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Alun Davies

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Alun Davies

Whelford, Fairford
Tel: 01285 711650

Dog holiday boarding in the Cotswolds

Booking a holiday? Book your dog one while you’re at it…

Every list of holiday ‘must haves’ looks much the same: exceptional accommodation. Faultless service. Great food. The occasional tummy rub. We think that last one’s particularly important, especially if you’re a dog in need of love and attention while your owner’s away.

Barking Mad provides the personalised alternative to kennels. This is 5* holiday boarding care in Cirencester, Stroud and Malmesbury for dogs who need the individual care you only get from experienced dog hosts who love what they do.

Tailored dog holiday care in the Cotswolds
A holiday is all about new experiences, but just like their owners, dogs appreciate the occasional reassurance of home. That’s why, in amongst the new sights, smells and experiences, we’ll make sure there’s lots that’s familiar to make your dog feel at home.

From food to medication to exercise we’ll maintain your routines. There will always be familiar toys and a familiar bed close at hand. We’ll even arrange a trial stay before you leave, so both you and your dog can relax.

Who will my dog be staying with?
You’ll find Barking Mad branches across the UK. Our dog holiday boarding specialist in the Cotswolds is Alun Davies. Alun opened his Barking Mad branch after lots of careful research. “I was bowled over to hear from customers who spoke so highly of the service, and felt that their dogs had a more enjoyable holiday experience than themselves, avoiding the inevitable airport stress that we have all experienced!”

Now it’s Alun’s role to carefully match your dog with the perfect host. Call Alun now, Now it’s Alun’s role to carefully match your dog with the perfect host.

Love your holiday - by making sure your dog loves its holiday too. Call Barking Mad.

Find out more about Alun Davies
Looking after dogs in Cirencester, Stroud and Malmesbury.

Give a dog a break

“I’d love to own another dog, but…”

If you’ve found yourself saying this (whatever the reason for the ‘but’) then dog hosting in Cirencester, Stroud and Malmesbury could be the ideal way to bring a dog into your life without the full time expense and commitment.

Barking Mad dog hosts enjoy all the fun, companionship and joy of caring for a dog. But because you chose how often you host, there’s not the same emotional, time or financial commitment.

We’ll handle all the paperwork, money and insurances so you can concentrate on being the perfect host for dog holiday boarding in the Cotswolds.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch here.

Love dogs? Ever thought of owning your own dog sitting business?

Starting any business is a daunting prospect. It’s a whole lot easier, though, when you have the experience and support of an award-winning franchisor behind you.

Launch your own Barking Mad franchise and you’ll find you enjoy all the benefits of running your own business, without the worry of starting from square one.

Find more about running your own dog sitting business here.



The Tovey family - 4th Apr, 2016
"We have used Barking Mad many times now and cannot fault the service. From start to finish the care and attention to detail is excellent. Our dog, Monty, returned from a long weekend away, happy, healthy and obviously very well looked after by his host family (Liz & Dave). We had complete peace of mind knowing that he was being cared for in a loving environment, getting all the attention he deserves."

Jayne Smith - 24th Nov, 2015
"Hi Alun. I'm always unsettled when Aero has to go somewhere new for his holidays, but I have to say that you did a great job matching up Aero and Roz. They obviously had a great time together. Her postcard had us in stitches because it described Aero's normal behaviour perfectly! It is reassuring to know that he was himself on his holidays!! Thanks, The Smith family xx"

Cate Heynes - 18th Nov, 2015
"All that worry for nothing! Being a real Mummy's girl, I thought that Sadie might not settle with Roz, but she had a wonderful time, and judging by the two photographs that I received in 24hrs, Sadie had a cuddle with Roz and then settled straight down for a good snooze in front of the fire! She was returned to me the next morning, bouncv and happy, and with a postcard telling me of her adventure. So thanks to Alun, Roz and Barking Mad Cotswolds for solving a problem for me. Cate"

Jimmy, Paul and Tyson - 20th Oct, 2015
"Barking mad proved from the very first contact we made how professional and caring they are towards our beloved dog. Attention to detail is key and they hit the mark. Right from the off with the consultation the right questions were asked, probing in to Tyson's routine and medical history. The trial is a fantastic way to ensure both dog and family are content with each other and the new surroundings are not too stressful for the dog. The photographs which were sent to us while Tyson was on holiday was a great way to keep our minds at ease as this was his first time apart from us for a period as long as this.

A great service and we have and will continue to promote your business by word of mouth.

Many thanks for taking care of our boy,

Paul & Jaime"

Mike & Jacqui Wrightam - 6th Oct, 2015
"Thanks to all at Barking Mad for looking after our dog Poppy last week whilst we were away in Germany for our son's wedding.
Can't praise them enough, Poppy came back happy and relaxed. Let's do the same next month!"

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