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August 2017
Barking Mad Brings Local Businesses Together for Charity

We’ve been working on a special project to close Summer 2017 in a way it deserves.
This summer we’ve had packed-out doggy holidays, exhibited at dozens of local events and fetes, welcomed new hosts and had some sizzling heatwaves in between.
As Barking Mad Purley continues to grow and say hello to lots of new faces – with and without tails – we still believe it is important to give something back to charities and our local community.
With that in mind, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Oscar Pet Food Coulsdon https://www.facebook.com/OscarPetFoodsCoulsdon/  to deliver a 1-day family friendly event, to bring our community together for two worthwhile causes!

The Big Summer Charity Dog Walk 2017
20 August 10.30am We invite you to take part in The Big Summer Charity Dog Walk 2017  https://www.facebook.com/events/108012783230951/  for a 1-hour casual family dog walk, followed by 25% off Sunday Roasts at The Wattenden Arms, Kenley https://www.facebook.com/TheWattendenArms/  and raffle with BIG PRIZES TO BE WON!

FULL PRIZE LIST HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/108012783230951/permalink/108167539882142/ 


We’ve selected some of the best local companies around North-East Surrey, who have generously supported this charity event by offering their services as in-kind prizes. Check out who these fantastic businesses are with the link above.
Best Part – It’s just £5/ Adult and Kids Go Free!


Where does the money go?
BSCDW is in aid of two incredible, but very different, charities. You’ll be helping to raise vital funds for
Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice https://www.noahsarkhospice.org.uk 
National Search and Rescue Dogs Association www.nsarda.org.uk 


The Wattenden Arms, Kenley, CR8 5EU
10.30am, 20 August 2017


Barking+Mad+Charity+Dog+Walk+FINAL.jpg         Barking+Mad+Charity+Dog+Walk+FINAL2.jpg

July 2017


After a successful group dog walk last month, Barking Mad have already prepared another dog walking event, which is guaranteed to make you feel good – and not just for getting those trainers on!
Barking Mad http://www.barkingmad.uk.com/franchisees/purley-north-east-surrey/ and Oscar Pet Food Coulsdon https://www.oscars.co.uk/about are proud to announce:
The Big Summer Charity Dog Walk 2017….


… a paws walk for the National Search and Rescue Dog Association http://www.nsarda.org.uk/ and Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice https://www.noahsarkhospice.org.uk/ !

It really is going to be an epic adventure, as dogs and humans walk side by side to raise vital funds for two incredible charities.

About the National Search and Rescue Dog Association
Dating as far back as the first World War, where dogs helped find troops missing on the battlefield, dogs have played a key role in providing emergency support for critical incidences, all over the world. The lives of lost mountaineers in snowy, sub-zero conditions, missing children, drowned victims and victims of natural disasters, are saved daily because of the incredible abilities the dog possesses. Through specialised training, SARDA dogs have been able to pick up scents and recall it over a long period of time, whilst their thick fur can keep them warm whilst searching for victims in wet and cold conditions.


About Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice


Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice is a community-based hospice service providing support for children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and their families in Central and North London and Hertsmere. Our mission is:
• to provide care and support for children and young people from birth who have a life-limiting or life-threatening condition. Our aim is to enable them to live full lives and to achieve their aspirations;
• to ensure that families are able to live life as fully as possible while their child is still alive and go on to face the future with hope after bereavement.
Whilst details for the Big Summer Charity Dog Walk2017 are still be finalised before the big public announcement, here’s what we can tell you:
1. It’s going to be in August
2. It’s a day for Dogs (owners are welcome, but it really is all about the dogs)
3. All funds raised are split between two incredible charities
4. THERE’S A RAFFLE! You’ll be automatically entered into the raffle, just for signing up to the walk!
5. There’s going to lunch…. AND CAKE!
6. There’s going to be loads of treats for everyone – dogs & walkers
7. You’ll even get some pretty photos of your dog taken on the walk!

All the information you need to know will be coming soon, via our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/BarkingMadDogCarePurleyNESurrey/ and Newsletter, which you can subscribe to here http://madmimi.com/signups/af23e459bad747bc9166cf2c21e4365b/join (Don’t worry, we only email once a month, unless there’s a really exciting announcement).

To get your paws on the prize, keep an ear out for the big announcement, and we’ll see you at The Big Summer Charity Walk 2017!

