Barking Mad Scottish Borders Dog Sitting Local News

Barking Mad Scottish Borders Local News – June 2018

barking mad selkirk galsheils and kelso

Barking Mad has been chatting to interested hosts in Kelso, Galashiels and Selkirk

Barking Mad Scottish Borders held host information mornings in the Kelso Co Op and Tesco Galashiels.Lots of people stopped for a chat and everyone agreed that hosting is a great way to have a dog for a little while without the full-time financial or emotional commitment. We also had a pitch at Selkirk Farmers market where we raised over £80.00 for Dogs for Good by selling the most delicious dog biscuits and face cloth puppies. Thank you so much to everyone who donated especially to the generous people of Selkirk.

Geroge the spotty barking mad dog dalmation scottish borders

Spot the difference

Poppy the spotty dalmation barking mad scottish borders.

Spot the difference










Poppy the Dalmatian from Galashiels and George the Dalmatian from Gala were both on holiday with Barking Mad Scottish Borders in May and June. Two delightful spotty dogs who very much enjoyed their holiday walks in the Gala hills and the wonderful remote Kelso farmland and woodlands.

Smiley collie in selkirk barking mad home from home

Smiley Selkirk Collie Ollie

The highlight of the past few months has been registering Ollie the Smiley Selkirk Collie. He smiled at me and he smiled at his owner and when he does your heart just sings. As they say smile and the world smiles with you.

Barking Mad Scottish Borders News -April 2018

Quins was buzzing on Friday the 6th April scottish borders

Quins was buzzing on Friday the 6th April

On Friday the 6th of April a charity quiz was held at Quins of Galashiels to raise money for Dogs for Good.  Barking Mad hosts and members of the public attended and thanks to the generosity of the good people of the Scottish Borders we raised £222.00.  A massive thank you to Quins of Galashiels for hosting the event.

Barney the retired sniffer dog barking mad

Barney the retired sniffer dog

Barking Mad Scottish Borders has registered some interesting dogs this month.  A retired sniffer dog currently living in Innerleithen called Barney, a retired guide dog currently living in Peebles called Christo and a working assistance dog soon to be living in Longnewton called Spud.  I feel so privileged and delighted to welcome these very special dogs into the Barking Mad family.

On the 2nd June there are two exciting events taking place in Selkirk. The very first Selkirk Farmers Market.

The very first Selkirk Farmers Market will be an amazing and historic event.

The very first Selkirk Farmers Market will be an amazing and historic event

Barking Mad will have a promotional stall at this market and will also be selling facecloth puppies and extra delicious Barking Mad dog biscuits to raise funds for Dogs for Good. I will also be available to chat about our home from home loving care dog boarding service and to chat to anyone who is interested in hosting for Barking Mad.

In the afternoon there is the Dandy Dinmont Derby at the Haining. Barking Mad Scottish Borders is sponsoring the puppy race. The Haining Selkirk is the birthplace of a famous Dandy Dinmont called Old Ginger from whom many Dandy Dinmonts are descended. There is a statue erected there in his honour.

A gorgeous Dandy Dinmont looks at the statue of his ancestor Old Ginger

A gorgeous Dandy Dinmont looks at the statue of his ancestor Old Ginger

Barking Mad Scottish Borders February News – The now famous Italian Greyhound Duo Runa and Maya at Selkirk Pop Up Shop.

Barking Mad Scottish Borders has had a busy February.

Barking Mad Scottish borders pop up shop for dogs for good

Runa and Maya increase footfall for Scottish Borders Dogs for Good fundraiser.

Scottish Barking Mad are going biscuits for these home made home from home treats.

Home-made dog treats were loved by all Barking Mad dogs









We raised over £100.00 for Dogs for Good at Selkirk Tower Street Pop Up Shop. We sold home-made dog treats and rose cup-cakes to raise funds for this worthwhile charity. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Runa and Maya increased footfall as usual by sitting in the window in their snuggle sacks looking alluring.  Although they are small they make big things happen! Lots of people came in to ask about our dog boarding service and to enquire about hosting.

Puppy love we love dalmations and all dogs at the home from home dog boarding service

Summer loves Dalmatians. Can’t you tell?

Poppy Love was big in the Scottish Borders in February. Poppy went on a Barking Mad holiday to Kelso and was much adored by everyone but particularly by the host’s daughter Summer. She is one of those extremely affectionate and loving Dalmatians just right for Valentine’s month.

