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Jeannie James & Amanda Powell

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Jeannie James & Amanda Powell
South & West Oxfordshire

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Dog sitting services in South Oxfordshire

The alternative to kennels could change the way you holiday.

For many dogs, kennels aren’t an option. That means, for many dog owners, holidays with their dog is the only option. That can be a wonderful thing but, well, no one likes to feel restricted in their choice of holiday, do they? That’s where Barking Mad’s tailored approach to dog boarding in Witney, Abingdon and Didcot can make such a difference.

Because now, when you really need an overseas break, you can have it. And you won’t have to worry about your dog.

South Oxfordshire dog sitting for happier dogs
The key to a happier holiday (for you and your dog) is your Barking Mad host. They’re a special breed: passionate about dogs, experienced owners, and eager to strike the right balance between giving your dog lots of new and exciting experiences while you’re away and retaining all your regular routines so he or she feels right at home.

Before you jet off somewhere sunny we’ll find out about your dog’s likes, dislikes and personality. We’ll find the perfect host. We’ll even arrange a trial stay so you know everything will be fine.

Then, while you’re away, we’ll make sure that from special diets to regular medication and favourite toys, everything is to hand to give your dog a healthy, happy holiday. You’ll even get a postcard showing what they’ve been up to.

Dog owners in Witney, Abingdon and Didcot choose dog holiday care services from Barking Mad again and again. Try us and we think you will too.

Who will my dog be staying with?
Amanda Powell and Jeannie James lead our dog sitting services in South and West Oxfordshire. As dog lovers and pet owners their whole lives, they know more than a thing or two about giving your dog the personal care and attention they need to enjoy a happy holiday.

For dog sitting and dog holiday care in Didcot, Witney and Abingdon please talk to Amanda and Jeannie here.

Love your holiday - by making sure your dog loves its holiday too. Call Barking Mad.

Find out more about Amanda and Jeannie
Dog sitting services and areas covered in and around South Oxfordshire

Could you be the perfect Barking Mad dog host?

Becoming a Barking Mad dog host can change the lives of hosts and dog owners alike.

Dog owners get to enjoy holidays they couldn’t otherwise take, safe in the knowledge that their dog’s having just a good a time as they are.

For dog hosts, there’s the chance to welcome lots of dogs into your life, without the financial or emotional commitment of full time ownership.

And for your dog? Dog sitting with Barking Mad means happiness and contentment before, during and after your holiday.

Find out more about dog hosting in Witney, Abingdon and Didcot here.

Fall in love with the day job

It’s hard work- but then anything worthwhile is, isn’t it? What makes owning a Barking Mad dog sitting franchise like no other job, is that you spend your days doing what you love.

What’s more, you’ll have the HSBC Franchisor of the Year 2013 supporting you every step of the way.

Discover a job you can’t wait to start every day. Talk to us about setting up your own dog sitting business.



Hilary Murphy - 21st Oct, 2015
"After some time trying to figure out what to do with our large, very active dog whilst we were abroad, we found Barking Mad. Jeannie was brilliant, explained exactly how the system worked and spent some time getting to know Maisie. By the time we’d finished listing all the dos and don’ts and Maisie’s funny little ways, I thought there was no way anyone would want to let her move in with them. However, Jeannie and Amanda found a perfect host.
After a successful trial visit, Maisie was delighted to see Jeannie return to pick her up and happily jumped into the Barking Mad car again for the main stay. So we could be secure in the knowledge that she would be happy and well cared for."

Joanna Beckerman - 21st Oct, 2015
"Our little Louis returned from his second holiday very happy. We were very pleased that he spent his time away from us with the same lady as before. All practicalities were arranged smoothly and efficiently."

Helen Newdick - 19th Oct, 2015
"Very pleased with professional and convenient service. So much more reassuring than leaving our little dog in noisy, cold and intimidating kennel.
Will definitely be re-booking."

Charlotte Cardy - 23rd Sep, 2015
"Well it was Mitzi's first holiday with Barking Mad, she had got on well for her trial visit and was now heading off for a full week. Looking at the pictures of her stay she clearly had a wonderful time playing with her new friends! This time around though Mitzi had a slight mishap and cut her paw on a walk - this was no problem at all though as Amanda popped her off to our vets to get her patched up and then dropped me an email to let me know what had happened and that Mitzi was ok. It was so nice to be told even though nothing I could physically do it was good to be kept in the loop. I will certainly be using Barking Mad for all our holiday needs as its a fantastic service run by such lovely people. I also love the postcard you get at the end of the stay, it always makes us giggle with the things Mitzi has written....its certain that Cate and Russ who she has stayed with have grasped her nature and temperament to a tee! Definitely recommend to anyone considering an alternative to kennels."

Nikki Medd - 14th Sep, 2015

This was a first time for me leaving my 4 month old pup and I was extremely nervous , Jeannie was great she kept me informed and put me at ease, although it was just one night I had emails of photos of Obi settling in and texts to keep me updated.

Top notch service can't recommend enough!"

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