February Dog Sitter Host Spotlight

Local News Fame for Barking Mad dog sitter host Christine

The benefits of being a dog sitter host for Barking Mad are featured in the North Norfolk news

The North Norfolk News featured Christine talking about the benefits of being a Barking Mad dog sitter host

Each month at Barking Mad Dog Care we shine a spotlight on one of our amazing dog sitter host families. These very special individuals, couples and families care for our customers’ holidaying dogs as if they were their own. Our hosts really do make their doggy guests feel at home due to their love and devotion!

This month we would like to introduce Christine, who cares for holidaying dogs for our Barking Mad Norwich branch. Sharon Booden, owner operator of the Norfolk based dog sitting service, said:

“Our Barking Mad family delightedly welcomed experienced dog lover Christine. Christine’s first doggy guest was a greyhound called Caspian and since then she has gone on to care for many different breeds and types of dog. She always makes her doggy guests feel special and I know that she really enjoys their company. We have become good friends through Barking Mad because of our shared love of dogs!”


Barking Mad Dog Sitting Host Christine With Leia The Dog

Christine enjoyed caring for Leia


In the news…

The North Norfolk News interviewed Christine and Sharon about the benefits of caring for dogs. Spending time with a friendly canine can be a real antidote against loneliness, providing companionship and even health benefits. When Christine sadly lost her husband, David, she described hosting for Barking Mad as, “the best bereavement counselling I could think of.”

In the article Christine goes on to explain further,

“Looking after dogs from Barking Mad makes my life purposeful. When you have a dog you have to go out for walks twice a day. You must take the dog out in the morning and at night and that’s good for you as well. If you have a dog people come up and talk to you.”

After losing her husband, David, Christine was saddened that she wouldn’t be able to own a dog again. This was due to her concern that she wouldn’t be able to afford vet’s bills on a single pension. When a neighbour suggested that she join Barking Mad, she was absolutely thrilled to have dogs back in her life once more.



Barking Mad Dog Sitting Host Christine With Molly The Dog

Christine enjoyed spending time in the garden with Molly


Would you like to join us?

Christine’s moving story is one of many which we hear on a daily basis. The benefits of dog companionship can be life transforming and our hosts thoroughly enjoy caring for their doggy guests. Becoming a host for Barking Mad comes with the reassurance of 24/7 professional, local back up, with administration and transport all taken care of.¬† We chauffeur doggy guests to your door with everything they need for their stay such as bedding, food and toys.

If you are missing a dog in your life but feel that you can’t commit to full time dog ownership, becoming a Barking Mad host could be just for you! Our hosts must have an enclosed, private outside space, have no children aged under 5 in the home and be based at home for the duration of a dog’s stay.







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