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Not all Dog Sitters are Created Equal

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could take your furry companion everywhere with you? Unfortunately there are times when that’s just not possible and you need to enlist the services of a dog sitter.

Finding the right dog sitter for your beloved companion can be a minefield. It’s impossible to relax whilst away from your dog unless you are convinced they are receiving first class care.

So how do you find the ideal dog sitter?

• It is highly advisable to find a qualified, professional dog sitter.

• A superb dog sitter is likely to work as a member of a dog sitting company. This displays that they are serious about the role and providing a service which they are happy to be monitored by the organisation.

• Anyone can appear to be a dog lover or say they will look after your dog well, but a reliable dog sitter will come highly recommended by the organisation they work through. The backing of the dog sitting or dog boarding company provides the extra reassurance you need.

• A responsible dog sitter will have cared other dogs previously and likely have regular guests. When recommended by a dog sitting company, you are assured that the carer is indeed highly respected with a solid history of dog sitting.

• Puppies, senior dogs and those with medical needs require specialised care and a reputable dog sitting company will have dog sitters on their books who genuinely meet these requirements. This enables you to be confident that the needs of your dog will be met.

• It is important that a dog sitter is at home during the day to ensure constant care is provided. This is a priority for all dogs, but gives that extra reassurance if your dog is a puppy, senior citizen or requiring regular medication. A reputable dog sitting company will only employ sitters who are at home during the day.

• A good dog sitter should be someone who really understands your animal, not someone who just feeds and walks them. They need to be able to recognise different behaviours and know how to act accordingly in the best interests of your dog. This goes beyond being someone who likes dogs; they need to truly understand dogs. An experienced sitter who works through a company is likely to be far more experienced in the workings of your canine friend.

• Life can sometimes take unexpected turns and sadly things don’t always run smoothly. The ideal dog sitter will be experienced enough to be able to cope admirably with any misfortunes or difficult situations. A pet sitting company will select only the best candidates to work for them, people who they trust to cope responsibly and appropriately if anything should go amiss.

• It’s important you are happy with the credentials of your dog sitter, but there is someone else who also needs to approve them – your dog! A reputable dog sitting company will be able to organise a short ‘test’ stay for your dog with the sitter, to ensure they get on famously. This will provide you with extra peace of mind when the time comes for your dog to stay with them for a longer period.

Dog sitters working through an organisation are ambassadors for that company. The reputation of the organisation lies firmly in the hands of the dog sitting individuals. Any sitter employed by a company will be of a high standard. The company wouldn’t risk their reputation being spoiled by unsatisfactory feedback.

At Barking Mad we take a great deal of care in selecting only the best dog sitters. We, like you, want to be safe in the knowledge that your dog is receiving the best level of care possible in your absence.

Our sitters undergo a rigorous selection process and are inspected by us each time they look after a dog. We also provide backup support to our sitters; we are there for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should they require our assistance.

With Barking Mad you can be assured your dog is being cared for by a very safe pair of hands.