Doughall on his home from home boarding holiday with his dog sitting bag

Dughall the cutest Border Terrier waiting for his holiday extra tasty chicken treats

Dughall the laid-back Border Terrier had a fantastic holiday in Tweedbank. He knows his chicken treats are in the Barking Mad bag.

scottish borders barking mad host and the lovely dog Lisa

Tara receiving home from home loving care from her host mummy.

Tara a stunning looking 2-year-old golden retriever holidayed in Liliesleaf. This is much better than roaming city streets where from she was recently rescued by her amazing owners. Her host Lisa provided her with the one to one loving care she so deserves whilst her owners are on holiday.


On the 6th of April we will be holding a Quiz event at Quins Galashiels at 19.30. There will be a raffle with a doggie twist to raise funds for Dogs for Good. These quizzes are always fantastic and are run by the Border’s very own Mathhew Burgess. £10.00 per team of 3 to 6 people.


Barking Mad review from a customer in the scottish borders.

I received this fabulous review from one of my lovely customers. It really shows we are number one for a reason.

For more Barking Mad Scottish Borders information click –  HERE

Barking Mad Scottish Borders January Snow News.

Dashing through the Snow in the Scottish Borders.

Barking mad dog sitting service, home from home care

Benjay up to ‘snow good’

Barking Mad Scottish Borders just loved the January Snow. After all there’s “No business like Snow Business”.  The Haining in Selkirk was simply enchanting and a winter wonderland for dogs on holiday to romp and play.

Dawn snow at The Haining

Despite the weather Barking Mad Scottish Borders has had two  host events. Only a few hardy souls managed a dog walk in the grounds of the Haining Selkirk due to ice and snow. It was “snow much” fun though. Poppy dog  and her two black lab pals loved the home made dog treats from the back of the Barking Mad Car. Truly doglicious.

Barking Mad Pet Sitting/Home from home care

Poppy the  Dalmatian and Lab pals loving home made dog treats.

There was no snow for the second, better attended Haining Host Dog walk.!!  It was bitterly cold. Scottish Borders hardy hosts from Lilliesleaf sheltered at the front of the Haining House before the walk.

Barking Mad home from home dog care

Hosts sheltering and enjoying Runa

They enjoyed scones and coffee at the end of our muddy trek around the lake. Clearly the Italien Greyhounds Runa and Maya fancied some coffee and scones too.

Barking Mad Home from home dog care

Runa and Maya waiting hopefully for coffee and scones.

Despite the snowy freezing January Barking Mad Scottish Borders got out and about and welcomed  dogs such as George the gorgeous Dalmatian to the Barking Mad family.

Barking Mad dog sitting service and home from home dog care

Intrepid explorer Donna’s Barking Mad Scottish Borders Car

Barking Mad home from home care

George warming up in front of the fire after braving the January cold. Brrrrrr.


Saturday 3rd February. Selkirk Tower Street Pop Up Shop. 9.00 am – 5.00pm

Barking Mad Scottish Borders is fundraising for Dogs for Good. A variety of home-made dog treats for your furry friend and romantic rose cup-cakes will be on sale.

Two captivating Italian Greyhounds are helping with the fundraising and are always delighted to say hello.

For more Barking Mad Scottish Borders information click –  HERE

Barking Mad Selkirk Hosts Christmas Event – December 2017

On the 20th December Barking Mad Borders Hosts gathered at the Selkirk Deli for coffee, mince pies and Christmas cake. They are the most fantastic and caring dog sitters I know. There was lots of chat about dog home boarding and the pleasures of looking after a dog for a little while.

Barking Mad Scottish Borders first Dog Sitting Christmas Event.

Our wonderful Hosts at Barking Mad Scottish Borders first Christmas Event.

There was a slide show of dogs on their  Barking Mad Holidays with their various and  amazing pet sitting hosts. A sound track  added to the poignancy. I can’t include all the photographs here but Breck the Yorkshire Terrier on holiday in Lindean, and Henry the gentlemanly Doberman relaxing on holiday in Lilliesleaf show the one to one loving home care that dogs on holiday with Barking Mad receive.

Breck the Yorkshire terrier on holiday with Barking Mad Scottish Borders

Breck the Yorkshire terrier on holiday with Harry at Lindean Selkirk.

