I so enjoy having my doggy visitors, every one of them have their own characteristics, which is so nice to discover, whether they like playing ball, or tug of war with one of their toys, and I enjoy our walks as much as they do as well. Posted by Monica Bennett"

Ruth - 12th Aug, 2014
"How does one sum up being a Barking Mad host? Fun, good loving company, enjoyable healthy exercise and sociable walks when holiday dogs are here. When they are not, then time alone to relax, visit friends, have days out, holidays etc, but soon something is missing. You can't beat doggy company! So I look forward to my next 4 legged holiday guest.

When they arrive I read their notes (what to feed, when to walk, favourite games) all the information I need to make them feel at home. Together we enjoy their holiday and I help them write a holiday post card at the end of their stay!

Life couldn't be better, especially when they come again and their body language, eyes and tail all say 'great to be back, let's have more fun.' Penny the Patterdale, Ellie the Collie, Riley and Alfie thank you for coming into my life. I'm sure you are the first of many more holiday makers who I'll enjoy welcoming into this holiday home for dogs.

When my 16 year old Bonnie went to doggie heaven recently I couldn't decide whether or not to get another dog. There were advantages on both sides, so I got in touch with Barking Mad and with help from Nicola I became a holiday home for dogs. It's great fun, varied, flexible and rewarding; The benefits of having a dog whenever you want, without being tied all the time.
Thank you Barking Mad for enhancing my life.

Posted by: Ruth Middlebrough on 9th Aug, 2014"

Mandy - 11th Jul, 2014
"I have always owned animals but current circumstances don't allow me to commit full time to the care of a pet. I missed so much not having one around, saw the advert for Barking Mad and Barking Mad took me on. It is the perfect solution! I have had the privilege of looking after some wonderful dogs, enjoying walks and cuddles with my little friends. Now I always have a doggie to look forward to, some of them stay with me regularly, which is especially fun. Any drawbacks? - having to return my little friends at the end of their holiday!

Becoming a Barking Mad Host is one of the best decisions I have ever made!!"

Mavis - 30th Jun, 2014
"I have been hosting for Barking Mad for almost six years now, and have so much enjoyed the company of some beautiful dogs of many breeds. I didn't want to get another dog of my own, so this was a perfect solution to have the opportunity of having a lovely dog for company, walks and fun, and yet be free to go away whenever I chose. As time goes by, certain dogs return for repeated holidays, which proves that a happy dog means a happy owner who entrusts their much loved pet to you. Barking Mad is a well structured company, and it is always good to know that 24hr support is on hand if ever needed."

Bernie & Susie - 24th Jun, 2014
"Although new to Barking Mad its been one of the best things we have done living on a small farm we have space and plenty of local walks to offer our wonderful friends who have stayed with us. each one is missed and we long for their return.
We have set up a gallery of our new friends and find great pleasure looking at the moments they have shared with us."

Niccola - 4th Jun, 2014
"I can honestly say that being a host for barking mad has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has helped me physically, emotionally and financially. After losing my own dearly loved Jack Russell I decided I couldn't have another dog to go through the pain of losing it again. Then along came Barking Mad, it must be nearly 7 years ago now and I've never looked back. All the dogs are such a pleasure and a joy to care for. You love them like they are your own and yes, you miss them when they go home but you know there will be another little one on its way to fill the space very soon . The best thing is that they do all come back regularly so your home really does become a home from home, it is wonderful when they come in and you know they are as happy to see you again as you are to see them. It really is the best thing, everything is in place to ensure you have 24hr help and support if necessary. You can specify what type or size of dog you prefer and also specify when you are available. Basically if you're happy the dog is happy and vice versa."

Karen - 27th May, 2014
"This has been my first week as a host of Barking Mad and I/we are loving
it! My first dog guest was Maisie a bearded collie cross. She stayed with us
for the weekend and was such a pleasure to look after. We had lots of fun at
the beaches and parks. We then had lovely little Malcolm a jack Russell cross.
He was very excitable but settled very quickly. He loved playing in the back garden and on
our walks where he came across rabbits, horses and even hens. We are looking
forward to getting gorgeous Bertie very soon. The house seems strange when we
don't have a doggy guest now.

Thanks again, Brad.
Karen, Brian, Nico and Dylan."

Barbara & Peter - 23rd May, 2014
"Our "visitors" have become part of our family over the years. They are as different as our children, and, just like our kids, we love them to bits. Nicola has proved to be a good friend as well as a wonderful "boss". Of course, we do spoil our dogs but they are on their holiday!"

Bev & Ellie - 15th May, 2014
"We love the flexibilty of having different dogs to look after, and we have a few regulars now, especially over half term and school holidays, they bring such fun into the house, with their own individual personalities, we shower them with love and affection (as would their owners) and get very attached - but we know they have to go home, till the next time..."

Cid - 15th May, 2014
"There are so many reasons to love having dogs come to stay with us..... we love having a variety of sizes and breeds and personalities, there's always something to delight us! My boys love having dogs around to play with, and they don't get bored with walking them or feeding them because there's always something different. We get such fantastic characters come and stay with us, they get us out and about, they fill the house with wonderful dogginess. If there's a downside, it's the sadness when they go back home..... until our next doggy friend comes to stay, that is!"

maxine - 22nd Apr, 2014
"I enquired about being a host following my friends' dog being on a 'Barking Mad' holiday. As soon as I met Tina I decided that I would like to become a host, because I was impressed by her friendly professionalism and her genuine love of meeting the needs of dogs and their owners. I have been very well matched with some delightful canine companions! I look forward to the regulars and to meeting new dogs. I have not had any problems as such, but appreciate the speed of response and action from Tina, Colin and Carol-Ann when I have needed information or help with something. I might also add that that Tina, Colin and Carol-Ann are as lovely as the dogs they bring!"

Mick and Shirley - 22nd Apr, 2014
"When we retired, we considered getting a dog of our own. We'd had lots of dogs whilst the children were young but it had been a few years since our last one had died. However, we planned to travel so thought perhaps it wasn't a sensible idea. Then one day, Shirley overheard a conversation about Barking Mad.....and the rest is history! Tina was brilliant - her passion and love for the animals was obvious and we warmed to her straight away. Very soon after, Charlotte, a chocolate Labrador, came to stay with us for 2 weeks. Charlotte adopted us and gave us all her love, attention and affection. The walks, the fresh air, the laughter we had with her were excellent. We said "goodbye" and looked forward to our next dog. Since 2011, when we became hosts, we've had lots of different dogs and return visits from a number of them. It's great getting to know their personalities and learning about them. Tina is always available to consult if there are any difficulties. If anyone is considering becoming a host, we would strongly recommend it. We've never regretted it for one moment! We've just returned from 9 weeks travelling and are desperate to meet our next four legged house guest!"

Karen and Paul - 17th Apr, 2014
"A house isn't a home without a dog in it. Our labrador, Hero loves to have a friend for a couple weeks - they have lots of fun running and playing together, then Hero gets a rest before the next doggy visitor arrives. There's something very special about a wagging tail, and a doggy greeting! We're very pleased we found Barking Mad and treat all our visitors as we would expect Hero to be treated - with love and respect."

Helen - 17th Apr, 2014
"My family used Barking Mad initially for our own dog Sally. She was an old labrador and I never wanted her to be put in kennels when we went on holiday. Tina at Barking Mad came out and totally put our minds at ease. We were shown various hosts, their gardens and all Sally's needs were taken care of. This made us feel so relaxed going on holiday knowing Sally was in the best hands, literally home from home care. She was, most of the time, homed with the same family which was even more reassuring! Sally did take poorly when we were on holiday once and we were up-dated daily by Tina and Barking Mad took extremely good care of her, I will never forget them for that. When Sally passed away a few years ago we knew we didn't want to get another dog and decided on being a host family. It really is the best of both worlds. My 12 year old son particularly loves dogs coming to stay and the love we get from them. We've had all sorts of different dogs and characters. However, as we are busy during school holidays etc, we can select when we would like to take dogs. We have the freedom now and it's so much fun. The great thing is we know we have the back up and support from Tina which is fantastic. If things sometimes don't work out Tina is there to help and even take a dog should we be unable to look after it (which is a very rare occurrence as Tina is excellent at selecting the right dog for the right host). We take lots of photographs for the owners which Tina emails to them, should they wish, on holiday. We also write a little postcard for the families so they know what their pet has been up to while they have been away. It really is a fantastic company and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. If you are wanting company from a dog but without the full time commitment then look no further than Barking Mad. Go on, give it a try.......!"

Sue and Paul - 17th Apr, 2014
"We became hosts for Barking Mad, thinking it would be good to have a dog occasionally and the exercise would be good for us, being retired we need to keep going!!
Tina impressed us immediately..she really works hard at matching the dogs to the people. We love dogs that are good fun on their walks, but behave in the house (who doesn't?) and we have had a range of young and old, big and small and lots and lots of Labradors. If there has been a problem e.g. The dog needs the vet to check something, Tina, Colin or Carol Ann arrive and take the animal to the vet. We had one dog who obviously wasn't happy, and frankly was making us unhappy, perhaps pining for its owner, and Tina took it and looked after it herself. So we never have to worry that we are stuck with an animal that we don't get on with.
Tina has become a good friend, and her team of Colin and Carol Ann are so professional and caring with the animals it is a pleasure to 'do business' with them.

If you are thinking of being a host, do try it...you have a lot of fun, I enjoy the caring for some of the older ones as well as running round with the young ones, without the responsibility of having your own animal. Posted by Sue and Paul Allcroft"

Audrey - 16th Apr, 2014
"Due to health issues I am unable to have a dog of my own. Being a host for barking mad means I can have the company and pleasure of a dog, for a period of time with out the resposibility and cost of owning a dog myself.It is nice to know that as a host I can enable owners to have a break safe in the knowledge that their dog is being cared for by someone whose aim it is to give the dog a holiday in a friendly loving enviorment."

erika - 16th Apr, 2014
"I have been a host for nearly 9 years with my husband and now I am on my own. It is an absolute absolute pleasure to have my little dogs come to stay! I have regular ones and find it a privilege to be trusted with someones pet. They are my friends and it gives me something to focus on meet other dog lovers as well.

Posted by: Erika Cockerill on 15th Apr, 2014"

Dorothy - 16th Apr, 2014
"My husband and I thoroughly enjoy being hosts for dogs. Faye is great and runs a valuable service. Every dog we have has it's own wee personality and we grow to love them more and more every day. They are like little rays of sunshine in our home. We are so happy we decided to be hosts. We love it."

Ian - 16th Apr, 2014
"It is a real pleasure for us to look after so many varied dogs and hopefully give them a great time in a caring way close to their home life.Have done this now for over 3 years with nothing but positive experiences and would fully recommend being a host."

Jaclyn - 15th Apr, 2014
"We are the lucky ones that get to look after your lovely dogs my family and i enjoy it because we get to meet so many different characters and they are all individual and whilst they are with us they are treated as part of our family. We love dogs but because of work commitments we can only host during the school holidays so we are always looking forward to our new guest arriving and we hope to be part of Barking Mad for a very long time."

Our HostsOur hosts

Sue Seward

Hello my name is Sue Seward.  Barking Mad is a concept that I fully believe in as I was a customer for four years before I bought the business!  I jumped at the chance to buy the franchise when Jude told me she was selling it as it provided me with the opportunity to combine my great love of dogs with the need to continue this fantastic alternative to kennels.
I initially used this service as my beloved cocker spaniel Daisy has a heart complaint and is on a great deal of medication and kennels were not an option.  Barking Mad provided home boarding for Daisy in a loving family home which kept her to the same routine she had at home (including the cuddles and lots of love)! After Daisy, Timmy our Chihuahua joined us and he enjoyed many holidays with Barking Mad too!
After your initial enquiry I will come to your home and discuss your dog's routines and get to know your precious pet, this meeting is very important as it helps me to match your dog's requirements with the most appropriate host.  Myself or my husband Peter will collect your dog on the day of their holiday and take them to the chosen host.  We then stay until your dog has settled in then we contact you to keep you informed.  We send texts to reassure you throughout your dogs holiday to give you feedback on how they have settled.  You also receive a photo and a postcard after their holiday.  
I previously worked as a Medical Secretary in a GP Practice for many years, my experience with people there has helped me a great deal with Barking Mad customers who are understandably very nervous about handing over their precious dog to my care.  I provide reassurance and gain their trust to enable them enjoy their holiday in the sound knowledge that their dog will have a happy holiday as well.  After all......dogs deserve a holiday too!!!!  Remember that when you book your holiday and I will try my best to help.

BBC Radio Newcastle Interview
Sue talks about her dog sitting business on BBC radio Newcastle; she explains dogs deserve a holiday too and that's why she organises alternative to kennels across the Tyne & Wear area working in a team with 3 other Barking Mad businesses who cover the North-East.

