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Barking Mad Royal Tunbridge Wells Local News

Barking Mad Royal Tunbridge Wells February news  – Fun with Hosts.

Paul Smith and his great group of home from  home dog sitting Hosts had had a lovely coffee morning in Hattons on the Pantiles. The plan was to have a hot drink with a piece of cake or a Biscuit but once the menu’s were handed out, it soon turned into a breakfast club with far too many tempting choices but it certainly  helped us all warm up as it had been a particularly cold and wet Morning.

Barking Mad home from home dog boarding service host meet up.

Hosts enjoying a hot drink with either a piece of cake or something else whilst charring about dogs, whats not to like!

It was great,  listening to the many conversations about their favourite dogs and their memories of the Barking Mad holidays that they provided over the last few years and how they couldn’t wait to see them again, when their next holiday came around.

Take a look at Hattons website 

Barking Mad home from home service and dog sitting service.

Hattons is much more than a Coffee shop with an impressive menu as you will also find yourself surrounded by lovely knickknacks, some of which are Doggy related.

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