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7 Ways to Entertain Your Dog When it’s too Hot for Walkies

Barking Mad dog sitters talke special care of pets in hot weather

Barking Mad doggy holiday makers enjoy keeping cool

Barking Mad dog sitters are delighted to publish the following guest post from Karly Edwards, of GoneDogMad, a fantastic blog which provides tips and tricks for the dog loving community. Read on to find out Karly’s top tips for entertaining your dog…

Summertime can be a real killjoy for our dogs. Since our canine friends can easily overheat in the hot weather, we have to take special precautions to ensure our dogs stay safe and healthy.

Walkies should always be restricted to early morning and late evening in scorching temperatures, which leaves a big chunk of the day without anything for our pups to do. But that doesn’t mean they should be left to mope around the house without any fun. There are plenty of ways to keep your dog happy and entertained even when the sun is blazing.

Here are 7 boredom busting ideas to try when it’s too hot for walkies this summer.

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5 Yummy Home Made Treats to Cool your Dog in the Sun

Ice cream dog

Cool dog!

With the temperatures warming up, we hope to be spending a lot more time outdoors with our dogs. What could be more fun for Fido than chomping on some delicious, frosty treats on a warm summer’s day? (Thank you to, Kol’sNotes, and

1. Chicken Frosty

Thank you to

For the healthy happy hound here’s a recipe with flavour. During the dog days of summer, sometimes Fido needs something healthy but icy to help cool him down. What better way than whipping up a couple of chicken frosties? This super simple recipe will keep your pup occupied and will help him cool down. It’s a win win!

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2. Stripey Ice

peanut butter and jam pops for dogs

Watch out, this next dog treat is so simple and delicious, you’ll want one yourself! It takes a little bit of time and dedication (you freeze the ice-pop in layers), but the result is delicious. Bone-us: Replace the raw hide sticks and you can eat these yourself!

Click here for dog recipe

3. Frozen Banana Dog Treats

Let your canine pal take part in this summer staple, the frozen banana treat! This potassium rich snack will help your dog replenish his energy after a long day of running.

Click here for dog recipe

4. Mini Ice Cheeseburgers

During your barbecue, chances are Rover is standing there looking up at you with jealous eyes. Now your dog can get in on the cooking outside fun too. These Cheeseburger pops will both keep your dog entertained for long periods of time and have them barking mad for more. Simply take some left over cooked hamburger meat and put it into some ice cube trays. Add a bit of water and freeze.

Click here for dog recipe

5. Frozen Yoghurt Dipped Strawberries

If your dog is quite the fancy pooch, this fruity snack might be just the thing. These fancy wonders are so easy to make AND are a great source of antioxidants.

Click here for dog recipe

Remember, all the recipes seen here should be given to your dog sparingly. Although he or she will undoubtedly find them delicious, too much of a good thing could be bad.
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Remember if dog kennels are not right for your best friend then Barking Mad happy holidays will always keep them happy and healthy. It’s because we think your dog deserves a holiday too!!

Dog food summer treats for happy healthy dogs.

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