                                        NSARDA Big Charity Dog Walk.jpg


June 2017

As announced in May, we teamed up with East Surrey Walkers to mark the beginning of Summer with a fantastic 3-mile ramble amongst Surrey’s naturally beautiful countryside.
21 walkers gathered with dogs in tow outside the Carpenters Arms in Limpsfield on Saturday 3rd June, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.
The sun stayed shinning all day long, and temperatures soared to just below 25 degrees!
The walk, which wondered through gorgeous woodlands, was enjoyed by all – especially the dogs who were let off lead for most of the walk; enjoying meeting each other, playing and running alongside their other new canine friends.
Meg, our own dog, loved running up and down the rambling pack making sure everyone was having a good time – and unfortunately enjoyed the mud a bit too much, coming home with 4 black boots to match her pure white coat!
The walk was a great success and we’ve come away ready to plan another! It was great to see our two hosts at the walk too, with their host dogs – Sasha and Finn, who just like the rest of the pack were ready for an afternoon nap.
We’ve got some great action shots from the day on our Facebook page, so please feel free to go check them out.
Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday and keep an ear out for announcements for the next Barking Mad Dog Walk.

3.png 1.png 4.png


May 2017

For some months now Barking Mad Purley and North-East Surrey have been planning our first ever FREE Barking Mad Dog Walk.
We have partnered with local walking group, East Surrey Walkers [link: eastsurreywalkers.org.uk], to bring Barking Mad Hosts, Customers and the general-public a rambling spectacular.

                                            pic 3.jpg


With walking leader Keith Chesson, Barking Mad and East Surrey Walkers will be setting trails with wagging tails on 3rd June 2017 at 10am, starting at The Carpenters Arms Pub in Limpsfield.


Grab a friend, two or four legged, and join us for the Barking Mad Dog Walk!
The 3-mile walk concludes with a group lunch, where treats for human and dog will be provided in the form of goody-bags and cake.
Send us your name and email address to;

Where you’ll be sent the official Barking Mad Dog Walk e-invite.
We can’t wait to see you there,
The Barking Mad Team


April News

We are beginning to see a glimmer of the summer to come, as daffodils and daisies start sprouting at our feet and the sun, in those slightly warmer evenings, sets just a little later each night.

With Easter weekend just around the corner animals are coming out of hibernation, lambs are being born, chicks are hatching and bunnies have the focus on the eve of Easter Sunday. It truly is a beautiful time of year; full of positivity and beautiful new animals.

With that in mind, what better month to have National Pet Month than April!
That’s right, to top off all the natural beauty this month, we also have 4 glorious weeks to celebrate those creatures which make our lives and hearts a lot fuller!

Whatever the pets you have they each become part of the family and of our daily routines. In fact, I think many would agree that these non-human animals we bring into our homes are no longer pets in our eyes, but unconditionally loving companions and equals.

So, we thought to ourselves – how can we celebrate National Pet Month with our fellow customers and hosts? And then we came up with an idea!

Our pets are our best friends, but we aren’t the ONLY friends they have. A rabbit, mouse, cat, dog… snail? Might also be their companion!

We thought, YES let’s celebrate our pets this month with a PET-PANION PARADE! Sharing photos of our pets with their most beloved companions – whatever it is, even if it’s just their favourite toy!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. You send us your Pet-Panion photo(s) to Danie.morgan@barkingmad.uk.com
2. We parade everyone’s photos on our Facebook and Instagram page as a photo carousel, for you to share with your friends (because let’s be honest – we love to show off our pets!)
3. We pick a winner photo, which will become the face of Barking Mad Purley and North-East Surrey for 1 whole month – so as our Facebook cover, in our emails and next months newsletter too!


March 2017

Last month Barking Mad ran a story competition, sniffing out heart-warming tales about dogs. We had lots of beautiful stories and it was clear that if you’ve had a family dog, then chances are you have a unique story to tell!
However, one particular story stood out - the story about Clint who is this months winner of a free pet photography shoot at Andrew Franklin Photography.
Read on to find out about what makes Clint, the Labrador-Collie cross, so unique and special.