Henry the gentle Doberman relaxing on holiday with Barking Mad Borders

Henry the gentle Doberman relaxing on Lisa’s knee whilst on holiday in Lilliesleaf.

This was followed by a dog Quiz!  Example question. Where is a dogs withers? Answer: between its shoulders. The prizes were much sought after and the race was on to be the winner and have first choice of the ornamental doggy delights.

Prizes given by Barking Mad Scottish Borders

The Quiz winners got to choose their doggie prizes.

I am looking forward to Barking Mads 2018 Christmas event already and am hoping to have many more wonderful hosts to share it with.

Forthcoming Events

Barking Mad Quiz on Friday the 6th April 2018 at Quins in Galashiels to raise much needed funds for Dogs for Good.

Dog Sitters Host Event for Barking Mad Scottish Borders – December 2017

Barking Mad Scottish Borders’ very first dog home boarding hosting event was a dog gone success! Barking Mad hosts Harry, Sheila and Lisa walked along the Ettrick river with our canine pals Oreo, Benjay and Oscar.

Barking Mad Scottish Borders hosts Dog sitting home from home dog boarding

Oscar, Oreo and Benjay enjoying the walk with their lovely hosts

Harry, the first host ever for dog home boarding service Barking Mad Selkirk, hosted Breck a very energetic ten year old sausage-loving Yorkshire Terrier last month, and they both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Breck was on holiday near Lindean.

Dog holiday Barking Mad Scottish Borders Home from home dog sitting service

Breck with his Barking Mad bag all packed.

Lisa hosted Henry a delightful gentlemanly Doberman who had a truly five star dog holiday experience.

Dog holiday Barking Mad Scottish Borders home from home dog sitting service.

Henry enjoying his five star luxury accommodation!

“Aww what super pictures Donna. Please thank Lisa & Gary for their wonderful loving care and the postcard. I will certainly use your service again and I’m sure Henry would love to return to see his holiday family. Thank you Donna” Liz & Robert. 

Our walk took us to the Meetings of the Ettrick and Yarrow rivers which is ideal for any hardy swim crazy pooch.

Barking Mad Scottish Borders dog walk dog home from home dog sitting service

First Host party dog walk to the Meetings

We finished up in the Waterwheel Café with hot coffee and Christmassy cranberry and orange scones. We all got to know each other bonding over dog love and swapping tales of the recent antics of our Barking Mad holiday makers. Wooftastic! I cant wait for our next event.

Barking Mad Scottish Borders dog sitting home boarders

The orange and cranberry scones at the Waterwheel Cafe were pawsitively amazing!

Customer Liz Bailey was invited to write this Trustpilot review – Published 28 November 2017

“Handing over a member of ones family to a total stranger is certainly not the kind of thing any parent, let alone a dog owner would consider. However, from the first point of contact to when we met Donna, our representative from the Borders, we felt an instant bond. Donna was greeted and accepted by our lovely Doberman, Henry, and as you know, dogs do not tell lies. That was the first important hurdle over.
Donna carried out a thorough questionnaire covering likes, dislikes, dietary needs, exercise, commands, any health issues, contact details etc etc etc. She even arranged an introduction to Henry’s host prior to his holiday and sent a super photo of him there lapping up all the attention.
On the day of collection everything went according to plan apart from Henry not looking back at us to say goodbye! He was so excited and relaxed to be going off with Donna to enjoy his holiday with Lisa & Gary we didn’t get a look.
We received regular updates and photos and on his return it was clearly evident that Henry had had a super time. Lisa & Gary even taught him how to write a postcard to us !!
Thank you everybody for such a well organised and caring service we have already recommended you to our friends and will certainly use you again. Special thanks to Donna and of course Lisa and Gary.”

October News – Scottish Borders Dogtober

We had such a fantastic Dogtober event fundraising for Dogs for Good. Barking Mad Scottish Borders and Barking Mad Northumberland raised £166.06 in total. Many thanks to all the good people who came and donated (some extremely generously) for pup cakes and home made dog treats. Thanks to Runa and Maya and Oreo who stayed all day helping out with footfall. Tina Young your pup cakes tasted and looked amazing.

Dogtober event Barking Mad dog sitting Scottish Borders

Our set up for Dogtober

pupcakes for dogtober with Barking Mad Dog sitting service in the Scottish Borders.

Delicious Dogtober ‘pup’cakes thanks to Tina Young


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