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North Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Falkirk

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Jacqueline Gunn & Trudi King-Gunn

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Jacqueline Gunn & Trudi King-Gunn
North Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Falkirk

G67 4AB
Tel: 01236 453453

Dog holiday care in Falkirk & Lanarkshire

Off on holiday? Give your dog some vacation time too.

There are lots of things to arrange before you can jet off on holiday. But for most of our customers the one thing that causes more worry than anything else is finding dog holiday care they can really trust.

That’s where we come in. Barking Mad provides dog home boarding services across Falkirk and Lanarkshire. It’s round the clock, 5-star care and attention from people who know and love dogs. So you can relax, knowing your dog’s having just as much fun as you are.

Lanarkshire dog sitting, tailored for your dog
We love and care for all breeds, whether it’s an Airdrie Afghan or a Coatbridge Collie. But what really makes the difference is that while your dog is living one to one with our experienced hosts, we’ll make sure all your routines are maintained. Same food. Same exercise. Favourite toys. Familiar bed. So when you get home, there’ll be no new habits to change.

Owners across Lanarkshire, in Falkirk, Wishaw, Airdrie and Coatbridge choose our dog holiday services again and again. Their dogs think of us as a home from home. We think yours will too.

Who will my dog be staying with?
Our Barking Mad franchisees and hosts are spread right across the UK. In Falkirk and Lanarkshire you (and your dog) will receive the warmest of welcomes from Jakki Gunn and Trudi King-Gunn.

Jakki, Trudi and their carefully selected band of brilliant hosts have been caring for Lanarkshire’s dogs for over 8 years, and they’re in no doubt why dog owners choose them again and again: “We make dogs (and their owners) happy. That’s why we’re Scotland’s best alternative to kennels.”

They’re looking forward to meeting you. For dog sitting and dog holiday care in Falkirk, Airdrie and across Lanarkshire please talk to Jakki and Trudi.

Love your holiday - by making sure your dog loves its holiday too. Call Barking Mad.

For dog sitting and dog holiday care in Falkirk, Airdrie, Wishaw or throughout Lanarkshire please talk to your local Barking Mad representatives. Contact Jakki or Trudi here.

Find out more about Jakki Gunn and Trudi King-Gunn
Dog sitting services and areas covered in North Glasgow

Ever thought about dog hosting?

Once you’ve had a dog, you never want to be without. But sometimes the practicalities, expense and commitment make owning another dog difficult.

That’s when becoming one of our wonderful dog-hosting families can help change your life.

We carry out all the arrangements. You give a dog a wonderful holiday. And when it’s time for your guest to return home you needn’t worry – there’s always another dog looking for the perfect host family while its owners are away.

If you could give loving, 24hr dog holiday care in Falkirk, Airdrie, Wishaw and throughout Lanarkshire, we’d love to hear from you. You can find out more here.

A dog sitting business with your name on the collar?

You love dogs, but it’s not as if you could ever turn that love into a business. Could you?

Barking Mad franchisees do. Across the UK, they’re turning their love of dogs into successful dog sitting businesses. And every single one is glad they did.

Discover the most fulfilling business you’ll ever have: your own. Find out more about running a dog care franchise with Barking Mad.



Anne Alexander - 19th Dec, 2016
"I am always happy to use Barking Mad as I can relax on holiday knowing Hannah our greyhound will be happy with the family she is placed with.

Jakki and the team run a very professional service"

Jean Panton - 3rd Dec, 2015
"We have used Barking Mad for a couple of years now and the dogs have made several trips. We wouldn’t be happy if the dogs were in kennels so are delighted with the Barking Mad arrangement. Julie, who collects and returns the dogs, is friendly and efficient. The dogs know her and the routine and she sees them safely to Barbara, their host. The dogs go bounding in to see her. She takes really good care of them and when they return home they are beautifully groomed. Our dogs are happy, so are we."

G Plunkett - 12th Oct, 2015
"Sonny was a relaxed and happy dog when he came home after spending a week with Ross. That is why I know this works. Thanks again."

Dayle Hegarty - 6th Oct, 2015
"I have been using Barking Mad for 7years now. My dogs are very much part of our family, I have never liked leaving them and always had a worry when we went on holiday until I came across Barking Mad. Jakki and Trudi put me at ease when I met them, their obvious love for dogs means you know that they look after your dogs as much as you would yourself. They make sure the dogs are homed with someone who is matched to your dogs characteristics, keeping them in their same routines. When they come home they have a postcard and photos of their holiday. It is clear when you read it that the host loves what they do and also that they know your dogs quirks, whether it be for swimming in the water or need for lots of cuddles. They also try as much as possible to home your dogs with the same host each time which I love as you know that the dogs feel more at home with each stay. I know when my dogs go on holiday with barking mad they are very much looked after in a warm home environment. I cant recommend them enough they offer a great service, they are dog lovers and do all they possibly can to make sure that my dogs are not only looked after but happy and content. Pepppa and Cookie love their holidays with Barking Mad which helps me enjoy mine even more!"

Pauline and Milo Connor - 6th Oct, 2015
"Milo has been on a good few Barking Mad Holidays in the past three years. He has always had glowing reports can't believe they're talking about my Milo, he rules the roost with me!!!!Can't recommend the company enough always have peace of mind while I am on my holidays.Thank you all so much......Woof Woof......Keep up the good work... Posted by Pauline"

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