Watch below or click here 


Places Covered

We're delighted to provide our service in the following towns and surrounding areas:

  • Annfield Plain
  • East Boldon
  • Gateshead
  • Heaton
  • Hebburn
  • Jarrow
  • Killingworth
  • Long Benton
  • Low Fell
  • North Shields
  • Seaton Sluice
  • South Shields
  • Stanley
  • Tynemouth
  • Walker
  • Wallsend
  • Washington
  • West Boldon
  • Whitley Bay

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Cassie has settled back home brilliantly following her latest Barking Mad holiday with lovely hosts Lynn and James and has clearly had a whale of a time! She always comes home happy, healthy and full of beans, and the photos of her we receive show how much she enjoys herself with them. Peter and Sue from Barking Mad provide excellent customer service and the reassurance of knowing our precious girl is happy and safe while we are away means the world to us. Cassie is already booked in for two more holidays next year.Thanks again to you all for a superb service.

Posted by: Ailsa Brook on

Jazz has just returned from his third holiday with a Barking Mad host family. He has been wonderfully looked after and thoroughly spoiled with attention and walks on the beach. We had daily updates from Sue Seward, as Jazz' health is failing. Without the knowledge that he would be with a host family that has been matched to him and the reassurance of the daily messages, we would not have been able to go away at all.

Posted by: Nicole on

I have used barking mad (Sue and Pete)since Fern was a puppy and wouldn't use anyone else. They are two wonderful people dedicated to their work nothing is too much trouble for them. They always go that extra mile to make sure your dog is with the right host and having the best possible time and I know that while I am away Fern is being loved and spoilt by her Auntie Anne and Uncle Andrew. Sue and Pete are the best.

Posted by: m robson on

Yet another worry free holiday! Cannot thank you enough Sue and Peter. I haven't met Sonia (one of our hosts) but she deserves a medal. When I got the photos of one of my crazy dogs (Slinky) with her and another 3 strange dogs altogether I was gobsmacked. Slinky is usually kept away from strange dogs because basically he's very anti-dog and will growl, spin round like a scene out of the exorcist and make everyone think he's a monster. In the photos he was a picture of innocence. She is amazing!!, you can tell she loves them so much. I have quite a few breaks away and can honestly say I don't worry one bit. Regular updates & even pictures give me extra peace of mind. The whole process from start to finish is so professional but personable too. It's Uncle Peter now to my furbabies when he comes to collect them, My dogs shriek with excitement when he arrives. I Will never use another company. Barking Mad Furever!!!!

Posted by: Nina & Paul on

I cannot thank Sue and Pete enough for the care and service given to me for my dog Alfie. I have always hated using any type of kennels service as Alfie loves to be with people so when I found Barking Mad I loved the idea that my family pet would be placed in a loving home.
Sue was so reassuring and caring you can tell she really understands your worries as a dog owner. We discussed all of Alfies needs and she arranged a suitable host family to have Alfie.
We were updated on how he was doing and I really think he didn't want to come home after having his holiday he seemed so content and happy when he came home and has now made me so sure I will never use another service except for Barking Mas again.
Thank you so much for all of your help and assurance as now we can enjoy our holidays knowing Alfie is in excellent care.

Posted by: Alex Tye on

My dogs go barking mad for Barking Mad. When its pickup time I have to say sometimes I get bit misty eyed at how eager they are to go!
They come back from their hol more refreshed than I do.
Fabulous service, nothing is ever too much. Thank you Sue. Posted by Sue

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Thank you once again, Peter and Sue for making sure that Ginger was so well looked after on her holiday. The care and efficiency that you put into making sure she and her hosts are well matched gave us great peace of mind, especially because we were away for such a long time. Christina and Brenda obviously spoiled her and enjoyed having her from the pictures and postcards they sent. She has settled back into her old routine and is currently snoring quietly in her basket!
Well done Barking Mad. Posted by Margaret

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Another fabulous holiday for our beloved Lexi! Sue and Peter were able to accommodate us at quite short notice which was very much appreciated. Lexi stayed with hosts that she had previously stayed with which was reassuring for us. She obviously had a great time and come back looking very well. She was obviously given plenty of attention and affection. We had peace of mind going on holiday knowing that she was in a safe warm place, rather than kennels and would definitely use Barking Mad again.

Posted by: Sarah Lawson on

I couldn't be more delighted with the service we have received from Barking Mad.Sue and her husband are professional, friendly and put your mind at ease straight away from the first meeting. As a neurotic dog owner I was really worried about Pip as she was a rescue dog with separation anxiety whenever we went out and there was no way we could have left her in boarding kennels to go away. When I found Barking Mad on the Internet I was delighted. The first time I was obviously a little nervous but I needn't have worried, Pip found a lovely host family to look after her when we went away. Sheila and Perry are a wonderful couple who Pip clearly adores. They give her everything she wants from long walks to the beach to never ending cuddles and fuss! I couldn't have asked for a more suitable match for Pip and I can't thank them enough for taking such good care of her. Next time we go away I won't be at all worried knowing that Pip is having such a lovely time with Sheila and Perry, she always comes back a happy and very tired little doggy!Thanks for such a great service Sue, without which we wouldn't be able to go away at all and thanks to Sheila and Perry for being brilliant. I would (and have) recommend this service to anybody.

Posted by: Helen on

our white Minature Schnauzer Misty has just returned after a week's stay with Marcia and Paul in Durham, the photos,updates and postcards show how relaxed and settled she was with Marcia and Paul. Barking Mad's service is just so much better than kennels, a real "home from home" with the love and attention that Misty gets at home. Misty settled straight back into her home routine with no problem at all. We would recommend Barking Mad Washington, with Sue and Peter without any hesitation. We have also recommended them to potential dog-sitters and potential clients and have no hesitation in doing so.

Posted by: Simon Lundy on

Hi,we would like to say a huge thank you firstly to Sue and Peter for a first class service arranging Mitzy's holiday.The service was professional but friendly and reassuring.The contact and pictures during our holiday was very reassuring and put our minds at ease.We would recommend you to family and friends without a doubt.Secondly another huge thank you to Pauline and Rob for looking after our beautiful Mitzy.The photographs showed how welcome she was in your home and we could tell you had truly enjoyed having her.We wouldn't hesitate to book Mitzy in with you again.Thanks a million x Marie and Anthony Mallan

Posted by: Marie and Anthony Mallan on

It was our 1st time we have left our Ollie at Barking Mad, he would normally stay with family when we went on holiday. We were both worried due to leaving him with someone we did not know, but when we got him back he was so happy! and well looked after and we both said there was no reason to worry. We will definitely be using Barking Mad again. Barking Mad are not just friendly and professional, they care. I would like to say a very big thank you to Maureen who cared for him and Sue and Peter. I will be highly recommending Barking Mad to all friends and family. Posted by Raymond

Posted by: bmadadmin on

I have just returned from a two week holiday and would just like to express my sincere thanks to Peter, Sue and Ruth for caring for Phoebe so well during her stay with Barking Mad. Phoebe is an old girl and has a number of medical conditions which require ongoing treatment. Ruth and Peter couldn't have done enough for Phoebe when she experienced an episode of colitis and I am truly grateful for the care and attention given to her during this time. Sorry about your carpet Ruth! I will be using Barking Mad in the very near future and words can't describe how happy I am with this fantastic service run by remarkable, caring people. A very special thanks to Ruth.

Posted by: Christine on

Last weekend was the first time we had used Barking Mad. The service given was brilliant! Pete came to collect our dog and was really reassuring, friendly and professional,he put our minds at ease when he said he would give us a quick call to say how Deeks ( our dog) settled into the hosts home. After Petes call we felt really happy knowing Deeks had settled and was having fun.
During the weekend Sue sent us a pic of Deeks enjoying himself which we thought was a nice touch! After the weekend Sue dropped him off and stayed to give us some feedback on what he had gotten up to. He was happy to be back home but his little holiday didn't seem to upset him at all. He came back as happy as he went!! ( phew!) .
We got some lovely photos of Deeks on holiday and a lovely postcard from the hosts telling us all about his weekend! Brilliant!
We will be using Barking Mad again later in the month using the same host family which is great!
Thanks very much to Sheila and Perry for being such great hosts to Deeks and allowing us to feel very confident to take future holidays using Barking Mad!
Lynda and Norman Britton

Posted by: Lynda Britton on

This was our 3rd time we had used Barking Mad and once again from start to finish the process went very smoothly.
Sue and Pete put our minds at rest throughout and our very friendly and approachable
Milo always comes home just as happy as he was when he left which is very important as it shows he has had a nice time too
I would definitely recommend Barking Mad and will certainly use them again.
A big thank you to Sue and Pete and a special thank you to Christina for looking after Milo and sending us postcards of his little holiday too. Posted by Juliet

Posted by: bmadadmin on

This is our second year of using Barking Mad and wouldn't send our dog anywhere else.
From the moment we met Sue we knew she cared as much as we do about animals and gave us great advice when choosing our host.
Marcia and Paul truly made Tilly have the best holiday, she came back happy, healthy AND able to do new tricks!
Before we book our holidays we now check on where Tilly is going to go.
Just the best.

Posted by: bmadadmin on

A big thank you to Barking Mad.Our dog Mitzi has just returned from her trial visit with hosts Rob and Pauline.The service from beginning to end was exceptional.We are confident that everything is centred around getting to know Mitzi so that she has a stress free holiday.We would recommend Barking Mad every time.Thanks a million!

Posted by: Marie Mallan on

Misty our White Minature Schnauzer has just returned from her trial stay with Marcia and Paul in Durham, she enjoyed her stay and both parties are looking forward to her extended stay late next month.Our first experience of Barking Mad and Sue/Peter has been excellent, efficient, friendly, well organised, excellent communication with nice touches of photos, postcards etc. We will be very relaxed and confident to leave Misty for an extended break

Posted by: Simon Lundy on

My Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen has just returned from her trial visit with Ruth. Phoebe has a number of medical conditions and needless to say I was sreally anxious about leaving her. However from the minute I met Sue, I knew that Phoebe was going to be ok and well looked after. Sue seemed to understand Phoebe's needs and certainly put my mind at ease. Phoebe has returned happy and full of beans, it's almost as if she wants to tell me all about the fab time she's had with Ruth. She also came back with a lovely photo and a postcard. Phoebe will be staying with Ruth again for a longer period in September and I know she will be absolutely fine and well cared for. Huge thanks to Sue, Pete and a special thanks to Ruth. I would highly recommend Barking Mad.

Posted by: Christine Sackwood on

We have just returned from a 2 week family holiday and to our beloved Elvis, although I actually feel guilty for coming home after reading and seeing the pictures of what a fab time he has had with Shiela and Perry!
I know without a shadow of a doubt that he has loved every minute of his time away and I can't thank Shiela and Perry enough for loving and looking after our boy the same way as we do. I have to say however that I think he has had you both wrapped round his little finger (or paw) looking at those pictures.
Sue and Peter have found the perfect home and people to look after Elvis and we can't thank them enough!
I need to book another holiday just so Elvis can go on his holiday too.
One happy customer with one extremely happy pooch x

Posted by: Jane Hood on

As ever, Sue and Peter (with help now from Alan) provided a fabulous door-to-door service. The professionalism displayed by the Barking Mad team is second to none. I am thrilled to have found you - thank you. I love the fact that you always phone me to let me know that my boys have settled in with the host family and the regular updates and photo's are wonderful. xx

Posted by: Jo Nicoll on

Yet another happy holiday for my boys Bailey & Slinky with Auntie Lynn & George & a worry free holiday for us.Slinky isn't the easiest of dogs as he has a few issues being an ex Romanian street dog but our hosts have been amazing & I trust them entirely with our boys. Updates while we are away with a few pictures of them having a fab time always make me smile.I never thought I would be able to leave Slinky but this is his 4th holiday in a year with no problems. Massive thankyou to Peter & Sue what a wonderful,sincere couple.Nothing is a problem.Big thankyou.x

Posted by: Nina & Paul on

I have two chocolate Labs who are both 7 1/2 years old. They have never been away from home and have just had their first weekend away with a Barking Mad host. I was worried sick but really shouldn't of been at all. I received regular updates to confirm they had settled and received pictures which put my mind at rest. They looked very relaxed and chilled when they returned and I am now really happy to say they will be staying with the same host over the summer for a much longer period. I am thrilled with the service and it really does put your mind at rest knowing they are being loved and cared for. I highly recommend Barking Mad.

Posted by: Christine Summerley on

Would just like to say a few words at how happy I have been with the service provided to get Kal looked after for 5 days last week as I did the C2C.
A friendly & professional service from the first meeting, to dropping him back off.
I would like to say a massive thank you to Fiona and her family for taking brilliant care of Kal.....the pictures I received were great and he looked like he had lived with the family all his life. I will actually cherish those photos as they are superb and show a family totally embracing a strangers dog. Thank you so much.
I wouldn't hesitate to use the service again and Fiona and her family would be more than welcome to have Kal again.
Once again thanks to everyone involved.

