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How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Day

Our top tips for having a furrytail wedding!

Barking Mad dog sitters provide a wedding dog care service so your pet can be included

When your wedding photographer is capturing happy memories it’s lovely to include your dog too

With many wedding venues now becoming dog-friendly, the concept of having your hound around on your special day is rapidly increasing in popularity. #DogsAtWeddings has now been declared an actual ‘thing’, with adorable photographs of happy couples with doggy flower girls or ring bearers going viral on social media and people just love the idea!

At Barking Mad Dog Care, we understand that for most dog owners, their four legged companion swiftly becomes a real family member and as such, it can be unthinkable to exclude them from such an emotional and important occasion as a wedding day. So, how do you include your dog in your wedding? We’ve compiled a list of our top tips below, which we hope will help you consider the idea:

1.Decide who will care for your dog on the big day

Having your beloved pet attend your big day can initially seem quite daunting. The role of bride and groom is pretty much all consuming and certainly allows no time for walking and feeding your pet but all the friends and family you may generally depend upon for dog care will most likely already be attending the ceremony as guests. Is it really fair to ask them to shoulder dog care demands all day? Then there is the worry of where your dog will stay when everyone is enjoying the evening reception and their confusion if they are passed from person to person.

The solution is to recruit a designated dog carer for the day who is not a wedding guest. If you don’t know someone suitable, there are professional, reputable dog sitters such as Barking Mad, who now offer a dog wedding chaperone service. It is important to read reviews or references and ask questions to ensure that you are happy that your dog is in the best possible hands.

With Barking Mad, your dog will be chauffeured to the wedding at the perfect moment, such as for the photographs, having been exercised and brushed to look their best. You will be able to relax and enjoy your wedding, knowing that your dog is being carefully supervised and cared for by an experienced professional. As soon as your pet’s role in the proceedings is over, they will be chauffeured to the home of their carefully chosen host, where they can rest and enjoy the reassurance of their normal routine, allowing you to enjoy the remainder of your big day, safe in the knowledge that your pet is happy.

2.Ensure your wedding venue is suitable

If you wish to include your dog in your wedding, forward planning is the key. When looking at wedding venues ask whether or not they allow dogs or at least ensure that there is an outside area where the wedding photographs will take place.

3.Think carefully about the role you want your dog to play

You know your dog better than anyone and understand their temperament and limitations. When choosing their role in the ceremony, think carefully about how they will cope with the attention and how well behaved they are. You may decide that that your pooch will be happiest simply being a guest of honour or perhaps they can take on a special role, such as a ring bearer or doggy flower girl.

Barking Mad provide a professional wedding dog sitter service

Having doggy VIP guests can make your family occasion feel complete

4.Ensure everyone is aware of your plans

Make sure that everyone who will be attending your wedding is aware that your dog will be there on the big day, in case of allergies. An adorable idea for a ‘save the date’ card is to feature a photo of your dog, asking for the bride and groom’s friends and family to join them.

5.Think about comfort and safety over style

There are now a large array of adorable dog wedding accessories to choose from but if you are considering a special wedding dog collar or accessory, make sure that it is safe and comfortable for your dog and that they are happy to wear it. If you are considering a floral adornment, be aware that certain flowers and foliage can be poisonous to dogs, so it is vital to check and inform your florist.

6.Let your wedding photographer know your dog will be included

Explain to your wedding photographer that you are planning on bringing your dog to your wedding. If they know in advance, it will give them chance to come up with some fun ideas for photos and allow them to be ready to capture your beloved pet in action.

7.Enjoy your special day

If you have carefully planned your pet’s attendance at your wedding, you will be able to create an experience which your guests will love and make memories to treasure. By choosing an experienced and insured wedding dog sitter, the practicalities of care for your precious pooch will all be taken care of and you can just concentrate on greeting your four legged VIP and posing for some adorable wedding photographs, safe in the knowledge that their welfare is top priority.

If you are planning a wedding and would like to find out more about including your dog, please visit for more information.