“Clint is a black Lab-Collie cross, but what makes him extra special is he is a dwarf! We rescued him 7 years ago, but I remember how we first came to meet Clint as if it was yesterday.
We had been looking at various rescue centres in London and they were mostly full of staffs - which were not suitable for us. But, during a visit to Harefield Dogs Trust Centre, we were told they might have a pup for us. After showing us a picture, the lady went out back to fetch Clint. Out waddled Clint, with a huge cone around his neck (he had just had an anal mass removed). The ladies first words were "he is a bit shorter than we expected". With a normal body and feet but mars bar sized legs, he bounded over to us…. it was love at first sight.
He had been rescued from Ireland which were overrun with strays – had Harefield not taken some in, the dogs would have been put down! So, it was Clint’s lucky day. He was already well trained when we brought him home, so we can only assume he was an abandoned pet. Regardless, he was with us now and in his forever home.
We were told he was only three but his grey beard told us otherwise. The vet confirmed he was at least 6 when he was rescued, so we certainly have a wise gentleman within the family now.

                       image2.jpg       image1.jpg


The last seven years have been filled with lots of fond memories. Clint has always been there to put a smile on my face. He does the usual dog things such as running to the door to greet me. I would like to think I'm his favourite (just don't tell my brothers!). Every night without fail he would climb the stairs and snuggle up into my bed for cuddles. Waking up to him curled under my duvet is always a good start to the day - even when I visit home now he curls up as if I had never been gone. Clint is truly one of the family now - he gets presents and cards at Christmas, and his birthday too. His favourite meal is of course when he joins us for Christmas dinners and he has been on many family holidays including camping trips and going to a truck festival!

The last seven years haven’t been completely plain sailing though. Within the first few years we became aware of health issues that come with being a dwarf dog. He had many eye infections and ended up making many trips to the vets. Eventually after a nasty bout, we were referred to a specialist. Clint's retina was detaching and he would lose sight in his eye. They eventually confirmed it was genetic and informed us his other eye could go the same way and there was no telling if nor when it would happen. Fortunately, he still has sight and hasn't suffered anymore eye infections (touch wood) since. So now Clint has one normal eye and a very grey cloudy eye making him even more unique (if that was possible)

Our hardest time came at the beginning of this year, where we had a scare with the nasty C word. Clint had a large lump form under his front leg causing him to limp. He had to have day surgery to have it removed. Being the old man he is, it was difficult to say how he would react to being put under, and as I currentlylive away from home it was difficult not being there with him. Fortunately, he came through fine, and on a more positive note the lump was tested and its was not cancerous! Clint had a lipoma -it was such a relief. Losing Clint would have caused the whole family to crumble, it would be like losing a brother to me.

We cherish all the time we have with him; he is definitely a spoilt pooch. I like to think that despite the difficulties we have faced with him, we have given Clint his perfect forever home. It is clear he understands the love and affection we give him because he gives it back tenfold. Even if Clint does not win anything in this competition, he is winning in life and he is winning in my eyes. I even have a bag and a cushion with his face printed on them so he can be with me even when I can't be at home. He is my winner and no one will change my mind.

If you wish to see some pictures, check out his Facebook page - Clint Coulby”

February 2017

Valentines Day and Pancake Day arguably makes February the month of Love and Generosity - greatly needed after a long, cold and dark January. In this special news item, we will explore our relationships with dogs and their memories of us, and how they may very well be the true ‘One’ in our lives.
At some point we have all experienced a bond with a dog – whether our own or someone else’s. How can we not fall in love with them, when they patiently anticipate our arrival home; greeting us with a wagging tail and tapping paws, as they can barely contain their excitement. It is remarkable how these canine companions express their love for us every day, simply because we – their special someone – have returned home.
Recently, researchers have been comparing human memory with that of a dog. The results of a year-long research with 17 dogs has proven that, like the way the human’s memory works (episodically), a dog’s memory functions in the same manner.
All animals are instinctively built to recognise its parent by face or voice, however a dog’s memory goes beyond just recognising us. In a series of training sessions, 17 dogs were taught the ‘Do as I do’ training method, in which the dog observes its owners’ actions and taught how to copy. After successfully completing the training, researchers tested the dog’s memory by using the commanding words ‘Do It’, without the visual prompt. Dogs were tested 1 minute, 1 hour and then 1 day after the training sessions. The dogs could recall their owner’s actions by instantly replaying the action, however they were unable to recall some days later.
The research teaches us that dogs are sympathetic to their environment, obtaining information around it and recalling that information for some time.

Valentines Day has just passed, which is an event that often prompts us to reminisce over memories of our loved ones. However, could it be that our true loved one is indeed our dog(s)? I am sure there are plenty of you who will agree.
In honour of February, the month of Love and Generosity, we are sniffing out heart-warming memories of you and your fellow woofers. And to make sure those memories stay with you forever, we are giving away a Free Pet Photography Shoot with Andrew Franklin Photography.
Just email: tomandchris@baringmad.uk.com with your story, along with any pictures you want to add.
Good Luck!