Posted by: Andy Ross on

My French bulldog Millie has just had a short stay with auntie Glennis and her daughter Sarah, she had a wonderful time with them.
I found Barking Mad to be very professional giving an excellent service, Sue & Pete put my mind at ease while Millie was on her short stay over.
She is looking forward to seeing auntie Glennis & Sarah again in August for her summer holiday.
Thank you Dawn

Posted by: Dawn Mcvay on

Elvis has just arrived back after his first weekend with Barking Mad.
I was really quite nervous as Elvis can become anxious and very much likes his home comforts but I know that he has not only been well looked after by Sheila and Perry but he's loved every minute!
I loved seeing the pictures and reading the postcard and I really do get the 'dogs deserve a holiday too' as that's what he's had. I can now relax and look forward to going on our summer holiday with my family knowing our boy is in safe hands and having fun!

Thank you so much Sheila and Perry and also Barking Mad. This is such a great service and I'd recommend anyone to use!!!

Jane & Elvis xxx

Posted by: Jane Hood and Elvis on

We have been satisfied customers of Barking Mad for several years now. Sue and Pete have exceeded our expectations. We have a loveable and lively Labrador called Henry, who has always been looked after with care by his hosts. The attention to detail of his every need has been catered for because it has been communicated clearly, reviewed on each holiday and the photographs we have received whilst he has been away from us display how happy he has been. It is terrific to have such a quality service available where nothing seems to be a bother!

Posted by: Ashley and Keith Wood on

I was so anxious about Mash's trial holiday, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about! I recommend Barking Mad to anyone looking for a professional and personal service. Sue is amazing and makes you feel at ease, knowing how much of a dog lover she and Peter are is so comforting. I can trust them to give Mash the best suited holiday home. Mash's trial went better than I had imagined, with him being such a nervous little thing he had never been away with anyone new before but he settled in really well. I can now look forward to going away for the full 2 weeks rather than feel guilty and nervous to leave him! The regular pictures and updates are so comforting to see and allow you to relax knowing your loved one is in good hands. Thank you! Posted by Kelly-Ann

Posted by: bmadadmin on

I have been using Barking Mad for nearly 3 years now and I would like to say a big thank you to Sue and Pete for making sure that my Princess Fern has such great holidays with Auntie Anne and Andrew. Fern is quite a needy dog and Sue and Pete took the time to listen and understand what her requirements were and match her to the perfect host. Nothing is to much trouble for them and they always go the extra mile to ensure both dog and owner are happy. Whenever Fern goes on her holiday I feel at ease knowing she couldn't be in better hands and know when I come home I'll be greeted with a happy, content puppy.

Thank you again Sue and Pete!

Posted by: Marilyn Robsn on

This was our first time using Barking Mad for our Pug Milo.
From first contact with Sue and Peter we were put at ease and all our questions and concerns were answered and put our minds at rest.
Milo went to stay with Christine and we were very impressed and happy to receive emails and texts saying that Milo had settled in well.
The photos and postcards were a lovely touch and showed Milo having lots of fun and cuddles.
We would certainly recommend Barking Mad and im sure Milo will look forward to his next holiday with Christine.
Thank you Sue, Peter and Christine from Juliet, Tim, Jasmine, Sam and of course Milo

Posted by: Juliet Finley on

Our elderly Parson Jack Russell has just returned from her 'mini-break' holiday'. we we're delighted at how well she got on. It's a load off our minds to know that she's going to be happy and well-cared for(not to mention spoiled!) when we're away.

Thanks for all the effort that went into the preparation. We're very impressed with your efficiency and organisation and the personal touch from you and Peter is the icing on the cake!

Big thanks also to Christina. Ginger can't wait to come back!

Posted by: Margaret Chalmers on

This is our first time using 'Barking Mad' for Belle our dog.
From the very first meeting with Sue and Peter to her return following 'her' holiday, the whole process is very professional and reassuring to us.
We couldn't explain to Belle what was about to happen but we were happy to leave her with 'Barking Mad' knowing she is firstly safe and second being cared for by people who want to look after her, one to one, rather than a kennel business.
A huge thanks to 'Barking Mad' Sue and Peter and also to Val and Mike, Belle's carers.
Belle came back to us safe and happy, how important was that to us?.

Posted by: Dave & Glenda Moulds on

Once again, my beautiful boys Max and Monty have been away for their holidays with Barking Mad.
Although this was not the first time for Max, our tri-colour Border Collie, it was for Monty, our newly 'rescued' 8 year old Border Collie cross. It was an anxious time for me, but it was unfounded, as the host family, Lynne and George made them so welcome and dealt with Monty and his quirks as though he was their own.

Sue and Peter make sure that Max and Monty are settled in with the host family, before leaving them and always phone to let me know that they are fine.

When the boys came back last night they leapt out of the car to see me and got straight back into their usual routine at home, with no signs of any anxieties, change of eating habits or sleep patterns. It was as though they had never been away.

I have already booked up for our next break and Lynne and George will be looking after our boys again. I won't need to be anxious again, as I know that the welfare of our precious lads is as important to Barking Mad, as it is to us and that they are happy with Lynne and George.

Everybody is happy and everybody gets a holiday.

Posted by: Jo Nicoll on

This is the first time we have left Bailey with anyone since we welcomed him into our family as a 8 week old puppy. I was very apprehensive to leave Bailey but a family occasion meant I had to find alternate care for Bailey for a short time and was adamant no kennels, along came Barking Mad and what can I say......... Sue put my mind at rest when she visited our home and met Bailey and then when he went to stay with Auny Glennis, well I was jealous, she made Bailey feel at home and he had all his own things around him as nothing was too much trouble for Sue and Peter to take with them, I dont think Aunty Glennis needed a wash all weekend as Bailey assisted her with his licking, lol. I was apprehensive when Bailey returned he maybe unhappy with me for leaving him, but no he was excited to see me and I have a very happy settled King Charles spaniel tonight which I do not believe I would have had if he had gone to traditional kennels. I'm booking Bailey in again with Aunty Glennis and Barking Mad as we are moving home soon and I do believe pampering from Aunty Glennis will be far more stress free for Bailey rather than removal men and strangers in his home, thank you so much for Bailey's holiday weekend would definitely recommend Barking Mad x

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Thanks to Sue and Peter for taking the trouble to find a suitable host family for our springer Lenny. He requires lots of exercise off the lead and plenty of company to keep him happy and he certainly got that whilst we were away for the half term. We got lots of pictures from Fiona during the week which reassured us that Len was having a whale of a time. He was returned to us his normal calm and happy self, thanks to everyone who took such good care of our dog.

Posted by: Allison Davies on

We recently sent our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Casey, for a short holiday with Barking Mad.

Casey had only been with us for 6 months, having been rescued from the local Dog & Cat Shelter. As a result, we were very nervous about how she would settle with strangers.

Sue came to visit the house and was very reassuring and professional.

Following her holiday, Casey returned from her foster home totally happy and relaxed.

We are delighted with the way things went, will definitely be returning to Barking Mad the next time Casey needs a break, and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is looking for a caring temporary home for their pet.

Our sincere thanks go out to Sue, Peter, Carol and Derek for theirloving help.

Posted by: Patricia Evennett on

Nothing, and no dog seems to be too much trouble for Barking Mad. I am very happy with the level of service provided, the professionalism and genuine care taken with my dogs gives me the assurance I need for stress free breaks. happy customer and happy dogs. Thank you.

Posted by: Leigh morrison on

This was the first time Charlie had been away from the family and we wondered whether he would settle in his temporary home. We needn't have worried though as he received loads of TLC and a trip to the seaside - like a luxury spa break for dogs. We even have photographs to prove it. Many thanks to Barking Mad and to Charlie's lovely hosts.

Posted by: Kevin Roberts on

Our two dogs have had three holidays with Keith. Our main concern was that they would get lots of exercise and cuddles and they certainly do. It is home from home for them which results in us going on holiday happy knowing they are having a good time. Sue and Peter have been great in keeping us informed with texts and photos and we would recommend Barking Mad to any other dog owners.

Posted by: Linda Bohill on

As new customers to Barking Mad we were very nervous about leaving our Border Collie Jess. She returned yesterday from a weekend with hosts Val and Mike and obviously thoroughly enjoyed her stay. Thank you very much to both Sue and Peter for understanding our concerns and especially to Val and Mike for taking such good care of her. The regular updates were very much appreciated and we would not hesitate to recommend your service. She will see you all again in January for a longer stay!

Posted by: Sheila Littlemore on

Hi Sue and Pete. and the hosts involved a huge thank you for your speedy response when my partner took seriously ill. i will be forever in your debt. it meant that i could spend time with my partner, and then you picked her up again for the funeral, which i found a very difficult time. you have been supportive and i could not been able to cope without you guys. again a big thankyou. from Linda and Lucy xxx

Posted by: Lucy on

My family and I have just returned from a lovely long earned holiday in Lanzarote. This would not have been possible had it not been for Sue her understanding, thoughtfulness and caring attitude.

This is the third time we have used Barking Mad with Sue and the service just gets better.

We have had many ups and downs with our Keira over the last year resulting in her now being on medication. She is also now raw fed which I am still coming to terms with let alone expecting one of Sue's hosts too !

Sue was very understanding, assuring and we were over the moon on learning that Keira would be looked after and more than welcome with Muriel, who cared for Keira two years previously. I knew already that I had no concerns with Sue and Barking Mad whatsoever but knowing Keira would be cared for by Muriel was an extra comfort and I had no need to worry at all and didn't.

Keira loved her holiday with Muriel and was so happy and relaxed on her return which is something we haven't seen in her for some time. She was happy, bouncy, soft, cuddly and had clearly been well looked after and walked. She made us laugh how settled she returned home but was looking for Muriel all over, almost as if to say she was happy where she was and could have stayed in the quietness of Muriel's home forever if she was allowed.

Since our last time with Sue she has clearly improved her business making it easier for families to get away and leave their beloved dogs behind. For us to be able to have Keira picked up and returned on a weekend day was a massive help. Knowing that Sue has introduced loyalty cards is a nice incentive for our next "soon to hopefully be planned", trip.

In her last email Sue thanked me so much for continuing to trust her with Keira. I really wouldn't have it any other way and certainly couldn't leave her with anyone other than Sue or her well trained hosts - not even family !

Posted by: Joanne Bell on

We have used Barking Mad since Holly our beloved bearded collie was a year old.
Holly becomes excited as soon as she sees Pete at the door and we feel confident she will have a great time with her foster parents (as we call them!)We go away on holiday knowing she is in safe hands from the minute she leaves the house.
Thanks for a brilliant professional service Sue and Pete.

Posted by: Chris Armstrong on

Thank you Sue and Peter for arranging Toby's first stay with hosts Pauline and Rob. As we are new customers with Barking Mad we were nervous Toby would not settle.
We now know there was no need to worry. Everything from collecting Toby to his rerun was made easy and professionally done. We were updated of how he was doing which give us peace of mind. We already have Toby booked in for next year's holidays and will be recommending Barking Mad to our friends and family.

Posted by: bmadadmin on

I would like to thank Peter and Sue for all their help in arranging the perfect host and holiday for Bailey. Since having Bailey from a puppy we would never go on holiday as I would never put him into kennels. Since engaging with Barking Mad North East and meeting Peter and Sue we have had our first week away from Bailey. Its was reassuring to know Bailey was in good hands and with the perfect host who would give him walks and cuddles just like us! I cant thank them enough and would definitely recommend Barking Mad to everyone.

Posted by: Jayne & Patrick Hore on

Thanks to Sue and Peter for their reassuring and efficient way of arranging Bess' stay with Margaret and Ken.
Bess obviously had a lovely time. We appreciated all the contact we had. It was good to know that Bess had settled in so well.
Once again, a very big thank you to Sue and Peter of Barking Mad and Margaret and Ken for looking after Bess so well.

Posted by: John and Catherine McKee on

Once again Geri our beloved elderly border collie has thoroughly enjoyed her own holiday with hosts Chris and Judith. Ideally located for her near the beach as she loves the beach! We enjoyed our holiday all the more in the knowledge that she was being well looked after which is paramount to us. She came back a happy, healthy girl. She is already looking forward to her next stay in December while we have a little break in Amsterdam. Thank you Sue, Pete, and of course "Uncle Chris and Aunt Judith!"

Posted by: Chris and Janette on

My Shih Tzu Rufus has recently been to stay with Marcia whilst I went away to a family wedding. I cannot fault them for the service they've provided it was absolutely first class. I would definitely use Barking Mad again.
From the holiday photo's it looked like Rufus had a fantastic time in fact when he came back he ran back out after Peter when he tried to leave!
Thank you for the service provided as Ruffie came back relaxed and happy.

