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Who will your dog holiday with?

Dogs tend to fall into two categories; those who enjoy living with a canine friend and those who prefer to be the only dog in the household.

Which category does your dog fall into?

When you are going away and need to arrange dog sitting for your furry friend, it’s important to keep life as normal as possible for him or her. Whether your companion is are used to living with another dog or not, it’s a good idea to replicate this environment for your dog sitting.

The good news is that Barking Mad can arrange either for you through our wide network of dog sitting host families across the UK.

Human company only?

If your dog prefers to be the only dog in the household, we can arrange for them to stay with one of our experienced dog sitting host families where there are no other dogs.

Your pet will be very much a part of their family during its stay, receiving lots of human interaction.

The sole dog will enjoy the benefits of receiving undivided love and attention.

Looking for a playmate?

If your dog enjoys canine companionship, we can arrange for him or her to stay with a dog sitting family who have a well socialised resident dog. Your dog will receive constant human care, with the added bonus of a doggy playmate. We will take great care in ensuring we match your dog to a household with a dog of similar temperament to give the best chance of a fantastic relationship blossoming.

Holidaying with a friend?

If you have more than one dog and need to find a dog sitter who is willing to take them all, that’s no problem at all. Barking Mad will match you with a host family who are experienced in caring for more than one dog.

We will never arrange for dogs from multiple households to be staying with our dog sitters at any one time. Your dogs will be the only guests of the host family.

Need a little reassurance?

Some dogs who don’t live with other dogs may still prefer to be placed with a host family with a resident dog. Some dogs are just happier in the company of a furry companion, or have a preference for canine company over human.

This approach can sometimes be beneficial for dogs who are prone to being nervous or unsettled, as they will likely find reassurance in the company of the resident dog.

Whichever option is best for your dog, Barking Mad can help. You can be assured that we only employ sitters who are dog-mad, experienced in dog care, and totally devoted to caring for your pet in your absence. All of our dog sitting hosts are at home during the day to provide constant care and will welcome your dog into their household as a true member of the family.

We will take the time to get to know you and your dog and find out everything about your requirements. We provide our dog sitters with a detailed Pet Schedule which contains all the information we have gathered from you. Your host family will then attentively replicate your dog’s usual routine as closely as possible and cater for all their needs and preferences.

We even provide you with our exclusive ‘Holiday Doggie Bag’ which you can pack with your dog’s favourite things to help them settle into their holiday more easily.

Whether your dog likes to holiday alone or in company, Barking Mad can provide the solution.