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Frankie Doig

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Frankie Doig

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Dog sitting services in Manchester

Barking Mad: Where dog holiday care gets personal...

“I think it’s the one-to-one care - that’s what really makes the difference,” says Frankie Doig, Barking Mad’s branch owner in Sale, Salford & Urmston.

“When you go on holiday, you have a variety of care choices for your dog. But for many people - and many dogs – kennels aren’t one of them. Dogs that need a more personal and attentive approach love Barking Mad. And for owners who know they won’t be able to enjoy themselves properly if they’re worried about what’s happening back home, our particular brand of Manchester dog holiday care is exactly what they need.”

Manchester dog sitting with Barking Mad
Every dog holiday we arrange begins the same way. In Sale, Salford and Urmston, Frankie will visit you and meet you and your dog.

You’ll talk about the things your dog loves and hates. You’ll discuss routines, diets, medication and exercise. And Frankie will match your dog with one of our wonderful dog hosts.

A dog host is chosen because we think they’ll be the perfect match. So if your dog loves fresh air and exercise, your dog host will too. And if your dog is more suited to a gentle amble and pottering in the garden, well, we’ve other hosts who feel exactly the same way.

They’ll ensure your routines are maintained. They’ll keep familiar toys, food and bed close at hand so your dog always feel content. They’ll even send you the odd photo while you’re away, to show you that your dog is enjoying as good a holiday as you are.

Choose tailored holiday dog sitting in Sale, Salford and Urmston
Frankie knows it’s not just the success of your dog’s holiday that depends on her careful matching of dog with host - it can change the way you holiday too.

So if you’ve found yourself holidaying closer to home – or not holidaying at all – because you couldn’t bear the thought of leaving your dog, discover dog holiday care with a difference. Choose Manchester dog sitting services from Barking Mad. Please contact Frankie.

Love your holiday - by making sure your dog loves its holiday too. Call Barking Mad.

Find out more about Frankie Doig
Looking after dogs in Sale, Salford and Manchester.

Could you be our next dog host?

Anyone can be a great dog host – and having a wide variety of hosts is what makes us able to offer our particular brand of personalised care.

All you need is a love of dogs, experience in caring for them, and an instinctive understanding of what makes a dog blissfully happy.

If that sounds like you, you’d love to bring a dog into your life, and you’d like to know more about dog hosting in Sale, Salford, Urmston and Manchester then please contact us.

Make dogs your day job

Could you turn your love of dogs into your business?

You could with Barking Mad. We’ve already helped dozens of franchisees start their own dog sitting business backed by the support of an award-winning franchisor (that’s us). And there are still opportunities across the UK for you.

Find out more about running your own dog sitting business here.



Donna Bell - 15th Nov, 2016
"Fantastic service and real peace of mind when you use Barking Mad. I left my Jesse for the first time for three weeks. I was very concerned as she was to split her time over two different families. All went really well; Jesse got great feedback and acted like she had just been out for a walk! Didn't miss me one bit!
I can wholeheartedly recommend this service. Will definitely be using again and again."

Rose - 6th Sep, 2016
"Definitely recommended - let me check up on my little donut and know she was doing well. As a nervous nelly it helped me be able to worry less and actually enjoy my holiday, knowing Dinky was enjoying hers."

linda bellamy - 25th Jul, 2016
"I think your service is second to none and I am really happy to leave Olli in your care, she comes home happy and relaxed, everything is perfect,

many thanks"

Irina - 11th Dec, 2015
"Great service from Frankie, very thorough questionnaire to cover all aspects. My dog was treated as a special person by Frankie and the family and this gave me confidence that my precious family member is well looked after when I am away."

Jonathan - 10th Dec, 2015
"When we are away we always send Pasha to Frankie. It's peace of mind for us and fun fun fun for Pasha. She always comes home exhausted and we get regular updates about her holiday too. Thanks again Frankie and see you in 2016!"

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