Posted by: Natalie Main on

Sue & Pete at Barking Mad are a god send. We have just received our totally relaxed and happy Westie back from her 2 week stay with lovely Sheila one of Barking Mads hosts. From Codys holiday photos it looks like she had great holiday herself, sunbathing on Sheila's garden furniture and getting to know the neighbours so much so they even came to say good buy when it was her time to leave and come back home. She even found herself a boy friend-Charlie another Westie on one her many walks her and Sheila took together along the sea front. This was Codys second time staying with Sheila as they had a getting to know each other weekend prior to her main two week stay. The service Sue and Pete provide is second to none. They come and see how your dog lives and pair you up with the most suitable host so its a home from experience. We are so glad Cody had that trail weekend because when she came back happy it put my mind totally at ease for when it came to her staying for the two weeks. Thanks again Sue and Pete would highly recommend you and will certainly use your service again as Cody wants to know when she go back to Sheila's.

Posted by: Joanne and Paul Clark on

Our lovely Basset hound Barney has just returned from a wonderful two week holiday with Rob and Pauline. This was his second holiday with Barking Mad and we can't wait to book our next holiday! The care and attention you recieve from Sue and Peter is fantastic. I think what really stands out is that Sue and Peter really take the time to match your dog with the right host family. Barney can sometimes be a tinker (and loves to pinch a slipper) but he was obviously matched with a lovely couple. We received texts, emails and pictures throughout Barney's holiday, which really puts you at ease. We didn't worry about him once! Barney came back his happy self and we can't thank everyone involved enough! We also loved reading his postcard about all of the lovely things he did. I would highly recommend Barking Mad- I think it's only fair if you're having a holiday to let your dog have one too! Thank you to Sue, Peter, Rob and Pauline for looking after Barney.

Posted by: Katie Jackson on

This is the first time we have used this service and will not be going anywhere else. Our dog was made to feel so special by all of Barking Mad and just from the way she has behaved when she came home, we know she had a great time with Christina. Every part of the service is so carefully thought out and professionally delivered. We will definitely be using the service again.
Thank you

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Thanks to Sue for introducing our baby Molly to the wonderful Sheila. Molly has had a fab 3 weeks holiday and we have being able to relax and enjoy ours knowing Molly was being cared for the way she is at home (probably spoilt a little more). Thanks again Barking Mad and we will certainly be booking Molly in next year.

Posted by: Delwyn mason on 8th Aug, 2014

Posted by: bmadadmin on

We have used Barking Mad a number of times and Murphy always seems to enjoy his holidays. The service is first rate with a call to say how he settled in and regular text updates to ease your concerns. He stayed with Gillian and family and her dog Harvey and they got on great together. We would not hesitate to use Barking Mad again next time we go away. Thanks Sue

Posted by: Keith Douglas on

Our pampered poochies ,Heidi and Coco, have just returned from a week with Barking Mad and they have had a great holiday. Peter and Sue were very thorough-and patient- in finding out all about their likes and dislikes! It was reassuring to hear how their host Lynne loved having them and the photos and texts put our minds at rest. Lynne is such a caring person and it was so good to hear that she would love to have our two 'live wires' again!! We will definitely use Barking Mad in the future- without a doubt.

Posted by: Lorraine Owen on

Charlie has been going to barking mad now for two years and he was sues first dog when she took over and I tell everyone how great the service is .The fact you receive the texts letting you know how he is doing just puts your mind at ease so you can enjoy your holiday without worrying . I would not go on holiday if I didn't have sue because I couldn't put him in kennels . Keep up the fantastic work sue you are greatly appreciated .

Posted by: Judith Walton on

Never left jack before so was really worried, there was no need as sue put my mind at ease with texts saying how well jack was doing. The host glennis loved him and I will be sending him back to her in September. I would recommend barking mad to anyone they are fantastic and so friendly.

Posted by: Tracey McKenna on

My 3 dachies have been going to barking mad for 5years now and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do the most fantastic job that Sue and her team do.The detail and care given to my babies is without fault and I know the care they receive is the best.Thanks Sue you're wonderful!

Posted by: Lindsay Gilhespy on

Ted and Daisy have had their first weekend away with Barking Mad. Everything went very smoothly, Sue collected them as promised and let me know, via text, how they were doing. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing and it's lovely to know that when we are on holiday, so are our dogs, and that they are having a lovely time and being well looked after. Thank you Barking Mad!

Posted by: jayne winchester on

Harvey seems to have had a fantastic time with Cristina... And thankfully she loved him too... I trust sue with Harvey's welfare,, I hate leaving him but I know he is in good hands

Posted by: Lynne davies on

We are experienced clients with Barking Mad.Our dog Poppy always has a great time whilst we are away.She has her home life replicated which is great.Many thanks to host Glennis.Peter and Sue are wonderful.We will continue to use Barking Mad for many years to come. Jim and Rita

Posted by: james brown on

Our dog Benji has just returned from his trial visit with Barking Mad and we are absolutely delighted with the service. Sue and Peter took time to understand Benji's routine and recommended a fantastic host family who have looked after him like he was their own dog. We are completely happy with Benji staying with his new family for our longer summer holiday and would unreservedly recommend the Barking Mad experience to other dog owners who want to achieve a home from home environment.

Posted by: Vicki Taylor on

Have just had our dog Tilly returned to us after her trial with Christina and Barking Mad. We were a bit apprehensive at first about leaving her as she is only 7 months old and is still very much a pup. However from our first meeting with Sue we had our minds put at rest by the professional and positive way she managed the experience. Tilly was away for her trial of 2 nights and came back as happy as ever. She definitely had fun and I know was spoilt. Will not think twice when we use her again for our summer break.

Posted by: Caroline Marshall on 4th May, 2014

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Sue was outstanding.

This was our first time using Barking mad and Charlie our Springer Spaniel has had a great time.
Sue kept us in contact via email with photographs that helped keep our mind at rest.
I will have no hesitation in using Sue / barking mad in the future and I would highly recommend Sue to my friends as she gave an outstanding service.

Great Job Sue.
Thank you very much
John & Linda

Posted by: John Curry on

Dylan and Rosie have recently returned from another holiday with their Auntie Margaret and Uncle Ken. They both came home happy and well looked after. Dylan needed major surgery on his leg in December and so needed shorter walks but Margaret and Ken looked after him so well on his holiday he came back as if he had never been away. Sue kept me updated with messages about how they were both doing during my holiday and sent photos so I knew they were settling in well. Thank you so much to Margaret and Ken and also to Sue and Peter - I wouldn't leave my dogs with anyone else.

Posted by: Sarah on

I found Sue a lovely friendly lady, who explained everything in full detail as to what we could expect from our dogs host and Barking Mad itself.
We were kept informed of Molly's first day and night, which was a great comfort to us knowing she had settled in well with her host.
I would certainly recommend Barking Mad to all my friends who have dogs as the service it provides is 1000%
Thanks Sue And Sheila for making
us feel totally at ease for when we leave Molly in the summer. Posted by Delwyn

Posted by: bmadadmin on

Would like to thank barking Mad for looking after Hazel whilst we were away we had no worries leaving her in such good hands. Hazel clearly had a great time, we appreciated the updates whilst we were away and the pictures were a nice touch. Will definitely be using Barking Mad and hopefully the same hosts again.

Posted by: Diane Peter on

Lexi is part of the family so leaving her in kennels was not an option for us! Thankfully Sue and Peter came to the rescue and provided a brilliant service! Their attention to detail and care for Lexi was second to none and I was happy leaving her knowing that Sue and Peter were on hand for any emergencies. Even small changes were not a problem for them and the service of collection and drop off and regular communication was brilliant. Lexi stayed with Jan and John and appears to have had a great stay. She's come back the same happy dog and obviously worn out after her walks which is thanks to great hosts. I would definatley recommend Barking Mad, Sue & Peter, and Lexi's host family Jan & John for anyone considering using the service. We're already booked up again for the summer which is recommendation in itself. Thanks again to all :)

Posted by: bmadadmin on

We were all very excited once we booked up our summer holiday but anxious about what we would do with our 18 month old Basset Hound Barney. He frets when he is left alone so kennels were just not an option! When we researched into home dog boarding Barking Mad seemed like the perfect solution and after Barney's first trial stay it really is! Sue and Peter have been fantastic throughout-very professional but yet so caring towards Barney. They really took the time to get to know him and his little habits. 'Uncle Peter' came to collect Barney and again took time to make Barney comfortable and collect his belongings. Once Barney was with his host 'Auntie Pauline' and 'Uncle Rob' we received phone calls, texts, emails and photographs! We really felt involved from start to finish and so relieved to know Barney was having fun! They clearly matched Barney up with the right hosts as he came home the happy little chap he is-it's as if he has never been away! We really cannot thank Sue, Peter and hosts Pauline and Rob enough for making this a fantastic experience. We would highly recommend Sue and Peter-such genuine, lovely people and the service they offer is outstanding! We are now looking forward to our summer holidays knowing Barney will be in a safe, loving and caring environment.

Posted by: Katie Jackson on

Having just got Tilly home from one of her many visits to Aunty Ruth at Barking Mad, I must thank the whole team for the way they take all the stress from leaving our pets when we go away. I have used Barking Mad for many years now and would thoroughly recommend the efficient and very friendly service. Ruth has looked after Tilly for some time now and we have no problems when it is time for her to go, which is fantastic and we have peace of mind knowing she is safe. Many thanks again for a great service.
Margaret O'Neil and Tilly

Posted by: Margaret O'Neil on

Barking Mad provide total peace of mind pet care. They provide a service which is easy, efficient, friendly and on time, enabling me to go away knowing my dogs are well cared for and will come back happy.

Posted by: Ann-Marie on

Our situation is different to many other contributors. Our father was terminally ill and receiving care at home. Benji, our Westie, was clearly becoming stressed at the number of visitors and medical staff. Walks and cuddles less frequent and it was clear Benji needed a break. A stay in a kennel was out of the question (from past experience) and thankfully we had been recommended Barking Mad.

With only one days notice Sue found the perfect host...Christina.
Sue was extremely professional and caring, under very difficult circumstances, was able to meet Benji and put our parents mind at rest and both were confident that Benji would be well cared for. We cannot thank Sue and especially Christina (Benji's temporary mum) for their help, care, regular updates and photographs.

Sadly Dad passed away and Sue and Christina, without hesitation, extended Benji's stay until after the funeral. Benji has returned home, clearly a happy and well cared for dog.

We honestly cannot put into words our gratitude and how this fantastic support helped to make a very difficult situation less so. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending or using Barking Mad again....... Hopefully soon to take mam away on holiday

Posted by: Keeler and Dale family on

We like to travel and yet putting our lively terrier with family several times a year seemed a big ask. Enter Barking Mad and Sue and Peter Seward. Benson has now had two wonderful stays with Dee arranged from beginning to end by the Sewards. He is now looking forward to his third trip.
We love the service Barking Mad provides and Benson goes off happily when Peter comes to collect him. The collection and delivery service makes everything run so smoothly. We don't worry about Benson at all while we are away….in fact we have sometimes wondered if he may be having a better time than we were! I love having my dog…. and he is certainly special enough to get the best care when we are away. That is a service that Sue and Peter and Barking Mad provide in spades. We love Barking Mad!

Posted by: Catherine on

We were thrilled when we found out that we were to be spending Christmas and New Year in Canada. However, we weren't so thrilled about the thought of leaving our two beloved labradoodles, Odie and Oska, for three weeks while we were away.Up until this point, they had always stayed with family members but we felt that this was just going to be too much over the busy Christmas period. After a very stressful week or two trying to research alternatives to kennels (not an option for our very social boys!) we came across Barking Mad.

Within minutes of talking to Sue on the phone I knew that this was the way forward for us. She came to visit the boys, put our minds at ease, showed us photos of other dogs and also the hosts. Sue really does understand how difficult it can be leaving your dog(s) in a new environment and was always there to answer and questions or concerns that we had.

I'm very pleased to say that we have just booked the boys in to stay with their host for a second time! They absolutely loved it and while we were away sent us texts and photos of their holiday!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sue at Barking Mad - a fantastic service!!

Posted by: Helena Hill on

We as a couple are totally delighted with your service, from meeting you to this present time - every aspect of your company's policy has been first class! We know how much Bracken has loved his holidays with his excellent hosts as even though he can't talk, his happiness and contentment on his return says it all. Well done and many thanks! Bobby and Ann

Posted by: Bobby and Ann on

Unexpectedly we were unable to have Henry looked after by family when we were on holiday. Everything was booked, then I remembered a recommendation from a friend about Barking Mad and how wonderful Sue Seward was with animals. Before I knew it I was speaking to Sue and she sounded so reassuring and professional over the telephone that we met her two days later. From my first contact with Sue, in spite of my reservations about leaving Henry with someone else, I was ready to trust her and the hosts she recommended. There did not seem to be a detail missed out as we prepared to hand him over to a stranger. And, it was all worth it! So much so Henry will be booking his next holiday very soon. I can't thank Sue or Henry's hosts enough. I would say to anyone who found themselves in a similar dilemma to us to give Barking Mad a chance. I did and highly recommend Sue to other dog owners.

