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Shirley Rands

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Shirley Rands

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Dog holiday care in Northampton

It’s your holiday. So take a break from the guilt too.

Everyone needs a holiday now and then, but wouldn’t enjoying your holiday be easier if you could take a break from the guilt of leaving your dog too?

Barking Mad is the dog sitting service in Northampton, Wellingborough, Towcester and Brackley for people like you with dogs like yours. We give your dog the sort of loving home from home that sees them return to you as happy and contented as when you left. So you can enjoy a more relaxing holiday too.

For 5* dog holiday care in Northamptonshire talk to Barking Mad.

Northampton dog sitting, tailored for your dog
We’re the alternative to kennels. That means we’re all about the personal and attentive. We want your dog to have the run of our hosts’ houses. We want them to feel as though they’ve got paws under the table in no time.

There’ll be lots of new sights, sounds and smells, new walks to discover and new friends to meet. Yet for all that’s new and unfamiliar, we want your dog to feel reassured too. That’s why we’ll arrange trial stays, chauffeur your dog from home to host, and make sure there’s familiar food, familiar toys and a familiar bed to hand.

We’ll keep you updated with what your dog’s been up to while you’re away, so you really can relax.

Who will my dog be staying with?
Shirley Rands leads Barking Mad in Northamptonshire. She first discovered us when she was looking for an alternative to kennels for her dog, Deefer.

“Deefer, was on medication for life and after owning him from a puppy he was very much one of the family. I wanted the best for him and when I went away needed to have someone trustworthy to look after him.”

Shirley was so impressed with the care Deefer received she launched her own Barking Mad branch, where she now ensures every dog receives just the same level of care and attention. Arrange your guilt-free dog sitting and dog holiday care in Northampton, Wellingborough, Towcester and Brackley. Talk to Shirley here.

Enjoy your holiday more - by making sure your dog enjoys its holiday more too.

Find out more about Shirley Rands
Dog sitting services and areas covered in Northampton, Wellingborough and Towcester

Meet your new members of the family

To our dog hosts, meeting their four legged guests year after year is like welcoming an old friend.

That’s the beauty of dog hosting with Barking Mad. As host, you get to care for a dog on your terms, free from any longer term emotional or financial commitment.

If you’re experienced with dogs and would love to bring dogs into your life for as little or as long a period as you like, we’d love to meet you.

Find out more about dog hosting in Northampton, Wellingborough, Towcester and Brackley here.

Make dog holiday care your day job?

Not so long ago, our Barking Mad franchisees were sat in roughly your position reading something like this.

Like you, they loved dogs. And like you, they never really considered a dog holiday care business to be something you could do for a living. And then they discovered Barking Mad.

Turn your passion into your day job. Find more about running your own dog sitting franchise here.



Karen - 4th Apr, 2016
"A very happy Poppy has just arrived home from her Barking Mad holiday! Thank you to Shirley and her fantastic team for providing a wonderful and thorough service."

Liz and Doug Cole - 14th Dec, 2015
"Thank you so much Barking mad and host Rhona for looking after our pampered dachshund Rosie. Because it was her first stay with you we were very worried about leaving her , but she was well looked after and came back to us a very happy girl. You have put ours minds at rest and we wont hesitate to use your service again."

Michael Reilly - 2nd Dec, 2015
"Having recently moved to the area I was due to go on holiday. Ollie my Jack Russell has never been to a kennel before and would normally stay with his gran and grandad. Barking Mad was a perfect solution for us both and managed to find a wonderful host for Ollie.
The service was first class and Shirley attention to detail was excellent. I went on holiday knowing that Ollie was in safe hands and in a welcome environment in a happy home. I would definitely recommend Barking Mad and would use this service again."

Elaine and Phil Doughty - 21st Oct, 2015
"A very professional service. This was a trial weekend with Barking Mad and it has put our minds at rest. All was as promised.
There was no stress for us and no stress for our 5 month old puppy, Elsie.
We have confidence that she will be well looked after during our next holiday.
Thanks to all and especially Maggie for the lovely photos and postcard Elsie came back with."

J Sparrow - 28th Sep, 2015
"Thorough, professional & caring Barking Mad is a fantastic alternative to kennels (which didn't suit my Labrador). Being with a host family & keeping to usual routines & of course lots of fuss are all important for a happy waggy tailed person.
I would recommend it to anyone."

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