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Tina Young

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Tina Young

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Dog holiday care across Northumberland

Your dog deserves a great holiday. With Northumberland dog holiday care services from Barking Mad, it’ll even get its own travel agent.

Everyone benefits from a holiday every now and then. Why should your dog be any different?

While you jet off somewhere exciting, give your dog homely, relaxing dog holiday care in Northumberland with Barking Mad. We can’t promise balmy temperatures and glorious sunshine, but we can promise round the clock, 5-star care and attention courtesy of our experienced, dog-loving hosts.

Northumberland dog sitting, tailored for your dog
A holiday is all about those little luxuries – the things you don’t always get when you’re at home. We treat your dog’s Barking Mad holiday in just the same way. Yet in amongst those new adventures and experiences, there’ll be plenty that’s familiar too.

We’ll maintain your routines. Same food. Same exercise. Favourite toys. Familiar bed. So when you return, there are no patterns to re-establish, because we never broke the old ones.

In Morpeth, Cramlington, Alnwick and across Northumberland, owners choose our dog holiday services again and again. Their dogs think of us as a home from home. We think yours will too.

Who will my dog be staying with?
Our Barking Mad franchisees and hosts are spread right across the UK. In Northumberland you (and your dog) will receive the warmest of welcomes from Tina Young.

Tina used to work for Thomas Cook. Now she spends her time arranging holidays of a very different kind, and sees the difference it makes to both dog and owner “Arranging a holiday and worrying about who is going to look after your precious 4-legged friend can be very stressful. In fact, people often tell me that they’ve avoided going on holiday because of their dog…that was until they heard about Barking Mad.”

For dog sitting and dog holiday care in and around Northumberland please contact Tina here.

Enjoy your holiday more - by making sure your dog enjoys its holiday more too.

Find out more about Tina Young
Dog sitting services and areas covered in and around Northumberland

Give a dog a happy holiday

Everyone needs a holiday now and then. Dogs are no different. What does differ is the type of holiday they get to enjoy.

At Barking Mad, we believe the best place for a dog while its owners are away is with someone who can give it the individual love and care it needs. And that’s where you come in.

Our dog hosts are Barking Mad. They’re the ones maintaining the routines, providing the familiar bed and leading exciting new adventures.

When the owners return, they know their dog has had the best possible holiday care imaginable. The funny thing is, our dog hosts enjoy dog-sitting as much as the dogs do.

Could you provide the perfect dog holiday care in the Morpeth, Cramlingon and Alnwick areas? Find out more about dog hosting in Northumberland here.

Make a living out of what you love

You love dogs. You can’t wait to get home from work and see those bright eyes and wagging tail.

But what if you didn’t have to wait? What if dogs were your work? Become a Barking Mad franchisee and make a business from your passion.

Barking Mad franchisees work with dogs every single day – and they wish they’d done it years ago. Why not join them? Find out more about running your own dog-sitting franchise here.



Lisa Crichton - 17th Feb, 2017
"Harvey has had another great Barking Mad holiday, this time with Marilyn and Mick. He has again been so very well looked after, with lots of lovely walks. Harvey had been poorly just ahead of his holiday and Tina and the team took the time to understand the issues, making sure information was passed on. The flexibility from the team and the care he is given, means I can go on holiday and know he is being so very well looked after. I always look forward to reading what I call his 'school report' and hearing what he has been up to. Harvey is booked in again for later in the year. I wouldn't leave him anywhere else now! Thank you Tina and the Team and Marilyn and Mick!"

Sheila Parrerson - 7th Feb, 2017
"Dylan returned from his Barking Mad holiday on Sunday. He came home happy and content so I know how well he had been taken care of by his host family.
Dylan has been with Barking Mad for about 10 years now and I can't thank them enough for the care they give. We know we can go away with the knowledge that his holiday is going to be full of fun and love.
Thank you Barking Mad from both Dylan and myself for...... being there for us!"

Carolyn - 2nd Feb, 2017
"Ive used Barking Mad for over 10 years. My dog Stella is now in her twilight years. So for the first time I was concerned. After a phone call to Tina to explain, my fears were soon squashed.
Tina had made sure Stella was placed in a bungalow as stairs are really becoming a problem. Also she needed medication 3 times per day. Unbelievabley it is tricky getting a Labrador to eat a disguised tablet!!
But once again Tina reassured me the family she would be staying with also had an older Labrador.
Stella returned home as always happy and as if she'd never been away. Can't thank Tina & her team enough."

Christine Ferguson - 11th Jan, 2017
"We have used Barking Mad for a number of years now. We can always go away safe in the knowledge Jasper and Roxy are as well looked after as at home. Jasper has been very poorly lately and Tina took comprehensive notes with regard to his care and medication routine and also changes to his diet. I cannot recommend Tina and her team highly enough,everyone is so friendly and helpful. It is lovely to receive the photo of them to see how well they are settling in with their host and also to get a text telling us how they are doing. A brilliant service."

Malcolm Brown - 10th Jan, 2017
"This a fantastic service, which is second to none, I personally would not go anywhere else.
From picking your dog up at your home, to returning him/her back to you, you have total piece of mind, and you know your dog will be loved, happy and well looked after.
If you love you dog, this service is a no brainier"

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