Posted by: Ashley Wood on

Just a quick note to say thank you. Harry stayed for a week with a host and although I'm very happy to have him home, I think he prefers going on holiday. Joking aside having him well looked after, helped me to relax and enjoy my break.
Thanks again sue

Posted by: Sue milton on

Dylan and Rosie have recently returned from their first proper holiday after their trial. I was very stressed about leaving them but Sue was excellent and kept me informed of how they were doing. Dylan and Rosie were quite happy to go in Sue's car and they returned happy after their holiday. Sue picked exactly the right host family for Dylan and Rosie as they like their Auntie Margaret and Uncle Ken very much. Margaret and Ken looked after them very well while they were away and I have already booked their next holiday. Thanks so much to Margaret, Ken, Sue and Peter for looking after Dylan and Rosie so well.

Posted by: Sarah on

Our two dogs have clearly had a wonderful holiday with their Barking Mad host Christina. It's great to go away with complete peace of mind, knowing that your dogs will be cared for in an environment which duplicates their home life. Nothing seems to be too trivial or too much bother to ensure that the dogs remain secure and content. The pick up, delivery and the feed back from the hosts gives individual care way beyond our experiences to date from other providers. We will be using Barking Mad again. Thank you Sue! Regards Susan

Posted by: Susan Arciero on

This was the third time we have used BM and again a first rate service. It gives peace of mind to know that our bairn Cassie is in safe and loving hands and a big thank you to the host family for taking great care of her. We would unreservedly recommend BM

Posted by: Peter Doughty on

I am writing to say what a wonderful organisation Barking Mad is.I have been using this service for seven years now and have always been very pleased with the very high standards I have always experienced both with pet care and the service delivered by my local team.My 13 year old Labrador Bailey has had some wonderful holidays over the years with various Barking Mad hosts and has received the highest standards of care.It was always comforting to know that I could go away on holiday both at home and abroad and feel confident that he would always be happy, enjoying his stay with caring families who really went that extra mile to make sure that all his needs were met.I will be forever grateful that Bailey had such happy times with his hosts when he was fit and healthy and also in later life. When his health started to fail it was never a problem for hosts to cater for his needs.It was with this in mind that he recently had what was to be his last holiday with Barking Mad.As usual Sue was ready to organise and take care of the finest details to ensure that Bailey would be well catered for.Bailey had his last holiday with Anne and it was comforting to know that he was looked after in such a kind and loving atmosphere.Anne is a very experienced host and I was confident that she would be keeping a close eye on his condition and making Bailey's stay as comfortable as possible.Sue ensured that I had regular updates on his progress and when she returned him to me it was with the usual report of how happy he had been and the friends he had made whilst on holiday.All these details are important when leaving your pet in the care of others and it is especially important when your pet has extra needs to be met in later life.Sadly Bailey passed away not long after his last holiday but I will be forever grateful both to Anne and Sue for making that last holiday so special for Bailey.He was a very gentle and loving dog who touched many peoples lives and I was so happy that he was able to experience everything that Barking Mad can offer a dog in his long and happy lifetime.Both Sue and Anne helped to make this last holiday as easy as possible for both me and Bailey with their kindness and sensitivity.The service that Barking Mad provides is of the highest standard you can possibly get regarding pet sitting and is worth every penny you pay.I would advise anyone who is considering this service not to hesitate to experience how professional this service is and be confident in knowing you have chosen the best possible care for your pet.

Posted by: Sheila Tully on

Just like to thank Sue & Peter for an excellent Service they provided for our 2 dogs Frankee & Cassie. It was the 1st time we have used Sue & Peter (as our our previously local Franchisee was no longer with BM.) Whilst we were away, Sue kept us informed with text messages to put our minds at rest. Also they brought Frankee & Cassie back the same night we arrived back in the UK. Overall I would recommend BM to anyone.. 11 out of 10. A big thanks to Sue & Peter & their hosts...

Posted by: Lynne & Adi on

Thank you Sue & Pete for another fab holiday for Amber Retriever !!
We have enjoyed wonderful service from Barking Mad for five years and have to say it just gets better.
Amber is always very keen to go off to her hosts!! and in top form on her return home.
The personal support is very much appreciated.
Many thanks
Patricia & Malcolm & Amber

Posted by: Patricia Sinclair on

Brilliant service. Coco has only been to kennels once and came back a different dog, traumatised and smelly. With Barking Mad she came back the same dog, happy and bouncy. Clearly a service run by caring dog lovers and we would highly recommend to anyone

Posted by: Graham and Olwen Lockey on

In our opinion this is the premier home from home pet care service. Our elderly dog Geri has just returned from her 2nd stay with Auntie Ruth - we trust Sue and Pete to provide a worry free holiday for us and Geri! A very professional service - we have already booked Geri in for next year!

Posted by: Chris and Janette on

We are really pleased with the service that Sue and Peter have provided and Tilly has always come back happy. We would recommend barking mad to everyone and look forward to using them again soon.

Posted by: karen and john on

We felt really comfortable with Sue and Peter and did not hesitate in trusting Poppy & Lucy to their care. They placed them with the "perfect" family and were extremely thorough in qualifying their needs to assure they settled. All of our fears were completely eradicated . Will definitely use Barkin.g Mad again.

Posted by: Peter Kitwood on

This is the 5th year that we have used Barking Mad for our little cocker spaniel Honey's holiday. We could not & would not send her with anyone else. She returns from her hosts with a 'huge' smile across her face having had a fab holiday rather than that sad look of 'YOU LEFT ME!!!' Sue & Peter are a great friendly team and I would highly recommend Barking Mad without any hesitation to anyone wanting to have a holiday with peace of mind that their beloved pets are looked after the way you would want them to be.

Posted by: Alison Beeston on

Our dog Dusty has used Barking Mad services on many occasions. I have nothing but praise for the service as Dusty has been well cared for each time, in fact he is always eager to jump into the car - so I know he's having a good time! Sue and Peter always go the extra mile to make sure your pet is well cared for. Thanks.

Posted by: Sue Taylor on

Poppy has now been on two holidays and on both occasions has come home happy and content, although in the last one very tired and wanted to get some sleep in 'her own bed'. I am very happy with the service on both collection and delivery an find both Sue and Peter very professional in their appearance as well as understanding our needs as well as our little cocker Poppy. Have already booked up two other holidays and are considering becoming a host ourselves.

Posted by: Deborah Wood on

We cannot thank Peter and Sue enough for their kindness and professionalism. From first meeting Peter and choosing Bailey's host family, the service has been wonderful. As Bailey needs lots of medical attention, Peter and Sue have even taken him to the vets and hospital for us, whilst keeping us updated every step of the way. Bailey has really bonded with his auntie Margaret and uncle Ken and we cannot recommend them highly enough, as Bailey is so settled when he returns home, unlike when he returned from kennels. We will definitely be using this service again!

Posted by: Colin & Tracy Nicol with Bailey on

Hello Sue
Dudley seems to have had a wonderful time while staying with Carol and Derrick they sure must have give him the love and attention that he receives from us at home as he has come home and has settled straight back in we feel confident in leaving him with your service and can only recommend this valued service to all our friends and its good to know that while where away enjoying our holiday we don't need to worry about Dudley as we know the host family cares for Dudley as much as us and he enjoys his holiday also thanks again for your wonderful service x

Posted by: Janice Erskine on

Dougal has had a couple of great holidays with Barking mad.Professional service from Sue,peace of mind that he is well looked after and great photos of his holiday as well.Highly recommend Barking Mad.

Posted by: Paula Johnson on

Have always used the services of BM for Bobby and Daisy. Why? 10 reasons (although we could list more):safe; happy; reliable;home from home; treated as part of a family; attention to detail;professional; kind; empathetic; not in a kennel!
Nothing but the best for our doggies.
Thank you Sue and Gillian

Posted by: Elizabeth Ayres on

It's never a worry or a chore when booking my dog Bailey in for his holidays. I've been using Barking Mad for over 2 years now which has included many doggy holidays & more to come.Sue & Peter are fantastic. So accommodating, caring & very efficient. I have not one worry when I see Bailey wagging his tail when Sue/Peter come to pick him up. He jumps straight into their car without looking back!!. You are a great team and it's a huge relief that I will never have to worry about Bailey having to stay in a kennel environment ever again. Keep up the good work you guys.Thank you

Posted by: Nina & Paul on

Although nervous about leaving Arthur, he had a fantastic time and we will tell everyone how great Barking Mad is!!!
Robert Armstrong July 2013

Posted by: Robert Armstrong on

We cannot rate highly enough, the professional and efficient service Sue and Peter provided. We were confident that the host family could cope with out lovely but "crazy" terrier. Thank you!

Posted by: Deborah Porter on

Hi my name is Marilyn Robson and I have just used Barking Mad for the first time and I just wanted to tell you how happy and relieved I was to find somewhere for my dog to stay where I know she would be safe and well looked after. Not only was the host wonderful, caring and loving but Sue and Pete did everything they could to inform and reassure me as to how Fern was settling. They were great! They went the extra mile because they knew how anxious I was about leaving my baby (Fern). I cannot praise them enough they really do a fantastic job!

Thank you Marilyn

Posted by: Marilyn Robson on

The service we have had from Sue at Barking Mad has far exceeded expectations. The feedback and professionalism was outstanding!

Posted by: Heather Roberts on

I was really worried about Millie going but the calls and texts while she was away relaxed me. When Millie came back she was really happy and content so she's going on another weekend soon.

Posted by: Mrs Sharon Hagan on

Fantastic care of my 3 dogs. Gives complete peace of mind so that I can enjoy my holiday. So careful and thorough.

Posted by: Lindsay Gillespy on

Many thanks again. Very smooth service from start to finish. Never worry about Bailey's welfare while we are away. Peter and Sue are fab!!!

Posted by: Nina Housley on

Using Barking Mad to look after Geri allowed my wife and I to go on holiday worry free knowing Geri would also have a fantastic holiday of her own with her host. Fantastic professional service!

Posted by: Mrs Vickery on

There may be cheaper dog care options but Barking Mad is the ideal solution for owners who do not want to kennel their dogs. Sweep came back happy (not subdued), clean and clearly well cared for. His holiday was booked at short notice and I thank Sue for her prompt return of my enquiry to assist us.

Posted by: Clare Winter on

My dogs are always well looked after and I have no worries when I'm away. It's FAB!!!!

Posted by: Sara Smith on

I wish I had used your service years ago, having a solution for Otto means my daughters in America get their mum back as I am able to visit them now without any worries.

Posted by: Doris Stephenson on


September/October 2017

 We are now preparing for our Annual Christmas Party for my lovely hosts! This is a fantastic day where all of my lovely hosts meet and swap stories about all of the gorgeous dogs they have had to visit. It is also a great chance for me to thank them for their hard work over the summer months. Photos will follow next month!!!!

 Here are a few dogs on holiday this month with some photos from my wonderful hosts.

cassieOct3.png               Cassie Oct.png


           Cassie6.png              Cassie 4.png


5 Star bespoke service:

We get asked a great deal if we are able to find a holiday home for puppies or older dogs who have medical issues. The beauty of a Barking Mad holiday is that it can be tailored to your dog’s specific needs at the time of their holiday and because your dog is placed in a home environment, medication can be given, exercise regimes are followed and any ongoing training can be continued whilst you are away. If any problems do arise we will endeavour to take your dog to their own Vet who will be aware of their medical history.

We guarantee that your dog will be the only dog staying at the Host’s house, this means you don’t have to worry about your dog multi-boarding with several unknown dogs which can be overwhelming, especially if your dog is very young or is quite elderly and requires peace and quiet. Our hosts are all home based ensuring that your dog is safe, happy and is receiving all of the fuss and attention they deserve.

When we first come out to meet you and your gorgeous pooch we document in detail all of their care and needs and with our lifetime registration their care plans will be updated before every holiday and our hosts will carefully follow the information we provide regarding your dog’s holiday.

Get in touch with me as soon as you book your own holiday and you can have peace of mind that your dog is having a great holiday too. Call me on 0191 4194242, I look forward to hearing from you!

August 2017

We are now in the hectic summer months which is our busiest period of the year with lots of doggy holidays to organise. What a busy time we have all had!

My amazing Hosts have been working for most of the summer and nothing is too much trouble for them……they are wonderful people, I am already organising my yearly thank you party in November for them.

Please get in touch if your dog needs a holiday or if you know someone who would like to become a host with us...we would love to hear from you.

