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Review of ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Dogs

Barking Mad Dog Sitters love Labradors, voted number one in the top 100

Lovely Labradors were voted no. 1 in the top 100!

At Barking Mad Dog Care, we were very excited to learn that ITV was going to broadcast a full countdown of Britain’s Favourite Dogs.  There are now 217 recognised breeds and thousands of combinations of cross breed and we couldn’t wait to find out which was ‘top dog’ after 10,000 people were surveyed. The prime time two and a half hour celebration of all things dog related was described to be:

“A run-down of the top 100 most popular dogs in the UK as voted for by the British public and featuring a host of famous dog-loving stars!”

So we grabbed some popcorn and snuggled up with our four legged best friends for the ultimate dog lovers’ night in – and we certainly weren’t disappointed! As well as the excitement of the countdown and cheering on our favourite breeds, we were treated to hearing ‘tails’ about doggy heroes who have made the news, often in very emotional circumstances. We shed tears as we watched Walnut the Whippet’s last walk and would challenge anyone not to well up with emotion.

Barking Mad Dog Sitters office dogs Lotti and Blue

Our office dogs Lotti and Blue came in at number 39 and 4 respectively

It was also fascinating to hear from celebrities such as Geri Halliwell, Simon Gregson, James Martin and Michael Ball to name a few, introducing us to their beloved canine companions. All the facts about each breed’s heritage, key characteristics and personality were really interesting and informative too.

Labradors declared Britain’s top dog

Lovely Labradors were declared to be the nation’s favourite, pipping mixed breeds to the post and taking the number one spot. It has to be said that we love a friendly, happy Labrador but we really couldn’t choose just one dog breed, we adore all dogs!

Barking Mad on TV

We felt very proud that the Barking Mad television advert was aired during this celebration of the nation’s love for their dogs and hope that everyone enjoyed seeing doggy actor, Hobbes the Cockerpoo, being his absolutely adorable self! He’s certainly a great brand ambassador for our dog sitting service and portrays a doggy holiday maker pawfectly, enjoying a lovely time walking, playing and snuggling up for a cuddle with his host.

Are you planning a trip away and are worried about finding the right care for your no. 1 pooch? As fellow dog lovers, we ensure that our dog sitting service offers complete peace of mind. We provide a full, local, professional service and dogs feel really at home with our carefully chosen hosts, receiving one to one attention and living as part of the family. We believe that your dog deserves the best alternative to being with you. You can find your local branch here.