                              AF Photo.png

December News

This is our first Christmas as Barking Mad owners, after taking over the reins of Purley and North East Surrey back in May.
Since then we have been overwhelmed by how dedicated, friendly and truly wonderful our hosts are, thus we endeavoured to bring 2016 to a close with party, food and plenty of bubbles.


On the 4th of December we hosted our inaugural host Christmas party and are delighted to say we all enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of festive treats (the mini Christmas cakes were a marvellous hit), and sparkling conversation.
The party gave us an opportunity to demonstrate the appreciation we have for our hosts – for without them, tails wouldn’t be wagging.


                                             Tom and Chris.1.png



November 2016

We are delighted to announce that Danie Morgan has joined us as our Dog Holiday Marketing Co-ordinator. She has a background in theatre marketing, is a dog lover and is looking forward to meeting our customers and their dogs and our hosts. She is excited about being a key resource in our drive to grow our business and attract new customers and hosts.

May 2016

Tom and Chris complete thier training at Barking Mad HQ Cumbria.

new franchisees may 2016.jpg

October 2015

Well the Rugby world cup is over for the home nations!


St. James Park Newcastle.
But all the Barking Mad dogs had a great time on holiday this month, including Sanda who had fab break with Carrie and her dog Alfie in Newcastle.


fireworks.jpgOctober is the start of the firework season which usually ends for New Year, so don’t forget to keep your dogs safe and away from all the flashes and bangs!

Birthday.jpgBirthdays this month for:-

Harley, Omelette, Georgie, Keira, Woody, Otis, Teddy, Boycie, Lola, Louie, Holly & Lucas.


September 2015

Here begins my 4th year with Barking Mad!
Calmer now, but bookings for October and Christmas are starting to flow in. Don’t miss out by leaving your booking too late as Christmas is always very busy!

Fred, Rupert, Yogi & Brady join the Barking Mad family. Yogi had a relaxing holiday:


Don’t forget to enter the £5000 prize draw for a holiday! Offer closes 7th December. Use this link to enter the draw 

Birthday.pngBirthdays this month for:-
Sanda (my dog), Yogi, Ruby, Jessie, Kimmy, Polly, Oscar, Wolfie, Darcy, Billy, Jasper, Poppy, Candy, Beau, Sally, Bobby, Pebbles & George.



August 2015

Phew July is over and now to August, not a lot of breathing space but having a great time!


Lucas, Jack & Max all went out for the 1st time with BM and had marvellous holidays. Lucas on the run and Jack, Max & Sanda crashed on the sofa with the host.

Dog 1.jpg dog 2.jpg


Looking forward to the Rugby World Cup starting September. I am visiting Newcastle in Oct for one of the games and my dog Sanda is staying with Barking Mad Newcastle and Tyne Valley!

birthday.jpgBirthdays this month for:-
Lilly, Rusty, Maisy, Monty, Maddie, Poppy, Buddy, Buster, Daisy, Ziggy, Sophie & Pepper

July 2015

Pebbles is one of the dogs joining the Barking Mad family this month she also had her 1st holiday with us as well.



July starts us off on the busiest two months of the year so our dogs going to have a great time and we get to increase our car mileage!
Looking forward to August when we have 25+ holidays to provide for our customers & their four legged friends.


birthday.pngBirthdays this month for:-
Kyri, Snowy, Izzy, Poppy, Lucie, Dylan, Junior, Bonnie, Andy, Lexy, Vinnie, Dotty & Max




Local Links

We love working with and recommending local business, here are a list of fantastic people we think you might like to hear about:


Nelson Veterinary Surgeries, based in Croydon and Thornton Heath, have dedicated teams with vast experience in animal health care giving your pets the best level of service. We are an accredited practice by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons which goes to show our commitment to the best standards available for your pet. 


Pet Supplies

The  Eco Dog Company - Purveyors of quality eco friendly and natural supplies for dogs www.ecodogcompany.com/

Simply the Pets offers dog walking, pet sitting and puppy care throughout the
local area www.simplythepets.com .

At Knightsgarden centre Nags Hall branch, Godstone,  you'll find the Pet Barn, housed in a Grade 2 listed building, thought to be 600-800 years old. The Pet Barn stocks probably the largest selection of Pet Food and supplies in thearea   www.knightsgardencentres.com

Other Pet Services

Welcome to Rescue Remedies. We mainly cover the South East of England, and are home based in the Surrey, London and Hampshire area. We have been rescuing dogs since 2002 and grown from small beginnings to currently carrying around 60-70 dogs on our books. We do not have a 'centre' but are internet based. Our dogs are visible through their pictures with descriptions.