Here are some of the lovely dogs who have had holidays with us this August!


                   Arlo 2.png          scout.png 

              Barney 5.png   Barney 3.png


July 2017

We are having a very busy July with lots of new customers coming on board. We have also welcomed a number of new hosts too! Please keep spreading the word as I would love to hear from you if you would like to become a host.

Here are a few dogs on holiday this summer.

                    slinky.png  Bailey.png

                                 Suzy June 2.png

June 2017

Welcome to the Summer! The busiest time of all!

 I attended the Great North Dog Walk in June with my colleagues from neighbouring areas, Valarie James from Sunderland, Tracy Johnston from Teesside and Karen Buckham who runs the Durham area. What a wonderful day we had! We met lots of lovely dog Owners and people who were interested in becoming host families with us, the sun shone and we all had a great time.


                  show 1.png    show 2.png


May 2017

Every year Barking Mad Franchisees are invited to the Annual Conference held in the fabulous Lakeside Hotel on Lake Windermere. We had a fantastic day this year with everyone swapping stories and comparing notes of how we run our Barking Mad businesses. There was lots to discuss including the very exciting showing of our very first advert for Barking Mad! It was great catching up and spending time together as we are all very passionate about Barking Mad. 



After dressing up in the evening we had an awards ceremony lead by Lee Dancy the Managing Director and I was very proud and privileged to receive a Special Achievement Award. This really meant so much to me as I am very proud to be part of such a fantastic service and I am also very proud of how the business has continued to grow and flourish. I absolutely love running my Barking Mad Business and get such great job satisfaction organising wonderful holidays for dogs and getting positive feedback from my customers and hosts when the dog has gone home happy and relaxed!




Just a quick note to see that my host families and customers are always spreading the word about becoming a host family as I always need more hosts. If you are interested in becoming a host, or know someone who fits the bill perfectly, please tell them to give me a call on 0191 4194242 or email me on sue.seward@barkingmad.uk.com.


April 2017

                                         Hot cross buns (003) food.png

                                                                     “Happy Easter”

                             these fabulous buns were made by one of my wonderful hosts James!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter and you all enjoyed your Easter Eggs! It was very busy here at Barking Mad as usual with lots of dogs going on holiday. Please remember that chocolate contains chemicals that are very toxic to dogs and even if a small amount is eaten it can cause convulsions, heart problems, hyperexcitability and fits. The darker the chocolate the more potent the effect.

Here are some photos of Buddy and Kappi who were on their Easter holidays with Barking Mad, please note that the egg Buddy has is a one especially made which is suitable for dogs!

                                      Buddy3 (002).png    hot cross buns.png


Kappi a beautiful Icelandic Sheepdog who is with Harvey, our Host Gillian’s dog, has regular holidays with us throughout the year whilst his Owner works in Sweden, he is soon going to Sweden for the summer to attend several International Dog Shows, we will keep you posted on his progress. Good Luck Kappi…..we will miss you!.


                                                              Kappi and Harvey.png

February/March 2017:

February was a really busy month with lots of lovely new customers! Here is one of them, a beautiful Westie called Holly having a great time on her very first holiday with us.




There are lots of exciting changes within Barking Mad too. Our logo has changed so the car livery had to be changed, very smart it looks too!


                 Livery.png                 mad mimi.png


March the 5th was the date of the St Cuthbert’s Hospice Paws for a Cause Dog show which was held in Chester-le-Street. This included a fun dog show with a sponsored dog walk. I attended this with my lovely friends from neighbouring Barking Mad Franchise areas, Karen who runs the Durham area and Tracy who runs the Cleveland, Teesside and Darlington area. We all had a wonderful day, the sun shone and a good time was had by all. Lots of lovely dogs attended…….we were in heaven!


                March update 1.png        March update.png      March update 2.png



 January 2017:

I would like to wish all of my wonderful customers and hosts a Happy New Year Year!

I can’t believe this is my 5th year of running the business with Barking Mad! So much has happened and it is continuing to flourish and grow. As I was a customer myself before buying the business for 4 years I have now been involved in the business for nearly 10 years in total and I really could not imagine life without it.

Here are some of the wonderful dogs we have had on holiday last year.


     Millie%20and%20Dylan11.jpg  IMG_6311 205386.jpg  In the Woods1.jpg

  Speaking of wonderful things…… I really could not run this business without my fabulous host families. I am always on the lookout for more hosts though so if you know someone who does not work, or works from home and would like the companionship and exercise a dog brings with them please tell them to get in touch. My hosts find this is a perfect way to "borrow a dog" without the full-time responsibility. Perhaps you would like to get fitter or get out and meet new people but need that special someone to give you a hand! Studies have proved that a dog provides this and is a great benefit to your health. If you become a host with us, we match the visiting dogs to your lifestyle and the dog comes with everything they need for their stay and we transport them to your home and provide support to you throughout their stay. With full insurance cover and optional social opportunities with fellow hosts, this is a great opportunity for people who are unable to or don't wish to make the commitment to full-time dog ownership. However, if you're already a dog Owner and have well socialised dogs you're also very welcome!

Please contact Sue on 0191 4194242.


         IMG_0451.jpg   paddy and misty.png  Hazel 11.png



November 2016

I really couldn’t run my business without my amazing host families. To show my appreciation of their hard work this year I had my yearly Host party this month…..what a wonderful day!

                                                 Host 1.png

This year’s venue was the Northumberland Tennis Club in Jesmond, it was the perfect setting and the food and service were excellent! We all got together and enjoyed an afternoon of lovely food and amazing company. I created a display of dogs on holidays this year and it was lovely to hear them all swapping stories about visiting dogs that they have had on holiday over the past year.

       Host 3.png      Host 7.png      Host 2.png

                                                          Host 5.png

My host families are always spreading the word about becoming a host family as I always need more hosts. If you are interested in becoming a host, or know someone who fits the bill perfectly, please tell them to give me a call on 0191 4194242 or email me on sue.seward@barkingmad.uk.com.

September/October 2016

Phew what a busy summer! We are now catching our breath until the half term holidays in October! My wonderful host families have worked so hard during the summer months and they have enjoyed lots of lovely doggy visitors to their homes. Here are some pictures below:-

                      IMG_24251.jpg IMG_23161.jpg  IMG_20641.jpg


We are also preparing for our annual Host party in November……photos will follow! This is a fabulous get together where we all meet for a chat and to compare notes about some of the wonderful doggy visitors we have had on holiday this year. It’s also a perfect opportunity for me to thank my lovely Host families for their hard work and commitment over the past year. As I am now in my 5th year running the business, these parties are getting bigger and bigger as the number of my Host families continue to grow!!

 Summer News

Did you take your dog to work on 24th June which was a “Bring your dog to work day”!

We are so lucky here at Barking Mad, Washington, North and South Tyneside that we have the chance to do just that!

bring dog to work day sue.jpg

My two gorgeous dogs, Timmy and Daisy (who are also customers of Barking Mad) are often found curled up asleep next to my desk whilst I am working at home during the day. They also attend any events that I go to with Barking Mad such as dog shows etc. Daisy my Cocker Spaniel lead to me working for Barking Mad as we were customers for 5 years before I decided to buy the business!

We are now in the hectic summer months which is our busiest period of the year with lots of doggy holidays to organise. Please get in touch if your dog needs a holiday or if you know someone who would like to become a host with us…..we would love to hear from you.

Spring News

A great deal has been happening this Spring!
In April Barking Mad had their annual conference at the Lakeside Hotel in Windermere. We all had a fantastic time, swapping ideas and catching up with colleagues from other parts of the country. We made lots of exciting plans for the coming year…..information will follow!

bm apr16 grp 04.jpg

Another exciting development is that due to growth of the business we have had to purchase a second car and we are busy training another member of staff. This will help us maintain the fantastic service we provide.

Sue seward Barking mad cars.JPG

February 2016:

This year has been really busy so far with a great deal of lovely new customers!! We are always looking for new hosts as the business is growing so please get in touch if you know someone who would be ideal.

Here are some photos of Bruno on holiday this month with one of our lovely hosts Terrie!

Bruno2[1].JPG Bruno8[1].JPG

All of my wonderful hosts have of the enjoyment of looking after a dog without the fulltime financial and emotional commitment. They have full support from myself at all times. I deliver the dog to them and this includes all of the dog's special holiday requirements such as their beds, toys and food etc. If the dog becomes unwell during their holiday and needs to visit the Vets I take full responsibility for this and ensure that the dog is treated appropriately and goes to the Vets. All that is required from the host is an abundance of cuddles and lovely walks!

I always need more lovely hosts if you or someone you know:-

  • Recently lost your own dog and miss the cuddles, companionship and exercise of your beloved furry friend,
  • Are you retired, working from home or maybe a Teacher who would be free to have dogs during half term holidays.
  • Do you need more exercise?
  • Are you lonely and miss the social interaction that comes with owning a dog?
  • Do you already have a dog that would love a playmate to visit?

If you are interested, or know someone who fits the bill perfectly, please tell them to give me a call on 0191 4194242 or email me on sue.seward@barkingmad.uk.com.


January 2016:


Wow what a busy start to the New Year! Lots of my lovely customers have been in touch already to book holidays for next year and we are filling up fast! It's always a good idea to be organised and get your dog booked in, especially if you have a preferred host in mind. Always try to book your dog's holiday when you book your own then you will not be disappointed.

I was very pleased to have a photo shoot with the Shields Gazette this month, this was in conjunction with the Loneliness Campaign which is running at the moment.

Jan and John Wright crop.jpg

It featured some of my lovely hosts who enjoy hosting with Barking Mad as it give them the opportunity to be out on walks, meeting different people whilst they have their doggy visitors and this also helps to combat loneliness. In addition to the benefits of the social aspect of being a host, they also like the fact that it helps to keep them fit!

If you know anyone who is a dog lover and would like to look after dog without the full time commitment tell them to give me a ring on 0191 4194242.

December 2015:

Hope you are all organised for Christmas, please remember do not leave your booking for next year until the last minute, especially if your dog has a favourite host. We are filling up fast for next year so get in touch as soon as you know your dates.

Jan and John Wright (B)-1.jpg

I would like to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year! I would especially like to thank my fantastic hosts and customers for their loyalty and I look forward to seeing you all next year. Here's to another successful Barking Mad Year!


November 2015:

We had our annual Christmas Host party this month. What a fabulous time we all had, a lovely day with lovely people! For next year's party I am going to have to change the venue as the business is growing and more people were there so we need bigger premises! Keep spreading the word about Barking Mad as I always need more lovely hosts. One of my host's friends made us the cake which was delicious, thanks Dorothy!

IMG_4974[1].JPG IMG_4958[1].JPG IMG_4956[1].JPG


Not much time left to enter our competition. You could win £5000 to spend on the holiday of your choice in 2016. If you haven't entered yet then click here for your chance to win.

Holiday webpage.jpg


October 2015:

Here are a couple of photos of happy dogs on holiday with us last month.

DSC01991[1].JPG DSC01738[1].JPG

Below is a picture of my first ever customer. His name is Charlie and he is a Welsh Springer Spaniel. Since then he has had many lovely holidays with us. This is him on his latest holiday with our lovely host Terrie! Since Charlie has been on board with Barking Mad I am happy to say the business has trebled in size! I would like to thank all of my lovely customers for choosing us as a holiday destination for their dogs! I would also like to thank my tremendous host families for their help as I couldn't have done it without them. As a thank you I will be holding my annual Host Party in November - photos will follow!



Here are a few more photos of dogs this summer enjoying the outdoors, see you next month!

IMG_0609[1].JPG 20150930_122925[1].jpg

Things are still VERY busy at Barking Mad this October after my busiest summer ever!! I am now preparing for our annual Christmas Host party which is held in November.
This is to thank all of my wonderful hosts for their continued help and support. Remember I am always looking for more dog lovers who would like to become hosts with us, if you know someone please tell them to give me a ring on 0191 4194242.

The nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder, what better way to end 2015 than as the winner of our fantastic competition. You could win £5000 to spend on the holiday of your choice in 2016. If you haven't entered yet then click here for your chance to win.
Holiday webpage.jpg

August & September 2015:

We always need more hosts!:
Summer 2015 has been extremely busy! I have signed up lots of new customers with lovely dogs to go on holiday. I have also taken on more fabulous new hosts! I would like to thank my current hosts for their help and support during the summer months (which is a very busy period) - they never cease to amaze me with the commitment and dedication they show towards myself and the visiting dogs on holiday. THANK YOU!

Becoming a host with Barking Mad is great fun - all the benefits of dog ownership without the emotional or financial commitment. We carefully match the doggy visitor with the perfect host and everyone has a great time! If you know someone who has either lost their own dog or have just retired from work or work from home and find they don't want the full time commitment of owning a dog, tell them to give me a ring for chat as we are always looking for dog lovers to join our company! Our hosts love their doggy guests and the exercise and cuddles they get from the dogs who are on holiday, especially when their favourite dog gets to go back again and again for lots of holidays!! They can ring me on 01914194242. Next month's update will be all about my hosts Christmas thank you party!

Below is a picture of one of my lovely hosts Glennis who my dogs go to stay with when we are on holiday!

                                                     Sue Seward.JPG


Christina below loves the exercise that hosting brings her and walks a great deal with her doggy guests. She is now retired from full time work and she likes to keep her fitness levels up and finds this is the perfect solution. She also enjoys the social aspect of dog walking and likes meeting lots of different people on her walks.


If you are interested in becoming a host and would like to look after a friendly dog (or 2 dogs from the same family), please get in touch and we can have a chat. If you are already a customer with Barking Mad and your host referral is signed up - your dog will be entitled to a free days holiday with us! So please spread the word.

host 1.jpg host 2.jpg


July 2015:

Well we are well and truly in the summer season now and we are busy busy busy! I am very proud to celebrate my third year with Barking Mad this month and it's going from strength to strength! In addition to completing our third year, we have tripled in size too! I would like to thank my lovely hosts and customers for helping me to achieve this. I have recruited some great new hosts this year and many new customers too.
Here are a couple of dogs that have recently had holidays with us - the lovely Ollie a cross Labrador/Cocker and the very handsome Mylo the Hungarian Vizsla - both dogs attracted admiring stares wherever they went!

July 1.jpg July 2.jpg



June 2015:


I attended a Pet First Aid Course with my neighbouring Franchisee Tracy Johnston from Teesside. This was organised by Pro Training's Charlotte Deighton from Dog Days Academy (pictured below). We found the day very informative and the course included practical tips and advice on how to deal with a wide range of dog related ailments and accidents, this included CPR training to use on a dog who isn't breathing. Hopefully I will never need to use this training but I believe it is essential to know when looking after dogs. Charlotte also gave us a great deal of tips and showed us how to deal with:-


• Deep wounds - how to dress them
• Burns - what to do immediately until you can get the dog to the Vets
• Bruising
• Grazes
• Electric shocks

We were also given a list of everyday foods that can be poisonous if a dog eats them, these included chocolate, onions, grapes, currents and many more. If they are ingested in large amounts they can be fatal. It was a lovely day and I will certainly be passing on the knowledge I gained on this course to my lovely host families!

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May 2015:


HELP! - We need more hosts! :
Business is booming and I need more hosts!!! Due to an increased demand for our services, this month I am on a recruitment drive for more lovely host families. If you (or someone you know) fits the following criteria please get in touch:


• Have you recently lost your own dog and miss the cuddles, companionship and exercise of your beloved furry friend?
• Are you retired, working from home or maybe a Teacher who would be free to have dogs during half term holidays?
• Do you need more exercise?
• Are you lonely and miss the social interaction that comes with owning a dog?
• Do you already have a dog that would love a playmate to visit?


If you are interested, or know someone who fits the bill perfectly, please tell them to give me a call on 0191 4194242 or email me on sue.seward@barkingmad.uk.com.
All of my wonderful hosts have of the enjoyment of looking after a dog without the fulltime financial and emotional commitment. They have full support from myself at all times. I deliver the dog to them and this includes all of the dog's special holiday requirements such as their beds, toys and food etc. If the dog becomes unwell during their holiday and needs to visit the Vets I take full responsibility for this and ensure that the dog is treated appropriately and goes to the Vets. All that is required from the host is an abundance of cuddles and lovely walks!

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Pet First Aid Training Course:
I am excited to be attending a Pet First Aid course at the end of May at Thornaby, I will post pictures and information after I have attended.


April 2015:


Farewell to three much loved little Dachshunds:


This month I have sadly had to say a fond farewell to three gorgeous dachshunds, Hugo, Honey and Heidi. They have had many lovely holidays with us over the years and have now moved to Saltburn-by-the-Sea which is part of the Cleveland, Darlington and Teesside Franchise of Barking Mad. On their last holiday with us this April I introduced the Owners to Tracy who runs the Teesside branch and this made the transition to another area much easier for the dogs, the owners and Tracy. They were all introduced to each other and we had a lovely chat and they are now looking forward to having many more great holidays in the future with Tracy in the Teesside area. That is one of the many advantages of using Barking Mad, no matter where you live in the UK, if you decide to move we can transfer your care package to the Franchise in your area who will continue to give your dogs' the fabulous holidays that they have always had! Here is my last photo of my little Dachshunds:-

April 1.jpg


Here are some photos of Stanley who has also had many holidays with us and on his last holiday this April he was placed with a new host Terrie who took lots of wonderful photos of him and he really settled in well. Now he has another lovely host who is happy to have him for his future holidays!

April 2.jpg April 3.jpg



March 2015:


Spring is here! I am pleased to say that I have taken on four lovely new hosts this month. They are really excited and looking forward to having lots of lovely dogs to walk now that the warmer weather is on the way and the nights are getting lighter. Here are some pictures taken by one of my new hosts Fiona who had Lenny to stay - he had a great time at the beach!

March 1.jpg March 2.jpg



I was asked to take part in a debate on BBC Radio Newcastle again. The first time was last September - here's a link for you to listen to the interview:-


BBC Radio Newcastle Interview


This time there topic was regarding the much publicised topic of leaving your dog alone for long periods of time. The BBC have been running a campaign about this and it is a subject very close to my heart. Dogs are very social animals who like to be part of a pack and most of them need a great deal of love and companionship just as we do. I would therefore always advise people to think very carefully before getting a dog as they are a huge commitment, especially if the Owner works full time. It does of course depend on the nature of the dog how they react to being left alone and there are several ways to minimise the dogs distress such as ensuring the dog has a good walk before being left, and again on your return and if possible a reputable dog walker taking them out too. Too many dogs are just being left alone without any stimulation or company, leading to problems such as separation anxiety. This is the reason why I think Barking Mad is such a fantastic idea and works so well as the dogs are rarely left alone whilst they are on holiday. This reflects on the dog's behaviour when they return home to the Owners after a holiday with us, as Owners feedback is always very complementary and they often say that the dog appears to have had a better holiday than they have themselves!


At the beginning of September I was asked to appear on the Jonathan Miles show on Radio Newcastle.
After the interview I recruited three new hosts and two customers! My neighbours (Carrie, Tina and Tracy) did too!


We also got listed on ITV Tyne Tees website click here


December and January:


Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

Here is a picture of Benney on his first Barking Mad holiday over the Christmas period whilst his Owners were off skiing.  He had a great time with lots of walks at the beach and plenty of cuddles  - he even got a Christmas stocking off his host family

Happy New Year! 

I would like to wish all of my customers and hosts a very happy New Year.  Remember to book early to avoid disappointment, especially if you have a favourite host family that you prefer your dog to visit. Try to book your dog's holiday when you book your own so that you know they are taken care of - we have limited availability for some hosts already! Here are a few pictures of dogs on holiday over the New Year - they had a great time as you can see.

d49ea09580750a4ea1ab5dbaf2ee51491.jpg 165d550c32cca777ade0b9c20940c4281.jpg

November 2014:

I couldn’t run my business without my fantastic hosts, who do such a good job of caring for your dogs. They are so committed, flexible, trustworthy and above all they really enjoy all the dogs that stay with them. They show their doggy visitors so much love and attention that it is not surprising that the dogs always settle into their holiday homes so well. Of course, it is a two way deal… in return the hosts get lots of unconditional love, licks and cuddles from their doggy visitors, in addition they have a companion to walk with, talk to and snuggle up on the sofa with! 

As my hosts are so important to me, I recently arranged a thank you lunch for them all at our local Washington Arts centre. I was so pleased that a great number of them could come, some were missing due to holidays and other commitments and we missed seeing them, but the majority did attend and we had a great time - one our hosts friends even made me a cake!  We served drinks, food and introduced everyone to each other, we also had lots of photos on display showing all the fantastic dogs that have been on holiday over the last year. All the hosts loved meeting like-minded people and enjoyed chatting about the dogs that they have looked after, comparing notes and stories. It was a great success…everyone agreed they would like to do it again next year!

   sues.jpg          FullSizeRender1.jpg


October 2014:

At Barking Mad we operate a "recommend a friend" scheme, this means if someone books a holiday with us because of your recommendation, we will give you a free days holiday for your dog as a token of our appreciation.

         swim_dog.jpg              Dog_2.jpg


Here are a couple of pictures of Coco one of our regular dogs enjoying her holiday with Dee.  Her Owners recommended a friend which gave them a free night and a saving of £22.00.  Then they were entitled to free delivery as they have had five holidays with us which is a saving of £35.00 plus they have filled their loyalty card ( a stamp for every day Coco has been on holiday) which saves them another £22.00 so in total they are now entitled to £79.00 off their next holiday!!!!  If you recommend two friends you could go away for the weekend and your dog's holiday will be paid for!   So spread the word.......dogs deserve a holiday too!



Remember our hand held card terminal for credit and debit cards is now in use.   You can now pay for your dogs holiday by card payment instead of cheque or BACS payment!  Customer feedback has been very positive as its very convenient and we now accept credit card payments too.  

September 2014:


I am now surrounded by three lovely Barking Mad colleagues.  Dogs throughout the North East can look forward to their home-from-home holidays with confidence as Barking Mad's newest franchisees get to work.  Carrie Jarvis is the newcomer in the Newcastle and Tyne Valley area whilst Tracy Johnston has taken on the Cleveland, Teesside and Darlington patch.  Both women joined both myself and Tina from Northumberland this summer and we now have the north east fully covered!  If you know someone in these areas - spread the word!  As we run a "recommend a friend" scheme you could be entitled to a free nights holiday for your dog if someone books a holiday with Barking Mad through your recommendation!   It's so lovely for me having such great neighbouring franchisees on board.  We are a friendly bunch who fully support each other and help each other out when needed.  




Our hand held card terminal for credit and debit cards is now in use.   You can now pay for your dogs holiday by card payment instead of cheque or BACS payment!



At the beginning of September I was asked to appear on the Jonathan Miles show on Radio Newcastle.  Here's a link for you to listen to the interview:-


After the interview I recruited three new hosts and two customers!  My neighbours (Carrie, Tina and Tracy) did too!  

Finally here is a lovely photo of one of Barking Mad dogs on holiday.  Barney the Border Terrier was staying with Christina and was enjoying a lovely country walk in the sun.




September 2014: I was lucky enough to do this and it went really well. Thank you Marcia and everyone who helped.

BBC Radio Newcastle interview            click here to listen


We also got listed on ITV Tyne Tees website click here  200px-ITV_Tyne_Tees_2013.svg.png

August 2014:

We always need more hosts!:

If you know someone who feels there is something missing in their lives, please tell them to get in touch.  Becoming a host with Barking Mad is great fun - all the benefits of dog ownership without the emotional or financial commitment.   We carefully match the doggy visitor with the perfect host and everyone has a great time!

Below is a postcard and a photo from Christina who had a puppy called Marci holidaying with her for the very first time - she was only 16 weeks old and as you can see from the photo and the postcard she had a great time!

        nice_letter.jpg      Sue_1.jpg 


The final photo is with one of our new hosts Chris from Seaton Sluice.  He has one of our oldest dogs on holiday - the lovely Geri!  She has been having lots of leisurely walks along the beach and is due back home in September.


July 2014:
July has been another fabulous month!  I have signed up lots of new customers with lovely dogs to go on holiday.   I have also taken on four amazing new hosts!   I would also like to thank my current hosts for their help and support during the summer months (which is a very busy period) - they never cease to amaze me with the commitment and dedication they show towards myself and the visiting dogs on holiday.  THANK YOU!


This is Murphy on holiday with Aunty Gillian, Uncle Paul and Harvey - dreaming of his next holiday with Barking Mad!

June 2014:
Due to the business growing we have enlisted the help of our trusted host Gillian and her husband Paul.  They will be helping with deliveries on a regular basis, and will be going to Head Office in September for additional training.

They also had a recent visitor called Harry the English Bulldog who was happy to have a working holiday and he was taken to visit a local residential home with his holiday buddy Harvey, and they were a big hit with the residents!



May 2014:
Hello  everyone!  May was a very busy month again ........my best so far!

We also attended the annual Barking Mad Conference at the Lakeside Hotel at Lake Windermere, where my neighbour Tina Young, who runs the Northumberland Barking Mad Franchise won "Best Franchisee of the year award".  I was so proud of her as she is an inspiration to us all and she deserves recognition for her ten years of service with Barking Mad and her outstanding commitment to the job!  We all had a lovely weekend helping her celebrate!

I have also managed to take a week's holiday myself and my dogs Daisy and Timmy stayed with Aunty Glennis who is one of my longstanding hosts.  Whilst preparing for my dogs holiday, it made me think of a few points that I would like to share with you if you are thinking of going on holiday  and leaving your precious pooch behind.

Timmy my Chihuahua is a very nervous little chap who is very attached to us all and hates change and even though he loves his holidays once he is there, during the build up to going away he becomes very anxious with all of the extra activity in the house.  Daisy my Cocker Spaniel on the other hand gets very excited and can't wait to go and see Aunty Glennis.   To reduce Timmy's stress levels - and this could help your dog if they are anxious about leaving you -  I always ensure that my cases are kept upstairs or in a room where the dogs have no access them and are therefore unaware that packing is taking place.   I also pack my dogs bags very discreetly without him being aware of this.  I leave his bowls and beds until the moment we leave, therefore minimising time for him to worry.   If possible I always book my dogs to go on holiday the day before I leave, this again reduces stress levels as usually on the day we go there is a great deal of extra activity in the house (and sometimes frayed tempers) and dogs tune into this and become upset.   It is also useful to book an extra day at the end of your holiday (if you can wait an extra day to see your beloved dog) as this enables you to catch up on shopping, recover from jet lag and do the washing etc.  Then when your dog returns you can fully devote your time to them. 

Here is a picture of my dogs on holiday and a few other dogs enjoying their May holidays with us.  





April 2014:

Business is growing fast - we need more hosts!

The business is growing so fast - we have lots of new dogs this year - I now need more hosts!!


 Do you know anyone who perhaps has recently lost their own dog or have just retired and don't want the full time commitment of a dog of their own but miss the companionship they provide?  Then get them to give me a ring for chat as we are always looking for dog lovers to join our company!  Our hosts love their doggy guests and the exercise and cuddles they get from the dogs who are on holiday, especially when their favourite dog gets to go back again and again for lots of holidays!! 

March 2014:

Best month so far!

March was another busy month with our largest intake of new customers to date!  I was the month of the "Boxer Dog" with four new Boxers signed up and an existing customer with a Boxer dog booking another holiday.

Here are some pics of some of our happy holidaymakers this month.............

        sue_s_1.jpg                    sue_s_2.jpg

        sue_s_3.jpg                     sue_s_4.jpg


February 2014:


Record start to the year!


We have had a record number of new customers this month, here are a few of the dogs on their trials before their main holidays in the coming months

                        CIMG2944.jpg               CIMG2937.jpg

                                             Barney the Bassett                                              Louie the Patterdale


                                                                                                       Stanley the Springer

January 2014:

Happy New Year!

This year has started exceptionally well, with January being one of my busiest months ever for people booking holidays!  Our hosts have been in great demand over the course of January so if you are going on holiday this year and want a particular host - book quickly if you can so you are not disappointed. 

Here are some pictures of dogs on holiday this month:-

             benson1.jpg            Sue_1.jpg        

             Sue_2.jpg                 Sue_4.jpg    


December 2013:

Merry Christmas!


December has been a very busy month with lots of customers jetting away to warmer climates and some escaping for short city breaks. 

Here are Oska and Odie whose Owner's were in Canada for Christmas and the New Year.  They had a lovely holiday with Gillian, Paul and Harvey and their family!



I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.


November 2013:

Host Party!

As my  hosts are so important to me, I arranged a little get together at the Washington Arts Centre at the end of November.  We served food and drinks and introduced the hosts to each other and they swapped stories and had a wonderful time.  We had photos on display showing dogs having a fantastic time on holiday  and the hosts were able to share stories about dogs they had had on holiday.  My hosts are the best and I couldn't run my business without them.  They are so committed to caring for your dogs and they give so much attention and love to the dogs they have on holiday which is the main reason why Barking Mad is such a wonderful service and is so successful.  They are people who I totally trust and they are all so committed to their jobs, mainly because they are mad about dogs and enjoy the unconditional love they receive from them as well as the company and of course the cuddles!!!  It was a great success and I'm already organising the next one!


Special service for rescue dogs:


Here is a picture of Bracken on his very first holiday.  Bracken was a rescue dog whom the Owners were reluctant to leave with anyone else because of treatment he had suffered at the hands of his previous owners.  Matching up your dog with a suitable host is one of the most important aspects of my job, Bracken needed a quiet house with lots of cuddles and reassurance so I placed him with Lynne and George who are very experienced hosts.  I am pleased to say he settled brilliantly and his owners have already booked another two holidays knowing they have peace of mind whilst they are away!!


October 2013:

Easy way to pay!!!

After a colleague in Scotland ran a trial using a hand held terminal for credit and debit cards, I am now going to be using one this month! This will provide my customers with an alternative to cheques as a great deal of us do not use cheques any more.  I should be trained up and ready to go by November.  This will be a great help to customers as it is more convenient and they can now pay by credit card too!

Benji's holiday treat

One our dogs on holiday was took to The Manors at Prudhoe which is a Residential Home for the Elderly with Gillian who is a host with us.  She went to visit her Aunt who loves dogs.  Benji had a great time and was a natural and all the ladies loved him!  He will be going back next time he is on holiday. 

It is a known fact that interaction and companionship from dogs significantly improves health, helping lighten moods and giving a feeling of well being.  This is one of the most missed aspects of people living in a Residential home.  Benji was an overwhelming success and everyone loved him and he brightened their day!



September 2013:

August was our busiest month since we took over the business and September has not been far behind thanks to our new and existing customers!  Thank you!


This is myself and four friends who completed the walk "miles for Macmillan" at the beginning of September.  We took our dogs and had a lovely day walking and meeting lots of lovely people and dogs whilst raising money for a very worthwhile charity that is close to my heart.  

Coming soon!!!!

I recently completed the paperwork for a card reader for credit and debit cards, this should be ready to use soon.  This will make life much easier when booking your doggy holidays, some of my customers struggle to find their cheque books as most of us do not use cheques nowadays.  This will be more convenient for everyone and useful as it accepts credit cards too!

Dogs on holiday in September:

Here are some of my lovely dogs on holiday in September!

                  Sue_2.jpg          Sue_3.jpg


August 2013
Dogs having fabulous holidays this month!
                  CIMG2550.JPG   CIMG2665.JPG

                        CIMG2683.JPG    CIMG2684.JPG


                                              kaiser_1.jpg            Rubysvisit0152.jpg     


July 2013:
When your dog returns from a holiday with Barking Mad I am very interested to know how you felt the holiday experience was for your dog.  We now have a new website with a customer comments link, this enables customers to let us know what they thought of the Barking Mad experience by adding their comments directly to the website.  This enables new customers to read all about it and hopefully help to reassure them if they are a little nervous about leaving their precious pets.   
Here's Bailey who has had a holiday nearly every month during the summer period.  All our hosts love him! 
If you would like to leave any comments please visit the following link:-

I really couldn’t run the business without the assistance of my fantastic hosts.  They are amazing people who  always go the extra mile to ensure that the dog they are looking after has a wonderful holiday.  One of my hosts recently had an elderly dog to stay and this particular dog always slept on the floor of the owner’s bedroom in the bungalow where they lived.  Due to the host living in a house with stairs the dog was unable to make it up the stairs due to severe arthritis so the host slept on the sofa downstairs for the entire 10 day holiday!  This shows the level of commitment that all of my hosts have.  I am truly grateful for all their help they are a wonderful bunch of people.  

My hosts are usually retired folks or stay at home mums who have experience of owning a dog.  Their doggy visitors arrive with everything they need, such as food, beds etc and all the host has to do is give their visitor some exercise and lots of love and affection. We transport the dog to and from the host and pay them a daily fee.  If you know anyone who would like some extra exercise and plenty of love and cuddles from a dog please contact me.
June 2013:
It’s hard to believe but it’s now a year since I took over the Barking Mad business from Jude!  Time has flown by.  The year was busy from the onset with many regular customers getting in touch to sort out their dogs holidays for the summer.  It’s always wise to be organised and do this early to ensure that you get the host family that you prefer.  

I’ve gained a great deal of new customers too, many were recommendations from existing customers, who receive a free night for their own dog if the holiday goes ahead for the dog that they recommended.  We have also recently introduced a loyalty card system to thank our loyal  customers.   If a dog has 28 nights booked in with Barking Mad over a period of time, when their card has 28 dog prints they receive a free night’s holiday from us.  We also now operate a 7 day service after introducing Sunday collections and deliveries in May this year.  This has been greatly appreciated by our customers as it means that their dog can come home earlier rather than waiting until the Monday.

We work extremely hard to ensure that your dog has a lovely holiday so that you can relax and enjoy yours without any worry, after all ...... we believe that dogs deserve a holiday too!!
May 2013:
Business was extremely busy in May – please do not leave your dogs holiday arrangements until the last minute – book early to avoid disappointment.    Here are a few snaps of dogs enjoying holidays this year.

001.JPG    3_Hs.jpg






April 2013:
My car was liveried with Max the Cocker Spaniel a dog who has had many holidays with the Barking Mad branch in Northumberland.  He has attracted many admiring glances and quite a number of new customers!!



Local Links

We love working with and recommending local business, here are a list of fantastic people we think you might like to hear about:



Veterinary Group in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Westway Vets (24 hour centre), 426 West Road, Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE5 2ER, Tel 0191 2747910

Strachan Veterinary Group, 56 Front Street, Tynemouth, Tel 0191 2578543

Also surgeries at Newcastle and Ponteland

Cestria Vets, Station Road, Chester le Street, Co Durham, DH3 3DY, Tel 0191 3885125


Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Bathtime Dog Grooming, 23 Farringdon Road, Cullercoats, North Shields, NE30 3ER, Tel 0191 2513664

Shear K9s Dog Grooming Salon, 32 Nile Street, North Shields, NE29 0BB, Tel 07976267373

Hand stripping and microchipping services available. www.sheark9s.co.uk

Pet Services

Local and National Pet Transport

Dog Walking In and Around Low Fell

Pet Supplies

Much More Than Pet Food

Michael Pape (Proprietor)
North Road
Boldon Colliery (Near Asda)
NE35 9AU
Home delivery of pet food

Dog Training & Behaviour

Dog training, Dog Walking, Puppy Classes





Ailsa Brook - 13th Dec, 2016
"Cassie has settled back home brilliantly following her latest Barking Mad holiday with lovely hosts Lynn and James and has clearly had a whale of a time! She always comes home happy, healthy and full of beans, and the photos of her we receive show how much she enjoys herself with them. Peter and Sue from Barking Mad provide excellent customer service and the reassurance of knowing our precious girl is happy and safe while we are away means the world to us. Cassie is already booked in for two more holidays next year.Thanks again to you all for a superb service."

Nicole - 30th Aug, 2016
"Jazz has just returned from his third holiday with a Barking Mad host family. He has been wonderfully looked after and thoroughly spoiled with attention and walks on the beach. We had daily updates from Sue Seward, as Jazz' health is failing. Without the knowledge that he would be with a host family that has been matched to him and the reassurance of the daily messages, we would not have been able to go away at all."

m robson - 19th Jul, 2016
"I have used barking mad (Sue and Pete)since Fern was a puppy and wouldn't use anyone else. They are two wonderful people dedicated to their work nothing is too much trouble for them. They always go that extra mile to make sure your dog is with the right host and having the best possible time and I know that while I am away Fern is being loved and spoilt by her Auntie Anne and Uncle Andrew. Sue and Pete are the best."

Nina & Paul - 18th Jul, 2016
"Yet another worry free holiday! Cannot thank you enough Sue and Peter. I haven't met Sonia (one of our hosts) but she deserves a medal. When I got the photos of one of my crazy dogs (Slinky) with her and another 3 strange dogs altogether I was gobsmacked. Slinky is usually kept away from strange dogs because basically he's very anti-dog and will growl, spin round like a scene out of the exorcist and make everyone think he's a monster. In the photos he was a picture of innocence. She is amazing!!, you can tell she loves them so much. I have quite a few breaks away and can honestly say I don't worry one bit. Regular updates & even pictures give me extra peace of mind. The whole process from start to finish is so professional but personable too. It's Uncle Peter now to my furbabies when he comes to collect them, My dogs shriek with excitement when he arrives. I Will never use another company. Barking Mad Furever!!!!"

Alex Tye - 13th Jul, 2016
"I cannot thank Sue and Pete enough for the care and service given to me for my dog Alfie. I have always hated using any type of kennels service as Alfie loves to be with people so when I found Barking Mad I loved the idea that my family pet would be placed in a loving home.
Sue was so reassuring and caring you can tell she really understands your worries as a dog owner. We discussed all of Alfies needs and she arranged a suitable host family to have Alfie.
We were updated on how he was doing and I really think he didn't want to come home after having his holiday he seemed so content and happy when he came home and has now made me so sure I will never use another service except for Barking Mas again.
Thank you so much for all of your help and assurance as now we can enjoy our holidays knowing Alfie is in excellent care."

Read more Customer Comments